Same Letter

This answer page contains the Wheel of Fortune cheat database for the category Same Letter.

Same LetterNumber
Total Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Amazing Antique Accounts3227
Amazing Art Activities3207
Awesome Architecture & Artwork3267
Backyard Barbeque Bash3208
Beautiful Blooming Begonias3259
Beautiful Blooming Bulbs3229
Best Beauty Buys3144
Black Buckle Boots3165
Blue Baby Booties3154
Bright Blooming Begonias3226
Brown Butterfly2145
Bubble Bath Bombs3156
Chewy Cherry Candy3165
Chewy Chocolate Churros3215
Chocolate Chiffon Cake3209
Cleaned Ceramic Crocks3207
Colorful Card Collage3198
Constantly Changing Channels32610
Cowboy Culture2136
Craft Cabinet2125
Creamy Cheddar Cheese3196
Creative Contemporary Crafts3268
Crisp Crunch Carrots3185
Crisp Crunchy Carrots3195
Crispy Crunchy Chickpeas3226
Crunchy Coconut Chips3197
Cult-Classic Comedies21911
Decadent Delicious Dessert3248
Delicious Decadent Dining3239
Disposable Dirty Diapers32210
Fabulous Famous Festival3228
Familiar Faces2138
Fantastic Fruity Fusions3229
Fluffy Fruit Flavored Frosting4276
Fluttering Flapping Flag32210
Footwear Fads2128
Forest-Floor Foragers21911
Friendly Faces2138
Fun Feisty Festivals3183
Fun Flavorful Food3163
Fun Footwear2113
Geese Grouse & Gulls3165
Handy Helpful Handbook3205
Hawks Horses & Hounds3175
Hot Ham & Hotcakes3143
Incredible Idyllic Islands32410
Intelligent Industry Insider32611
Laughing Locals Lounging3228
Long Lengthy Lectures3194
Long-Lost Love2128
Lovely Lush Lashes3166
Lovely Luxurious Lifestyle3246
Lovely Luxurious Locales3226
Lush Legendary Landscapes3234
Mad Money283
Magnificent Mixed Media32111
Many Memorable Moments3204
Marvelous Marine Mysteries3249
Marvelous Merry Melodies3229
Nice New Notebooks3164
Parsley & Corn Flakes3177
Party Pumps2105
Peaceful Pond2128
Perfect Patterned Plates3227
Perfect Peach Pie3157
Perfect Penne Pasta3177
Perfect Puff Pastry3177
Perfectly Pretty Picnic3219
Plump Perfect Plums3175
Plump Pickled Peppers3195
Popular Pizza Parlor3187
Porcelain Plaques2169
Previously Purchased Produce32610
Private Plunge Pool3177
Professional Ping-Pong Player32612
Purple Paisley Pajamas3206
Rare Relics2104
Rest Relax Refresh Rejuvenate4264
Revolving Rooftop Restaurant3269
River Rocks2105
Salty Smoked Sausage3185
Sensational Submarine Sandwich32811
Sensational Seasonal Snacks32511
Sensational Stage Shows32111
Silly Shenanigans2165
Spaghetti Squash Stromboli3249
Spectacular Sunlit Suite32211
Spicy Seafood Soup3165
Stainless-Steel Spaghetti Strainer33114
Stocking Stuffers2168
Strange Scary Stories3197
Strikes Spares Splits3197
Telegraph Telephone Television3289
Topaz Tanzanite & Turquoise3235
Touchtone Phone2149
Twisty Turning Track3186
Winter Wonderland2166
Wonder Winter Woollies3206
Wonderful Warm Weather3209

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