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Show BizNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Backstage Feud2139
Backstage Fueds2149
Big-Budget Blockbuster2209
Big-Screen Debut2149
Bollywood Movies2159
Box-Office Blockbuster2209
Box-Office Hits2139
Box-Office Smash2149
Celebrity Biography2189
Celebrity Cameo2149
Celebrity Cast2139
Celebrity Couple2159
Celebrity Magazines2189
Celebrity News2139
Celebrity Sightings2189
Celebrity Style2149
Celebrity Trainer2169
Character Actor2149
Children's Program2169
Children's Programming2209
Children's Programs2179
Comedians & Actors2159
Comedians & Composers2189
Detective Dramas2159
Digitally Remastered2199
Directors & Producers2189
Director's Cut2129
Fantastic Filmmaking2199
Glamorous Celebrities2209
Headliner Comedians2189
Hollywood Blockbuster2209
Hollywood Ending2159
Hollywood Gossip2159
Hollywood Royalty2169
Hollywood Scandals2179
Hollywood Stuntman2179
Indie-Rock Band2139
Inspiring Movie2149
Late-Night Television2199
Legendary Comediennes2209
Legendary Musician2179
Made-For-Tv Movie2149
Mysteries & Thrillers2189
Nightclub Act2129
Nightmare Sequence2179
Number-One Hits2139
Political Shows2149
Prime-Time Schedule2179
Primetime Special2169
Prime-Time Television2199
Recurring Character2189
Red-Carpet Style2149
Screwball Comedies2179
Screwball Comedy2159
Situation Comedies2179
Slapstick Comedies2179
Slapstick Comedy2159
Spaghetti Westerns2179
Streaming Movies2159
Superstar Couples2169
Voice-Over Artist2159
Voice-Over Narration2189

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