What Are You Doing

This answer page contains the Wheel of Fortune cheat database for the category What Are You Doing.

What Are You DoingNumber
Total Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Accessing Genealogy Websites3269
Accomplishing My Goals32013
Acting Like A Local4166
Acting On Impulse3156
Adding Dried Herbs To My Salad6256
Adding Splashes Of Color4216
Adding The Finishing Touches4256
Admiring The Wax Statues In The Town Of Joseph9388
Adopting A Pet3128
Adopting A Puppy3148
Adopting A Shelter Pet4198
Alphabetizing My Movie Collection43013
Amassing A Large Fortune4218
Analyzing Fingerprints2219
Analyzing Foreign Communication3299
Analyzing The Data3169
Announcing My Future Plans42310
Anticipating The Last Scene Of The Movie73412
Appearing On National Television4299
Applying For Citizenship3228
Applying My Technique3198
Applying To College3178
Asking A Girl If I Can Carry Her Books9306
Asking For Directions3196
Asking Someone To Dance4206
Asking You Out On A Date6196
Attending A Beach Party4209
Attending A Current Event4229
Attending A Formal Party4219
Attending A Midday Party4219
Attending A Private Event4229
Attending A Social Event4219
Attending A Special Event4229
Attending A Summer Garden Party5279
Attending A Travel Expo4209
Attending A Tv Show Taping5229
Attending An Advance Movie Screening5329
Attending The Balloon Fiesta4259
Attending The Biggest Event Of The Year7339
Auditioning For A School Play52511
Backcountry Hiking In The Petrified Forest63711
Backing A Broadway Show4207
Backpacking Across Europe32311
Backpacking In The Rocky Mountains53011
Baking A Cake3116
Baking A Casserole3166
Baking A Delicious Banana Cream Pie6306
Baking Butterscotch Shortbread3286
Baking Cookies2136
Baking Fish2106
Balancing On One Foot4189
Balancing On One Leg4179
Bank Account2114
Basket Weaving2136
Basking In The Sun4157
Bathing My Dog3127
Beating The Game3147
Beating The Highest Score4227
Becoming An Astrophysicist3248
Becoming Fast Friends3198
Becoming More Flexible3208
Beer-Making Kit21310
Beginning A Rope Descent Of A Shaft7299
Behaving Like A Professional4258
Being A Dolphin Trainer In A Day7265
Being A Tourist3135
Being Playful2125
Being Social2115
Being Swarmed By Paparazzi4235
Being With Loved Ones4185
Bending A Spoon3137
Betting On My Lucky Number5227
Biking Along The Rogue River5246
Biking To Workout3156
Bird Watching At Haystack Rock5264
Birdwatching In The Park42112
Biting My Tongue3146
Blending Spices2148
Blowing A Kiss3127
Blowing Bubbles2147
Blowing Kisses2137
Blowing Out The Candles And Making A Wish8347
Blowing Up An Inner Tube5207
Boating On The Open Water5217
Boating Through Rough Water4247
Bobbing For Apples3167
Booking A Hotel3137
Booking A Luxurious Hotel Room5267
Booking A Massage Online4217
Booking A Vacation Package4237
Booking Directly2157
Boosting Morale2148
Braving The Cold3147
Breaking All The Rules4198
Breaking An Old Habit4188
Breaking The Ice3148
Breathing Heavily2169
Breathing In Some Fresh Air5239
Breathing Through My Nose4229
Brewing A Batch Of Peach Iced Tea7277
Brewing A Single Cup Of Coffee6257
Brewing Fresh Espresso3207
Brewing Iced Tea3147
Bringing Home A Souvenir4218
Bringing Water To A Simmer5228
Broadening My Horizons32010
Browning Chicken Thighs3218
Browsing Fine Art3158
Building A Campfire3178
Building A Fort With Blankets5258
Building A Jigsaw Puzzle4218
Building A Sandcastle At The Beach6298
Building A Snow Fort4178
Building A Tree House4188
Building A Wooden Shelf4208
Building An Igloo3158
Building An Outdoor Shower4238
Building Castles In The Sand5248
Building Kitchen Cupboards3248
Building Muscle2148
Building Relationships That Last4298
Building Sandcastles2198
Building The Home Of My Dreams6258
Buying A Book3116
Buying A Car3106
Buying A Cityhopper Ticket4236
Buying A First Edition Of My Favorite Book8356
Buying A Homemade Bikini4216
Buying A House3126
Buying A Map Of The Stars' Homes7266
Buying A Must-Have Cookbook4236
Buying A New Backpack4186
Buying A New Coat4146
Buying A New Computer4186
Buying A New Cookbook4186
Buying A New Ipad4146
Buying A New Mobile Phone5216
Buying A New Outfit4166
Buying A New Portable Heater5246
Buying A New Rice Cooker5206
Buying A New Skillet4176
Buying A New Stove4156
Buying A New Swimsuit4186
Buying A New Wardrobe4186
Buying A Pearl Brooch4186
Buying A Roll Of Quarters5216
Buying A Round For Everyone5236
Buying A Wetsuit3146
Buying Art Supplies3176
Buying Camping Equipment3226
Buying Candy & Nuts3156
Buying Comfortable Shoes3226
Buying Groceries2156
Buying In Bulk3126
Buying Ingredients To Make A Meal6286
Buying Local Produce3186
Buying Lunch For My Friends5236
Buying My Metrocard3176
Buying New Cookware3176
Buying New Fuzzy Slippers4226
Buying New Kitchen Supplies4246
Buying New Running Shoes4216
Buying New Shoes3146
Buying Office Supplies3206
Buying Property Dirt-Cheap3236
Buying Something Through Paypal4286
Buying Sporting Event Tickets4266
Buying The Perfect Gift4206
Buying Things From A Catalog5246
Buying Tickets Online3196
Buying Time2106
Buying You A Drink4156
Buying You Some Souvenir4216
Buying You Some Souvenirs4226
Calling A Time-Out3157
Calling Customer Service3227
Calling Home2117
Calling It Quits3147
Camping At A National Park5227
Camping At Camp Lookout State Park6297
Camping In A National Forest5247
Camping In A Yurt4147
Camping Near The Great Wall5237
Camping Under The Stars4207
Canoeing & Fishing2158
Canoeing Down The Gila River5248
Carefully Checking The Facts & Claims5319
Carrying A Bottle Of Water5228
Cashing A Check3137
Cashing In My Chips4167
Casting A Line Into A River6227
Casting A Spell3137
Casting My Vote3137
Catalog Shopping2157
Catching A Pop Fly4158
Catching Butterflies2198
Catching Fireflies2178
Catching The Early Flight4228
Catching Up On My Reading5218
Catching Up With An Old Friend6258
Celebrating At A Five-Star Restaurant53211
Celebrating Big21411
Celebrating Hanukkah21911
Celebrating Our Independence32611
Celebrating The Spring Festival42811
Celebrating Your Birthday32311
Changing My Oil And Checking My Fluids7328
Changing My Passport3188
Changing My Password3188
Changing My Story3158
Changing The Baby's Diapers4238
Changing The Oil In Your Car6238
Channeling My Inner Nerd42110
Charging My Electric Car4218
Chartering A Boat For The Weekend62810
Chartering A Private Boat42210
Chasing Fireflies2167
Chatting Online2148
Chatting With A Friend4198
Checking For Typos3168
Checking In On Facebook4208
Checking In Online3168
Checking My Credit3168
Checking Out A Good Book5208
Checking Out A Good Book For Two Weeks8318
Checking Out A Telescope4218
Checking The Mail3158
Checking Things Off My To-Do List6278
Cheering For The Bears4198
Chewing Loudly2137
Chipping In A Few Bucks5198
Choosing A Halloween Costume4258
Chopping Kale2128
Churning My Own Ice Cream5218
Clapping My Hands3158
Cleaning Out The Attic4198
Cleaning Out The Bedroom Closet5278
Cleaning Out The Closet4208
Cleaning Out The Rain Gutters5258
Cleaning The Bathroom3198
Clearing Blocked Pores3208
Clearing My Throat3168
Climbing A Lookout Tower4218
Climbing A Tree3138
Climbing Mount Everest3208
Climbing On A Tall Oak Tree6228
Climbing Over Steep Rocks4228
Closing A Window3147
Closing My Bedroom Door4207
Collecting Baseball Cards32310
Collecting Buttons21710
Collecting Pinecones21910
Collecting Scrap Metal32010
Combing My Hair3137
Coming Down To The Wire5196
Coming In Under Budget4196
Commuting By Bicycle3189
Comparing Swatches Of Paint4249
Completing One Hundred Pushups42710
Concocting A Scheme31710
Conducting An Orchestra32110
Conducting Careful Investigations33110
Confirmed Reservation2209
Connecting With Old Friends42410
Conserving Energy21610
Conserving Our Precious Lands42610
Conserving Our Waterways32210
Conserving Water21510
Cooking A Family Meal4187
Cooking Dinner In A Wok5197
Cooking Freshly Caught Fish4247
Cooking Hot Dogs Over An Open Fire7287
Cooking Over An Open Fire5217
Cooking Steak Over An Open Flame6277
Cooking With Root Vegetables4257
Cooling Metal2127
Counting Buttons In A Jar5218
Counting Calories2168
Counting Jellybeans In A Jar5248
Counting Loose Change3198
Counting My Freckles3188
Counting My Winnings3188
Counting Nickels2158
Counting Snowflakes2188
Counting The Jackpot3188
Counting The Stars3168
Counting To One-Hundred3208
Crabbing & Clamming2168
Cracking A Bullwhip3178
Cracking A Complex Code4208
Cracking A Whip3138
Cramming All Night For A Test6248
Cramming For Finals3178
Crashing On My Friend's Couch5258
Creating A Spectacular Ice Sculpture5328
Creating A Webpage3168
Creating Fan Art3148
Creating My Blog3148
Creeping Through Traffic3228
Crossing A River3148
Crossing Items Off Of My Shopping List7328
Crossing The Equator3188
Crossing The George Washington Bridge5338
Crossing The Pacific In An Ocean Liner7328
Cruising On Sunset Boulevard4258
Cruising The Highway On A Motorcycle6318
Crushing Boxes2138
Crying Crocodile Tears3206
Crying While Chopping Onions4256
Cuddling To Keep Warm4188
Cupping A Harmonica3177
Cupping A Steamy Mug In My Hands7267
Cutting A Birithday Cake4217
Cutting A Crop With A Swather6247
Cutting Down On Good Waste5227
Cutting The Grass3157
Cycling The Springwater Corridor4297
Cycling To Work3137
Dancing All-Night Long3197
Dancing Around A Huge Bonfire5257
Dancing Around A Maypole4217
Dancing At A Nightclub4197
Dancing Beneath The Stars4227
Dancing In The Sand4167
Dancing The Foxtrot3177
Dancing The Waltz3157
Dancing Till Dawn3157
Dancing Till Morning3187
Dancing To Groovy Music4207
Dancing To Reggae Music4207
Dancing While Playing A Fiddle5267
Darning Socks2127
Dashing Out To Dinner4187
Debut Solo Album3145
Deciphering Secret Codes32211
Decluttering My Attic31912
Decorating A Cake31510
Decorating A Room In My House62410
Decorating Cookies21710
Decorating Sugar Cookies32210
Dedicating A Statue31710
Depositing Your Paycheck32210
Developing Good Reading Skills42710
Dicing Celery2126
Dictating A Letter3169
Digging A Deep Shaft4177
Digging A Ditch3137
Digging Deep2117
Dining At A Popular Local Restaurant6316
Dining In A Cutting-Edge Eatery5266
Dining On A Hotel Terrace5216
Dining On A Private Lanai5216
Dining Out296
Dipping Strawberries In Chocolate4307
Dipping Strawberries In Milk Chocolate5347
Directing The Choir3179
Disco Dancing2125
Discovering A New Asteroid42311
Discovering New Terrain32111
Discovering The Urban Charms Of Venice63311
Discussing Current Events32310
Dishing Out Compliments3217
Disinfecting A Garbage Disposal42812
Disinfecting Dog Toys31912
Displaying An American Flag42410
Diving For Sunken Treasure4236
Diving Off A Springboard4216
Dodging Difficult Questions3257
Doing A Chocolate Tasting4225
Doing A Quick Fact-Check4205
Doing It The Old-Fashioned Way5255
Doing Odd Jobs3125
Doing Odd Jobs Around The House6265
Doing The Samba3135
Donating Canned Goods3198
Donating Items To Goodwill4238
Donating Money2138
Donating Money To A Local Animal Shelter7348
Donating My Time3148
Donating My Time & Energy4208
Donating My Time And Energy5238
Donating Old Clothes To Charity5278
Doodling On A Notepad4188
Downloading A Free App41911
Downloading A New Game On My Phone72811
Downloading A New Travel App52411
Downloading A News App41911
Downloading A Travel App42111
Downloading An App31611
Downloading Music From Itunes42611
Downloading My Favorite Songs42611
Downloading New Music31911
Downloading Popular Music32311
Downloading The Latest Hit Songs From Itunes73811
Downloading The Uber App42111
Downloading Wallpapers22111
Draining My Battery3178
Drawing & Painting2157
Drawing Inspiration2187
Drawing Snowflakes2177
Drawing With Crayons3187
Dreaming Of Being Rich And Famous6288
Dressing Comfortably2198
Dressing Down For Casual Friday5278
Dressing In A Suit & Tie5188
Dressing Up Like A Prince5218
Dressing Up Like A Princess5238
Dressing Up To Go Dancing5218
Drinking A Glass Of Champagne Poolside6338
Drinking A Latte3148
Drinking A Margarita3188
Drinking A Martini3168
Drinking An Iced Boba4188
Drinking Beer From A Stein5228
Drinking Bubble Tea3178
Drinking Bubbly Water3198
Drinking Cashew Milk3188
Drinking Cider2138
Drinking Creamy Eggnog3208
Drinking Fine Wine3168
Drinking Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice4328
Drinking Ginger Tea3178
Drinking Hot Tea3148
Drinking Iced Green Tea4208
Drinking My Morning Coffee4238
Drinking Raspberry Tea3208
Drinking Tea2118
Driving A Motorboat3177
Driving A New Jaguar4177
Driving A Snowplow3167
Driving Across The Country4237
Driving Along A Historic Route5267
Driving Along The Pacific Coast5277
Driving At Night3147
Driving Cross- Country3197
Driving Down A Bumpy Road5217
Driving Down A Winding Road5237
Driving On A Dirt Road5187
Driving On A Winding Road5217
Driving Safely2137
Driving Slow Through School Zones5297
Driving The Silver Falls Tour Route6307
Driving Through A Heavy Rainstorm5297
Driving To The Florida Keys5237
Driving Under The Speed Limit5257
Driving Up The Coast4177
Drizzling Melted Butter On My Food6299
Drying My Wetsuit3156
Ducking The Issue3157
Dusting Baseboards2177
Dusting My Desk3137
Dusting Old Books3157
Dusting Window Frames3197
Earning Extra Credit3187
Eating A Bowl Of Cereal5196
Eating A Brunch Made With Local Ingredients7376
Eating A Crunchy Salad4196
Eating A Delicious Bowl Of Noodles6296
Eating A Delicious Dinner4226
Eating A Francesinha3186
Eating A Good Breakfast4206
Eating A Healthy Dinner4206
Eating A Large Meal4166
Eating A Late-Night Snack4216
Eating A Nutritious Breakfast4266
Eating A Pudding Pop4176
Eating A Sandwich3156
Eating A Snack3126
Eating A Spicy Tuna Roll5206
Eating A Steak Dinner4186
Eating A Still-Warm Croissant4256
Eating A Vegetable Omelet For Brunch6316
Eating Alphabet Soup3186
Eating An Appetizer3176
Eating An Extravagant Meal4236
Eating An Ice Cream Sundae5226
Eating An Ice-Cream Cone4206
Eating An Ice-Cream Cone With Sprinkles6336
Eating Apple Sharlotka For Dessert5306
Eating Artisan Food3176
Eating At A New Restaurant5226
Eating At A Taco Bar5166
Eating At My Favorite Pizza Place6286
Eating At The Bar4146
Eating At The Children's Table5266
Eating Blueberry Pie3186
Eating Breakfast At Cracker Barrel5306
Eating Candy Hearts3176
Eating Chicken Parmesan3216
Eating Clams On The Half Shell6256
Eating Comfort Food3176
Eating Cornmeal Cakes3196
Eating Cotton Candy On The Boardwalk6316
Eating Crumpets2146
Eating Deep Fried Wontons4226
Eating Delicious Dumplings3246
Eating Delious Russian Meat Dumplings5336
Eating Dinner Fit For A Queen6246
Eating Dumplings2156
Eating Farm-To-Table Food3216
Eating Fast Food3146
Eating Fish Tacos3156
Eating For Energy3156
Eating Fresh & Juicy Fruit4216
Eating Fresh Food3156
Eating Fresh Produce3186
Eating From A Gourmet Food Cart6266
Eating Fry Bread3146
Eating Gourmet Popcorn3206
Eating In A Family Restaurant5256
Eating In A Fancy Restaurant5246
Eating In A Five Star Restaurant6276
Eating In A Quiet Restaurant5246
Eating Italian Food3176
Eating Like A Local4166
Eating Lunch2116
Eating My Favorite Snack4216
Eating Over The Sink4176
Eating Pizza2116
Eating Pumpkin Pie & Ice Cream5246
Eating S'Mores Around The Campfire5306
Eating Seasonal Fare3186
Eating Soul Food3146
Eating Spaghetti & Meatballs3246
Eating Stinky Tofu3166
Eating Street Foods3176
Eating Sushi For Dinner4206
Eating Thai Food3146
Eating The Local Cuisine4216
Eating Traditional Japanese Foods4306
Eating Traditional Russian Food4286
Eating Trail Mix And Energy Bars6276
Eating With Bamboo Chopsticks4266
Enjoying A Bowl Of Ramen5208
Enjoying A Day Onshore4198
Enjoying A Drink Poolside4228
Enjoying A Evening Show4208
Enjoying A Few Minutes Of Deep Breathing7348
Enjoying A Fresh-Brewed Coffee Drink5318
Enjoying A Glass Of Tea5198
Enjoying A Lamington With Coffee5288
Enjoying A Picnic Lunch4208
Enjoying A Relaxing Day4208
Enjoying A Summer Party4208
Enjoying A Sunny Day4178
Enjoying A Traditional English Breakfast5368
Enjoying A Unique Experience4258
Enjoying A Walk In The Snow6228
Enjoying An Outdoor Adventure4268
Enjoying City Living3188
Enjoying Date Night3178
Enjoying Dinner On The Patio5248
Enjoying Life2128
Enjoying My Dinner3168
Enjoying My Favorite Comfort Food5298
Enjoying Navajo Tacos3198
Enjoying Scones And Coffee For Breakfast6358
Enjoying Some Downtime3208
Enjoying Some Family Time4228
Enjoying Some Fun In The Sun6238
Enjoying Some Much-Needed Downtime4308
Enjoying The Day3148
Enjoying The Gorgeous Surroundings4318
Enjoying The In-Flight Entertainment4328
Enjoying The Local Flavor4228
Enjoying The Night3168
Enjoying The Vip Lounge4208
Enlarging Photos2159
Enrolling In An Economics Class5279
Entering A Drawing Contest4238
Entering A Photo Contest4218
Entering An Essay Contest4228
Exchanging Gifts21510
Exchanging Pleasantries22210
Exiting Without Being Seen4237
Expanding My Business Operations4299
Expanding My Horizons3199
Experiencing New Things32112
Exploring A Foreign Land4219
Exploring A New Country4209
Exploring An Exciting New City5269
Exploring Ancient Worlds3229
Exploring Diverse Landscapes3269
Exploring The Furthest Reaches Of A Cave7349
Exploring The Oregon Coast4239
Exploring The Park3169
Exploring Tide Pools3189
Falling Asleep In My Favorite Chair6307
Falling For It Hook Line & Sinker6267
Falling In Love With Someone Special6317
Fanning A Tangerine3177
Farming Vegetables2177
Feeding Birds At The Park5217
Feeding Horses2137
Feeding My Cat3127
Feeling Grateful2157
Feeling Joyful2137
Feeling Like A Welcomed Visitor5277
Feeling Rejuvenated2187
Feeling The Pulse Of The City6247
Feeling The Sand Under My Feet6257
Feeling The Sun On My Face6217
Feeling Warm Sand Between My Toes6287
Fighting Crime2138
Filling In The Gaps4167
Filling Up With Goodies4207
Finding A Briefcase Filled With Money6327
Finding My Homeland On A Globe6257
Finding The Perfect Birthday Present5327
Finishing My Homework Early4249
Firmly Kneading Dough3196
Fishing For Wild Salmon4207
Fishing In The Snake River5227
Fishing Knee-Deep In A Lagoon5247
Fixing A Snack3126
Flexing Bicep2127
Flexing My Muscles3167
Flipping Through A Catalog4238
Flipping Through A Magazine4248
Flirting With A Stranger4218
Floating In The Pool4178
Fluffing Steamed Rice With A Fork6288
Flying A Kite3116
Flying A Kite On A Windy Day7226
Flying Across The Country4226
Flying Business Class3196
Flying Cross-Country2186
Flying First Class3166
Flying In A Private Jet5196
Flying Over The Equator4206
Flying Over The Pacific Ocean5256
Flying Through The Air4196
Focusing On The Main Issues5238
Folding Towels2137
Folding Up A Card Table5197
Following News On Instagram4249
Following Procedure2189
Following The Law3159
Following The Rules3179
Forgetting To Take My Jacket52410
Forming A Straight Line4207
Friending You On Facebook4229
Frying Bacon2116
Fulfilling A Lifelong Dream42410
Gaining National Attention3247
Gambling With Dice3168
Gazing At The Stars4166
Gently Peeling Off Aluminum Foil5286
Getting A Back Rub4157
Getting A Good Vibe4167
Getting A Haircut3157
Getting A Handle On The Situation6287
Getting A Head Start4177
Getting A Jump On The Competition6287
Getting A Makeover3167
Getting A Manicure3167
Getting A New Haircut4187
Getting A New Litterbox4207
Getting A Pie Thrown In My Face7257
Getting A Second Wind4187
Getting A Singing Telegram4237
Getting A Substantial Raise4247
Getting A Taste Of Nature5217
Getting All The Attention4227
Getting All The Facts4187
Getting Around On Foot4197
Getting Back In Touch With Nature6287
Getting Down To Business4217
Getting Feedback2157
Getting Final Approval3207
Getting Golden Highlights In My Hair6317
Getting Hitched2147
Getting In A Good Mood5187
Getting In Shape3147
Getting Into A Warm Car5197
Getting Married In A Chapel5237
Getting Married To My Fiance5247
Getting Married To My Sweetheart5287
Getting Misty-Eyed2167
Getting My Comeuppance3207
Getting My Dog Microchipped4247
Getting My Favorite Actor's Autograph5337
Getting My Feet Buffed4197
Getting Off The Grid4177
Getting Organized2167
Getting Out In Nature4187
Getting Pinched For Not Wearing Green6327
Getting Pulled Over For A Busted Taillight7367
Getting Ready For A Date5207
Getting Ready For Swimsuit Season5297
Getting Ready For The First Day Of School8347
Getting Rid Of Old Household Items6297
Getting Soft Drinks From The Vending Machine7387
Getting Some Deserved Peace & Quiet5297
Getting Some Peace And Quiet5247
Getting Something For Nothing4267
Getting The High Score4197
Getting The Perfect Gift4217
Getting The Upper Hand4197
Getting Warm By A Fire5187
Getting Wet In The Rain5197
Giving A Double Thumbs-Up4216
Giving Away An Old Matress5226
Giving Back2106
Giving Blood2116
Giving Helpful Feedback3216
Giving My First Speech4196
Giving My Guests A Warm Welcome6266
Giving My Guests A Welcome5226
Giving My Honest Opinion4216
Giving The Thumbs-Up Sign4216
Giving Up My Bed For A Guest7226
Giving Your Undivided Attention4286
Glancing Over My Shoulder4228
Going Backpacking2165
Going Barefoot2135
Going Beach Camping3175
Going Boating2125
Going Cliff- Diving3165
Going Cliff-Diving2165
Going Cross-Country Skiing3235
Going Fishing2125
Going For A Dip In The Pool7215
Going For A Hike In The Woods7235
Going For A Hike On The Night Of A Full Moon11345
Going For A Joy Ride5165
Going For A Long Walk5175
Going For A Morning Run5195
Going For A Nature Hike5195
Going For A Swim In The Pool7225
Going For A Walk Around The Lake7265
Going For An Ocean Swim5195
Going For The Green4165
Going Grocery Shopping3205
Going Halfway2125
Going Hiking2115
Going Ice Skating3155
Going Into Labor3145
Going On A Cruise4145
Going On A Day Hike5155
Going On A Day Trip5155
Going On A Fishing Trip5195
Going On A Food Tour In The City8255
Going On A Glacier Hike5195
Going On A Hike4125
Going On A Nature Hike5185
Going On A Picnic4145
Going On A River Cruise5195
Going On A Romantic Walk5205
Going On A Sightseeing Tour5235
Going On A Surf Road Trip6205
Going On A Trip4125
Going On A Walkabout4175
Going On A Walking Tour5195
Going On A Weeklong Adventure5255
Going On An Adventure Tour5225
Going On An Eco-Tour4165
Going On An Exciting Ocean Expedition6325
Going On An Incredible Journey5265
Going On My Honeymoon4185
Going On Our Second Honeymoon5255
Going On Safari3135
Going On With My Life5175
Going Out And About4165
Going Out Of Town4145
Going Out To Lunch4155
Going Outdoors2135
Going Sailing2125
Going Scuba Diving3165
Going Shopping2135
Going Skydiving2145
Going Souvenir Shopping3215
Going Steady2115
Going Surfing2125
Going Swimming2135
Going The Extra Mile4175
Going Through The Proper Channels5295
Going To A Bulls Game5175
Going To A Concert4155
Going To A Film Festival5205
Going To A Jazz Club5165
Going To A Jimmy Buffet Concert6265
Going To A Music Festival5215
Going To A National Park5205
Going To A One-Man Show5185
Going To A Rave Party5175
Going To A Saturday Matinee5235
Going To A Sumo Tournament5225
Going To A Water Playground5235
Going To A Weight-Training Class5275
Going To An Outdoor Music Festival6295
Going To Bed Early4155
Going To Coffee Country4205
Going To Dinner & A Show5185
Going To The Beach4155
Going To The British Museum5235
Going To The Convention Center5265
Going To The Driving Range5225
Going To The Gym4135
Going To The Holiday Party5225
Going To The Matinee4175
Going To The Movies4165
Going To The Museum4165
Going To The Opera House5205
Going To The Rodeo4155
Going To The Spa4135
Going To The State Fair5195
Going To The Theater4175
Going To The Zoo4135
Going To Watch The Game At A Sports Bar9315
Going Wilderness Camping3225
Goofing Off2107
Grabbing A Burger & Fries4208
Grabbing A Late Dinner4198
Grabbing Lunch At The Country Club6298
Graduating Magna Cum Laude42310
Greasing A Baking Sheet4208
Greeting Foreign Dignitaries3268
Greeting Guests2148
Greeting You With A Bow5198
Grilling A Burger3158
Grilling Burgers2158
Grinding Peppercorns2198
Grinning From Ear To Ear5208
Gripping The Steering Wheel4248
Grocery Shopping2157
Growing Boy2107
Guiding Wayward Spirits Home4257
Hailing A Taxi3127
Hammering A Nail3149
Handcuffing Myself To A Briefcase52911
Handing The Ball Off4177
Handspinning Wool21612
Hanging On Every Word4187
Hanging Out At The Mall5197
Hanging Out With Friends4217
Hanging Out With Like Minded People6307
Hanging Out With My Buddies5237
Hanging Out With My Family5227
Hanging Out With My Friends5237
Hanging Pictures2157
Hanging Up My Clothes4187
Harvesting Sugar21510
Hatching A Bold Plan4178
Hauling Away Trash3167
Having A Ball3116
Having A Coughing Fit4186
Having A Cuban Sandwich For Lunch6286
Having A Good Laugh4166
Having A Great Hair Day5196
Having A Great Time4166
Having A Groovy Time4176
Having A Picnic3136
Having A Second Cup Of Coffee6246
Having A Yard Sale4156
Having An Amazing Time4196
Having An Off-Day3146
Having Fun296
Having Fun At The Spa5176
Having Fun At The Water Park6236
Having Lunch At Top Of Mount Royal7286
Having My Tonsils Removed4226
Having Some Fun3136
Having Some Summertime Fun4236
Having Stir-Fried Veggies For Dinner5316
Having The House To Myself For The Weekend8356
Heading To Work3137
Heaping Praise2137
Hearing Church Bells On My Wedding Day7327
Heating Up My Coffee4177
Helping Mom Make A Birthday Cake6277
Helping My Fellow Man4187
Helping My Wife Wash The Dishes6267
Helping To Save Endangered Species5307
Herding Cattle2137
Hiding A Microchip3166
Hiding In The Grand Tetons5226
Hiking Forested Hills3196
Hiking In A National Park5216
Hiking In Big Sur4146
Hiking On A Historic Trail5226
Hiking The Cleetwood Cove Trail5276
Hiking The Hong Kong Trail5226
Hiking Through The Rainforest4266
Hiking To Base Camp4166
Hiking Up Mount Davis4186
Hiking Uphill2126
Hiring A Cleaning Service4226
Hitching A Ride3138
Hitting A Curve Ball4177
Hitting Spin On A Wheel Of Fortune Machine8357
Hitting The Jackpot3177
Hitting The Mother Lode4207
Hitting The Slopes3167
Hitting The Snooze Button4227
Hoeing Weeds2116
Holding A Kitten3147
Holding A Puppy3137
Holding On To The Railing5217
Holding The Door Open For A Friend7287
Holding The Elevator3187
Honing My Skills3146
Honoring My Ancestors3198
Horseback Riding On The Beach5259
Hosting A Breakfast Party4227
Hosting A Dinner3147
Hovering Hummingbird2198
Howling With Laughter3197
Humming A Catchy Tune4187
Ice- Skating2103
Ice Skating With Friends4213
Icing A Cake With A Knife6205
Icing Cupcakes2135
I'M Braving The Cold4162
I'M Calling Off The Wedding5222
I'M Having A Reality Check5212
I'M Having First Date Jitters5242
I'M Shooting For The Stars5212
Immersing Myself In A New Culture6289
Indulging In A Piece Of Chocolate Cake7329
Inheriting A Lot Of Money52110
Intercepting The Ball31912
Introducing The Guest Of Honor52611
Investigating Tide Pools32213
Investing In A Vacation Home5249
Investing In Gold3159
Inviting People To Game Night5258
Island Hopping2136
Jetting Around Town On A Scooter6277
Jetting Into The New Year5217
Jogging Along Riverwalk3217
Jogging Down The Block4197
Jogging In Place3147
Jogging On A Treadmill4197
Joing A Wild Life Club5185
Joining The French Club4207
Joining The Marines3177
Joking Around2126
Jotting Down Notes3167
Juggling A Busy Schedule4218
Juggling Bowling Pins3198
Juicing An Orange3157
Juising Lemons2137
Jumbo-Sizing My Lunch Order42311
Jumping Ahead2127
Jumping Hurdles2147
Jumping Off The Swings4197
Jumping On The Bed4157
Jumping Up And Down4167
Kayaking & Swimming2168
Kayaking Along Scenic Shores4258
Kayaking On The Lake Michigan5258
Keeping A Diary3137
Keeping A Low Profile4187
Keeping An Eye On The Stock Market7287
Keeping Tabs On My Friends5227
Keeping Up With Current Affairs5277
Keeping Watch2127
Kicking Back And Relaxing4227
Kicking Up My Heels4167
Kidding Around2137
Kissing My Boyfriend At Midnight5287
Kissing The Blarney Stone4227
Knitting A Scarf3148
Knitting A Sweater3168
Knocking Loudly2148
Knocking On A Door4158
Landing A New Job4147
Landing A Recording Contract4257
Landscaping & Decorating22111
Laughing & Joking2148
Laughing At The Funnies4208
Laughing It Up3128
Laughing Out Loud3158
Launching Into Space3189
Laundering Throw Rugs31910
Learning A New Martial Art5228
Learning About Ancient Peru4248
Learning About Imperial History4288
Learning About Maritime History4288
Learning About Space3188
Learning About The Island Culture5298
Learning About The Island Tradition5318
Learning About The Local Culture5288
Learning About The Native Culture5298
Learning About The Old West5238
Learning Cowboy Folklore3228
Learning Essential Phrases3248
Learning How To Create A Household Budget7358
Learning How To Knit4178
Learning How To Make Sushi5228
Learning How To Read4178
Learning My Lines3158
Learning Step-By-Step2188
Learning The Art Of Fencing5238
Learning The Basics Of Forensics5288
Learning The Basics Of Scuba Diving6308
Learning The Ropes3168
Learning To Basketweave3218
Learning To Compost3178
Learning To Drive3158
Learning To Golf3148
Learning To Ice Skate4188
Learning To Knit3148
Learning To Make Change4208
Learning To Play The Guitar5238
Learning To Putt3148
Learning To Snowboard3198
Learning To Speak German4218
Learning To Surf In Big Waves6248
Learning To Swim3148
Learning To Tango3158
Learning To Write A Complete Sentence6328
Learning To Yodel3158
Leaving A Large Tip4167
Leaving Early2127
Leaving In A Hurry4157
Licking A Mixer Paddle4197
Licking A Spoon3137
Lifting Weights2147
Lighting Candles On A Birthday Cake6308
Lightweight Clothes21811
Liking My Lips3126
Liking Your Picture On Facebook5276
Listening To A Podcast4199
Listening To Beethoven3209
Listening To Bluegrass Music4259
Listening To Jazz Music4209
Listening To Live Music4209
Listening To Live Music In The Lounge7319
Listening To Music3169
Listening To Music On Spotify5259
Listening To My Favorite Songs On My Ipod8349
Listening To Popular Music4239
Listening To Someone Play A Mandolin6319
Listening To Songbirds3209
Listening To The Beatles' Music5279
Listening To The Prime Minister Speak6329
Listening To The Radio4199
Living Abroad2126
Living In A Stylish Flat5206
Living Miles From The Nearest Town6296
Living Off The Fat Of The Land7246
Living The Dream3146
Locking My Keys In My Car6207
Locking Up Important Papers4247
Looking At A Guidebook4197
Looking At Constellations Through A Telescope6407
Looking At The Big Picture5227
Looking Chic2117
Looking For An Apartment4217
Looking For Constellations In The Night Sky7377
Looking For My Car Keys5197
Looking For My Favorite Brand5257
Looking For My Keys4167
Looking Forward To Warm Weather5277
Looking Like A Million Dollars5267
Looking Out The Window4197
Looking Over Niagara Falls4237
Looking Up At The Stars5197
Looking Up At White Fluffy Clouds6287
Losing My Place In Line5196
Lounging Around2148
Lounging Around Hyde Park4228
Lounging At The Beach4188
Lounging On The Beach After Sunset6298
Lounging On The Sun Deck5208
Lurking Around Every Corner4247
Mailing A Postcard3167
Mailing A Reply Card4177
Mailing A Small Box4167
Majoring In Engineering3218
Majoring In Science3178
Making A Budget3136
Making A Coffee Run4166
Making A Deadline3156
Making A Delicious Dinner4226
Making A List Of My Top-Ten Songs7266
Making A Potion3136
Making A Power Play4166
Making A Salad With Local Produce6286
Making A Snap Decision4196
Making A Snow Angel4166
Making A Sock Monkey4176
Making A Spear3126
Making A Steak Dinner4186
Making A Steep Climb4176
Making A Toast At A Wedding6226
Making Balloon Animals3206
Making Bento Box3146
Making Bento Boxes3166
Making Caramel Apple3186
Making Chicken Noodle Soup4236
Making Clay Animals3176
Making Coffee2126
Making Cookies From Scratch4246
Making Cranberry Sauce From Scratch5316
Making Dinner Reservations3246
Making Excuses For Being Late5256
Making Friends For Life4206
Making Lunch Reservations3236
Making My Favorite Recipe4226
Making New Friends3166
Making Onion-Ring Batter3216
Making Pancakes2146
Making Pancakes From Scratch4256
Making Paper Airplanes3206
Making Polite Conversation With A Local6346
Making Popcorn Balls3186
Making Reservations Online3246
Making Snow Angels3166
Making Something Of Myself4236
Making Soup In The Blender5226
Making The Bed3126
Making The Honor Roll4186
Making Tough Decisions3206
Making Tweaks To The Plan5216
Making Up Snow Days4166
Making Waves2116
Managing Clutter2158
Marrying My Life Partner4218
Meeting A Deadline3167
Meeting A Goal3127
Meeting A Tough Quota4187
Meeting Charismatic People3247
Meeting New Associates3207
Meeting New People3167
Meeting The Locals3167
Meeting The New Neighbors4227
Memorizing The State Capitals42610
Mending A Fence3137
Messaging My Neck3159
Milling Precious Minerals3237
Mingling With The In-Crowd4228
Monitoring The Schoolyard32310
Moving On With My Life5186
Moving To A New Home5166
Mugging For The Camera4197
Napping In A Poolside Cabana5247
Navigating The Seas31710
Negotiating A Fee31511
Nervously Biting My Lip4209
Nibbling On Appetizers3208
Nibbling On Strawberries3228
Night Swimming2135
Not Taking Myself Too Seriously5273
Opening A Lemonade Stand4217
Opening Gifts2127
Opening My Bedroom Window4227
Opening The Pool3147
Opening The Vault3157
Open-Water Swimming2179
Ordering Delicious Noodles3248
Ordering Pizza Online3198
Ordering Room Service3198
Ordering Takeout For Dinner4248
Organizing My House31710
Organizing The Attic31810
Outdoor Activities2177
Owning A Franchise3166
Pacing Back And Forth4186
Packing A Picnic Lunch4197
Packing A Snack Basket4197
Packing A Snowball3167
Packing An Extra Change Of Clothes6297
Packing For A Long Trip5197
Packing Light2127
Packing Lightweight Clothes3257
Packing My Suitcase3177
Packing Snacks & Drinks For A Road Trip7317
Painting A Fence3148
Painting And Sculpting3208
Painting My Bedroom Walls4228
Painting My Face For Game Day6248
Painting My House3158
Painting My Toenails3188
Painting The Bedroom3188
Painting The Deck3158
Painting The Shelves3188
Painting With Broad Brushstrokes4298
Parallel Parking2158
Parking My Car3127
Partying Into The Wee Hours5238
Paying My Fair Share4176
Paying Off A Student Loan5216
Paying You A Compliment4206
Peeking Out A Porthole4197
Peeling A Banana3147
Peeling Potatoes2157
People Watching2146
Performing A Somersault32110
Performing A Trick31610
Performing At State Fairs42210
Performing Card Tricks32010
Performing Magic Tricks32110
Performing The High Jump42110
Perusing A Bookstore3188
Petting A Cat3117
Petting A Dog3117
Picking A Card3127
Picking A Number Between One And Ten7307
Picking Fruit2127
Picking Grapes2137
Picking Lottery Numbers3217
Picking My Teeth3147
Picking Up A Spare While Bowling6277
Picking Up Loose Change4207
Picking Up My Dry Cleaning5227
Picking Up The Check4177
Picking Up The Kids4167
Picking Wild Berries3187
Picking Wild Blackberries3237
Pinpointing The Problem32111
Pitching A Tent3138
Planning A Date3138
Planning A Destination Wedding4278
Planning A New Adventure4218
Planning A Party3148
Planning A Picnic Lunch4208
Planning A Romantic Weekend4248
Planning A Wedding3168
Planning An Incredible Journey4278
Planning My Vacation3188
Planning Our Honeymoon3208
Planning Our Wedding3188
Planning The Wedding Of My Dreams6288
Planting A Garden3158
Planting A Tree3138
Planting Marigolds2178
Planting Seeds2138
Planting Tomato Seeds3198
Playing A Fun Game Of Rugby6227
Playing A Game Of Croquet In The Backyard8347
Playing A Game Of Jacks5197
Playing A Game On My Mobile Phone7277
Playing A Hand Of Poker5197
Playing A Hunch3137
Playing A Multiplayer Game4237
Playing A Party Game4177
Playing A Role-Playing Game4237
Playing A Tune3127
Playing A Vital Role4177
Playing A Word Game4167
Playing Against The Computer4257
Playing Along At Home4187
Playing At A Private Table5227
Playing Baccarat2157
Playing Board Games3177
Playing Carnival Games3207
Playing Charades2157
Playing Checkers2157
Playing Darts2127
Playing Dodge Ball3167
Playing Dodge Ball On A Ship's Deck7297
Playing Dodgeball On A Ship's Deck6297
Playing Dungeons & Dragons3227
Playing Electric Guitar3217
Playing Hail To The Chief5217
Playing In The Sand4167
Playing In The Sunshine4207
Playing In The Surf4167
Playing Jeopardy Against Watson4287
Playing Minecraft2167
Playing My Hand3137
Playing On A Championship Golf Course6327
Playing Ping-Pong2157
Playing Polo2117
Playing Rock2117
Playing Rock Paper Scissors4247
Playing Rounders2157
Playing Simon Says3167
Playing Skee-Ball2157
Playing Soccer2137
Playing Sports2137
Playing Table Games3177
Playing Tetherball2177
Playing The Drums3157
Playing The Fiddle3167
Playing The Lottery3177
Playing The Nickel Slots4217
Playing The Piano3157
Playing The Ukulele3177
Playing The Waiting Game4217
Playing Video Games3177
Playing Video Poker3177
Playing Wheel Of Fourtune4227
Playing With My Grandkids4227
Playing Word Games3167
Plowing The Fields3167
Plowing Through Mud In My Toyota Tundra7337
Pocketing A Profit3169
Poking Someone In The Ribs5226
Polishing Brass Doorknobs3239
Polishing The Silverware3229
Popping Dinner In The Oven5227
Popping The Hood3147
Posting A Review On Yelp5207
Posting My Travel Pictires On Instragram6357
Posting My Travel Pictures On Instagram6347
Posting My Vacation Pictures On Facebook6357
Posting On A Message Board5227
Posting Pics On Instagram4227
Pounding A Gavel3148
Practicing A New Language42210
Practicing My Swing31710
Practicing My Yoga Poses42110
Practicing Tai Chi31610
Preparing For Company3199
Preserving Life21410
Presidential Proclamation22412
Pressing The Power Button4228
Processing An Application32310
Proposing Marriage On One Knee5269
Prospecting For Gold31811
Protecting The Wildlife32110
Pulling A Little Red Wagon5227
Pulling A Ricksha3157
Pulling An All-Nighter3197
Pulling Myself Up3157
Pulling Pranks2137
Pulling Pranks On My Friends5247
Pulling Weeds From My Garden5247
Purchasing A Nice Set Of Kitchen Knives73310
Pushing The Boundaries3207
Puttering Around2159
Puttering Around The House4239
Putting A Smile On Your Face6237
Putting A Tackle Box In A Boat's Stowage8337
Putting All My Cards On The Table7277
Putting Another Log On The Fire6267
Putting Chains On My Tires5227
Putting It Up For A Vote6197
Putting Money In My Piggy Bank6257
Putting My Feet Up4157
Putting My Phone In A Waterproof Case7317
Putting On Makeup3157
Putting On Snow Chains4197
Putting On Sun Block4177
Putting On The Finishing Touches5287
Putting Sprinkles On Top Of Cupcakes6317
Putting Up A Wooden Fence5217
Putting Up Floral Wallpaper4247
Putting Up New Wallpaper4217
Putting Words In Alphabetical Order5317
Rafting & Camping2147
Raiding The Fridge3167
Raiding The Refrigerator3227
Raising A Large Family4197
Raising Money For Charity4227
Raking Leaves2126
Rallying The Troops3178
Reaching A Compromise3198
Reaching A Significant Milestone4298
Reaching An All-Time High4218
Reaching My Destination3218
Reading A Book3127
Reading A Book By The Pool6217
Reading A Fairy Tale4177
Reading A Gaming Book4187
Reading A Good Book4167
Reading A Map3117
Reading A Mystery Novel4207
Reading A Sci-If Novel4187
Reading A Street Map4177
Reading An Advice Column4217
Reading An Article3167
Reading An E-Book3147
Reading Car Reviews3177
Reading Comic Books3177
Reading For A Major Part5207
Reading Movie Reviews3197
Reading Music2127
Reading My Favorite Blog4217
Reading My Favorite Magazine4257
Reading My Favorite Travel Magazine5317
Reading My Horoscope Online4247
Reading Reviews Of Video Games5267
Reading Tea Leaves3167
Reading The Daily Headlines4247
Reading The Headlines3197
Reading The Last Chapter First5267
Reading The Latest Issue Of Variety6307
Reading The Local Paper4207
Reading The Miami Herald4217
Reading The New Yorker4197
Reading The Newest Fiction4237
Reading The San Fransisco Chronicle5317
Reading The Sports Section4237
Reading The Train Schedule4237
Reading The Want Ads4177
Recalling A Passage Verbatim4259
Reciting State Capitals3218
Reciting The State Capitals4248
Recycling Plastic Bottles3239
Red Moon273
Redecorating The House32012
Reef Diving2104
Refusing To Answer The Phone5248
Regifting A Gift3149
Relaxing After A Very Very Long Day7298
Relaxing By The Fire4178
Relaxing By The Pool4178
Releasing Sky Lanterns For The Lunar New Year8389
Remembering To Take A Jacket52411
Remembering To Wear Comfortable Shoes53311
Remodeling The Bathroom32110
Removing A Splinter From My Finger6298
Removing Hard-Water Stains3238
Removing Residual Dyes3208
Renewing My One-Year Magazine Subscription5378
Renewing My Passport3188
Renovating My Garage31810
Renovating My House31710
Renovating The Master Bedroom42610
Renting A Cabin3137
Renting A Cabin On The Top Of Mountain8317
Renting A Cottage3157
Renting A Motor Home4177
Renting A Movie3137
Renting A Party Bus With Friends6277
Renting A Raft3127
Renting A Truck3137
Renting A Tuxedo3147
Renting A Vacation Home4207
Renting An Apartment3187
Renting An Apartment In The City6277
Renting Snowshoes2167
Reorganizing A Closet31912
Reorganizing A Stack Of Recipe Cards63112
Resealing Grout2149
Restoring An Old House4199
Retracing My Steps3169
Returning Books To The Library5269
Returning From A Long Trip5229
Reusing A Paper Bag4167
Revealing How The Trick Was Done6279
Ribbon- Weaving2136
Riding A Bike Along Riverwalk5256
Riding A Cable Car In San Francisco7296
Riding A Cog Train4156
Riding A Fierce Wave4176
Riding A Historic Tram4196
Riding A Horse Along The Beach6256
Riding A Personal Watercraft4256
Riding A Streetcar3166
Riding A Unicycle3156
Riding A Wave3116
Riding An Exercise Bike4206
Riding An Old Wooden Roller Coaster6306
Riding Horses Over Gorgeous Terrain5316
Riding In A Limousine4186
Riding In A Snowcat4166
Riding On A Moped4146
Riding On A Snowmobile4196
Riding On The El Train5186
Riding The Big-Kid Slides4216
Riding The Monorail3176
Riding The Staten Island Ferry5266
Riding The Tube3136
Riding Through Central Park4246
Riding Waves2116
Ringing A Dinner Bell4187
Ringing The Doorbell3187
Roasting Hot Dogs3158
Roasting Marshmallows2208
Rock Climbing2124
Rolling Dice2117
Rolling Up My Sleeves4187
Rotating Crops2138
Rotating Heavy Curtains3218
Ruling The Roost3146
Running & Walking2147
Running A Mile3127
Running A Relay Race4177
Running Alongside2167
Running Amok2117
Running An Obstacle Course4237
Running Around Frazzled3217
Running Barefoot In The Backyard5287
Running Barefoot In The Orchard5277
Running Fast2117
Running In The Marabana4207
Running In The Sand4167
Running Into A Former High School Classmate7377
Running On My Treadmill4207
Running Out The Backdoor4217
Running Through A Downpour4237
Running Through A Sprinkler4247
Running Through The Sprinkler At The Park7357
Running Through The Sprinklers4277
Running To Catch The Bus5207
Running Track2127
Running Up The Stairs4187
Running Up The Steep Trails5237
Sailing A Model Boat4177
Sailing A Yacht3137
Sailing Across The Sea4197
Sailing Around The World4217
Sailing On Calm Waters4197
Sailing The High Seas4187
Saluting The American Flag4238
Sanitizing The Kitchen Sink42410
Saving A Few Dollars4176
Saving All Of Humanity4196
Saving For A Rainy Day5186
Saving Private Ryan Gosling4246
Saving Time & Money3156
Saving To Buy A Wedding Ring6236
Saying Boo296
Saying I Do396
Saying The Magic Words4196
Scaling Sea Cliffs3167
Scattering Straw On A Barn Floor62710
Scoring A Goal3127
Scoring A Touchdown3177
Scrubbing The Bathtub3199
Scrubbing The Toilet3189
Scuba Diving2115
Sea Bathing2103
Searching Through Boxes In The Attic6319
Seasoning My Food With Salt & Pepper6299
Seeing A Live Play4156
Seeing A Musical3146
Seeing A Show At A Puppet Theater7276
Seeing A Summer Blockbuster4246
Seeing A Whale3126
Seeing All The Sights4186
Seeing Dolphins2146
Seeing My Breath In The Cold Air7266
Seeing The Historic Architecture Of The City7386
Seeing The Rose Garden At Washington Park7356
Seeing The Stars From A Moonlit Bay7296
Seeking Truth & Enlightenment3257
Seizing A Golden Opportunity4257
Selling Items On Ebay4187
Sending A Coded Message4207
Sending A Moneygram3177
Sending A Text Message4197
Sending An Email3147
Sending Christmas Cards3217
Sending Flowers To My Sweetheart5287
Sending Mixed Signals3197
Sending Out Invitations3217
Sending Out My Resume4187
Sending Out Valentines3207
Sending Postcards2167
Sending Thank You Notes4207
Sending Tweets On Tweeter4227
Sending Tweets On Twitter4227
Sending You A Postcard4197
Setting A Good Example For My Kids7287
Setting Goals2127
Setting My Alarm3147
Setting Sail2117
Setting The Table3157
Setting Up A Fireworks Display5267
Setting Up A New Laptop5197
Setting Up Beach Chairs4207
Shaking Hands To Seal The Deal6257
Shaking Leaves Out Of A Tree6237
Shaking My Hips3137
Sharing A Meal3127
Sharing A Ride3127
Sharing A Seat On The Bus6207
Sharing A Secret3147
Sharing An Incredible Vision4257
Sharing Cooking Secrets3217
Sharing Dessert2147
Sharing Equally2147
Sharing My Toys3137
Sharpening Steak Knives32110
Shaving Off My Beard4177
Shaving With A Fresh Blade5227
Shivering From The Cold4209
Shooing Flies2127
Shooting Baskets2158
Shooting Hoops2138
Shooting On Location3188
Shoppin In A High-End Shoe Store6267
Shopping At The Souvenir Stand5268
Shopping At Universal Citywalk4278
Shopping For A New Outfit5218
Shopping For Food At The Local Market7318
Shopping For Fresh Produce At A Farmers' Market8408
Shopping For Furniture3208
Shopping For Local Crafts4228
Shopping For New Clothes4218
Shopping For Souvenirs3208
Shopping In A Boutique4198
Shopping In A Boutique For Clothes6298
Shopping In A High-End Shoe Store6278
Shopping In A High-End Store5238
Shopping In Brooklyn3188
Shopping In My Favorite Stores5268
Shopping In Xintiandi3198
Shopping Online2148
Shopping With My Winnings4228
Shouting Out The Answer4208
Shoveling Snow2139
Showing Good Manners3187
Showing My Vacation Photos4237
Showing Off My Victory Dance5247
Showing Up On Time4157
Shrugging My Shoulders3209
Shucking Corn2128
Shuffling Cards2149
Simplifying My Life31711
Singing A Lullaby3157
Singing A Song Around The Campfire6297
Singing Along To My Jam5197
Singing Karaoke With My Friends5277
Singing My Favorite Song4217
Singing My Favorite Tune4217
Singing Off-Key2137
Singing Show Tunes3167
Singing The Blues3157
Singing The National Anthem4247
Sinking My Toes In The Sand6227
Sipping A Glass Of Champagne5247
Sipping A Margarita3177
Sipping A Soft Drink4177
Sipping An Espresso3177
Sipping Cocktails2167
Sipping Cocktails By The Pool5257
Sipping Delicious Champagne3257
Sipping My Drink3147
Sipping On A Drink4157
Sipping Tea2107
Sitting Around The Bonfire4237
Sitting At The High-Rollers' Table5297
Sitting At The Kids' Table5217
Sitting At The Pool With A Drink7267
Sitting At The Swim-Up Bar5217
Sitting For Too Long4177
Sitting In A Dental Chair Wearing A Bib8327
Sitting In A Shady Plaza5207
Sitting In An Aisle Seat5207
Sitting In The Cabana4187
Sitting In The Sauna4177
Sitting In The Vip Section5227
Sitting On My Hat4147
Sitting On Santa's Lap4187
Sitting On The Patio Enjoying The Weather7357
Sitting Poolside2157
Sitting Under A Beach Umbrella5267
Sitting Very Still3167
Sitting With The Grownups4227
Skating On A Frozen Lake5207
Skating On A Frozen Pond5207
Sketching & Painting2179
Skiing Down The Mountain4216
Skiing In Wanaka New Zealand5246
Sledding On A Saucer4178
Sleeping In Late3148
Sleeping In The Buff4178
Sleeping Soundly2158
Sleeping Under A Blanket Of Stars6288
Slicing A Persimmon3177
Slicing Pineapples2177
Sliding Down A Snowy Hill5217
Sliding Into Home3157
Sliding Into Second Base4217
Slinging Mud2118
Smiling From Ear-To-Ear3197
Snacking Between Meals3208
Snacking On Big Chunks Of Dark Chocolate7348
Snacking On Chips3158
Snacking On My Favorite Junk Food6288
Snacking On Potato Chips4218
Snapping A Selfie3158
Snapping My Fingers3178
Sneaking Out After Curfew4228
Snorkeling And Swimming32110
Snorkeling In Barton Springs Pool52910
Snorkeling With Penguins32210
Snuggling Up To You4169
Soaking A Dirty Coffeepot4227
Soaking Dirty Pans3167
Soaking In A Hot Spring5197
Soaking In A Hot Springs5207
Soaking In A Hot Tub5167
Soaking In A Sauna Next To A Waterfall8317
Soaking In The Sights4187
Soaking In The Sun4157
Soaking Pots Overnight3207
Soaking Up Local Culture4217
Soaking Up Some Rays4177
Soaking Up The Beauty Of Nature6267
Softly Whispering2166
Solving A Crime3137
Solving A Crossword Puzzle4237
Solving Puzzles On Twitter4237
Speaking In Technical Terms4248
Speaking In The Native Lingo5248
Speaking The Native Language4258
Speed Training2135
Spending A Month In Japan5218
Spending A Quiet Evening At Home6278
Spending A Week In A Luxury Resort7288
Spending A Week In Las Vegas6238
Spending Less Money3178
Spending My Allowance3198
Spending My Money Wisely4218
Spending New Year's Eve In Times Square7338
Spending The Afternoon In The Park6298
Spending The Day At Kings City6258
Spending The Day At The Beach6248
Spending The Day At The Zoo6228
Spending The Day In West Austin6268
Spending The Day Indoors4218
Spending The Week In Rome5218
Spending The Year Aboard4218
Spending Time At The Spa5208
Spiking The Punch3157
Splashing Around In The Ocean5259
Splurging On A Designer Wardrobe5289
Splurging On My Vacation4219
Spooning Batter Into A Muffin Pan6288
Spooning Out A Kiwi4168
Spotting Rainbows In The Spray Of A Fountain8378
Spreading Batter In A Pan5219
Sprinkling Itching Powder Down Your Back63510
Squaring Away To Bunt4188
Standing Guard2138
Standing In Line For The Latest Iphone7328
Standing On Top Of A Mountain6248
Standing Under The Mistletoe4258
Standing With My Hands On My Hips7278
Starting A Fine Art Collection5268
Starting A Positive Movement4258
Starting Anew2128
Starting My Day At Four A.M.6218
Starting My Day On A Bright Note7268
Starting New Projects3198
Starting Out In The Mailroom5248
Stashing Away Extra Cash4218
Staying Active2137
Staying After School3187
Staying At A Beautiful Resort5257
Staying Aware Of The Latest Fashion6307
Staying Close To The Action5237
Staying In A Beach Bungalow5237
Staying In A Beautiful Resort5257
Staying In A Cozy Inn5177
Staying In A Fishing Lounge5237
Staying In A Five-Star Hotel5237
Staying In A Log Cabin5187
Staying In A Luxurious Suite5247
Staying In A Luxury Hotel5217
Staying In An Award-Winning Hotel5287
Staying In An Exotic Location5257
Staying In First-Class Accommodations4337
Staying In Our Summer House5237
Staying In The Deluxe Suite5237
Staying In The Newest Hotel5237
Staying In The Presidential Suite5297
Staying Out Past Curfew4207
Staying Positive2157
Staying Up All Night4177
Staying Up Late3137
Stealing The Spotlight3208
Stepping On The Gas Pedal5218
Sticking My Tongue Out At You6248
Stocking Up On Snacks & Sweets5248
Stopping By A Coffee House5228
Stopping By Exotic Ports Of Call6278
Storing Expensive Wines In A Cave6287
Streaming Music2149
Stringing Fireworks On A String5279
Stringing Jewelry2169
Strolling Along The Danube River5289
Strolling Down Pitt Street4239
Strolling On Market Street4239
Strolling The Streets Of The City6289
Strolling Through A Cave4219
Strolling Through A Sculpture Garden5329
Strolling Through An Old Neighborhood5339
Strolling Through Formal Gardens4299
Strolling Through Printers Alley4299
Strolling Through The Market4259
Strolling Through The Streets Of A New City8369
Stubbing My Toe3138
Studying Archaeology2198
Studying At A Respected Conservatory5328
Studying Greek Mythology3228
Studying Martial Arts3198
Studying Space Science3208
Studying The Paintings Of Famous Artists6358
Studying World History3208
Stuffing A Turkey3158
Stuffing Olives2148
Styling My Hair3137
Subscribing To A Blog41811
Subscribing To An Online Newspaper53011
Sunbathing On A Private Beach52510
Surfing & Swimming2157
Surfing At One Of The Best Beaches In Chile9357
Surfing The Internet3187
Surfing The Web3137
Surveying A Cave3149
Swaying To & Fro3127
Sweeping A Sidewalk3178
Sweeping Away All Ill-Fortune4258
Sweeping Out The Garage4208
Sweeping Up Broken Glass4218
Sweetening My Coffee With Sugar52710
Swimming Biking & Picnicking3248
Swimming In Beautiful Blue Waters5298
Swimming In The Pacific Ocean5258
Swimming In Warm Ocean Waters5258
Swimming In Warm Water4198
Swimming On Top Of A Wave6208
Swimming The English Channel4258
Swimming Up To The Pool Bar6228
Swimming With Dolphins3208
Swinging In A Hammock4188
Swinging Open The Doors Of The Saloon7318
Swiping My Card3137
Taking A Back Seat4156
Taking A Bow3106
Taking A Breather3156
Taking A Bus Tour4146
Taking A Caribbean Cruise4226
Taking A Closer Look4176
Taking A Coastal Cruise4206
Taking A Cooking Class4196
Taking A Cruise3136
Taking A Cruise On The Yangtze River7306
Taking A Customer Survey4216
Taking A Czech Cooking Class5246
Taking A Day Off4136
Taking A Deep Breath4176
Taking A Dream Vacation4206
Taking A Family Photo4186
Taking A Ferry To A Small Island7266
Taking A Final Exam4166
Taking A Guided Tour4176
Taking A Helicopter Tour Of The Grand Canyon8376
Taking A Hula Lesson4176
Taking A Jeep Excursion4206
Taking A Leisurely Walk Around The Neighborhood7416
Taking A Long Hike4156
Taking A Long Vacation4196
Taking A Midday Nap On The Couch7266
Taking A Picture In The Photo Booth7296
Taking A Private Walking Tour5256
Taking A Quick Break4176
Taking A Ricksha Ride4186
Taking A River Cruise4186
Taking A Schooner Trip Around The Islands7356
Taking A Self-Guided Tour4216
Taking A Selfie3136
Taking A Short Detor4176
Taking A Shortcut3156
Taking A Sightseeing Tour4226
Taking A Soothing Bubble Bath5256
Taking A Speedboat To A Nearby Island7316
Taking A Spinning Class4206
Taking A Stroll3136
Taking A Survey3136
Taking A Test3116
Taking A Tough Stance4186
Taking A Tour Bus Around The City7276
Taking A Tour In A Catamaran6236
Taking A Tour In A Double-Decker Bus7296
Taking A Tour Of A Popular Museum7276
Taking A Tour Of Celebrity Homes6276
Taking A Trip3116
Taking A Trip To Jacksonville Florida6326
Taking A Walk Around The Block6256
Taking A Week Off4146
Taking A Week Off From My Job7236
Taking A Well-Earned Vacation4256
Taking A Wine Tasting Class5236
Taking A Wine-Tasting Class4236
Taking A Yoga Class4166
Taking Acting Classes3196
Taking An Alternate Route4226
Taking An Evening Stroll To My Favorite Restaurant8436
Taking An Online Course4206
Taking An Underground Tour4236
Taking Dancing Lessons3206
Taking Driving Lessons3206
Taking Full Responsibility3246
Taking Golf Lessons3176
Taking Golf Lessons From A Pro6256
Taking It To The Next Level6226
Taking Magic Lessons3186
Taking My Date To The Movies6236
Taking My Kids To The Children's Museum7336
Taking My Mom To Dinner5196
Taking My Vitamins3166
Taking Notes In My Travel Journal6286
Taking Painting Lessons3216
Taking Photographs Of The City5266
Taking Photos2126
Taking Roll2106
Taking Scuba-Diving Lessons3246
Taking Ski Lessons3166
Taking Skiing Lessons3196
Taking Snowboarding Lessons3256
Taking Some Time To Recharge My Batteries7356
Taking Someone Seriously3226
Taking Surfing Lessons3206
Taking The Bullet Train4206
Taking The Dog For A Walk6206
Taking The Kids To An Indoor Playground7336
Taking The Kids To The Zoo6216
Taking The Lead3136
Taking The Metro3146
Taking The Rim Drive Around Carter Lake7336
Taking The Rv And Hitting The Road7286
Taking The Shortcut3176
Taking The Subway3156
Taking The Subway Downtown4236
Taking The Train During Rush Hour6286
Taking Time Out For Myself5226
Taking Up A New Sport5176
Taking Up Yoga3126
Talking About My New Movie5227
Talking On A Skype Call5197
Talking On My Mobile Phone5227
Tasting Some Of The Finest Wines6277
Teaching Myself How To Read Music6288
Telling A Funny Riddle4197
Telling A Knock-Knock Joke4227
Telling A Scary Story4187
Telling A Story3137
Telling My Friend A Secret5227
Test-Driving A New Car41811
Testifying In Court31710
Thanking A Veteran For His Service6298
The Limbo283
The Sixty-Four-Thousand-Dollar Question3343
Thinking Out Loud3158
Thinking Up A Fun Halloween Costume6308
Thinking Up A Funny Line5208
Thrift-Store Shopping21911
Throwing A Boomerang3188
Throwing A Knuckle Ball4208
Throwing Confetti2168
Throwing Confetti At A Party5248
Throwing Out Leftovers3208
Throwing Rice At A Wedding5228
Thwarting An Evil Plan4199
Tidying Up297
Tipping Generously2177
Tiptoeing Across The Floor4239
Tossing A Coin Into A Fountain6257
Tossing A Frisbee At The Beach6257
Tossing And Turning3177
Tossing Out Spoiled Food4217
Tossing The Football Around4247
Touching Base With Headquarter4278
Touching Little Boys In The Pants6288
Touring A Castle3147
Touring A Famous Winery4207
Touring A New-World City4207
Touring A Palace3147
Touring A Parrot Sanctuary4237
Touring A Picturesque Lighthouse4297
Touring A Ufo Museum4177
Touring A Winery3147
Touring An Organic Farm4207
Touring New Landmarks3197
Touring The Backcounrty On A Snowmobile6347
Touring The University3207
Touring The World3157
Touring Unique Buildings3227
Toweling Off After A Swim5218
Tracking Trends2148
Training For The Olympics4228
Traveling Abroad2159
Traveling Across The Diverse Landscape5349
Traveling Along A Rocky Shoreline5299
Traveling At Warp Speed4209
Traveling By Stagecoach3219
Traveling By Train3169
Traveling Incognito2189
Traveling On The El4169
Traveling The World3179
Traveling To A Sunny Climate5249
Traveling With An Open Mind5239
Traveling With My Pet4189
Traveling With My Puppy4209
Trimming My Moustache3198
Trying A New Recipe4166
Trying My Luck At The Games6226
Trying Out A New Hair Color6226
Trying Something New3186
Trying To Look Calm4166
Trying To Reach The Top Shelf6246
Trying To Remember My Password5266
Tucking In My Shirt4167
Tuning A Piano3126
Turning My Clock Back One Hour6257
Turning Off My Phone Ringer5237
Turning The Handle3167
Turning Up The Bass4167
Turning Up The Volume4187
Twirling A Baton3148
Unclogging A Drain31610
Uncovering Clues21510
Unloading The Dishwasher3229
Unwinding After A Long Day5229
Unwinding And Relaxing3209
Unwinding In A Spa4159
Updating My Facebook Page4228
Updating My Facebook Profile4258
Updating My Linkedin Page4228
Upgrading My Phone3169
Upgrading My Room3159
Uploading Files To My Laptop5249
Upsetting The Status Quo4219
Using A Gift Card To Shop6205
Using A Kitchen Timer4185
Using A Nail File4145
Using A Pumice Stone4175
Using A Touchscreen3175
Using Big Words3135
Using Colorful Language3215
Using Google Maps To Get Directions6305
Using Lemons To Deodorize4225
Using My Superpowers For Good5255
Using New High-Tech Gadgets4235
Using The In-Flight Wifi4205
Using The Snowblower3185
Vacationing In Style31811
Vacationing With Family32111
Vacuuming Behind The Sofa4229
Vacuuming Floor Fans3189
Vacuuming Stairs2159
Valuing Our Freedoms3187
Visiting A Butterfly Garden4248
Visiting A Dude Ranch4188
Visiting A Logging Museum4228
Visiting A Popular Coastal Town5278
Visiting A Recreation Area4238
Visiting A Tourist Attraction4268
Visiting A Tropical Island4238
Visiting A Working Farm4208
Visiting An Archaeological Site4288
Visiting An Imperial Palace4248
Visiting Ancient Ruins3208
Visiting Famous Glaciers3228
Visiting Lady Liberty3198
Visiting Local Landmarks3228
Visiting Movie Locations3228
Visiting Points Of Interest4248
Visiting The Big Apple4198
Visiting The Clock Tower4218
Visiting The Entertainment District4328
Visiting The Paul Bunyan Statue5278
Visiting The Southern Coast4248
Visiting West Sussex3188
Voicing My Opinion3167
Volunteering As A Park Ranger52512
Volunteering My Time31812
Waiting By The Phone4177
Waiting Impatiently For A Late Bus6297
Waiting Patiently2167
Waiting Tables2137
Waiting To Be Discovered4217
Waking Down The Red Carpet5226
Waking Up Early3136
Walking All Around The City5237
Walking Along The Bund4197
Walking Along The Cobblestone Streets5337
Walking Along The Left Bank5237
Walking Along The Rim Trail5237
Walking Along The Shoreline4247
Walking Along The South Bank5247
Walking Back To The House5217
Walking Barefoot In The Grass5257
Walking Beneath A Waterfall4247
Walking Down A Supermarket Aisle5287
Walking Down Downing Street4247
Walking Down The Aisle4197
Walking In A River Alley5207
Walking In Low Tide4167
Walking In The Rain4167
Walking My Dog3127
Walking On A Nature Path5207
Walking On The Tower Bridge5237
Walking On The Treadmill4217
Walking On White Sandy Beaches5267
Walking Softly2137
Walking The Streets Of The City6267
Walking Through A Revolving Door5287
Walking Through The Park4217
Walking To School With My Best Friend7317
Walking Up A Companionway4227
Wandering Around A New City5239
Wandering Off The Trail4209
Wandering Through Town3209
Warming Up Leftovers3187
Washing Clothes2147
Washing My Car3127
Washing My Hair3137
Washing The Dishes3167
Washing Up297
Watching A Baseball Game4218
Watching A Chick Flick4198
Watching A Cooking Show On Television6328
Watching A Dog Catch A Frisbee In His Mouth9358
Watching A Film3138
Watching A Foreign Film4208
Watching A Lounge Act4188
Watching A Movie Being Filmed5258
Watching A Movie With Subtitles5278
Watching A Popular Travel Shown On Television7398
Watching A Race3138
Watching A Romantic Comedy4238
Watching A Short Play4188
Watching A Slide Show4188
Watching A Sumo-Wrestling Match4278
Watching A Travel Show4198
Watching A Variety Show4208
Watching A Video On Youtube5238
Watching An Acrobatic Show4238
Watching An Incredible Sunrise4278
Watching Bucking Broncoes At The Rodeo6338
Watching Classic Movies3218
Watching Cooking Shows3208
Watching Dolphins Surf In Australia5318
Watching Football On A Big-Screen Television6388
Watching High Tide3168
Watching Late-Night Tv3198
Watching Lemurs In Their Natural Habitat6358
Watching Live Music & Street Performers5338
Watching Music Videos3198
Watching My Cat Chase The Toy Mouse7298
Watching My Favorite Animated Movies5328
Watching My Spin Id Announced On Television7378
Watching Nfl Live Streaming4248
Watching Saturday Morning Cartoons4318
Watching Television Commercials3298
Watching The Acrobats Perform4268
Watching The Changing Of The Guard6298
Watching The First Season Of A New Show8328
Watching The Fourth Of July Parade6298
Watching The Local News4208
Watching The Mets Play4198
Watching The Morning Fog Roll In6278
Watching The Phantom Of The Opera6288
Watching The Rangers Score A Goal6288
Watching The Sunrise3188
Watching The Sunset On The Beach6278
Watching The Yankees Play4228
Watching The Yankees Score A Winning Run7348
Watching Wheel While Eating Dinner5308
Watching Wildlife In The Forest5278
Watching Wildlife In Their Natural Habitat6378
Watering My Garden3168
Watering My Lawn3148
Waving A White Flag4166
Waving Goodbye2136
Waving To Admiring Fans4206
Wearing A Black Beret4187
Wearing A Green Jacket4197
Wearing A Green Tie4167
Wearing A Kilt3127
Wearing A Little Black Dress5247
Wearing A Sombrero3167
Wearing A Straw Cowboy Hat5227
Wearing A Wire3127
Wearing Bright Colors3197
Wearing Dark Glasses3187
Wearing Layers Of Clothing4237
Wearing Leather Shoes3197
Wearing Leopard Skins Over My Shoulder6337
Wearing Matching Outfits3227
Wearing My Sunglasses3197
Wearing My Team's Colors4217
Wearing My Team's Colour4217
Wearing My Trendiest Outfit4247
Wearing Textured Leggings3237
Wearing Uggs2117
Wearing Water Shoes3177
Welcoming Guests2159
Welcoming In The New Year5219
Whipping Up A Quick Dinner5228
Whisking Lime Juice3178
Whispering Softly I Love You52410
Wielding A Sword3148
Wiggling My Toes In Hot Sand6238
Window- Shopping2146
Windsurfing & Sailing21811
Windsurfing And Sailing32111
Winning A Brand-New Car4197
Winning A Talent Contest4217
Winning A Trip To Asia5187
Winning The Game3147
Wiping A Skillet Clean4196
Wiping Down A Kitchen Counter5256
Wiping Pet Prints From Windows5266
Wishing Someone Good Wealth4247
Wishing Someone Longevity3237
Working An Eight-Hour Day4217
Working From Dawn To Dusk5217
Working In My Garden4177
Working In The Fields4187
Working Late2117
Working My Way Through School5257
Working On A Ranch4157
Working On My Bronze Tan5207
Working On My Six-Pack At The Gym7267
Working Out2107
Working Out In The Weight Room6257
Working Out Using Kettlebells4267
Working Out With A Friend5217
Working Out With My Personal Trainer6317
Working The Room3147
Working Up A Sweat4157
Wrapping A Gift3138
Wrapping Your Birthday Gift4248
Writing A Blog3127
Writing A Book3127
Writing A Cookbook3167
Writing A Letter To Santa Claus6267
Writing A Long Letter4187
Writing A Second Novel4197
Writing A Travel Blog4187
Writing About Local Politics4257
Writing Code2117
Writing Down My Dreams4197
Writing In A Journal4177
Writing Thank-You Notes3207
Yachting With Friends3198
Yawning & Stretching2177
Yelling Timber!2137
Yo-Yo Dieting2114
Zeroing In On A Target5187
Zipping Up My Jacket4177

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