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Food & DrinkNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Acorn Squash2115
Amber Ales295
Anise Cookies2125
Anzac Biscuits2135
Apple Bread2105
Apple Butter2115
Apple Cake295
Apple Dumplings2145
Apple Fritter2125
Apple Fritters2135
Apple Jacks2105
Apple Juice2105
Apple Pie285
Apple Rings2105
Apple Strudel2125
Asian Pear295
Asian Slaw295
Bacon & Eggs295
Bacon Bits295
Bacon Sandwich2135
Bacon Strips2115
Baked Alaska2115
Baked Beans2105
Baked Brie295
Baked Carrots2125
Baked Casserole2145
Baked Cauliflower2165
Baked Chicken2125
Baked Eggplant2135
Baked Ham285
Baked Hominy2115
Baked Lasagna2125
Baked Lasagne2125
Baked Macaroni2135
Baked Meatloaf2135
Baked Potatoes2135
Baked Rigatoni2135
Baked Rutabagas2145
Baked Samosas2125
Baked Scallops2135
Baked Tempeh2115
Baked Ziti295
Baked Zucchini2135
Basil Leaves2115
Beans & Bananas2125
Beans & Cheese2115
Beans & Cornbread2145
Bento Boxes2105
Berry Punch2105
Berry Sodas2105
Berry Yogurt2115
Black Beans2105
Black Bread2105
Black Lentils2125
Black Licorice2135
Black Pepper2115
Black Pudding2125
Black Tea285
Black Teas295
Bland Spice2105
Bread Crumbs2115
Bread Pudding2125
Brown Rice295
Brown Sugar2105
Bunny Chow295
Burnt Toast2105
Cajun Cabbage2125
Cajun Cuisine2125
Cakes & Biscuits2135
Cakes & Cookies2125
Caldo Verde2105
Camel Milk295
Candy Apple2105
Candy Apples2115
Candy Bar285
Candy Buttons2125
Candy Corn295
Candy Harts2105
Candy Hearts2115
Candy Pizza2105
Cheap Eats295
Cheat Meal295
Chefs Special2125
Chewy Bagels2115
Chewy Brownies2135
Chewy Candies2125
Chewy Caramel2125
Chewy Caramels2135
Chewy Cookies2125
Chewy Jerky2105
Chewy Licorice2135
Chewy Taffy2105
Chili Powder2115
Chili Relish2115
Chili Relleno2125
Chips & Dip285
Chips & Guacamole2145
Chips & Salsa2105
Class Ring295
Cocoa Puffs2105
Cored Apples2115
Cream & Sugar2105
Cream Cheese2115
Cream Pies295
Cream Puff295
Cream Puffs2105
Cream Soda295
Creme Brulee2115
Crepe Suzette2125
Crisp Breadsticks2165
Cuban Cuisine2125
Cured Meat295
Cured Meats2105
Curly Fries2105
Curry Chicken2125
Curry Dip285
Curry Ketchup2125
Curry Puffs2105
Curry Sauce2105
Curry Shrimp2115
Dates & Nuts295
Decaf Coffee2115
Diced Apricots2135
Diced Cucumbers2145
Diced Jalapenos2145
Diced Onions2115
Dried Apricots2135
Dried Breadcrumbs2165
Dried Cranberries2165
Dried Figs295
Dried Fish295
Dried Fruit2105
Dried Herbs2105
Dried Mango2105
Dried Oregano2125
Dried Sausages2135
Dried Strawberries2175
Fancy Coffee2115
Fancy Sweets2115
Fiber Supplement2155
Filet Mignon2115
Fizzy Cola295
Flaky Croissant2145
Flaky Croissants2155
Flank Steak2105
Flour Tortillas2145
Fresh Basil2105
Fresh Blueberries2165
Fresh Bread2105
Fresh Cantaloupe2155
Fresh Coconuts2135
Fresh Figs295
Fresh Fruit2105
Fresh Fruits2115
Fresh Ginger2115
Fresh Grapefruits2165
Fresh Nectarines2155
Fresh Parsnips2135
Fresh Peaches2125
Fresh Produce2125
Fresh Salads2115
Fresh Salmon2115
Fresh Scallions2145
Fresh Scallops2135
Fresh Vegetables2155
Fried Bananas2125
Fried Broccoli2135
Fried Catfish2125
Fried Cheese2115
Fried Chicken2125
Fried Clams2105
Fried Dough2105
Fried Dumplings2145
Fried Egg285
Fried Eggplant2135
Fried Eggs295
Fried Fish295
Fried Liver2105
Fried Mussels2125
Fried Okra295
Fried Onions2115
Fried Pickles2125
Fried Plantains2145
Fried Potatoes2135
Fried Seafood2125
Fried Tofu295
Fried Vegetables2155
Fried Whitefish2145
Fried Zucchini2135
Fruit Bars295
Fruit Butter2115
Fruit Cocktail2135
Fruit Drinks2115
Fruit Fritter2125
Fruit Juice2105
Fruit Medley2115
Fruit Pieces2115
Fruit Pies295
Fruit Salad2105
Fruit Sauces2115
Fruit Skewers2125
Fruit Smoothie2135
Fruit Smoothies2145
Fruit Sorbet2115
Fruit Toppings2135
Fruit Turnovers2145
Fudge Brownie2125
Fudge Brownies2135
Fudge Squares2125
Fuzzy Fruits2115
Giant Lollipop2135
Giant Lollipops2145
Gooey Brownies2135
Gooey Caramel2125
Gooey Desserts2135
Gooey Marshmallow2165
Gooey Sauce2105
Gooey Taffy2105
Grain Sorghum2125
Grape Juice2105
Grape Soda295
Grass Mochi2105
Great Meal295
Greek Food295
Greek Salad2105
Greek Yogurt2115
Green Beans2105
Green Olives2115
Green Peppers2125
Green Salad2105
Green Smoothie2135
Green Tea285
Green Tomatillos2155
Green Tomatoes2135
Grits & Grillades2145
Guava Juice2105
Gummi Worms2105
Gummy Candies2125
Gummy Mints2105
Gummy Worms2105
Heart Shaped2115
Heavy Cream2105
Herbs & Seasonings2155
Herbs & Spices2115
Honey Biscuits2135
Honey Macaroons2145
Honey Mustard2125
House Salad2105
Irish Coffee2115
Irish Oatmeal2125
Irish Stew295
Jelly Beans2105
Jelly Doughnut2135
Juice & Smoothies2145
Juicy Beef295
Juicy Blackberries2175
Juicy Burger2115
Juicy Burgers2125
Juicy Cherries2135
Juicy Clementines2165
Juicy Fruits2115
Juicy Nectarines2155
Juicy Orange2115
Juicy Oranges2125
Juicy Papayas2125
Juicy Pear295
Juicy Pears2105
Juicy Pineapple2145
Juicy Plum295
Juicy Plums2105
Kalua Pork295
Layer Cake295
Leafy Greens2115
Leafy Spinach2125
Leafy Vegetables2155
Leeks & Mushrooms2145
Lemon Cheesecake2155
Lemon Crepes2115
Lemon Drop295
Lemon Drops2105
Lemon Heads2105
Lemon Juice2105
Lemon Pie285
Lemon Spritzers2145
Lemon Tart295
Lemon Wedge2105
Lemon Wedges2115
Lemon Yogurt2115
Lemon Zest295
Light Refreshments2175
Liver & Bacon2105
Liver Dumplings2145
Local Delicacies2155
Local Delicacy2135
Lorne Sausage2125
Lunch Specials2135
Maize Flour2105
Malva Pudding2125
Mango Chunks2115
Mango Chutney2125
Mango Guacamole2145
Mango Juice2105
Mango Lassi2105
Mango Marinade2135
Mango Puree2105
Mango Salsa2105
Mango Smoothie2135
Maple Doughnut2135
Maple Doughnuts2145
Maple Pecans2115
Maple Sugar2105
Maple Syrup2105
Maple Taffy2105
Matzo Meal295
Melba Toast2105
Melon Wedges2115
Mixed Fruit2105
Mixed Greens2115
Mixed Olives2115
Mocha Cappuccino2155
Mocha Fudge2105
Mocha Latte2105
Moist Brownies2135
Nacho Casserole2145
Navel Oranges2125
Olive Oil285
Onion Soup295
Onion Straws2115
Paper Packaging2145
Party Mix285
Party Punch2105
Party Snacks2115
Pasta & Pesto2105
Pasta Marinara2135
Pasta Primavera2145
Pasta Salad2105
Peach Cobbler2125
Peach Crisps2115
Peach Margaritas2155
Peach Nectar2115
Peach Pie285
Peach Sorbet2115
Peach Tart295
Pecan Coffeecake2155
Pecan Pie285
Pecan Sandies2125
Pecan Truffles2135
Penne Pasta2105
Penny Candy2105
Pesto Pasta2105
Pesto Sauce2105
Pesto Spread2115
Petit Fours2105
Pinto Beans2105
Pizza & Sodas2105
Pizza Calzone2125
Pizza Crust2105
Pizza Dough2105
Pizza Rolls2105
Pizza Slices2115
Plain Popcorn2125
Plums & Cherries2135
Plums & Pears2105
Plums & Raisins2125
Ponzu Sauce2105
Pound Cake295
Power Breakfast2145
Prawn Cocktail2135
Prune Juice2105
Queso Fresco2115
Ranch Dressing2135
Roast Beef295
Roast Duck295
Roast Pig285
Salad Croutons2135
Salad Dressing2135
Salad Greens2115
Salad Vegetables2155
Salsa & Chips2105
Salsa Fresca2115
Salsa Picada2115
Salsa Picante2125
Salty Chips2105
Salty Cracker2125
Salty Crackers2135
Salty Pretzels2135
Salty Snack2105
Savoy Cabbage2125
Seeds & Nuts295
Shish Kebabs2115
Smoke Rings2105
Snack Bowls2105
Snake Soup295
Solid Backbone2135
Spelt Bread2105
Spicy Chutney2125
Spicy Cuisine2125
Spicy Dip285
Spicy Dishes2115
Spicy Empanadas2145
Spicy Entree2115
Spicy Horseradish2165
Spicy Meatballs2145
Spicy Mustard2125
Spicy Nachos2115
Spicy Olives2115
Spicy Pasta2105
Spicy Polenta2125
Spicy Popcorn2125
Spicy Quesadilla2155
Spicy Salmon2115
Spicy Salsa2105
Spicy Sausages2135
Spicy Tacos2105
Steak & Ribs295
Steak Burgers2125
Steak Fries2105
Steak Pie285
Steak Sandwich2135
Steak Tartare2125
Steak Wrap295
Stone Fruit2105
Stone Fruits2115
Sugar Beets2105
Sugar Cane295
Sugar Cookie2115
Sugar Cookies2125
Sugar Cube295
Sugar Cubes2105
Sugar Peas295
Sugar Plums2105
Sugar Substitute2155
Sushi & Sashimi2125
Sushi & Wasabi2115
Sushi Bar285
Sweet & Tart295
Sweet Apples2115
Sweet Apricots2135
Sweet Aroma2105
Sweet Batter2115
Sweet Berries2125
Sweet Biscuits2135
Sweet Bonbons2125
Sweet Candies2125
Sweet Cherries2135
Sweet Cornbread2145
Sweet Dumplings2145
Sweet Filled-Dumplings2205
Sweet Filled–Dumplings2205
Sweet Gazpacho2135
Sweet Juices2115
Sweet Ketchup2125
Sweet Kiwifruit2145
Sweet Lemonade2135
Sweet Licorice2135
Sweet M265
Sweet Macaroons2145
Sweet Molasses2135
Sweet Paprika2125
Sweet Passionfruits2185
Sweet Pastries2135
Sweet Peanuts2125
Sweet Pickles2125
Sweet Pineapples2155
Sweet Plantains2145
Sweet Port295
Sweet Potatoes2135
Sweet Raspberries2165
Sweet Sangria2125
Sweet Sausages2135
Sweet Sopaipillas2165
Sweet Sopapillas2155
Sweet Tea285
Sweet Toffee2115
Sweet Treats2115
Sweet Waffles2125
Swiss Cheese2115
Swiss Chocolates2155
Swiss Meringue2135
Swiss Oatmeal2125
Swiss Roll295
Swiss Steak2105
Tacos & Burritos2135
Tangy Lime295
Tangy Marinades2145
Tangy Remoulade2145
Tangy Sauces2115
Tangy Tangerines2155
Tarts & Quiches2125
Tasty Burger2115
Tasty Gazpacho2135
Tasty Goodies2125
Tasty Gyros2105
Tasty Mate295
Tasty Meal295
Tasty Noodles2125
Tasty Porras2115
Tasty Prosciutto2155
Tasty Sweets2115
Tasty Tacos2105
Tasty Tagliatelle2165
Thyme & Ginger2115
Tonic Water2105
Trail Mix285
Trans Fat285
Water Chestnuts2145
Wheat & Barley2115
Wheat Berries2125
Wheat Bread2105
Wheat Germ295
Wheat Pancakes2135
Wheat Pitas2105
White Asparagus2145
White Chocolate2145
White Gravy2105
White Onions2115
White Pepper2115
White Rice295
White Sangria2125
White Sausage2125
White Tea285
White Wine295
Whole Grain2105
Yerba Mate295
Yummy Appetizers2155
Yummy Yams295
Zesty Dishes2115
Zesty Salsa2105

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