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Food & DrinkNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Alfalfa Sprouts2147
All-Beef Meatballs2167
Anadama Bread2127
Anchovy Fillet2137
Apricot Nectar2137
Apricot Preserves2167
Arabica & Robusta2147
Artisan Coffee2137
Artisan Coffees2147
Artisan Pizza2127
Artisan Sausages2157
Arugula & Spinach2147
Arugula Salad2127
Avocado & Spinach2147
Avocado Aioli2127
Avocado Slices2137
Avocado Slides2137
Bananas & Berries2147
Bananas & Blackberries2197
Bananas Foster2137
Bangers & Mash2117
Basmati Rice2117
Beer-Can Chicken2147
Beggar's Chicken2147
Begonia Cake2117
Belgian Pralines2157
Berries & Bananas2147
Blended Teas2117
Bologna Sandwich2157
Bottled Beer2117
Braised Eggplant2157
Braised Pheasant2157
Breaded Cauliflower2187
Brisket Tacos2127
Broiled Lobster2147
Broiled Mushrooms2167
Broiled Mussels2147
Brownie Batter2137
Brownie Pie2107
Buffalo Balls2127
Buffalo Burger2137
Buffalo Burgers2147
Buffalo Wings2127
Burgers & Beverages2167
Buttery Biscuits2157
Cabbage & Potatoes2157
Cabbage Leaves2137
Calypso Beat2117
Candied Apple2127
Candied Bacon2127
Candied Cranberries2187
Candied Peanuts2147
Candied Pecans2137
Candied Walnuts2147
Candied Yams2117
Caramel Apples2137
Caramel Cheesecake2177
Caramel Corn2117
Caramel Flavoring2167
Caramel Fondue2137
Caramel Frosting2157
Caramel Macchiato2167
Caramel Popcorn2147
Caramel Sauce2127
Caramel Walnuts2147
Carrots & Onions2137
Carrots & Turnips2147
Cashews & Raisins2147
Catfish Gumbo2127
Cayenne Pepper2137
Challah Bread2127
Charred Eggplant2157
Cheddar Cheese2137
Cheddar Crackers2157
Cheer-It Crackers2157
Cheez-It Crackers2157
Chicken & Dumplings2167
Chicken & Waffles2147
Chicken Amandine2157
Chicken Broth2127
Chicken Cacciatore2177
Chicken Dinner2137
Chicken Drumstick2167
Chicken Enchilada2167
Chicken Enchiladas2177
Chicken Fajitas2147
Chicken Fricassee2167
Chicken Gumbo2127
Chicken Jambalaya2167
Chicken Julienne2157
Chicken Kiev2117
Chicken Meatballs2167
Chicken Nachos2137
Chicken Nuggets2147
Chicken Paprika2147
Chicken Parmesan2157
Chicken Parmigiana2177
Chicken Pho2107
Chicken Quesadilla2177
Chicken Quesadillas2187
Chicken Salad2127
Chicken Sandwich2157
Chicken Sausage2147
Chicken Sausages2157
Chicken Sliders2147
Chicken Soup2117
Chicken Teriyaki2157
Chicken Tostada2147
Chicken Wings2127
Chicken Wrap2117
Chicory & Chives2137
Chilies Relleno2147
Chilled Champagne2167
Chilled Eggnog2137
Chinese Cabbage2147
Chinese Dumplings2167
Chinese Sausage2147
Chipped Beef2117
Chipped Potatoes2157
Chopped Celery2137
Chopped Chives2137
Chopped Fruit2127
Chopped Garlic2137
Chopped Hazelnuts2167
Chopped Parsley2147
Chopped Potatoes2157
Chopped Tarragon2157
Chopped Walnuts2147
Chorizo & Onion2127
Classic Cinnabons2167
Classic Coffeecake2177
Classic Meals2127
Clotted Cream2127
Coconut Bars2117
Coconut Cream2127
Coconut Flour2127
Coconut Pudding2147
Codfish Casserole2167
Collard Greens2137
Concord Grapes2137
Cookies & Milk2117
Cottage Cheese2137
Cracker Chips2127
Cracker Jack2117
Creamed Mushrooms2167
Creamed Spinach2147
Creamed Vegetables2177
Cremini Mushrooms2167
Crunchy Croutons2157
Crunchy Jicama2137
Crunchy Nuts2117
Crunchy Pizza2127
Crunchy Popcorn2147
Crunchy Pretzels2157
Crunchy Radishes2157
Crunchy Salad2127
Curried Celery2137
Curried Chicken2147
Curried Noodles2147
Curried Nuts2117
Curried Potatoes2157
Curried Sausage2147
Custard Tarts2127
Dessert Bowls2127
Dessert Cookbook2157
Dessert Lime2117
Dessert Plates2137
Dessert Wine2117
Deviled Crab2117
Deviled Eggs2117
Dipping Bowl2117
Dipping Sauce2127
Dry-Aged Beef2117
English Muffin2137
English Toffee2137
Falafel Balls2127
Fat-Free Lunch2127
Fishing Tempura2147
Fizzing Soda2117
Florida Grapefruit2177
Fontina Cheese2137
Fortune Cookies2147
Frosted Cupcakes2157
Frosted Gingerbread2187
Frosted Pastry2137
Gefilte Fish2117
Georgia Peaches2147
Gourmet Burgers2147
Gourmet Candy2127
Gourmet Cheese2137
Gourmet Goodies2147
Gourmet Lollipops2167
Gourmet Marshmallows2197
Gourmet Meal2117
Gourmet Meals2127
Gourmet Meats2127
Gourmet Paprika2147
Gourmet Pizza2127
Gourmet Popcorn2147
Gourmet S'Mores2137
Gourmet Sandwich2157
Gourmet Taffy2127
Gourmet Truffles2157
Granola Clusters2157
Grilled Asparagus2167
Grilled Bacon2127
Grilled Bread2127
Grilled Cheese2137
Grilled Chicken2147
Grilled Corn2117
Grilled Eggplant2157
Grilled Fish2117
Grilled Flatbread2167
Grilled Fruit2127
Grilled Hotdogs2147
Grilled Meats2127
Grilled Mushrooms2167
Grilled Onions2137
Grilled Oysters2147
Grilled Peaches2147
Grilled Pineapple2167
Grilled Radicchio2167
Grilled Salmon2137
Grilled Scallops2157
Grilled Seafood2147
Grilled Shrimp2137
Grilled Steak2127
Grilled Vegetables2177
Grilled Zucchini2157
Healthy Alternatives2197
Healthy Appetizers2177
Healthy Meals2127
Healthy Smoothie2157
Healthy Snack2127
Healthy Snacks2137
Healthy Vibe2117
Holiday Deserts2147
Holiday Desserts2157
Hostess Cupcakes2157
Hubbard Squash2137
Iceberg Lettuce2147
Ice-Cold Lemonade2157
Ice-Cold Pickles2147
Ice-Cold Sodas2127
Ice-Cold Treats2137
Instant Cereal2137
Instant Coffee2137
Instant Oatmeal2147
Instant Pudding2147
Italian Biscotti2157
Italian Cuisine2147
Italian Dressing2157
Italian Ice2107
Italian Parsley2147
Italian Sausage2147
Italian Soda2117
Italian Sodas2127
Jasmine Rice2117
Jellied Confections2187
Ketchup & Mustard2147
Kneaded Bread2127
Lasagna Bolognese2167
Lattice Multiplication2217
Lentils & Beans2127
Lettuce Wraps2127
Licking Sugar2127
Lobster Bisque2137
Lobster Capellini2167
Lobster Pot2107
Lobster Ravioli2147
Lobster Roll2117
Lobster Rolls2127
Lobster Salad2127
Lobster Tail2117
Mangoes & Papayas2147
Melting Popsicle2157
Mexican Cornbread2167
Mexican Lasagna2147
Mineral Water2127
Mint-Tea Smoothie2157
Morning Meal2117
Mulling Spices2137
Mustard & Ketchup2147
Natural Sweetener2167
Norway's Krembanan2167
Nutella Brownies2157
Oak-Leaf Lettuce2147
Oatmeal Bowls2127
Oatmeal Cookies2147
Oatmeal Crackers2157
Oatmeal Muffins2147
One–Pit Spaghetti2157
Oranges & Mint2117
Oranges & Tangerines2177
Organic Coffee2137
Organic Cuisine2147
Organic Granola2147
Organic Lemonade2157
Organic Parsley2147
Organic Tomatoes2157
Organic Vegetables2177
Outdoor Cafe2117
Oysters Jaeger2137
Oysters Rockefeller2187
Pacific Breeze2137
Pancake Breakfast2167
Pancake Syrup2127
Parsley & Thyme2127
Passion Fruit2127
Peaches & Pecans2137
Peanuts & Popcorn2147
Persian Cucumbers2167
Pickled Eggs2117
Pickled Fish2117
Pickled Fruit2127
Pickled Herring2147
Pickled Okra2117
Pickled Onions2137
Pickled Oysters2147
Pickled Radishes2157
Pickled Vegetables2177
Pickled Zucchini2157
Pickles Radishes2157
Pimento Loaf2117
Poached Cherries2157
Poached Eggs2117
Poached Pears2127
Popcorn & Lemonade2157
Popcorn & Peanuts2147
Popcorn Balls2127
Popcorn Seasoning2167
Popcorn Shrimp2137
Popcorn Snacks2137
Popcorn& Peanuts2147
Popular Beverage2157
Popular Beverages2167
Porcini Risotto2147
Praline Candy2127
Praline Sundae2137
Pretzel Snacks2137
Pretzel Twists2137
Prickly Pears2127
Protein Plate2127
Protein Shake2127
Pudding Cups2117
Pudding Pops2117
Pumpkin Bread2127
Pumpkin Chowder2147
Pumpkin Desserts2157
Pumpkin Pie2107
Pumpkin Puree2127
Pumpkin Seeds2127
Quarter Pounder2147
Rainbow Sprinkles2167
Rainier Cherries2157
Raisins & Cherries2157
Red-Bean Mochi2127
Red-Bean Pie2107
Redhead Radishes2157
Refried Beans2127
Rhubarb Crisp2127
Rhubarb Pie2107
Rhubarb Salad2127
Ricotta Cheese2137
Ricotta Tortellini2177
Risotto Primavera2167
Roasted Almonds2147
Roasted Asparagus2167
Roasted Broccoli2157
Roasted Cashews2147
Roasted Cauliflower2187
Roasted Chicken2147
Roasted Chiles2137
Roasted Chilies2147
Roasted Eggplant2157
Roasted Figs2117
Roasted Fish2117
Roasted Garlic2137
Roasted Jalapenos2167
Roasted Mushrooms2167
Roasted Parsnips2157
Roasted Peanuts2147
Roasted Potatoes2157
Roasted Radishes2157
Roasted Rutabagas2167
Roasted Vegetables2177
Romaine & Watercress2177
Romaine Lettuce2147
Russian Crepes2137
Russian Dressing2157
Saffron Dates2127
Saffron Raspberries2187
Saltine Crackers2157
Sausage & Peppers2147
Sausage & Potatoes2157
Sausage Dumplings2167
Sausage Gravy2127
Sausage Links2127
Sausage Patties2147
Sausage Sandwich2157
Sausage Sizzles2147
Sausage Stuffing2157
Sauteed Asparagus2167
Sauteed Mushrooms2167
Sauteed Squash2137
Seafood Empanada2157
Seafood Gumbo2127
Seafood Pasta2127
Seafood Pizza2127
Seafood Potpie2137
Seafood Ravioli2147
Seafood Risotto2147
Seafood Salad2127
Seafood Surprise2157
Seafood Tetrazzini2177
Sea-Salt Popcorn2147
Seaweed Salad2127
Seltzer Water2127
Shoofly Pie2107
Sirloin Burgers2147
Sirloin Steak2127
Skillet Dinners2147
Skillet Meals2127
Skinned Tangelos2157
Snicker Bar2107
Spanish Omelet2137
Spanish Peanuts2147
Spanish Rice2117
Spinach Bites2127
Spinach Dumplings2167
Spinach Salad2127
Spinach Souffle2147
Sprouts & Tofu2117
Steamed Artichokes2177
Steamed Clams2127
Steamed Dumplings2167
Steamed Lobster2147
Steamed Mussels2147
Steamed Potatoes2157
Steamed Salmon2137
Steamed Tofu2117
Steamed Vegetables2177
Stuffed Artichokes2177
Stuffed Cabbage2147
Stuffed Crabs2127
Stuffed Dolmas2137
Stuffed Empanadas2167
Stuffed Mushrooms2167
Stuffed Olives2137
Stuffed Pheasant2157
Stuffed Sausage2147
Sugared Beignets2157
Sugared Cranberries2187
Sugared Oats2117
Summery Beverage2157
Swedish Meatballs2167
Tapioca Pudding2147
Toasted Almonds2147
Toasted Bagel2127
Toasted Baguettes2167
Toasted Cereal2137
Toasted Marshmallows2197
Toasted Mini-Marshmallows2237
Toasted Mini–Marshmallows2237
Toasted Oats2117
Toasted Pecans2137
Toasted Quinoa2137
Toasted Wafers2137
Toasted Walnuts2147
Tootsie Roll2117
Tootsie Rolls2127
Truffle Bites2127
Truffle Oil2107
Turkish Delight2147
Turkish Honey2127
Turnips & Tangerines2177
Unicorn Cake2117
Vanilla Biscotti2157
Vanilla Latte2127
Vanilla Milkshake2167
Vanilla Mousse2137
Vanilla Pudding2147
Vanilla Shortbread2177
Vanilla Snickerdoodles2217
Vanilla Taffy2127
Veggies & Dip2107
Veggies & Wine2117
Waldorf Salad2127
Wedding Cake2117
Wedding Soup2117
Western Omelet2137
Whipped Cream2127
Whipped Potatoes2157
Whipped Topping2147
Whopper Jr.297
Yoplait Yogurt2137

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