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Show BizNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Aisha Tyler Stars In Archer5235
Black Panther Opens In Theaters5275
Bruce Dern Stars In Nebraska5245
Bruce Willis Stars In Looper5245
Carla Hall Co-Hosts The Chew5235
Chevy Chase Stars In Caddyshack5275
Chris Harrison Hosts The Bachelor5295
Clint Eastwood Stars In Tightrope5295
Dingo Starr Stars In Caveman5245
Elvis Presley And Ann Margret5255
Ethan Hawke Stars In Boyhood5245
Ethan Hawke Stars In Gattaca5245
Ethan Hawks Stars In Gattaca5245
Final Episode Of The Series5235
Final Episode Of The Series's5245
Geena Davis Stars In Beetlejuice5285
Gemma Chan Stars In Humans5225
Halle Berry Stars In Extant5235
Helen Hunt Stars In Twister5235
Helen Mirren Stars In Winchester5285
James Cameron Directs The Terminator5325
James Dean Stars In Giant5215
Janet Leigh Stars In Psycho5235
Jason Isaacs As Lucius Malfoy5255
Jason Schwartzman Stars In Rushmore5315
Julia Roberts In Erin Brackovich5285
Julie Chen Hosts Big Brother5245
Kathy Bates Stars In Misery5235
Keanu Reeve Stars In Hardball5255
Keanu Reeves Stars In Hardball5265
Kevin Costner Stars In Criminal5275
Kevin Costner Stars In Waterworld5295
Larry David As Bernie Sanders5255
Oliva Newton-John Stars In Grease5285
Oprah Winfrey As Mrs. Which5225
Peter Finch Stars In Network5245
Ready For The Red Carpet5205
Sci-Fi Movies With Cult Followings5295
Sissy Spacek Stars In Carrie5245
Stars Is The Love God?5175
Steve Mcqueen Stars In Bullitt5265
Talia Shire Stars In Rocky5225
Woody Allen Direct Annie Hall5255
Woody Allen Directs Annie Hall5265

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