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Rhyme TimeNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
A Beautiful View Of Peru5201
A Big Mac Is A Good Snack7191
A Box Of Lox491
A Cargo Of Cocoa4131
A Cat Caught A Rat5141
A Crosswalk In Bangkok4191
A Crumpled Horn In A Bag Of Corn8251
A Diamond Ring Is A Golden Thing7261
A Dumber Plumber3141
A Fair Contest At Best5181
A Fox In A Box5101
A Friend To The Bitter End6211
A Friend To The End5151
A Frog On A Log5111
A Good Review For You5171
A Handsome Ransom3151
A Happy Meal Is The Real Deal7231
A Jewel Of A Pool5131
A Jewel Of A Rule5131
A Locket In Your Pocket5191
A Louse Of A Mouse5141
A Meadow Covered In Corn Snow6241
A Millionaire Can Care4191
A Nightshirt Will Never Hurt5241
A Pearl Of A Girl5131
A Pessimist Might Shake A Fist6251
A Rich Snitch3111
A Silo In Ohio4111
A Skunk That Stunk4151
A Snail And A Whale5151
A Strand Of A Rubber Band6201
A Sweet Torte Served In Open Court7281
A Toad In The Road5141
A Tough Guy In A Bow Tie7181
A Trip To Hollywood Will Do Some Good8301
A West Virginian Opinion4211
A Witch With Perfect Pitch5221
A Young Goat Sailing A Boat6221
After Dark295
Airtight Flight2148
Along Came A Spider And Sat Down Beside Her9355
Amanda / Miranda3146
Amazing Savings2147
Amid A Takeover Bid4164
An Attitude Of Gratitude4212
An Awesome Blossom3162
An Awesome Possum3152
An Ice-Cream Theme3152
An Oldie But A Goodie5172
Antique Week2117
Ants In Your Pants4154
Anywhere But There3168
April Showers Bring May Flowers5275
Are You Cockoo3123
As I Await My Date5142
As Snug As A Bug In A Rug8182
Ask For A Flask4123
Baby Books294
Back On Track3114
Bake A Cake394
Bamboo Zoo296
Be There Or Be Square5172
Bear Hair284
Bear In A Square4134
Beat Feet284
Beat The Heat3114
Beavers And Retrievers3207
Best Of The Rest4134
Best Test284
Big Dig263
Big Pig263
Big Rig263
Bitter Babysitter2166
Bitter Quitter2136
Blame Game295
Bled Red274
Blue Bayou294
Blue Brew284
Blue Cue274
Blue Glue284
Blue Goo274
Blue Hue274
Blue Moo274
Blue View284
Bold Gold284
Bone Phone294
Bony Moronie2114
Boob Tube284
Book Nook284
Bored Landlord2135
Bow-Wow Chow2106
Brain Drain2105
Brazil Real2106
Bright Light2116
Bright White2116
Brightest Minds2149
Bring Your Offspring3185
Brown Crown2105
Brown Gown295
Build Me Up Buttercup4185
Bullfrogs And Bulldogs3209
Burritos With A Bag Of Doritos6258
Burritos With Fritos3188
By Hook Or By Crook5152
Calypso Road Show3157
Cameron Diaz Has Pizzazz4217
Can I Bum A Piece Of Gum7183
Can I Take A Look At Your Checkbook?8283
Can I Use A One-Dollar Bill In Brazil?8293
Can You Handle A Scandal5203
Cashew Stew2106
Casting Aspersion Is A Diversion5287
Cat The Cat Who Is That?6183
Cause For Pause3135
Chai Cream Pie3124
Cheap Sheep2105
Cheat Sheet2105
Cheers And Jeers3146
Cheese & Peas Pasta Salad4206
Chew Through2114
Chewed Food2106
Chicago Bungalow2157
Chick Flick2105
Chicken Wings & Onion Rings4227
Chill Bill295
Chill Pill295
Chip Clip284
Chop Shop284
Christmas Misses2159
Chrome Dome2106
Chuck & Buck295
Chuck And Duck3125
Chunky Monkey2126
Church Deacon2126
Claim To Fame3115
Claim To Fame With A Stage Name7255
Clean Sheen2105
Crash Backlash2135
Crawfish Dish2128
Crazy Daisy2105
Creature Feature2158
Dare To Prepare3134
Date Mate284
Daytime Is Playtime3177
Decline A Deadline3167
Delayed Maid2117
Delicious And Nutritious3229
Dictate A Fixed Rate4177
Did You Give The Gem To Them?7223
Did You Lie To That Guy?6183
Did You Misspell Eggshell4223
Did You Misspell Eggshell?4223
Did You Take My Steak?5173
Ditch Witch2105
Do Puffins Eat Muffins?4192
Do You Admit You Don't Have A Permit?8282
Do You Have Time To Think Of A Rhyme?9282
Do You Possess A Fancy Headdress?6272
Do You Wish We Had A Petri Dish?8242
Does Jenna Use Henna?4174
Don't Do The Crime If You Can't Do The Time10324
Don't Forget To Pack A Snack6224
Don't Mock Her Frock4164
Don't Thwart A Good Sport5204
Doornail For Sale3158
Dorm Uniform2114
Double Trouble2136
Dream Team295
Dress For Success3155
Dress To Impress3145
Drink A Soda In A Pagoda6195
Drinking Wine And Having A Good Time7308
Dryer Fire295
Ella Bella294
Even Steven2104
Even- Steven2104
Exact Pact295
Faat Bat274
Fake It Till You Make It6194
Fan Stand283
Fat Bat263
Fat Brat273
Fat Cat263
Fat Cat In A Hat5123
Fay Wray273
Faye Dunaway2114
Female Folktale2146
Fender Bender2126
Fight For Your Right4175
Fight Night2105
Fine Wine284
First Class Pass3145
Fit Brat273
Flappy Pappy2116
Flavor Saver2116
Flip-Flop Shop2128
Flower Power2116
Fly High273
Fox In Socks3103
Frail Pail295
Friday Is My Day4136
Fright Night2116
From Mild To Wild4144
Fun In The Sun4113
Fun Run263
Funny Bunny2105
Funny Money2105
Fuss And Fume In Your Room6214
Gal Pal263
Gas-Tank Prank2127
Georgie Porgie2137
Get A Head Start On Making A Flip Chart9313
Get Rid Of An Old Glove6183
Give The Cat A Pat5144
Glasgow Grotto2137
Go Ahead Make My Day5162
Go Ashore And Explore4182
Go To The Ground Crew5172
Go With The Flow4132
Good Golly Miss Molly4184
Good Night Sleep Tight4194
Good Night You Gave Me Such A Fright8294
Good Wood284
Granny Nanny2116
Greek Week295
Green Bean295
Green Tambourine2155
Grey's Anatomy Made A Fan Of Me7245
Groovy Movie2116
Ground Round2116
Gruesome Twosome2158
Guys Wearing Ties3154
Half A Pear Is Fair5154
Hanky- Panky2105
Harry Carey2105
Haste Makes Waste3155
Have A Quick Picnic4164
He Got Caught With The Ascot6232
He Has Shown Much Backbone5222
He Overcame To Go To The Hall Of Fame9292
He Said To Sell The Oil Well7222
He Was Not Swayed By The Notion Of Free Trade10362
Heart- Smart2105
Henny Penny2105
Here And There3124
Here's Some Money Honey4195
Hey Diddle Diddle The Cat And The Fiddle8333
Higglety Pigglety2168
Highways & Byways2148
Highways And Byways3178
Hiking & Biking2126
Hippy Dippy2105
Hitting A Bug With A Bat Can Cause A Big Splat11367
Hitting The Jackpot Was A Long Shot7297
Hocus- Pocus2105
Hokey Pokey2105
Holly Jolly2105
Hollywood Neighborhood2219
Holy Guacamole!2134
Honey Bunny2105
Hoodwink At A Police Precinct5258
Hop On Pop383
Hostess With The Mostess4217
Hot Shot273
Hot Spot273
Hot To Trot393
House Mouse2105
How Do You Hook A Snook?6183
How Do You Make A Homebrew6213
How Now Brown Cow?4143
How Well Do You Spell?5173
Hurly- Burly2105
Hurry Scurry2115
Hustle & Bustle2126
Hustle And Bustle3156
I Adore A New Music Score6201
I Adore A New Music Store6201
I Bought A Yacht4131
I Hate Live Bait4131
I Have To Abort The Special Report7281
I Left A Hand Drill At The Sawmill8271
I Love You Too4111
I Oppose The Show4141
I Own My Own Phone5141
I Prefer The Amature4171
I Scraped Gum Off My Shoe At The Zoo9281
I Support Getting A Passport5241
I Think I Saw Some Coleslaw6221
I Think I'll Be A Sailor On The Sea9261
I Think I'M Back From The Brink7241
I Took A Private Nook5171
I Tried To Belong All Along6221
I Work With A Jerk5141
I Would If I Could5141
I'M Happy To Loan My Phone6202
I'M The Right Height4162
Ill Will273
Imagination & Celebration22211
In It To Win It5112
In Like Flynn3112
In Spite I Will Recite5182
In The Mood For Some Food6202
Is A White Knight Always Upright?6272
Is Your Bag Of Wool Full6192
Is Your Bag Of Wool Full?6192
It Isn't Wrong To Tagalong5212
It Sent A Shock Wave Through The Cave8302
It's Not Wise To Harass The Top Brass8293
It's Okay To Take Your Pay6203
It's Wrong To Bang A Gong6193
Italian Stallion2157
Jacques Chirac2137
Jail Bail284
Jeepers Creepers2157
Jelly Belly2105
Jet Set263
Jock Sock284
Jump Over A Stump4144
Junior Senator2136
Keep A Rock In Your Sock6194
Keep In Mind What They Might Find7274
Keep The Entire Group In The Loop7274
Kind Mind284
Knick-Knack Paddywhack22010
Knitty Gritty2126
Laffy Taffy2105
Lame Dame284
Lame Name284
Large Overcharge2155
Large Surcharge2145
Late Date284
Lean & Mean284
Lean And Mean3114
Legal Eagle2105
Let's Discuss On The Bus5194
Let's Go To Idaho4134
Life Is Good In Hollywood5214
Little Tom Tucker Sings For His Supper7326
Locker Stocker2136
Loco Moco284
Look For An Open Door5174
Lots Of Sun Lots Of Fun6184
Low Blow273
Lunch Bunch2105
Macaroni & Bologna2158
Made In The Shade4144
Madonna Lives In Tijuana4217
Makeshift Gift2139
Man With A Plan4123
Maria Was Eating A Tortilla5235
Marry In Blue Lover Be True6225
Marry In Tan He'll Be A Loved Man8255
Mary Mary Quite Contrary4214
May Day263
Maybe Baby295
Meal Deal284
Meet & Greet294
Meet And Greet3124
Mellow Yellow2126
Meter Reader2115
Mice Twice294
Midnight Highlight2178
Mike And Ike3104
Miles Of Smiles3135
Missing Link Found At A Skating Rink7307
Moaning And Groaning3187
Moans & Groans2115
Moans And Groans3145
Molly Volley2115
Mop Top263
Move To The Groove4154
Must-Try Pie2107
My Claim To Fame4132
My Ding-A-Ling2112
My Dream Ended With A Loud Scream7272
My Funny Honey3122
My Gal Sal382
My Grandson Hit A Home Run6212
My Mother Is Like No Other6212
My Mother's Brother3162
My Niece From Greece4172
My Son Won382
My Spouse Wore A Beautiful Blouse6282
Name Game284
Near And Dear3114
Neat Freak294
Never Say Hi To A Bad Guy7195
New Avenue293
New Buyer Hire3123
New York City Welcoming Committee5293
Nice Price294
Night- Light2105
Night School Can Be A Good Informational Tool8385
No Fighting No Biting4182
No Muss No Fuss4122
No Pain No Gain4122
Nonstop To The Top4157
Nudge A Judge3115
Oh No I Got To Go6122
Okey Dokey294
One- Stop Shop3113
One Two Buckle My Shoe5183
Oodles Of Noodles3156
Ooey Gooey294
Ooky Spooky2104
Out And About3113
Outdoor Dance Floor3177
Overhear A Buccaneer3188
Pale Ale274
Pale Whale294
Pan Ban263
Paper Scraper2125
Paranoid Android2158
Parenting Tips For Long Road Trips6299
Party Hearty2115
Peg Leg263
Pink Ink274
Pink Sink284
Plaid Lad285
Plain Jane295
Plan Good For Manhood4184
Play A Banjo With Your Big Toe7244
Play Tray284
Play With Clay3124
Pluck A Duck3105
Plumb Crumb Cake3145
Pool Tool284
Poor Score294
Pop The Top393
Postpone To Dethrone3188
Pray Tray284
Pretty City2106
Pretty Kitty2116
Prime Bedtime2125
Prime Time295
Privacy Is Certain With A Thick Black Curtain8387
Program Exam2117
Pucker Up Buttercup3176
Put Your Ring On A String6203
Quick Kick295
Quick Lick295
Quick Pick295
Quick Picks2105
Quick Trick2105
Rail Trail294
Ralph Malph2105
Range Of Change3135
Rats & Bats284
Raw Paw263
Raw Slaw273
Razzle- Dazzle2126
Real Deal284
Red Bedspread2123
Red Shed273
Red Sled273
Red Thread293
Remnant Of A Pennant4177
Repair A Broken Bath Chair5226
Repair A Broken Chair4186
Replace An Old Bookcase4207
Reveal A Good Deal4156
Rhyme Time295
Riding & Sliding2136
Rub A Dub Dub Three Men In A Tub9243
Rub-A-Dub-Dub Three Men In A Tub62410
Same Game284
Same Name284
Sandwich Spread And A Loaf Of Bread7298
Sardines And Tangerines3218
Save Every Time You Shave5214
Say Goodnight In Broad Day Light6273
Say It's Me That You'll Adore For Now And Evermore10393
Scan A Can384
Scat Cat!274
Seal The Deal3114
Send A Blue Whale Via Airmail6244
Send A Moneygram To Birmingham5264
Seven Come Eleven3155
Shampoo A New Hairdo4177
She Gave A Retort In Traffic Court7283
She Will Carry Out Her Wrath On The Warpath9353
Shock Jock295
Shop Till You Drop4154
Shout Out285
Show Your Ticket Stub To Enter The Nightclub8374
Shy Guy263
Sidewalk Talk2128
Silk Cashewmilk2144
Silk Coconutmilk2154
Silly Billy2105
Sing-Along If You Know The Song6259
Single And Ready To Mingle5226
Sit Tight For A Fast Rewrite6233
Skip The Tip3104
Slaphappy Pappy2149
Slice And Dice3125
Slim & Trim284
Slim And Trim3114
Slim Jim274
Slime Time295
Slinking Mink2128
Slow Show284
Smaller Hauler2137
Smart Chart2105
Smoke Can Cause You To Choke6235
Snack Pack295
Snack Shack2105
Snail Mail295
Snail Trail2105
Sneak Peek295
Sneak-Peek Week2139
Snow Glow284
Snug As A Bug4104
Snug As A Bug In A Rug7164
Someday Someway2147
Something To Do In Peru5199
Space Race295
Spin It & Win It4114
Spring Fling2116
Spruce Goose2116
Stacks Of Flapjacks3176
Stage Fright In Mid-Flight4225
Stale Tale295
Stale Trail2105
Standing In The Limelight Might Cause Stage Fright8438
Star Light Star Bright First Star I See Tonight9394
Stare At A Bear4125
Start The Playoff With A Chronic Cough7325
Stash Of Cash3115
Stay And Play3114
Stay Away284
Stay For A Broadway Play5204
Steel Wheel2105
Steer Clear2105
Stop At The Chop Shop5174
Stow Dough In A Backhoe5194
Strong Thong2116
Stuck Truck2105
Study Buddy2105
Stun Gun274
Stung On My Tongue4155
Stupid Cupid2116
Sump Pump284
Sun And Fun393
Support Your Local Resort4227
Surf & Turf284
Swag Bag274
Swatch Watch2116
Sweet Mai Tais3125
Sweet Treat2105
Swiss Bliss2105
Take A Good Look At Your Guidebook7284
Take A Good Look At Your Work Guidebook8324
Take Good Care Of New Footwear6254
Take That Clothespin Off Your Chin6294
Talk Around The Clock4184
Tarzan Has A Nice Suntan5206
Teensy Weensy2126
Teensy- Weensy2126
The Air Over There4153
The Armadillo Slept On A Pillow6263
The Bookstore Next Door4203
The Breeze Whistling Through The Trees6333
The Butcher The Baker In The Candlestick-Maker7393
The Carpet Pad They Had Was Not Bad8283
The Door In The Floor5173
The Dream Team3123
The Elf On The Shelf5163
The Groom Felt Overwhelming Doom5283
The Human Mind Can Be Very Kind7253
The Interview Felt Like Deja Vu6263
The Knave Of Hearts He Stole The Tarts8313
The Life Of A New Wife6173
The Look Of A Crook5153
The Man With A Plan5153
The Man With The Plan5173
The Monster Mash Was A Number-One Smash7323
The Name Of The Game5163
The Need For Speed4153
The Pop Fly Went High In The Sky8253
The Queen Of Hearts Made Some Tarts7293
The Queen Of Hearts She Made Some Tarts8323
The Rain In Spain4143
The Real Deal3113
The Rookie Bookie Ate A Cookies6263
The Saga Of Lady Gaga5173
The Script Was Ripped4183
The Septic Tank Accidentally Sank5293
The Strain Of Joint Pain5203
The Sum Of Net Income5173
The Tank Septic Accidentally Sank5293
The Upkeep Is Dirt-Cheap4203
There Is A Frog On My Hot Dog!8225
There's A Mouse In My House!6216
Thin Edge Of The Wedge5184
Think Pink295
Third Herd295
This Is My Godson Dawson5204
This Sing-Along Is All Wrong5234
This Time I'll Eat A Lime6194
Thrills & Chills2137
Thrills & Frills2137
Thrills & Spills2137
Thrills And Frills3167
Thrills Chills & Spills3197
Thump & Bump295
Toasts To The Hosts4166
Tonight Is The Night4177
Top Crop273
Top Crow273
Tough Enough2115
Tough Stuff2105
Train Your Brain3145
Trick Brick2105
True Blue Baby I Love You6204
True Zoo274
Trump Slump2105
Try Before You Buy4153
Turkey Jerky2116
Turn Right At The Light5194
Turn That Frown Upside Down5234
Tutti Frutti2115
Twice As Nice3115
Two Doves In Love4143
Unclad Comrade2136
Unique Boutique2146
Unite Without Spite3175
United We Stand Divided We Fall6266
Unknown Time Zone3157
Update The Mandate3166
Use A Cow To Help Plow6173
Use It Or Lose It5133
Vacation Destination2198
View-Through Rate21511
Walking And Talking3177
Wavy Gravy294
We Put Up His Bail So He Could Get Out Of Jail12352
We Took You To The Zoo6172
We're Back On Track4154
Weak Leak284
Wear And Tear3114
Well Begun Is Half Done5194
Well-Known Baritone2179
Whale Of A Tale4125
What Did You Do At The Zoo?7204
What I Ate Was Great5164
What's Hot What's Not4165
What's The Lifespan Of A Pecan6245
Whats Hot Whats Not4165
Wheeling And Dealing3188
When The Music Starts To Play Sway7284
White Knight2115
White Night-Light2155
Wide Slide294
Wild Child294
Win A Gizmo On A Game Show7203
Wine & Dine284
Wine And Dine3114
Wise Guys284
Witch Switch2115
Withstood Childhood2189
Witty Committee2145
Witty Committtee2155
Wooly Bully2105
Work Perk284
Write A Mandatory Short Story5255
Yellow Jell-O2116
Yellow Marshmallow2176
Yertle The Turtle3156
Yes No Maybe So4123
You Made The Grade4153
You Snooze You Lose4163
You Too!263
You'll Never Regret Adopting A Pet6285
You're Not Too Shy To Tell A Lie8245
Yule Mule284
Zip Your Lip3103
Zoo Crew273
Zoot Suit284
Zucchini Fettuccine2188

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