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On The MapNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Aberdeen Scotland2168
Adriatic Sea2118
Alcatraz Island2148
Allagash River2138
American Cordillera2188
Arkansas River2138
Atlantic Coast2138
Atlantic Ocean2138
Augustus Maine2138
Bellevue Washington2188
Berkeley California2188
Bethesda Maryland2168
Billings Montana2158
Bismarck Sea2118
Bordeaux France2148
Botswana Africa2148
Brisbane Australia2178
Brussels Belgium2158
Buckskin Gulch2138
Budapest Hungary2158
Calcutta India2138
Canadian Province2168
Canadian Provinces2178
Canadian Rockies2158
Carolina Panthers2168
Catalina Island2148
Catskill Mountains2178
Cheyenne Wyoming2158
Colonial Williamsburg2208
Colorado Plateau2158
Colorado River2138
Colorado Rockies2158
Colorado Springs2158
Colorado Trail2138
Columbia River2138
Columbus Georgia2158
Columbus Ohio2128
Delaware River2138
Dinosaur Ridge2138
Eastport Maine2138
Edmonton Canada2148
European Countries2178
Evanston Wyoming2158
Evenston Wyoming2158
Florence Italy2138
Freeport Maine2138
Freetown Christiania2198
Giudecca Island2148
Glenrock Wyoming2158
Glenwood Springs2158
Greybull Wyoming2158
Gustavia Harbor2148
Hartford Connecticut2198
Hawaiian Islands2158
Helsinki Finland2158
Himalaya Mountains2178
Honolulu Hawaii2148
Istanbul Turkey2148
Kennebec River2138
Kotzebeu & Kodiak2148
Lakeland Florida2158
Laughlin Nevada2148
Mainland China2138
Monterey Bay2118
Montreal Canada2148
Monument Valley2148
Nebraska & Kansas2148
Northern Hemisphere2188
Northern Ireland2158
Oklahoma Sooners2158
One-Horse Town2128
Pamplona Spain2138
Pasadena California2188
Pleasant River2138
Plymouth Massachusetts2218
Plymouth Sound2138
Portland Oregon2148
Prescott Arizona2158
Provence France2148
Richmond Virginia2168
Riverton Wyoming2158
Rockport Maine2138
Romantic Islands2158
Santiago Chile2138
Sarasota Florida2158
Saratoga Wyoming2158
Savannah Georgia2158
Semarang Indonesia2178
Shanghai China2138
Shetland Islands2158
Southern California2188
Southern Hemisphere2188
Southern States2148
Stamford Connecticut2198
Suncheon Bay2118
Sundance Wyoming2158
Sunriver Oregon2148
Surprise Arizona2158
Sycamore Row2118
Trinidad & Tobago2148
Vactican City2128
Ventura, County2138
Victoria Australia2178
Victoria Island2148
Waterloo Iowa2128
Westeros & Essos2138
Windward Islands2158
Winnipeg Manitoba2168
Yosemite Creek2138

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