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Book TitleNumber
Total Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
A Wrinkle In Time4141
Anne Of Green Gables4174
Atlas Shrugged2135
Brave New World3135
Catching Fire2128
Clifford The Big Red Dog5208
East Of Eden3104
Encyclopedia Britannica22212
Gulliver's Travels2169
Jane Eyre284
Lord Jim274
Main Branch2104
My Life In France4142
On Her Majesty's Secret Service5272
Out Of Africa3113
Outline Of History3167
Patriot Games2127
Pride And Prejudice3175
Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm4237
Something Wicked This Way Comes5279
Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing6265
The Brass Verdict3153
The Call Of The Wild5163
The Chronicles Of Narnia4213
The Gourmet Cookbook3183
The Grapes Of Wrath4163
The Great Gatsby3143
The Hunt For Red October5203
The Jungle Book3133
The Little Engine That Could5243
The Merchant Of Venice4193
The Prince And The Pauper5213
The Red Badge Of Courage5203
The Stepford Wives3163
The Wind In The Willows5193
Three Days Of The Condor5205
To Kill A Mockingbird4182
Under The Volcano3155
White Fang295
Wuthering Heights2169

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