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Show BizNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Bruce Dern Stars In The Driver6255
Bruce Willis Stars In Die Hard6255
Bruce Wills Stars In Die Hard6245
Buddy Ebsen Stars In Barnaby Jones6295
Chris Pine Stars In Bottle Shock6275
Clive Owen Stars In The International6325
Colin Farrell Stars In Miami Vice6285
Elvis Presley Stars In Jailhouse Rock6325
Final Season Of Game Of Thrones6265
Halle Berry Stars In Perfect Stranger6325
Holly Hunter Stars In Broadcast News6315
Holly Hunter Stars In Saving Grace6295
Jamie Lee Curtis Stars In Halloween6305
Jason Bateman Stars In Arrested Development6385
Jason Statham Stars In Death Race6285
Jimmy Fallon Stars In Fever Pitch6285
Jimmy Fallon Starts In Fever Pitch6295
Jodie Foster Stars In Taxi Driver6285
Julia Roberts Stars In Erin Brockovich6335
Julia Roberts Stars In Pretty Woman6305
Julia Roberts Stars In Runaway Bride6315
Katie Holmes Stars In Batman Begins6305
Kevin Bacon Stars In The Following6295
Kevin Costner Stars In Bull Durham6295
Kevin Costner Stars In The Highwaymen6325
Linda Blair Stars In The Exorcist6285
Meryl Streep Stars In Mamma Mia!6265
Meryl Streep Stars In Momma Mia6265
Molly Ringwald Stars In Sixteen Candles6345
Movie Version Of A Broadway Musical6305
Orson Welles Stars In Citizen Kane6295
Peter Fonda Stars In Easy Rider6265
Sally Field Stars In Norma Rae6255
Simon Baker Stars In The Mentalist6295
Steve Carell Stars In Date Night6275
Steve Martin Stars In The Jerk6255
Zooey Deschanel Stars In New Girl6285

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