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Fun & GamesNumber
Total Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
A Brisk Jog391
A Dip In The Pool5131
A Family Game Of Charades5211
A Friendly Game Of Marbles5221
A Hand Of Blackjack4161
A Round Of Lawn Bowling5191
A Word Search3111
Abundance Of Watersports3229
Action Figures2136
Activity Book2128
Addition And Subtraction3228
Adventure Racing2159
Adventuresome Boat Excursions32713
Aerobics Class2138
Afterschool Activities22111
Air Hockey293
All That Jazz3113
Alphabet Magnets2158
Alphabetical & Numerical Oder32512
Alpine Skiing & Snowboarding3246
Alpine Snowboarding2186
Amusement Park Rides3189
Amusing Joke2117
An Afternoon Hiking3172
An Afternoon Of Hiking4192
An Afternoon Of Quad Biking5232
Anderlecht Fair21410
Angry Birds2105
Ant Attack293
Arcade Tokens2126
Archery Shoot2127
Arm Wrestling2123
Arts & Crafts Projects3184
Arts-And-Crafts Festival22113
Auto Racing2104
Baby Dolls294
Backgammon Set21310
Back-Road Bicycling2178
Backyard Baseball Game3208
Backyard Swing Set3168
Balloon Animals2147
Balloon Ride2117
Ballroom Dancing2158
Barn Dance294
Baseball & Softball2168
Bass Fishing2114
Battleship Model Kit31810
Beach Toys295
Beach Volleyball2155
Beach Volleyball Tournament3255
Beanbag Toss2117
Beanie Babies2126
Beanie Beans2116
Beer Pong284
Belly Dancing2125
Big Wave Surfing3143
Biggie Boardings2156
Big-Ticket Attractions2209
Big-Wave Surfing2147
Billiard Balls2138
Bingo Balls2105
Bingo Night2105
Bingo Set285
Birthday Party2138
Blind Man's Bluff3145
Blowing Up Balloons3177
Blue Dragon2104
Blue Dragon Video Games4204
Board Game Night3145
Board Games2105
Boardwalk And Park Place4219
Bobbing For Apples3167
Boogie Boarding2146
Bounce Houses2126
Bouncing On A Trampoline4218
Bowling A Perfect Game4197
Bowling Pins2117
Brain Bender2115
Break Dancing2125
Building A Dollhouse3188
Building A Sand Sculpture4228
Building A Sandcastle3198
Building Sandcastles2198
Bumper Cars2106
Burping Contest2147
Buy A Vowel393
Candle Making2126
Card Tricks2104
Card-Game Night2138
Carnival Attractions2198
Carnival Of Binche3168
Carnival Rides2138
Carousel Ride2128
Car-Seat Toys2117
Cat's Cradle2104
Catching A Wave3138
Catching Some Waves3178
Celebrated Ski Runs31710
Ceramic Canister Set3187
Chatty Cathy Doll3156
Chess & Checkers2135
Chess And Checkers3165
Chess Competition2165
Chew Toys284
Childrens Poem2139
Chinese Checkers2157
Chipping Golf Balls3178
Choose Your Own Adventure Stories5296
Choose Your Own Adventures Stories5306
Chutes And Ladders3166
Cigar Festival2135
Classic Pez Dispensers3207
Classic Sudoku2137
Classic Yahtzee2147
Coin Knuckle Roll3154
Collecting Baseball Cards32310
Colorful Sculpting Clay3218
Coloring Book And Crayons4228
Competitive Shuffleboard22311
Computer Solitaire2178
Confetti Cannon2148
Conga Line295
Contestant Searches21810
Cookie Decorating Contest3236
Corny Jokes2105
County Fair2106
Cricket & Croquet2147
Cross-Country Skiing21812
Crossword Puzzles2169
Custom Made Chess Set31811
Cutting Out Paper Dolls4207
Daisy Cork-Ball Guns3175
Dancing The Conga3157
Dartboard & Foam Darts3189
Dartboard And Foam Darts4219
Daytrader: A Financial Board Game5289
Deck Of Playing Card4174
Deck Of Playing Cards4184
Deep-Sea Fishing2147
Demolition Derby21510
Desperados Of Dice Town42010
Disappearing Ink21512
Disappearing-Coin Trick22116
Disco Dancing2125
Dodge Ball295
Doing A Cartwheel3155
Doing Handstands2155
Doing The Hula3125
Doing The Jitterbug3175
Doing The Limbo3135
Doing The Mexican Hat Dance5235
Domino Set296
Don't Break The Ice4154
Double-Coin Trick21510
Double-Track Mountain Biking32511
Downhill & Cross-Country Skiing3268
Downhill Skiing2148
Downhill Sled Ride3168
Dragon & Phoenix Mahjong Set4236
Dragon-Boat Race21410
Draw Poker294
Drawing Straws2137
Drawing With Sidewalk Chalk4247
Driving Golf Balls3167
Dropping A Deuce3148
Duck Duck Goose3134
Easter-Egg Hunt On The White House Lawn7329
Easy-Bake Oven2128
Egg Toss273
Elbow Room295
Electric Pitching Machine3238
Electric Train Set3168
Equestrian Sports21610
Exciting Outdoor Activities3258
Exciting Rounds2148
Exciting Whitewater Rafting3258
Extra Innings2125
Extreme Sports2137
Fake Snake Popping Out Of A Nut Can8284
Family Cookouts2146
Family Hike2106
Fantasy Football2157
Fantasy Football League3217
Farm Tours For Children4204
Fast-Pitch Softball2179
Feeding My Neopet3157
Ferris Wheels & Merry-Go-Rounds3256
Festive Activities2177
Festive Celebration2187
Festive New Year's Eve Celebrations5307
Field Hockey2115
Figure Skating2136
Final Fantasy2125
Finger Painting2146
Fingerprint Drawings21911
Fingerprints Drawing21912
Fire Party294
Flag Football2124
Flavored Lip Gloss3168
Fliip Football2135
Follow The Leader3156
Food Fight294
Football & Baseball2168
Football Practice2168
Fourth Of July Celebrations4246
Fraternity Prank21510
Free Community Events3194
Freshwater Fishing21710
Friendly Game Of Baseball4228
Frisbee Competition2187
Fun & Festive Carnival Celebrations4303
Fun & Memorable Halloween Party4263
Fun Brainteasers2153
Fun Fiesty Festivals3183
Fun Puzzles2103
Fun Summer Activities3193
Funny Magic Tricks3165
Funny Tweets2115
Gaelic Football2146
Gag Gift273
Gatorade Shower2148
Get Out Of Jail Free Card6203
Get-Out-Of Jail-Free Card3208
Giant Wave Pool3135
Gin Rummy283
Gin Rummy Game3123
Gingerbread-House Kit21916
Glacier Ice Climbing3187
Going Ocean Kayaking3185
Going On A Scavenger Hunt5215
Going Parasailing2165
Going Skiing2115
Going To A Slumber Party5205
Go-Kart Racing2126
Goldfish Scooping2168
Gondola Rides2127
Good Idea284
Gooey Silly Putty3155
Gorgeous Fishing2158
Gorgeous Golfing2158
Grand-Opening Celebration22312
Guess Who?295
Guided Running Tours3186
Guided Sportfishing Trip3226
Guitar Hero2106
Gymnastics Routine21710
Halloween Block Party3199
Hamletscenen Festival22012
Hand Puppets2114
Handball & Racquetball2198
Haunted House2127
Hd Video Game3112
Headband Antlers2158
Helium-Filled Balloons22012
High Velocity Paintball3214
High-Limit Slots2149
Hiking Boots2116
Hilarious Joke2139
Holiday Craft Fair3167
Horse & Carriage Rides3185
Horse Racing2115
Hot-Air Ballooning2166
House Of Card3115
House Of Cards3125
Hula Competition2154
Hula Dancing2114
Humorous Gag Gifts3168
Humorous Jokes2138
Hurling Championship2197
I Love The Game With All My Heart8261
I Spy With My Little Eye6191
Ibird App For Iphone4175
Ice Blocking2113
Ice Dancing2103
Ice Fishing2103
Ice Hockey293
Ice Skating2103
Ice-Carving Competition22110
Illustrated Children's Book32411
Indoor Go-Carting2156
Indoor Kart Races3156
Indoor Volleyball2166
Inflatable Beach Ball31910
Inflatable Slide21510
Informal Game Of Golf4188
Inspiring Cultural Events3239
Interactive Puzzles21811
Interactive Toys21511
International Book Fair32113
International Carnivals22213
In-The-Kitchen Puzzles21912
Jacob's Ladder Festival3206
Japanese Archery2158
Jeep-Bogging In The Desert42211
Jigsaw Puzzle2126
Jovial Sing-Alongs2166
Judo & Karate2104
Juggling Beanbags2168
Juggling Oranges2158
Jumping Dances2137
Jumping In A Bounce House5217
Jumping Rope2117
Karate & Tae Kwon Do4156
Keno Tournament2144
Kickball % Dodge Ball4188
Kicking A Soccer Ball4187
Kids Playing On A Jungle Gym6234
Kite Surfing2114
Knock Knock Jokes3155
Knock Knock Who's There?4205
Knock-Knock Joke21410
Knock-Knock Jokes21510
Large Cash Giveaways3185
Laser Maze295
Laser Tag285
Laser Tag & Paintball3175
Late-Night Hayride2169
Late-Night Reggaeton Party3239
League Night At The Bowling Alley6286
Learning How To Surf4178
Learning How To Windsurf4218
Learning Tai Chi3148
Learning To Water-Ski3188
Line Dancing2114
Lion Dances2104
Lion-Dance Competition2209
Low-Risk Penny Games3177
Maiden Braids2126
Manic Miner2105
Marble Madness2136
Marco! Polo!295
Marshmallow Animals21811
Masquerade Balls21510
Matchbox Car2118
Metal Dish Drying Rack4195
Miniature Golf2139
Mob Football2113
Model Airplanes2145
Model Car285
Model Train Set3135
Model-Airplane Racing21913
Monopoly Money2138
Moon Bounces2114
Morning Tee Time3147
Mountaineering & Skiing22014
Mr. Potato Head3122
Mud Wrestling2123
Multicultural Activities22313
Musical Chairs2137
Must-Attend Summer Festivals32510
Narrated Cruises2158
Neighborhood Baseball Game32412
Neighbourhood Baseball Game32513
Neo Geo League Bowling4193
Nesting Blocks2137
Night Climb Of The Harbour Bridge6285
Obstacle Course2148
Olaf's In Trouble3145
Online Poker2116
Opening Kickoff2147
Open-Sleigh Ride21410
Outdoor Twister2147
Out-Of-Date Board Games3199
Pai Gow263
Paintball Fight2149
Painting By Numbers3178
Paleta Fronton2136
Panoramic Helicopter Rides3249
Party Games2105
Party Hat285
Photography & Scrapbooking22311
Pickup Basketball Game3206
Piggyback Ride2139
Pillow Fight2116
Pin The Tail On The Donkey6213
Pinball Machine2147
Ping-Pong Paddles2158
Pizza Party2105
Plastic Kazoo2127
Playing A Football Game4207
Playing A Round Of Golf5197
Playing Asteroids2167
Playing Backgammon2177
Playing Badminton2167
Playing Beach Volleyball3227
Playing Cards2127
Playing Catch2127
Playing Checkers2157
Playing Chess2127
Playing Connect The Dots4217
Playing Cricket2147
Playing Croquet2147
Playing Darts2127
Playing Dominoes2157
Playing Fetch2127
Playing Hopscotch2167
Playing Horseshoes2177
Playing House2127
Playing Ice Hockey3167
Playing In The Sandbox4197
Playing Jacks2127
Playing Jeopardy2157
Playing Jeopardy!2157
Playing Kickball2157
Playing Lacrosse2157
Playing Marbles2147
Playing Miniature Golf3207
Playing Monopoly2157
Playing Musical Chairs3207
Playing Paintball2167
Playing Peekaboo2157
Playing Pictionary2177
Playing Ping Pong3157
Playing Ping-Pong2157
Playing Poker2127
Playing Ring Toss3157
Playing Rugby2127
Playing Rugby & Polo3167
Playing Scrabble2157
Playing Solitaire2167
Playing Table Tennis3187
Playing Tic-Tac-Toe2167
Poker Party2105
Pompom Balls2116
Pony Ride284
Pool Party294
Pool Volleyball2144
Pop-Up Toys295
Potato-Sack Race21410
Pothole Exploring2167
Practical Joke2139
Practical Jokes2149
Prop & Play Mats3124
Pumpkin Carving2147
Race To The Treasure4174
Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon5245
Rearranging The Living Room42411
Red Rover Red Rover4163
Regata Storica2136
Relay Races2105
Renaissance Fair21511
Renaissance Festival21911
Riddles And Jokes3157
Ride-On Pool Toys3146
Riding A Boogie Board4186
Riding A Mechanical Bull4216
Riding A Scooter3146
Riding A Skateboard3176
Riding A Unicycle3156
Riding My Skateboard3186
Riding The Waves3146
River Rafting2125
Robot Turtles2125
Rock  Em Sock  Em Robots5204
Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots5184
Rock Climbing2124
Rock Climbing & Rafting3194
Rock Paper Scissors3174
Rocking Horse2127
Roller Coaster Ride3176
Roller Derby2116
Roller-Coaster Rides21813
Rolling Coins2127
Rory's Story Cubes3155
Round Of Golf3115
Royal Flush2105
Rubber Chicken2136
Rubber Duckie2126
Rubiks Cube2106
Running For The Goal Line5217
Running Jokes2127
Running The Obstacle Course4247
S. Friedeman Friese's Friday A Solo Adventure7371
Salad Spinner2125
Salsa Dancing2125
Sand Volleyball2144
Saturday Evening Barn Dance4248
Say Bye To The Villains5193
Scenic Boat Trip3146
Scenic Helicopter Rides3216
Scoring A Goal3127
Scuba Diving In Malta4185
Secret Santa2116
Shadow Puppets2136
Shadow Tag296
Shell Game295
Shiny-Red Wagon2138
Shooting Marbles2158
Silly Songs2105
Simon Says295
Skateboard & Rollerblades22210
Skating On A Frozen Lake5207
Skeet Shooting2135
Ski Archery2103
Ski Mountaineering2173
Skiing In The Swiss Alps5206
Skiing The Austrian Alps4216
Skipping Stones2148
Sled-Pulling Contest21811
Sliding Into Third Base4207
Slight-Of-Hand Magic21712
Snorkeling & Scuba Diving32110
Snow Tubing2104
Snowball Fight2138
Snowball-Throwing Contest22316
Snowbiking & Airboarding22110
Snowshoe Racing2148
Sock Puppets2114
Something For The Whole Family5269
Special Theme Weeks3177
Speed-Up Round2127
Spontaneous Nightlife22011
Sports Trivia2126
Square Dancing2136
Squirt Gun296
Squirting Flower On My Lapel5249
Stagecoach Ride21410
Standup Paddle Boarding3217
Star Castle2104
Star Fox274
Star Realms: Gambit Set4194
Star Wars Action Figures4214
State Fair295
Stealing Second Base3188
Step Aerobics2124
Stock Car Racing3145
Street Carnivals2156
Street Hockey2126
Student Night2127
Summer Camp Activities3206
Summer Olympics2146
Summer River Cruise3176
Sunday Afternoon Football Game4276
Super Mario Bros3145
Super Mario Sunshine3185
Swimming & Hiking2148
Swim-Up Blackjack2156
Swing Set285
Table Shuffleboard2175
Taffy Pull295
Tag-Team Wrestling2167
Tailgate Party2138
Taking A Dip In The Pool6196
Tanning On The Deck4167
Teasing My Sister3157
Teddy Bear295
Texting A Smiley Face4187
The Largest Party In The World6253
The Mexican Hat Dance4183
The Scrambled States Of America Game6313
The Thrill Of Parasailing4223
Three-Card Monte2149
Three-Card Monty2149
Thrill Rides2116
Thrilling Whitewater Rafting3269
Throwing A Gutter Ball4198
Throwing Darts2138
Thumb Wrestling2145
Ticket To Ride: Europe4186
Tickle Me Elmo3126
Tickling My Funny Bone4198
Timeline: American History3238
Tongue Twisters2146
Tonka Trucks2115
Touch Football2135
Town Picnic2104
Toy Action Figures3163
Toy Fire Engine3133
Toy Robot283
Toy Soldiers2113
Track & Field2105
Trading Cards2127
Traditional Macaroons22011
Travel Backgammon Set3196
Travel Board Games3166
Travel Poker Set3146
Traveling Salesman Joke3219
Treasure Hunt2128
Tree House294
Trivial Pursuit2147
Tug Of War383
Twenty Questions2156
Twister & Clue2117
Two Story Carousel3163
Two-Story Carousel2168
Ultimate Frisbee2158
Underground Entertainment22411
Unforgettable Carnivals22213
Urban Spelunking2155
Vertical Cavin2138
Video Poker2105
Volleyball Match21510
Walking Safari2137
Water Balloon Fight3175
Water Balloon Toss3165
Water Polo295
Water Skiing2115
Water-Balloon Fight21712
Water-Balloon Throw21712
Waving The Checkered Flag4226
Weeklong Festivals2178
Wheelbarrow Race21511
Wheelbarrow Races21611
Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?7293
Wild Waterslide2144
Wildly Thrilling Amusement-Park Rides4336
Wind Up Cars3104
Wind-Up Cars2106
Wind-Up Monkey Playing Cymbals4266
Wind-Up Toys2106
Winter Carnivals2156
Winter Olympics2146
Winter Recreational Sports3246
Wooden Castle Blocks3186
Word Scramble2124
Word Search Puzzle3164
Word Search Puzzles3174
Yellow Jacket2126
Yoga & Tai Chi3104
Yo-Yo Tricks2104
Zinneke Parade2137

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