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On The MapNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Ann Arbor Michigan3163
Bar Harbor Maine3143
Bay Of Biscay3113
Bay St. Louis3103
Big Black River3133
Big Piney Wyoming3153
Big Sioux River3133
Big Sur California3163
Big Thompson River3163
Des Moines Iowa3133
Hot Springs Arkansas3183
Key Biscayne Florida3183
Key West Florida3143
Las Vegas Nevada3143
Los Angeles California3203
New Brunswick Canada3183
New England Region3163
New England States3163
New Meadows River3153
New Mexico & Arizona3163
New Orleans Louisiana3193
New South Wales3133
New York City3113
New York Harbor3133
Old Hickory Lake3143
Red Rock Canyon3133
Red Sea Riviera3133
Rio Grande Rift3133
Rio Grande River3143
San Andreas Fault3153
San Antonio Texas3153
San Diego California3183
San Fernando Valley3173
San Francisco Bay3153
San Francisco California3223
San Francisco's Chinatown3223
San Joaquin Valley3163
San Jose California3173
San Juan Capistrano3173
San Luis Obispo3133
San Luis Valley3133
Sea Of Crete3103
Sea Of Galilee3123
Tcl Chinese Theatre3173
Tel Aviv Israel3133
The Amazon River3143
The American West3153
The Appalachian Trail3193
The Arctic Circle3153
The Arctic Ocean3143
The Arizona Trail3153
The Artic Circle3143
The Atlantic Beaches3183
The Atlantic Ocean3163
The Australian Alps3173
The Austrian Alps3153
The Azores Islands3163
The Baltic Sea3123
The Barranco District3193
The Bermuda Triangle3183
The Big Island3123
The Black Sea3113
The Blue Mountains3163
The Canadian Rockies3183
The Canary Islands3163
The Charles River3153
The Colorado River3163
The Coral Sea3113
The Dominican Republic3203
The East River3123
The Eastern Seaboard3183
The English Channel3173
The Falkland Islands3183
The Fast Lane3113
The Five Freeway3143
The Florida Panhandle3193
The French Riviera3163
The Galapagos Island3183
The Galapagos Islands3193
The Ganges River3143
The Garden District3173
The Gobi Desert3133
The Grand Staircase3173
The Grand Strand3143
The Grand Valley3143
The Great Basin3133
The Great Lakes3133
The Great Plains3143
The Greek Isles3133
The Gulf Coast3123
The Hafnarfjall Mountain3223
The Hawaiian Islands3183
The High Valley3133
The Hudson Bay3123
The Hudson River3143
The Indian Ocean3143
The Italian Riviera3173
The Lake District3153
The Maine Coast3133
The Mediterranean Sea3193
The Missouri River3163
The Nile River3123
The North Pole3123
The Northern Ocean3163
The Northern Rockies3183
The Norwegian Sea3153
The Ozark Mountains3173
The Pacific Northwest3193
The Pacific Ocean3153
The Plains States3153
The Rio Grande3123
The River Shannon3153
The River Thames3143
The Rocky Mountains3173
The Salton Sea3123
The Sea-To-Sky Highway3183
The South Pacific3153
The South Pole3123
The Southern Ocean3163
The Swiss Alps3123
The Thames River3143
The United Kingdom3163
The Verde River3133
The West Indies3133
The Yukon River3133

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