This answer page contains the Wheel of Fortune cheat database for the category Event.

Total Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
A Bicycle Tour3121
A Big Win371
A Boat Trip On Crater Lake6211
A Cruise Along The Mexican Riviera6291
A Cruise Through The Northwest Passage6331
A Cruise To A Faraway Island6231
A Date At The Coffeehouse5211
A Drive Along The Coast5191
A Game Of Scrimmage4161
A Humbling Experience3191
A Long Hot Shower4141
A Long Walk On The Beach6191
A Mule Trip Into The Grand Canyon7271
A Nice Hot Shower4141
A Night Of Club Hopping5191
A Night Of Dinner & Dancing5211
A Poolside Party3141
A Quick Break3111
A Relaxing Afternoon3181
A Romantic Dinner For Two5211
A Search For Fossils4171
A Soak In A Thermal Spring6211
A Stroll On The Beach5171
A Symphony Of Lights Laser-Light Show6311
A Ten-Minute Nap3131
A Tour Of A Famous Monastery6231
A Tour Of The City5141
A Tour Of The Covered Bridges6241
A Trip Out West4121
A Trip To A Secret Island6201
A Trip To A Supervolcano5201
A Trip To A Tiny City6161
A Trip To Albuquerque New Mexico6271
A Trip To Amish Country5191
A Trip To An Indoor Playground6251
A Trip To Antarctica4171
A Trip To Badlands National Park6271
A Trip To Bali4111
A Trip To Bangor Maine5181
A Trip To Barcelona Spain5211
A Trip To Boulder Colorado5221
A Trip To Cambridge4161
A Trip To Casper Wyoming5201
A Trip To Crater Lake National Park7291
A Trip To Europe4131
A Trip To Gallup New Mexico6221
A Trip To Haystack Rock5191
A Trip To Historic Mining Towns6261
A Trip To India4121
A Trip To Meteor Crater5191
A Trip To Moscow Russia5191
A Trip To Nepal4121
A Trip To Roswell New Mexico6231
A Trip To Tampa Florida5191
A Trip To The Austin Zoo6191
A Trip To The Big Island6191
A Trip To The Career Placement Office7311
A Trip To The Four Corners Area7251
A Trip To The Georgia O'Keeffe Museum7301
A Trip To The Island Of Kotlin7241
A Trip To The Petrified Forrest6261
A Trip To The Snow-Covered Andes6261
A Trip To The Summit5161
A Trip To The Swiss Alps6191
A Trip To The Wetlands5181
A Trip To Transylvania4191
A Vacation Abroad3151
A Visit To A Ghost Town6181
A Visit To An Alpine Village6231
A Visit To Kensington Palace5241
Aboriginal Heritage Tour32210
Academy Awards Pre-Show3207
Act Of Heroism3123
Action-Packed Escape21812
Action-Packed Football Game32412
Actual Reenactment2176
Adjusting My Tie3149
Advance Screening2167
Aerobics Class2138
African Safari2137
After Dark295
After-Game Celebrations2219
After-Hours Party21510
Afternoon Business Meeting3249
Afternoon Downpour2179
Afternoon Garden Party3209
Afternoon Movie2149
Afternoon Nap2129
Afternoon Shopping Trip3219
Afternoon Thundershower2229
After-School Activity21911
Album Tour295
All-Day Seminar2136
All-Day Shopping2146
All-Day Sumo Wrestling Tournaments4306
All-Expense Paid Vacation32210
All-Expenses Paid Vacation32311
All-Expenses-Paid Trip Around The World53315
All-Star Game2117
Amazing Adventures2177
Ambush Interview2156
America' Cup2107
American Idol Audition3208
American Road Trip3168
Amsterdam Light Festival3229
An Afternoon Of Pottery Painting5282
An Afternoon Of Sightseeing4242
An Afternoon Of Social Tennis5252
An Annual Family Vacation4222
An Evening At Home4152
Annual Convention2166
Annual County Fair3166
Annual Dog Show3136
Annual Eye Exam3136
Annual Flower Show3166
Annual Gathering2156
Annual Meeting2136
Annual Reunion Dinner3196
Annual Sailing Week3176
Annual Sale2106
Annual Sales Convention3216
Annual Song Festival3186
Annual White Sale3156
Annual Winter Carnival3206
Anticlimactic Ending21913
Antique Car Show3147
Antique Shopping2157
Anzac Day285
Apartment Hunting2169
Apple Picking2125
Appreciation Day21512
April Fools' Day3135
Archaeological Excavations22514
Archaeology Experiment22111
Architecture Tour21612
Armed Forces Day3145
Armed Forces Week3155
Art Exhibition2133
Art Seminar2103
Art Show273
Arts & Crafts Fair3144
Arts Festival2124
Ash Wednesday2123
Asian-American Film Festival32513
Attending A Broadway Show4229
Attending My Family Reunion4249
Auditioning For American Idol42611
Austin Under The Stars4196
Auto Racing2104
Autumn Harvest2136
Awards Banquet2136
Awesome Birthday Party3207
Baby Shower2104
Baby's First Birthday Party4235
Bachelor Party2138
Bachelorette Party21712
Back-To-School Shopping22012
Backyard Barbecue2168
Backyard Entertaining2208
Backyard Parties2158
Bake Sale284
Bald-Eagle Sightings2189
Balmy Morning2125
Band Practice2124
Bank Vault294
Banner Year2106
Bar Mitzvah2103
Barbeque Bonanza2158
Baseball Games2138
Bastille Day2118
Bathroom Restoration2198
Beach Bonfire2125
Beach Getaways2135
Beach Party2105
Beach Soccer2115
Beautiful Sunny Summer Afternoon4299
Beautiful Sunset2159
Beauty Makeover2146
Beauty Pageant2136
Being Knighted By The Queen5235
Bicentennial Celebration22312
Bicycle Tours2127
Big Bash273
Big Bonfire2103
Big Celebration2143
Big Moment293
Big Night Out3113
Big Promotion With A Pay Raise6253
Big Sale273
Big-Wave Surfing Contest3217
Bike Tour284
Biking Across The Country4226
Birth Of My First Child5195
Birthday Of All Dogs4178
Birthday Party2138
Bitterly Cold Weather3198
Black Bear Sighting3175
Black Cat Crossing Your Path5245
Black Monday2115
Black Tie Party3135
Black-Capped Chickadee Sighting32811
Black-Tie Affair2148
Blind Date295
Blinding Snowstorm2178
Block Party2105
Blood Drive2105
Blowing A Fuse3127
Blowing A Kiss3127
Blowout Sale2117
Blue Light Special3164
Blue Moon284
Blues Festival2135
Board Meeting2125
Boating Excursion2167
Bon Voyage Party3143
Book Fair284
Boring Afternoon2156
Boring Lecture2136
Bowling A Perfect Game4197
Boxing Match2116
Boys' Night Out3124
Brainstorming Session22013
Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival5285
Brazil's Carnival2157
Breakfast Lunch & Dinner3209
Breaking News2128
Brewing Romance2147
Bridal Shower2126
Brief Chat295
Brief Visit2105
Brisk Walk295
Broadway Revival2158
Budapest Fashion Week3198
Bumpy Landing2125
Busiest Shopping Day Of The Year6277
Business Expo2128
Business Luncheon2168
Business Meeting2158
Buying A Home3116
Buying A New Car4136
Buying Books2116
Camping Adventure2167
Camping Out Under The Stars5237
Camping Trip2117
Candlelight Dinner21711
Candlelit Tour2139
Cannes Film Festival3186
Canoeing Trip2128
Captivating Sword Fight32111
Career Day296
Caribbean Getaway2169
Caribbean Vacation2179
Caribbean-Island Vaction22215
Cast Reunion2114
Casual Friday2126
Catamaran Trip2139
Catered Dinner2137
Catered Party2127
Cattle Drives2126
Cattle Roundup2136
Celebration Weekend21811
Celebrity Appearance2199
Celebrity Book Signing3209
Celebrity Poker Match3199
Celebrity Sighting2179
Champagne Kick-Off Reception3259
Championship Bout21612
Championship Game21612
Championship Match21712
Championship Playoff21912
Channel Surfing2147
Chariot Race2117
Charity Auction2147
Charity Car Wash3147
Charity Raffle2137
Cheering For The Home Team5228
Cheerleading Tryouts21912
Chemistry Class2149
Cherished Holidays2179
Cherry Blossom Season3196
Chili Cook-Off2125
Chinese New Year3147
Choir Recital2125
Chuck Wagon Cook-Off3175
Church Bake Sale3146
Church Service2136
Cinco De Mayo3115
Circus Parade2126
City Council Meeting3184
Class Reunion2125
Classic Car Show3147
Climbing Out A Window4188
Close Encounter2145
Closed-Door Meeting21710
Closing A Window3147
Closing Time2117
Cloudy Day296
Cma Music Festival3163
Coast-To-Coast Road Trip32012
Cocktail Hour2128
Cocktail Reception2178
Coffee Break2116
Coffee Talk2106
Coffee Tours2116
College Alumni Dinner3197
College Football Game3197
College Job Fair3147
Colorful Sunrise2158
Come-As-You-Are Party21712
Comic Book Convention3195
Comical Situations2177
Command Performance2187
Community Beach Bonfire3219
Community Dance2149
Community Suppers2169
Concert Tour2117
Conference Call21410
Cooking Class2127
Cooking Contest2147
Cool Crisp Evenings3174
Cool Spring Morning3174
Coring Tomatoes2146
Corporate Spring Dinners3229
Costume Party2127
Counting Pennies2158
Country Cycling Ride3187
Courtroom Drama2149
Cozy Weekend Getaways3194
Crack Of Dawn3115
Cracking My Knuckles3188
Craft Fair295
Creative Meeting2158
Cross-Country Bike Race32012
Cross-Country Bike Ride32012
Cross-Country Road Trip32012
Cruise Along The Mexican Riviera5286
Culinary Feast2138
Cultural Adventures2188
Cultural Festivals2178
Customized Wedding21710
Cutting Into A Tough Steak5227
Cutting My Hair3137
Daily Breakfast2145
Daily Broadcast2145
Dance Competition2165
Dance Marathon2135
Dance Party2105
Dangerous Stunt2149
Daring Rescue2126
Dark Cool Nights3144
Date Night294
Date Nights2104
Davis Cup Match3135
Day Trek273
Daylight-Saving Time21814
Daylight-Savings Time Ends32315
Dazzling Fireworks Display3248
Debutante Ball2139
Deep-Sea Diving2137
Deep-Sea Diving Trip3177
Deep-Sea Fishing Expedition3247
Deer-Hunting Season21711
Delightful Dinner Party32110
Delightful Outdoor Adventure32610
Demolition Derby21510
Deployed Overseas2168
Deveining Shrimp2159
Diagnostic Test21410
Dinner And A Movie4156
Dinner Cruise2126
Dinner For Two3126
Dinner Meeting2136
Dinner Party2116
Dinner With A Friend4176
Dinnertime Television22010
Dogsled Excursion2167
Dogsled Tours2127
Do-It-Yourself Room Makeover32412
Dozing Off296
Drag Race284
Dramatic Exit2128
Drawing Attention To Myself4247
Dream Date295
Dream Drive2105
Dream Road Trip3135
Dream Vacation2135
Dress Rehearsal2145
Dressing Up Like A Pirate5218
Drive In The Country4175
Driving Under The Speed Limit5257
Drum Solo284
Early Breakfast2145
Early Dinner2115
Early Morning Meeting3195
Early Winter2115
Early-Morning Jog21512
Earth Day285
Eating Raw Vegetables3196
Eating Thanksgiving Dinner With My Family6366
Economic Holiday2158
Educational Fairs21611
Eight Hundred-Meter Freestyle3265
Eight-Hundred Meter Freestyle32612
Elaborate Hoax2139
Election Day2118
Elegant Garden Party3187
Elegant Wedding2147
Emmy Awards2104
Encore Performance2176
Energizing Workout21710
Engagement Party21510
Engaging Live Shows3178
English Class2127
Enjoyable Day At The Park5219
Enjoying A Hot-Air Balloon Ride5268
Entering A Dance Contest4218
Entering Through The Backdoor4268
Entertaining Animal Shows32312
Entertaining Street Concert32512
Epic Adventure2134
Epic Journey2114
Epic Voyage2104
Estate Auction2136
Estate Sale2106
Ethnic Food Fair3146
European River Cruise3198
Evening At Home3137
Evening Boat Cruise3177
Evening Mass2117
Evening Thunderstorm2197
Exciting Adventures2188
Exciting Aquatic Adventure3248
Exciting Birthday Celebration3278
Exciting Expedition2188
Exciting Family Outing3208
Exciting Festivals2178
Exciting Parade2148
Exciting Thought2158
Exclusive Dinner Party3209
Exhilarating Vacation22012
Expedition Cruise21610
Experiencing New Things32112
Expert-Led Excursions2199
Extraordinary Adventures22313
Fabulous Musical Shows3208
Fabulous Vacation2168
Face-To-Face Chat21410
Face-To-Face Discussion22010
Factory Tour2117
Family Adventures2166
Family Dinner2126
Family Discussion2166
Family Friendly Variety Show4256
Family Fun Night3146
Family Game Night3156
Family Gathering2156
Family Outing2126
Family Outings2136
Family Picnic2126
Family Reunion2136
Family Vacation2146
Fancy Cocktail Party3185
Fancy Dinner2115
Fancy Food Show3135
Farewell Tour2128
Fashion Show2117
Fashion Week2117
Father's Day Brunch3167
Federal Holiday2147
Ferryboat Ride2139
Festive Afternoon2167
Festive Get-Together2187
Festive Holiday Party3197
Festive Holiday Season3207
Field Goal295
Field Trip To A History Museum6255
Fifteen-Minute Workout22013
Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary3268
Figure Competition2176
Film Festival2124
Film Noir Festival3164
Finishing In First Place4219
Fireworks Over Lake Austin4239
First Date295
First Day At A New Job6175
First Day At Camp4145
First Day Of Spring4165
First Day Of Winter4165
First Frost2105
First Kiss295
First Snowfall Of The Season5245
First-Ever Heart Transplant3249
First-Ever Super Bowl3189
Fishing Holiday2147
Fishing Tournament2177
Fishing Trip2117
Fitness Test2117
Five-Minute Warmup21610
Five-Minute Warm-Up21610
Fleeting Moments2158
Flipping A Coin3138
Florida Panther Sighting3227
Flower Show2106
Flowers Blooming In The Spring5267
Flying Over The Equator4206
Food Festivals2134
Food Fight294
Football Game2128
Formal Dinner2126
Fourth Of July3126
Fourth Of July Celebration4236
Fourth Of July Fireworks4216
Fourth-Of July Barbeque3208
Franklin Roosevelt's Fireside Chats4318
Freak Accident2135
Free Ferry Rides3144
Free Seminars2124
Free Walking Tours3164
Freestyle Skiing2159
French Fries With Garlic Salt5256
Friendly Get-Together2198
Full Moon284
Full Moon Hike3124
Full-Court Game2139
Fun Entertaining Variety Shows4273
Fun Get-Together2143
Fun Outdoor Performances3223
Fun Workout2103
Fun-Filled Afternoon2189
Fun-Filled Morning2169
Furniture Shopping2179
Gala Opening2114
Game Night294
Game-Winning Touchdown22011
Garage Sale2106
Garden Cocktail Party3196
Garden Show2106
Garden Wedding Ceremony3216
Gargling With Mouthwash3218
Gargling With Salt Water4218
Garlic Festival2146
Garter Toss2106
Gathering Storm2149
Gator Bowl295
Getting A Parking Ticket Validated5307
Getting Married To My Fiance5247
Getting Up Early3147
Getting Your Passport Stamped4267
Gift Exchange2124
Girls' Camping Trip3165
Giving My Kids A Big Hug6196
Glacier Ice Climbing3187
Glamorous Night On The Town5239
Glamping Adventure2178
Glamping Trip2128
Going On A Fishing Trip5195
Going On A Sunset Dinner Cruise6265
Going Out Of Business Sale5225
Going Out On A Double Date6215
Going White-Water Rafting3225
Golden-Eagle Sighting21911
Golf Getaways2124
Gourmet Cooking Classes3217
Government-Surplus Auction22417
Graduating With Honors32010
Graduation Ceremonies22010
Graduation Ceremony21810
Graduation Day21310
Grand Adventure2145
Grand Finale2115
Grand Prix Racing3155
Grand Slam295
Grand Slam Home Run4165
Grassroots Campaign21810
Gray Mornings2124
Gray Winter Day3134
Great Adventure2145
Great Blue Heron Sighting4225
Great Getaway2125
Great Outing2115
Great Rock-Climbing Expeditions3285
Greek Food Festival3175
Groundhog Day2129
Group Date295
Group Fitness Class3175
Growth Spurt2116
Guided Bus Tour3136
Guided Hike2106
Guided Historical & City Tour4246
Guided Personal Tour3186
Guided Snorkeling Trip3206
Guided Sportsfishing Trip3236
Guided Tour2106
Guided Tour Of Glaciers4206
Guitar Recital2136
Gymnastics Meet21410
Hair Makeover2124
Half-Day Trail Ride3167
Halftime Show2128
Halloween Costume Party3219
Happy Hour295
Happy Hour With Friends4205
Happy Reunion2125
Hard Drive Crash3144
Harrowing Escapes2169
Haunted Hayride2147
Having A Baby3116
Hawaiian Luau2128
Hawaiian Vacation2168
Head Massage2114
Heading In The Right Direction5267
Healing Massage2147
Heart-Pounding Adventure22213
Heavy Downpour2135
Helicopter Excursion21910
Helicopter Tour21410
Helicopter Tour Of A Private Island63010
Hidden Eco Treasures Tour4226
High Tide284
High-School Equivalency Classes32810
High-School Play21410
High-School Reunion21710
High-Speed Tube Racing3199
High-Wire Act2118
Hike In Pay394
Hiking Tour2106
Hip-Hop Yoga Class3156
Hockey Game2106
Hockey Practice2146
Holding Hands With My Boyfriend5277
Holiday Concert2147
Holiday Hiatus2137
Holiday Parade2137
Holland Festival2157
Home Economics Class3184
Home Remodeling2144
Home Run274
Home Tour284
Homecoming Dance21510
Homecoming Parade21610
Hot & Dry Summers3133
Hot Dog Eating Contest4193
Hot News Story3123
Hot Summer293
Hot Summer Day3123
Hot Summer Days3133
Hot Summer Night3143
Hot-Air Balloon Ride3176
Hottest Day Of The Year5197
Hourlong Workout2158
Housing Boom2117
Huge Ovation2114
Hulling Strawberries2197
Humid Afternoon2145
Humid Weather2125
Hunting And Fishing3177
Ice Fishing2103
Ice Storm283
Iceclimbing Trip21511
Idyllic Beach Escapes3197
Impromptu Adventure2189
Inclement Weather2169
Incredible Adventure21910
Incredible Journey21710
Incredible Road Trip31810
Independence Day21512
Indian Summer2126
Induction Ceremony2179
Inexpensive Wine Tastings32311
Intense Training Period3217
Intermittent Rain21612
International Beer Festival32513
International Chess Championship33013
International Flight21913
Intimate Moment2148
Intimate Weekend Getaway3228
Island Adventure2156
Island Getaway2136
Island Sunsets2136
Jam Session2103
Jazz Festival2124
Job Expo273
Job Fair273
Job Interview2123
June Wedding2114
Junior Livestock Auction3226
Jury Duty284
Jury Selection2134
Jury Trial294
Karaoke Nights2137
Kayak Polo295
Kentucky Derby2138
Kicking A Soccer Ball4187
Kitchen Duty2117
Kite Festival2124
Knighting Ceremony2179
Labor Day285
Labor Day Parade3145
Laboratory Experiment22010
Lagoon Boat Ride3146
Lakeside Firework Show3208
Lakeside Getaway2158
Landing On The Moon4167
Landslide Victory2169
Las Vegas Wedding3153
Last Day Of School Before Summer Break7324
Last Day Of The School Year6224
Last Minute Shopping3184
Last Payday Of The Month5204
Last-Minute Trip21410
Late Breakfast2134
Late Night Romantic Canoe Ride5264
Launch Celebration2176
Lavish Dinner Party3176
Lavish Party2116
Lavish Wedding Ceremony3216
Lawn Party294
Lazy Day274
Leap Year284
Leisurely Lunch2149
Liberty Bowl2117
Life-Changing Adventure22112
Lighting Of The Olympic Torch5258
Lightly Tapping The Brakes4237
Live Broadcast2134
Live Entertainment2174
Live Interview2134
Live Performance2154
Live Recording2134
Lively Morning2136
Local Carnival2135
Local Holidays2135
Locker-Room Interview21910
Long Cab Ride3114
Long Drawn-Out Process3194
Long Hard Winter3144
Long Healthy Life3154
Long Hot Summer3134
Long Journey2114
Long Jump284
Long Night294
Long Recess2104
Long Summer Nights3164
Long Summer Weekends3184
Long Talk284
Long Weekend2114
Long-Distance Romance21912
Long-Haul Cattle Drive3198
Lovely Afternoon2156
Lover's Spat2106
Low Tide273
Lowering Of A Drawbridge4218
Lunar Eclipse2125
Lunar New Year3125
Lunch Cruise2115
Lunch Hour295
Luxury Cruise2126
Luxury River Cruise3176
Luxury Trip2106
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade4265
Maiden Voyage2126
Mailing In Your Taxes Just Before Midnight7367
Major Overhaul2135
Major Renovation2155
Making S'Mores2126
Marathon Dance Contest3208
March Madness2125
March Seventeenth2165
Mardi Gras295
Mardi Gras Parade3155
Marine-Life Tours21510
Marriage Ceremony2168
Marriage Proposal2168
Marshmallow Roast21611
Marvelous Dinner Party3209
Masquerade Ball21410
Mass Mailing2114
Masters Golf Tournament3217
Matinee Movie2127
Media Blitz2105
Media Frenzy2115
Medical Breakthrough2197
Meeting My Girlfriends Parents4277
Meeting Of The United Nations5257
Meeting Your Soul Mate4197
Mega-Millions Drawing21912
Member-Appreciation Day22118
Memorable Camel Trek3189
Memorable Football Season3239
Memorial Day Picnic3178
Meteor Shower2126
Mid-Autumn Festival2179
Midnight Swimming2168
Midnight-Sun Festival21911
Miley Cyrus Twerking3185
Mind-Blowing Experience22111
Mineral& Fossil Show3177
Mock Draft294
Mock Trial294
Modern Times2116
Momentous Occasion2179
Moments To Remember3177
Monday Morning2136
Monday Night Football3196
Month-Long Seminar2169
Month-Long Trek2139
Monumental Decision21810
Moon Landing2114
Moonlight Cruise2159
Moonlight Float Trip3189
Morning Commute2147
Morning Recess2137
Morning Snack Time3167
Mother's Day Brunch3167
Mother's Day Sale3147
Mother's Day2107
Motor Rally2105
Motorcycle Rally21510
Movie Premiere2135
Moving Day296
Much-Needed Vacation21810
Mud Wrestling2123
Mud-Wrestling Tournament22212
Multi-Sport Vacation21810
Murder-Mystery Show21713
Muscle-Building Workout22114
Music City Roots3145
Music Festival2135
Music Festivals2145
Music In The Parks4155
Music Recital2125
Musical Extravaganza2197
Musical Performance2187
Musical Spectacle2167
Musical Theater Summer Camp4247
Musical Theatre2147
My Favorite Excursion3192
My Turn At Bat4112
Mystery Dinner Theater3207
National Australia Day3208
National Bagel Day3168
National Book Festival3208
National Competition2198
National Conference2188
National Holiday2158
National Pizza Day3168
National Public Holiday3218
National Reading Month3208
National Wildlife Week3208
Nationwide Boycott21710
Nationwide Survey21610
Nature Hike2106
Naval Victory2125
New Hampshire Primary3193
New Passport2113
New Year's Celebration3193
New Year's Eve Celebration4223
New Year's Eve Celebrations4233
New Year's Gala3123
New Years Eve3113
New Year's Eve3113
New Year's Eve Ball Drop In Times Square8323
New York City Marathon4193
New-Employee Orientation22211
Nice Quiet Lunch3144
Night At The Movies4165
Night On The Town4145
Night Out On The Town5175
Night Trek295
Nighttime Skiing2159
Noble Quest2105
Northern Lights2148
Ocean Voyage2115
Oceanside Dining2159
Off-Broadway Shows21611
Office Christmas Party3206
Old-Fashioned Ice-Cream Social32612
Old-Fashioned Sing-Along22112
One Hundred-Meter Butterfly3243
One-Day Trail Ride On Horseback5266
One-Mile Walk2117
One-Night Stay2128
One-On-One Interview2178
Ongoing Feud2117
Online Travel Workshop3206
Open Casting Call3154
Open House294
Opening & Closing Ceremonies3247
Opening Baseball Day3187
Opening Ceremony2157
Opening Day At The Races5207
Opening Night2127
Opening Night At The Opera5227
Open-Mic Night2127
Orange Bowl2106
Organized Excursion2189
Outdoor Cinema2137
Outdoor Concert2147
Outdoor Concert In Sultan's Pool5277
Outdoor Concerts2157
Outdoor Tea Party3157
Outlet Shopping2146
Out-Of-Body Experience2199
Out-Of-Town Trip2139
Overnight Stay2139
Overnight Success2169
Overseas Travel2148
Overseas Trip2128
Oyster-Beer Fair21410
Packing Extra Shirts3187
Paddling Trip2128
Paid Vacation2124
Painstaking Process21811
Pajama Party2116
Palm Reading2114
Panda Sighting2135
Parent's Surprise Visit3207
Park Ranger-Guided Tour3204
Partial Eclipse2147
Partial Eclipses2157
Partridge Sighting2179
Patriotic Ceremonies2199
Pay-Per-View Boxing Match32110
Pep Rally283
Perfect Road Trip3157
Perfect Romantic Getaway3227
Perfect Trip For Two4177
Perfect Tropical Vacation3237
Perfect Vacation2157
Personal Holiday2158
Pet Adoption Fair3153
Pga Tour273
Photo Finish2115
Photo Shoot2105
Photo Workshop2135
Photography Contest21811
Physical Exam2128
Picture-Perfect Vacation22214
Pie-Eating Contest2169
Pig Roast283
Pilates Class2127
Pilgrims Land At Plymouth Rock5268
Pillow Fight2116
Pivotal Moment2137
Pizza Party2105
Playing Doubles In Squash4227
Playoff Games2127
Plays & Musicals2135
Pledge Drive2116
Poetry Class2116
Poetry Contest2136
Poetry Reading2136
Pole Vault294
Pole Vaulting2124
Pool & Deck Party3134
Pool Party294
Pool Party At Barton Springs Pool6284
Post-Season College Football Game42910
Potluck Dinner2137
Power Failure2125
Power Outage2115
Powerful Presence2168
Pre-Game Ceremonies2177
Pre-Game Shows2127
Preliminary Investigation22411
Preseason Games2149
Presidential Election Debate32612
Presidential Inauguration22412
Presidential Swearing-In Ceremony33012
Private Ceremony2157
Private Concert2147
Private Tour2117
Private Walking Tour3187
Prize Giveaway2135
Professional Football Game32412
Professional Tours21712
Prom Night294
Promotional Giveaway21911
Prospecting For Gold31811
Psychic Reading2147
Public Awareness Campaign3236
Public Forum2116
Publicity Stunt2149
Puppet Show2106
Quarter Moon2117
Quiet Dinner For Two4175
Quitting A Job3128
Ranch Rodeos2115
Random Drawing2136
Rare Personal Appearance3224
Raves And Electronic Festivals4275
Reaching Cruising Altitude3248
Recall Election2146
Receiving The Vip Treatment4249
Reconnaissance Mission22114
Record Opening Weekend3206
Recording Session2169
Red Carpet Affair3153
Red-Carpet Affair2159
Rehearsal Dinner2159
Rejuvenating Getaway21912
Rekindling An Old Flame42010
Relaxing Bubble Bath3188
Relaxing By The Pool4178
Relaxing Foot Massage3198
Relaxing Recital2158
Relaxing Sightseeing Cruise3258
Remarkable Nature Hike32010
Renewing Marriage Vows3208
Renewing Your Vows3168
Repeat Performance2176
Resort Getaway2136
Restaurant Grand Opening32210
Retro-Gaming Night21611
Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition3298
Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony22113
Ringing My Neighbors Doorbell4267
River Cruise2115
River Rafting2125
Riverboat Cruise2159
Road Trip284
Rock Concert2114
Rock-Climbing Expedition22212
Rocket Launch2126
Roller-Skating Party21813
Romantic Date2128
Romantic Dinner2148
Romantic Dinner For Two4208
Romantic Walk On The Beach5228
Rose Bowl284
Roundtable Discussion22010
Royal Feast2105
Rummage Sale2117
Running A Marathon3167
Running Backwards2167
Running My First Marathon4227
Running Out Of Gas4157
Rush Party294
Sailboat Race2128
Sailing Across The Atlantic Ocean5297
Sailing Around The World4217
Sailing Regatta2147
Sailing The Pacific Ocean4227
Saint Valentine's Day3185
Sale Of The Century4164
Saltwater Fishing2169
Sate Of The Union Address5214
Saturday Matinees2168
Saturday Night Family Outing4258
Scenic Boat Trips3156
Scenic Flight2126
School Bake Sale3146
School Dance2116
School Field Trip3156
School's Snow Day3147
School-Board Meeting21811
Science Convention2177
Science Demonstration2207
Science Experiment2177
Science Fair2117
Sea Kayaking2113
Sea Mammal Sighting3173
Seaside Festival2157
Season Kickoff2136
Season Wrap-Up2126
Second Honeymoon2156
Second-Chance Drawing21912
Secret Rendezvous2166
Secret Vacation Escape3206
Security Breach2148
Security Sweep2138
Semiannual Sale21410
Semifinal Round2149
Senate Hearing2136
Senior Prom2106
Set Adrift On The Open Ocean6233
Shaking Hands2127
Shedding Unwanted Pounds3228
Ship Christening2154
Shoe Shopping2124
Shopping Spree2138
Short Visit2105
Shorter Downtimes2167
Show And Tell3114
Sightseeing Cruise21711
Sightseeing Expedition22111
Sightseeing Trip21511
Silent Auction2136
Singing A Cappella3167
Singing Competition2187
Sipping My Coffee3157
Ski Jumping2103
Ski Resort Day Trip4163
Sleeping Soundly2158
Sleigh Ride2106
Slow Dance294
Slow Day274
Slumber Party2127
Small-Town Parade2159
Snapping My Fingers3178
Sneak Preview2125
Snorkeling Lesson21610
Snowmobile Tour21410
Snowshoe Racing2148
Snowy Winter2115
Social Holiday2136
Solar Eclipse2125
Sold Out Performance3184
Sold-Out Concert2147
Sold-Out Rock Concert3187
Solo Performance2154
Soothing Foot Massage3198
Soothing Gondola Ride3198
Sophomore Year2139
Space Shuttle Launch3185
Spaghetti-Eating Contest22215
Speaking Engagement2188
Special Holiday Hours3197
Special News Bulletin3197
Special Occasion2157
Spectacular Party21611
Spectacular Wedding21811
Spectator Sport2149
Spelling Bee2118
Spending Spree2138
Splashing Around In The Bathtub5279
Spontaneous Trip21511
Spring Break2116
Spring Festival Gala3186
Spring Lantern Festival3216
Spring Rains2116
Springboard Diving21711
Square Dance2116
St. Patrick's Day Queen Contest5252
Staff Meeting2125
Standing In My Bare Feet5208
Standing Ovation2158
Standing Still2138
Star Trek Convention3184
Staring Contest2147
Starry Night2116
Start Of Daylight-Saving Time4255
State Fair295
State Of The Union Adress5215
State-Wide Elections2189
Staying At A Mountain Retreat5257
Sticky Situation2156
Stimulating Facial Massage32411
Stirring Speech2148
Stock-Car Racing2148
Store-Closing Sale21612
Street Fair2106
Street Party2116
Street Sweeping2146
Strings In The Mountains Music Festival6347
Strumming A Banjo3159
Sudden Rain Shower3166
Sugar Bowl295
Summer Break2116
Summer Concert Series3196
Summer Concerts2146
Summer Festivals2156
Summer Food Festivals3196
Summer Garden Party3176
Summer Getaway2136
Summer Harvest2136
Summer In The City4156
Summer Olympic Games3186
Summer Party2116
Summer Solstice2146
Summit Meeting2136
Sun Exposure2113
Sunday Afternoon Catfish Fry4256
Sunday Afternoon Picnic3216
Sunday Brunch2126
Sunday Dinner2126
Sunday Morning2136
Sunday School Picnic3186
Sunny Afternoon2145
Sunny Day285
Sunny Hot Summer Afternoon4235
Sunny Season2115
Sunset Dinner Cruise3186
Sunset Dinner In An Oceanfront Restaurant6366
Super Bowl295
Super Bowl Halftime Show4215
Supreme Court Decision3207
Surprise Baby Shower3188
Surprise Birthday Party3218
Surprise Ending2148
Surprise Party2138
Swearing-In Ceremony21810
Swim Party294
Symphony-Orchestra Concert22417
Synchronized Springboard Diving32912
Synchronized Swimming22012
Taco Tuesday2114
Tae Kwon Do393
Tailgate Party2138
Take-Your-Child-To-Work Day22219
Taking A Bike Trip4156
Taking A Shortcut3156
Tallying Votes2138
Tcm Classic Film Festival4223
Teasing My Sister3157
Televised Debate2159
Tenant Meeting2136
Tennis Match2116
Tennis Tournament2166
Tent Sale284
Thanksgiving Day Parade32112
Thanksgiving Parade21812
The Adventure Of A Lifetime5233
The After Party3133
The American Revolution3213
The Battle Of Bunker Hill5213
The Biggest Game Of The Season6253
The Boston Tea Party4173
The California Gold Rush4213
The First Day Of Winter5193
The Fourth Of July4153
The Highlight Of The Trip5213
The Last Day Of Summer5183
The Last Few Minutes Of The Game7263
The Long Jump3113
The Longest Day Of The Year6223
The Olympic Games3153
The Perfect Island Escapes4233
The Rose Bowl3113
The Royal Variety Performance4263
The Royal Wedding3153
The Shortest Day Of The Year6233
The Sunday Setting Over The Pacific6303
The Tony Awards3133
The Twenty-First Century3213
The Whole Family Playing Together5293
The Wimbledon Championship3243
The Year Of The Dog5153
The Year Of The Horse5173
The Year Of The Ox5143
Themed Birthday Parties3216
Thinking Of The Perfect Gift5248
Thoroughbred Race21612
Thousands Of Years3169
Three-Day Weekend2158
Thrilling Adventure2189
Thrilling Outdoor Adventure3259
Throwing A Party3148
Thunder And Lightening Storm4257
Tie Game273
Top-Secret Meeting2169
Top-Secret Project2169
Total Eclipse2125
Total Shutdown2135
Touring The White House4207
Tourist Season2137
Tournament Of Champions32110
Town Hall Meeting3154
Town Meeting2114
Track-And-Field Competition22413
Trade Show295
Traditional Wedding Ceremony32611
Traffic Gridlock2157
Traffic Jam2107
Traffic Stop2117
Tram Tour284
Transatlantic Voyage21913
Travel Expo2106
Travel Getaways2146
Travel Season2126
Travel Sweepstakes2176
Traveling At Warp Speed4209
Trekking & Guided Walks3198
Trip Of A Lifetime4154
Trivia Contest2136
Trivia Tournament2166
Troop Deployment2155
Tropical Rainstorm2178
Tropical Villa Vacations3228
Trout Fishing Derby3175
Turning Point2127
Turning Thirty Years Old4217
Twenty-One Gun Salute3189
Twilight Concerts2168
Twilight Cruise2148
Twirling A Baton3148
Two-Day Hike2106
Ultimate Experience2188
Unforgettable Family Vacation32713
Unforgettable Moments22013
Unforgettable Shopping Experiences33213
Unique Culinary Experience3246
Unique Culture2136
Unique Travel Experience3226
Unique Winter Getaway3196
United States Bicentennial3246
Unveiling Ceremony2179
Unwinding A Ball Of Yarn5209
Upscale Vacation2157
Urban Adventure2145
Urban Music Festival3185
Vacation Escape2148
Vacation To The Bahamas4208
Vacation With Pay3158
Vacationing In Acapulco32111
Valentines Day21310
Vehicle Inspection2177
Veterans Day2118
Victory Celebration2187
Victory Lap2107
Vip Studio Tour3133
Volcano Hiking Tour3177
Volleyball Tournament22010
Voter Registration Drive3225
Walking After Dark3167
Walking In The Woods4177
Walking Tour2117
Warehouse Sale2139
Warm Breezy Afternoon3194
Warm Rainy Day3124
Warm Summer Afternoon3194
Warm Summer Evening3174
Water Festival In Thailand4235
Water Polo295
Waterfront Dining21610
Wedding Banquet2147
Wedding Celebrations2197
Wedding Ceremony2157
Wedding Dance2127
Wedding Reception2167
Wedding Weekend2147
Weekend At The Lake4167
Weekend Camping Trip3187
Weekend Celebration2187
Weekend Escape2137
Weekend Family Gathering3227
Weekend Getaway2147
Weekend Leave2127
Weekend Road Trip3157
Weeklong Celebration2198
Weeklong Festival2168
Weeklong Getaway2158
Weeklong Hiking Trip3188
Weekly Swap Meet3146
Weight-Loss Challenge21910
Welcome-Home Party21611
Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show52811
Wetland Boat Tour3157
Whale Watching2135
Whale Watching Season3195
Whale-Watching Cruise21913
Whale-Watching Tour21713
Wheel Remotes In Major Cities5255
Whirlwind Romance2169
White House Press Briefing4235
White Sale295
Wiindow Shopping2157
Wild Adventure2134
Wildlife Sighting2168
Wild-Mustang Sighting21911
Wild-Turkey Sightings21910
Window Shopping2146
Windy Day285
Wine Tasting2114
Wine Tasting In Napa Valley5234
Winery Tour2106
Winning A Gold Medal4177
Winning Concert Tickets On The Radio6317
Winning Goal2117
Winning Touchdown2167
Winter Olympic Games3186
Winter Solstice2146
Winter Sunset2126
Winter Vacation2146
Women's Single Tennis Match4236
Wonderful Beach Bash3189
Working From Home3157
Working Towards My Goals4217
World Cruise2115
World Cup Soccer3145
World Festivals2145
World Series2115
World Series Of Poker4185
World Tour295
World-Class Performance22110
World-Class Rodeo21510
World's Fair2106
Worst-Case Scenario2179
Yard Sale284
Yard Work284
Year Of The Dragon4154
Year Of The Monkey4154
Year Of The Rabbit4154
Year Of The Rat4124
Year Of The Rooster4164
Year-End Clearance Sale3207
Yearly Conventions2176
Yearly Medical Checkup3206

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