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Food & DrinkNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Anchovies & Olives2159
Andouille Sausage2169
Antipasto Salad2149
Argentine Cuisine2169
Artichoke Dip2129
Artichoke Hearts2159
Artisanal Chocolates2199
Asparagus Risotto2169
Authentic Cuisine2169
Authentic Guacamole2189
Baked-Fish Platter2169
Banana-Nut Bread2149
Barbecued Beans2149
Barbecued Chicken2169
Barbecued Pork2139
Barbecued Ribs2139
Barbecued Shrimp2159
Beachside Cocktail2179
Beefsteak Tomatoes2179
Bite-Sized Crackers2179
Bite-Sized Pieces2159
Bite-Sized Treats2159
Black-Bean Brownies2179
Black-Bean Salsa2149
Black-Eyed Peas2139
Black-Eyed Pease2149
Blueberry Compote2169
Blueberry Cornbread2189
Blueberry Crepe2149
Blueberry Muffin2159
Blueberry Pancakes2179
Blueberry Popsicle2179
Blueberry Preserves2189
Blueberry Scone2149
Blueberry Scones2159
Blueberry Sherbet2169
Blueberry Shortcake2189
Blueberry Slush2149
Blueberry Turnover2179
Bolognese Sauce2149
Bountiful Harvest2169
Bratwurst Bites2149
Breakfast & Lunch2149
Breakfast Buffet2159
Breakfast Burrito2169
Breakfast Casserole2189
Breakfast Cereal2159
Breakfast Cereals2169
Breakfast Croissant2189
Breakfast Enchiladas2199
Breakfast Quiche2159
Breakfast Sandwich2179
Brick-Oven Pizza2149
Brown-Rice Bowl2139
Buckwheat Crepe2149
Buckwheat Crepes2159
Buckwheat Flour2149
Buckwheat Noodles2169
Buckwheat Pancakes2179
Butternut Squash2159
Cantonese Cuisine2169
Champagne & Caviar2159
Champagne & Strawberries2219
Champagne Brunch2159
Champagne Grapes2159
Champagne Punch2149
Chocolate Bar2129
Chocolate Brownie2169
Chocolate Brownies2179
Chocolate Bunny2149
Chocolate Cheesecake2199
Chocolate Cookies2169
Chocolate Croissant2189
Chocolate Cupcakes2179
Chocolate Desserts2179
Chocolate Doughnut2179
Chocolate Doughnuts2189
Chocolate Eclairs2169
Chocolate Fondant2169
Chocolate Frappe2159
Chocolate Fruit-Dip2179
Chocolate Glaze2149
Chocolate Macaroons2189
Chocolate Malt2139
Chocolate Marzipan2179
Chocolate Milk2139
Chocolate Milkshake2189
Chocolate Mousse2159
Chocolate Pudding2169
Chocolate Sculptures2199
Chocolate Shake2149
Chocolate Souffle2169
Chocolate Syrup2149
Chocolate Toffee2159
Chocolate Truffles2179
Chocolate Yogurt2159
Chocolaty Desserts2179
Christmas Candy2149
Christmas Cookies2169
Communion Wafers2159
Cornbread & Cranberries2209
Cornbread Biscuits2179
Cornbread Stuffing2179
Crab-Shell Cake2139
Cranberry Chutney2169
Cranberry Dip2129
Cranberry Jam2129
Cranberry Jelly2149
Cranberry Juice2149
Cranberry Pudding2169
Cranberry Relish2159
Cranberry Salad2149
Cranberry Sauce2149
Cranberry Sparklers2189
Cranberry Vinaigrette2209
Cucumbers & Kale2139
Dandelion Salad2149
Deep-Fried Broccoli2179
Deep-Fried Chicharrones2219
Deep-Fried Dough2149
Deep-Fried Okra2139
Deep-Fried Snacks2159
Deep-Fried Treats2159
Deep-Fried Twinkies2179
Delicious Appetizer2189
Delicious Appetizers2199
Delicious Breakfast2189
Delicious Cakes2149
Delicious Cuisine2169
Delicious Desserts2179
Delicious Dinner2159
Delicious Doughnuts2189
Delicious Edamame2169
Delicious Frappes2169
Delicious Hamburger2189
Delicious Juice2149
Delicious Ladyfingers2209
Delicious Leftovers2189
Delicious Lemonade2179
Delicious Meals2149
Delicious Pizza2149
Delicious Prawns2159
Delicious Pudding2169
Delicious Rosti2149
Delicious S'Mores2159
Delicious Seafood2169
Delicious Snack2149
Delicious Spaghetti2189
Delicious Spaghettini2209
Delicious Thirst-Quencher2239
Delicious Tortas2159
Doughnuts & Pie2129
Dumplings & Rice2139
Epicurean Treats2159
Farm-Fresh Eggs2139
Flattened Rice2139
Flavorful Coffee2159
Flavorful Kippers2169
Flavorful Marinade2179
Flavorful Meals2149
Flavorful Sauces2159
Flavoured Waters2159
Fried-Tofu Soup2139
Guacamole Dip2129
Half-Eaten Sandwich2179
Halloween Cookies2169
Halloween Cupcakes2179
Halloween Treat2149
Hamburger Buns2139
Hazelnuts & Marionberries2229
Home-Baked Breads2159
Homegrown Tomatoes2179
Homegrown Vegetables2199
Horseless Carriage2179
Hot-Pepper Sauce2149
Housemade Dumplings2189
Hungarian Goulash2169
Hungarian Sauce2149
Indulgent Treats2159
Inventive Cuisine2169
Late-Night Snack2149
Late-Night Snacks2159
Lifesaver Gummies2169
Lion's-Head Meatballs2189
Loose-Leaf Lettuce2169
Macadamia Nuts2139
Magicians' Secret2159
Marinated Carrots2169
Marinated Cucumbers2189
Marinated Flounder2179
Marinated Mushrooms2189
Marinated Onions2159
Marinated Vegetables2199
Microbrew Beers2149
Microwave Popcorn2169
Mincemeat Pie2129
Mincemeat Pies2139
Miniature Pretzels2179
Mocha-Mint Coffee2159
Mushrooms & Peas2139
Oroblanco Grapefruit2199
Oven-Baked Flatbread2189
Oven-Baked Salmon2159
Oven-Dried Tomatoes2179
Pan-Seared Mushrooms2189
Pan-Seared Salmon2159
Parboiled Leeks2149
Pepperoni Calzone2169
Pepperoni Pizza2149
Pepperoni Pizzas2159
Pepperoni Slices2159
Persimmon Salad2149
Pineapple Frosting2179
Pineapple Juice2149
Pineapple Punch2149
Pineapple Rings2149
Pineapple Sherbet2169
Pineapple Smoothie2179
Pinto-Bean Salad2149
Pistachio Nuts2139
Pistachio Topping2169
Pistachio Vinaigrette2209
Raspberry Beret2149
Raspberry Cobbler2169
Raspberry Lemonade2179
Raspberry Smoothie2179
Raspberry Sorbet2159
Raspberry Tea2129
Raspberry Vinaigrette2209
Red-Leafed Chicory2169
Red-Lentil Dumplings2189
Red-Velvet Cupcakes2179
Roast-Pork Sandwich2179
Rose-Petal Granola2169
Salisbury Steak2149
Salt-Baked Chicken2169
Saltwater Taffy2149
Scallions & Peppers2169
Scalloped Potatoes2179
Scrambled Eggs2139
Seasoning Mix2129
Sevillano Olives2159
Shellfish Marinara2179
Shellfish Soup2139
Shepherd's Pie2129
Signature Dish2139
Slapjacks & Fritters2179
Smoked-Ham Pate2139
Smothered Chicken2169
Snack-Size Candy2149
Sour-Apple Candy2149
Sour-Cream Icing2149
Sourdough Biscuits2179
Sourdough Bread2149
Sourdough Cornbread2189
Sourdough Roll2139
Soy-Ginger Glaze2149
Spaghetti & Meatballs2189
Spaghetti Bolognese2189
Spaghetti Carbonara2189
Spaghetti Sauce2149
Spaghetti Squash2159
Sparkling Cider2149
Sparkling Lemonade2179
Sparkling Water2149
Sparkling Wines2149
Specialty Confections2209
Specialty Cupcakes2179
Starburst & Skittles2179
Submarine Sandwich2179
Succotash Salad2149
Succulent Crabs2149
Sugar-Free Cola2139
Sunflower Oil2129
Sunflower Seeds2149
Sunflower Sprouts2169
Sweetened Cheese2159
Swordfish Steak2149
Thai-Curry Paste2149
Thin-Crust Pizza2149
Toffee-Nut Cookies2169
Tomatillo Salsa2149
Tuna-Salad Sandwich2179
Vegetable Bowls2149
Vegetable Chowder2169
Vegetable Juice2149
Vegetable Kabobs2159
Vegetable Kebabs2159
Vegetable Pho2129
Vegetable Pizza2149
Vegetable Platter2169
Vegetable Relish2159
Vegetable Rotini2159
Vegetable Skewers2169
Vegetable Soup2139
Vegetable Stir-Fry2169
Vegetable Stock2149
Vegetable Tempura2169
Vegetable Wonton2159
Vegetable Wontons2169
White-Bean Dip2129
Wholesome Breakfast2189
Wholesome Ingredients2209
Wholesome Oats2139
Wholesome Snacks2159
Wisconsin Cheddar2169
Yorkshire Pudding2169

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