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Same LetterNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Affection Adorable & Admirer3249
Amazing Antique Accents3217
Amazing Aquatic Animals3217
Amazing Art Activities3207
Applause Attractions & Audience3278
Armadillos Anteaters & Anacondas32810
Asteroids Astronomers & Astronauts3309
Attractive Antique Armchair32510
Attractive Antique Armchairs32610
Awesome Architecture & Artwork3267
Awesome Artistic Ability3227
Awesome Aussie Animals3207
Awesome Austin Animals3207
Backyard Barbecue Bash3208
Balloon Bows & Babies3177
Balloons Banners & Bicycles3238
Barbecued Baked Beans3199
Bark Beetle2104
Basic Bread Bowl3145
Basic Bread Bowls3155
Bats Bobcats & Bears3164
Beautiful Baby's Breath Bouquet4289
Beautiful Beach Bicycle3219
Beautiful Birthday Bash3219
Beautiful Blooming Begonias3259
Beautiful Blooming Bulbs3229
Beautiful Blushing Bride3229
Beautiful Bouncing Baby Boys4259
Beautiful Boutique Bistro3239
Best Beauty Buys3144
Big Beautiful Backyard3203
Big Beef Burrito3143
Big Belt Buckle3133
Big Buff Bodyguards3173
Big Buffed Bodyguards3193
Birds Baskets & Bunnies3195
Birds Baskets And Bunnies4225
Birds Bears & Belugas3175
Birthdays Balloons & Bashes3239
Birthdays Balloons And Bashes4269
Birthstone Bangle Bracelet32410
Black Buckle Boots3165
Blooming Blossoming Bulbs3238
Blue Baby Booties3154
Bogeys & Birdies2136
Bouquets Bonnets & Baskets3228
Bouquets Bonnets And Baskets4258
Bread Butter & Biscuits3195
Bright Blooming Begonias3226
Broken Baseball Bat3176
Bronze Belt Buckle3166
Broomsticks Bats & Beasts32111
Brown Butterfly2145
Bubble Bath Bombs3156
Bugs Beetles & Butterflies3224
Bunters Batters & Baseball Bats4267
Buttercups, Bluebonnets, And Baby's Breath53611
Cakes Cookies & Cupcakes3205
Cakes Cookies And Cupcakes4235
Cakes Cookies Cupcakes3205
Cakes Cookies& Cupcakes3205
Campsites Canoes & Cabins3219
Candles Candy & Cards3177
Candles Cards & Cake3167
Candles Celebration & Chocolate3277
Candles Celebration And Chocolate4307
Candles Crows & Costumes3207
Candy Canes Cocoa & Chocolate4245
Candy Canes Cocoa & Chocolates4255
Candy Corn & Cotton Candy4205
Candy Corn And Cotton Candy5235
Candy Cupid & Cookies3175
Caramel Chocolate & Candy3217
Carefully Cutting Chicken Chunks4299
Carnations Cherubs & Courtship32610
Carnivals Candy & Costumes3229
Carnivals, Candy & Costumes32210
Carrots Candy & Cottontail3227
Carrots Candy & Cottontails3237
Castles Crows & Costumes3207
Cattle Crows & Chicks3176
Cattle, Crows & Chicks3177
Celebrity Chef's Culinary Creations4329
Charm Chocolate & Cupid3195
Cheerful Christmas Carolers3258
Chewy Candy Corn3145
Chewy Cherry Candy3165
Chewy Chocolate Candies3215
Chewy Chocolate Candy3195
Chewy Chocolate Chunks3205
Chewy Chocolate Churros3215
Chewy Chocolate Cookie3205
Children Chicks & Chocolate3238
Chilled Champagne Cocktails3257
Chocolate Chiffon Cake3209
Cinnamon Coffeecake2188
Cities Countries & Continents3256
Classic Country Crooner3217
Cleaned Ceramic Crocks3207
Colorful Card Collage3198
Colorful Cauliflower Coral3248
Commemorative Coin Collection32713
Committed Considerate & Caring3269
Confetti Candy & Cookies3208
Constantly Changing Channels32610
Cool Concept Car3144
Cool Creative Cocktails3214
Cowboy Culture2136
Craft Cabinet2125
Cramped Office Cubicle3207
Crazy Clever Costumes3195
Creamy Cheddar Cheese3196
Creamy Clam Chowder3176
Creative Candle Centerpiece3258
Creative Car Commercial3218
Creative Catering Company3238
Creative Challenges2188
Creative Contemporary Crafts3268
Creative Couples' Costumes3248
Creative Craft Cocktail3218
Creature Comforts2168
Creepy Crawlers2146
Creepy Crawly Creatures3216
Crisp Clear & Cold3145
Crisp Crab Cakes3145
Crisp Crunch Carrots3185
Crisp Crunchy Carrots3195
Crispy Crunchy Carrots3206
Crispy Crunchy Chickpeas3226
Crowded Comedy Club3177
Crunchy Cherry Candy3187
Crunchy Coconut Chips3197
Cuddles Couples & Courtship3237
Cult-Classic Comedies21911
Cupid Chocolate & Cherubs3215
Curries Candy & Cottontail3227
Cute Cuddly Cats3144
Cute Cuddly Creatures3194
Cutesy Conversation Candy3236
Darling Dear & Dates3167
Dazzling Decorations & Dessert3268
Dazzling Decorations & Desserts3278
Dazzling Decorations Dessert3268
Decadent & Delicious Desserts3258
Decadent Delicious Dessert3248
Delectable Delicious Desserts32710
Delicious Dairy Deserts3219
Delicious Dairy Dessert3219
Delicious Dairy Desserts3229
Delicious Decadent Desserts3259
Delicious Decadent Dining3239
Delicious Dessert Dips3209
Delightful Decadent Desserts32610
Delightful Decorative Designs32710
Detailed Driving Directions3258
Devils Deamons And Darkness4246
Devils Demons & Darkness3206
Devils Demons Darkness3206
Disposable Diapers21710
Disposable Dirty Diapers32210
Doves ,Dates, & Devotion3185
Doves Dates & Devotion3185
Doves Dates & Devotions3195
Eggs Eclairs & Eggplants3204
Energy Endurance & Exercise3236
Fabulous Famous Faces3198
Fabulous Famous Festival3228
Fabulous Filbert Farm3198
Fabulous Finger Foods3198
Fairgrounds Festivals & Fire-Eaters33011
Fairs Festivals & Feasts3205
Familiar Faces2138
Families Fathers & Faith3208
Family Flowers & Frills3196
Family, Fathers & Faith3187
Family-Friendly Festivals22314
Fantastic Finger Foods3209
Fantastic Foreign Film3209
Fantastic Foreign Food3209
Fantastic Fruity Fusions3229
Fantastic Fun Future3189
Fantasy Folklore & Fables3217
February Feelings & Flirting3248
February Feelings And Flirting4278
Fiancee, Flirting, Friendship3258
Flirting Flowers & Friendship3258
Fluffy Fruit Flavored Frosting4276
Fluffy Fruit-Flavored Frosting3276
Fluttering Flapping Flag32210
Food Festival Feast3174
Food Fuel & Fat3114
Football Friends & Feasts3218
Footwear Fads2128
Forest Floor Foragers3196
Forest-Floor Foragers21911
Fragrant Fresh Flowers3208
Freckled Face2128
Friendly Facebook Followers3258
Friendly Faces2138
Frozen French Fries3176
Frozen Frostbitten Fingertips3276
Fun Family Festivities3203
Fun Feisty Festivals3183
Fun Film Festival3153
Fun Flavorful Food3163
Fun Flavorful Foods3173
Fun Footwear2113
Games Gifts & Goodies3175
Games Gifts And Goodies4205
Games Gold & Goals3145
Games, Gifts & Goodies3176
Gaps Gulfs & Gorges3154
Geese Grouse & Gulls3165
Geese, Grouse & Gulls3166
Generous Grant2138
Getting Good Grades3177
Ghost Goblins & Ghouls3185
Ghosts Ghouls & Goblins3196
Ghosts Goblins & Ghouls3196
Ghosts Goblins & Gremlins3216
Ghosts Goblins And Ghouls4226
Ghouls Ghosts & Goblins3196
Good Gift Givers3144
Gravy Boat Captain3165
Great Golf Getaway3165
Great Grilling Game3175
Green & Tom Thumb3135
Growing Green Grass3177
Hair-Raising Haunted Hayride32511
Handsome Honey & Hugs3178
Handy Helpful Handbook3205
Happy Heartfelt Hugs3185
Hawks Horses & Hounds3175
Hearts Happiness & Hugs3196
Hearts Holiday & Hugs3176
Helpful Housekeeping Handbook3277
Helping Hand2117
Holistc Healing2147
Holistic Healing2158
Honey Ham & Hotcakes3165
Hot Ham & Hotcakes3143
Incredible Idyllic Islands32410
Innovative Interesting Ideas32610
Intelligent Idealistic Inventors33011
Intelligent Industry Insider32611
Jean & Joel Grey3124
Jeans Jumpers & Jerseys3195
Jovial Jester2126
Joy Jumping & Judo3143
Lace Lockets & Love3154
Ladybugs Lambs & Lightning3228
Ladybugs, Lambs, & Lightning3229
Laughing Locals Lounging3228
Laughter Life & Liberty3198
Laughter Love & Leftovers3218
Leadership Life & Liberty32110
Limericks Leprechauns & Luck3249
Linage, Love & Loyalty3177
Lineage Love & Loyalty3187
Live Love Laugh3134
Long Lengthy Lectures3194
Long Lost Love3124
Long-Lost Love2128
Loud Laughter2124
Lovely Leading Lady3176
Lovely Lush Lashes3166
Lovely Luxurious Lifestyle3246
Lovely Luxurious Linens3216
Lovely Luxurious Locales3226
Lush Legendary Landscapes3234
Macaws Monkeys & Marmosets3226
Macaws, Monkeys & Marmosets3227
Mad Money283
Magic Music & Merry-Go-Rounds3235
Magic Music & Mery-Go-Rounds3225
Magnificent Marine Mammals32411
Magnificent Mixed Media32111
Magnificent Muses & Monsters32411
Making Magical Memories3216
Making Monopoly Money3196
Mandatory Monday-Morning Meeting3299
Many Memorable Moments3204
Marvelous Marine Mysteries3249
Marvelous Merry Melodies3229
Masquerade Magic & Moonlight32410
Mayflower Maize & Massachusetts3279
Mighty Magnificent Meal3216
Monday Morning Meeting3206
Monorail Motorboats & Minivans3268
Mooches Soulmates & Sweethearts3277
Moon Mist & Monsters3164
Moon Mist Monsters3164
Mystical Magical Memories3238
Nice New Notebooks3164
October Orange & Owls3177
October Oranges & Owls3187
October, Orange & Owls3178
Palms Pineapples & Paradise3235
Parades Performers & Popcorn3247
Parades Performers Popcorn3247
Parades Picnics Parties3217
Parsley & Corn Flakes3177
Parties Partners & Poems3207
Parties, Partners & Poems3208
Party Pumps2105
Peaceful Pond2128
Pens Pencils & Paints3174
Pepperoni Pineapple Pizza3239
Perfect Party Playlist3207
Perfect Patterned Plates3227
Perfect Peach Pie3157
Perfect Penne Pasta3177
Perfect Pet Puppy3157
Perfect Pickled Peppers3217
Perfect Puff Pastry3177
Perfect Pumpkin Pie3177
Perfectly Poached Pears3219
Perfectly Preserved Paradise3269
Perfectly Pretty Picnic3219
Pizza Popcorn & Peanuts3195
Pizza Popcorn & Pizza3175
Player Piano2116
Playful Poke2117
Pleasing Poetry2148
Plump Perfect Plums3175
Plump Pickled Peppers3195
Poems Parties & Partners3205
Poems Parties And Partners4235
Poems Promises & Proposals3225
Poems Promises & Propsals3215
Pool Party Potluck3164
Popular Pizza Parlor3187
Popular Pizza Places3187
Popular Pork Pot Stickers4227
Popular Pumpkin Patch3197
Porcelain Plaques2169
Pranks Pumpkins & Pitchforks3246
Pranks, Pumpkins & Pitchforks3247
Precious Patriotic Places3238
Presents Pinata & Pizza3198
Presents Pinatas & Pizza3208
Presents Piñatas & Pizza3208
Presents, Pinatas & Pizza3209
Presidential & Navy Seal32012
Pretty Pearls2126
Pretty Peony Prints3176
Pretty Perennial Plants3216
Pretty Proud Peacocks3196
Pretty Pumpkin Patch3186
Previously Purchased Produce32610
Private Plunge Pool3177
Professinal Ping Pong Player42511
Professional Party Planner32412
Professional Ping-Pong Player32612
Pumpkin Potatoes & Plums3207
Pumpkins Potatoes & Plums3218
Purple Paisley Pajamas3206
Rabbits Rainbows & Raincoats3247
Rabbits Raincoats & Rainbows3247
Racoons Rabbits & Reindeer3227
Rare Relics2104
Reflecting Rejoicing Relaxing32710
Rejoicing Reflecting & Relaxing3279
Rejoicing Reflecting Relaxing3279
Relationships Relatives & Reunions33013
Rest Relax Refresh Rejuvenate4264
Return Receipt Requested3226
Revolving Rooftop Restaurant3269
River Rocks2105
Roots Rock & Reggae3155
Rugby Racing Running3185
Safe Storage Space3164
Sailing Shuffleboard & Skeet Shooting4327
Salted Sunflower Seeds3206
Salty Smoked Sausage3185
Sauteed Scallops & Steamed Shrimp4287
Scarecrows Skeletons & Skulls32510
Scary & Spooky Superstitions3245
Scary And Spooky Superstitutions4295
Scrumptious Seafood Stew32211
Scrumptious Succulent Strawberries33211
Seals Somersaults & Stilts3225
Seasonal Submarine Sandwiched3278
Seasonings Salads & Squash32210
Seasonings, Salads & Squash32211
Security System2148
Sensational Submarine Sandwich32811
Sensational Seasonal Snacks32511
Sensational Sectional Sofa32411
Sensational Stage Shows32111
Sensational Stocking Stuffers32711
Sensational Submarine Sandwich32811
Serenading Smooching & Snuggling32810
Serenading, Smooching & Snuggling32811
Shorts Sandals & Swimsuits3226
Silky-Soft Satin Sheets3209
Silly Shenanigans2165
Silly Stocking Stuffers3215
Simple Stocking Stuffers3226
Sincere & Strong2137
Sleek Slick & Snazzy3165
Sliced Spicy Sausage3186
Smooches Snuggles & Soulmates3258
Smooches Soulmates & Sweethearts3288
Snow White Sale3134
Spaghetti Squash Stromboli3249
Spectacular Snowy Season32211
Spectacular Sunlit Suite32211
Spells Spirits & Superstition3256
Spicy Seafood Soup3165
Spicy Seafood Stew3165
Spiders Specters & Spirits3227
Sports & Candy Bar3146
Spring Sprout & Sunshine3206
Spring Sprouts & Sunshine3216
Spring Sprouts And Sunshine4246
Squash Surfing & Swimming3216
Stainless Steel Spaghetti Strainer4319
Stainless-Steel Spaghetti Strainer33114
Stars Stripes & States3185
Star-Studded Spectacular22211
Sticky Silky Spiderweb3206
Stocking Stuffers2168
Strange Scary Stories3197
Strikes Spares & Splits3197
Striking Seaside Stroll3218
Strong Sorority Sisters3216
Stylish Strappy Sandals3217
Succotash Squash & Sage3199
Sun Soaked Surfers3163
Sun Surf & Sand3113
Sun-Soaked Surfers2169
Sweet Strawberry Sangria3225
Sweet Strawberry Sorbet3215
Sword-Swallowers Strongmen & Spectators33415
Table Tennis Tournament3215
Tasty Tantalizing Treats3225
Tasty Turkey Tacos3165
Tasty Turkey Tenderloins3225
Teeny-Tiny Tadpoles2179
Telegraph Telephone & Television3289
Telegraph Telephone Television3289
Telling Tall Tales3167
Terrific Taco Truck3178
Terrific Tasty Tiramisu3218
Terrific Thanksgiving Traditions3308
Terrific Top Trends3178
Terrific Towering Trees3218
Terrific Travel Tote3188
Through Thick & Thin3167
Tigers Tents & Tricks3176
Tinsel Traditions & Trees3216
Tiny Twig284
Topaz Tanzanite & Turquoise3235
Touchtone Phone2149
Touchtone Telephone2189
Trampolines Trapezes & Trainers32711
Twelve Bowling Pins3176
Twisty Turning Track3186
Typewriter & Hair Ribbon32010
Warlocks Witches & Wizards3228
Warm Winter Wrap3144
Webs Werevolves & Witches3214
Webs Werewolves & Witches3214
Weights Winning & Wisdom3207
Windy White Wintertime3205
Windy Winter Weather3185
Winter Wonderland2166
Wizards Wigs & Wands3167
Wonder Winter Woollies3206
Wonderful Warm Weather3209
Wonderful Warm Woolens3209
Wonderful Winter Woollies3239
Wonderful Winter Wreath3219

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Same Letter — 1,166 Comments

  1. Remove entry
    Same Letter
    Devils Demons Darkness
    Missing punctuation [&]

    Correctly listed as:
    Devils Demons & Darkness

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