In the Kitchen

This answer page contains the Wheel of Fortune cheat database for the category In the Kitchen.

In The KitchenNumber
Total Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
A Can Of Tomato Puree5171
A Jar Of Spaghetti Sauce5201
A New Mixer391
Abrasive Pads2128
Adhesive Shelf Liners3198
Airtight Canisters2178
Alphabet Refrigerator Magnet3268
Aluminum Cheese Grater3208
Angel Food Cake Mix4165
Appetizer & Dessert Plates3229
Arm & Hammer Baking Soda4193
Asian Kitchen2125
Automatic Coffee Machine3229
Automatic Dishwasher2199
Automatic Rice Cooker3199
Baking Pan296
Baking Powder2126
Baking Set296
Baking Sheet2116
Baking Soda2106
Bamboo Place Mat3146
Bamboo-Utensil Set21613
Bay Leaves293
Black Lava Salt3135
Blenders & Juicers2158
Board Games2105
Bottle Opener2126
Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator22513
Bowl Of Ice Water4144
Bowl Of Icing3114
Breakfast Nook2139
Butcher Block2127
Butcher Knife2127
Butter Dish2106
Butter Knife2116
Cake Mix274
Cake Stand294
Can Of Beef Broth4143
Can Opener293
Canned Goods2116
Cappuccino Machine21710
Carving Board2127
Cast Iron Dutch Oven4174
Cast-Iron Garlic Roaster3218
Cast-Iron Waffle Iron3188
Ceramic Bowls2127
Ceramic Canister Set3187
Ceramic Canisters2167
Ceramic Chopsticks2177
Ceramic Coffee Mug3167
Ceramic Crock-Pots2167
Ceramic Drinking Mug3187
Ceramic Mug2107
Ceramic Punch Bowl3167
Ceramic Teakettle2167
Chafing Dish2117
Champagne Flutes2159
Cheese Grater2126
Chilled Glass2127
China Teacup2115
Chipped Coffee Mugs3177
Chipped Dinner Plate3187
Chipped Salad Plate3177
Chopping Board2138
Cling Wrap295
Cloth Apron2105
Coarsely Ground Pepper3208
Coffee Grinder2136
Coffee Mill2106
Coffee Mugs2106
Colander & Strainer2168
Collapsible Grater21711
Concrete Countertops2198
Confectioners' Sugar21914
Conventional Oven21612
Cookbook Stand2138
Cookie Cutters2136
Cookie Jar296
Cookies Sheets2137
Cooking Gadgets2147
Cooking Utensils2157
Cooking Utensils And Gadgets4257
Cool Oven284
Cooling Rack2117
Copper Teakettle2156
Cordless Mixer2138
Corn Syrup294
Cotton Apron2116
Crystal Goblets2147
Crystal Teacups2147
Crystal Water Glass3177
Cup And Saucer3123
Cupcake Tin2107
Custom Coffee Mug3156
Cutting Board2127
Deep Fryer294
Dessert Bowl2117
Dessert Bowls2127
Dessert Spoon2127
Digital Timer2127
Dinner Plate2116
Dinner Sets2106
Dipping Bowl2117
Double Boilers2136
Double Oven2106
Drink Coasters2135
Drinking Glass2138
Dutch Oven295
Egg Poacher2103
Egg Separator2123
Egg Spoon283
Egg Timer283
Electric Cooktop2158
Electric Skillet2158
Electric Wall Oven3168
Electric Wine Bottle Opener4248
Empty Glass Bottle3165
Enamel Mixing Bowl3166
Espresso Machine2158
Festive Seasonal Apron3207
Flour Sack Dishtowels3195
Food Processor2134
Forks & Spoons2115
Four-Quart Cookie Jar3189
Four-Slice Toaster2169
French Canning Jars3176
French Coffee Press3176
French Press Coffee Maker4226
French Rolling Pin3166
French Saucepan2146
French-Fry Cutter2159
French-Press Coffeemaker22211
Frilly Apron2116
Fruit Bowl295
Frying Pan296
Garlic Powder2126
Gas Cooktop2103
Ginger Cloves Nutmeg & Cinnamon4266
Glass Baking Dishes3175
Glass Bowls2105
Glass Cake Dome3135
Glass Canister Spice Jar Set5245
Glass Drinkware2145
Glass Jars295
Glass Measuring Cup3175
Glass Microwavable Bowl3215
Glass Tasting Bowls3175
Glass Teakettle2145
Glass Teapot2115
Glass Tumblers2135
Glass Water Bottle3165
Glass-Canister Spice-Jar Set32413
Granulated Sugar21510
Gravy Boat295
Greased Baking Sheet3187
Grilled Chicken Wings Wing Rack5277
Grilled Taco Rack3157
Ground Allspice2146
Ground Cinnamon2146
Half A Cup Of Peanut Butter Chips7274
Handcrafted Beer21511
Handheld Mixer2138
Handwoven Hamper2159
Heart- Shaped Dessert Platter4255
Heavy-Duty Paper Towels3209
High Speed Blender3164
High-Speed Juicer2159
Home Soda Maker3134
Hot Dog Griller3133
Hot Oven273
Houseboat Museum2159
Ice Cube Tray3113
Ice-Cream Scoop2138
Illustrated Cookbook21911
Immersion Blender2169
Iodized Salt2117
Italian-Marble Countertops22413
Jellyroll Pan2129
Kitchen Hutch2127
Large Cast-Iron Skillet3205
Large Wood Salad Bowl4185
Lemon And Lime Squeezer4205
Lobster Pot2107
Matching Mugs2128
Measuring Cups2139
Measuring Spoon2149
Medium Bristled Scrub Brush4246
Metal Dish Drying Rack4195
Metal Dish Rack3135
Metal Ice-Cream Scoop3185
Metal Spatula2125
Metal-Wire Dish Rack3179
Microwavable Measuring Cup32412
Microwave-Safe Dish21713
Mild Dishwashing Liquid3214
Milk Jug274
Mini Chopper2114
Mixing Bowl2106
Moka Pot274
Multi-Cup Coffeemaker2198
Multi-Speed Blender21710
My Favorite Coffee Mug4192
Napkin Dispenser2156
Napkin Holder2126
Napkin Rings2116
Nesting Mixing Bowls3187
New Appliances2133
Nonstick Cooking Spray3208
Nonstick Frying Pan3178
Novelty Cookie Cutter3197
Omelet Maker2116
Organic Cotton Tea Towels4227
Organic Dish Towels3177
Oversized Coffee Mug3189
Oyster Knife2116
Packet Of Taco Seasoning4216
Pancake Batter2137
Pancake Turner2137
Paper Napkin2115
Pastry Server2126
Penne With Pesto Sauce4195
Pepper Mills2116
Pie Dishes & Tart Pans4173
Pineapple Corer2149
Pineapple Slicer2159
Pint Glasses2114
Pitcher Of Ice Water4177
Pizza Cutter2115
Pizza Oven295
Pizza Slicer2115
Plastic Pitcher2147
Plastic Spatula2147
Plastic Spoon2127
Plates & Bowls2116
Plates & Utensils2146
Plates And Bowls3146
Porcelain Cups2139
Porcelain Dish2139
Portable Dishwasher2188
Pots & Pans284
Power Juicer2115
Punch Bowl295
Quartz Countertops2176
Quilted Oven Mitt3157
Rare China294
Ready-To-Bake Brownie Mix32111
Resealable Freezer Bags32110
Rice Cooker2104
Rosewood-Handle Executive Knives32914
Rotary Grater2126
Round Dining Table3165
Rusted Pot296
Salad Bowl295
Salad Fork295
Salad Spinner2125
Salad Tongs2105
Salt & Pepper Shakers3174
Salt And Pepper Grinder4204
Sandwich Bags2128
Sandwich Maker2138
Scented Dishwashing Liquid3247
Seafood Tureen2137
Self- Cleaning Oven3164
Serving Dish2117
Set Of Mesh Strainers4183
Set Of Mugs393
Set Of Steak Knives4163
Shallow Bowls2127
Silicon Basting Brush3197
Silicone Basting Brush3208
Silver Serving Bowl3176
Silver Utensils2146
Slotted Spoon2127
Slow Cooker2104
Snack Bowls2105
Soft Cotton Dishtowel3194
Solid-Maple Rolling Pin32010
Soup Bowl284
Soup Ladle294
Sparkle Paper Towels3187
Sparkling Clean Stovetop3229
Sparkling-Clean Mason Jar32214
Sparkling-Clean Stovetop22214
Spice Bars295
Spice Jars295
Spice Rack295
Spoon & Fork295
Square Cast-Iron Griddle3216
Stacking Glasses2158
Stainless Steel Dishwasher3249
Stainless Steel Flatware3229
Stainless Steel Polish3209
Stainless-Steel Dishwasher22414
Stainless-Steel Scrubbing Pads32714
Stainless-Steel Serving Platter32814
Stand Mixer2105
Steak Knives2115
Steaming Basket2148
Steel Colander2135
Stonewell Bowl2139
Sugar Spoon2105
Suitcases & Boxes2149
Tall Drinking Glasses3194
Tall White Chef's Hat4174
Ten-Cup Coffeemaker2176
Terrycloth Towels21610
Thermal Carafe2137
Tin Pie Pan393
Toaster Oven2117
Turkey Baster2126
Vacuum Flask2116
Vegetable Brush2149
Waffle Iron2106
Water Pitcher2125
Water Purifier2135
Wax Paper283
Well Greased Skillet3184
Well-Stocked Cupboard21911
Wet Paper Towel3133
Wet Sponge293
White Pepper2115
Wide Slot Toaster3154
Wooden Flatware Caddy3196
Wooden Muddler2136
Wooden Spice Rack3156
Wooden Spoons2126
Zipper-Lock Freezer Bag32010

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