Show Biz

This answer page contains the Wheel of Fortune cheat database for the category Show Biz.

Show BizNumber
Total Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
A Movie The Entire Family Can See7271
Academy Awards2137
Acting Lessons2136
Action-Packed Movie21712
Aisha Tyler Stars In Archer5235
Al Pacino Stars In Scarface5232
Alpine New Wave3136
Amazing Show2117
Amazing Sound Effects3197
American Idol Judges3188
Amy Poehler Stars In Sisters5243
And The Award Goes To5173
Animated Movies2148
Animated Series2148
Aspiring Comedians2178
Award-Winning Filmmaker22112
Award-Winning Screenplay22212
Banjo Player2115
Beach Movies2115
Beloved Game Show3157
Best Picture Oscar3164
Best- Selling Album3164
Best-Dressed List21511
Best-Picture Winner21711
Bette Davis Movies3165
Big-Budget Blockbuster2209
Box-Office Smash2149
Box-Office Smash Hit3179
Break A Leg395
Breakout Role2128
Broadway Debut2138
Broadway Musical2158
Broadway Musicals2168
Broadway Play2128
Bruce Wills Stars In Die Hard6245
Bud Abbott & Lou Costello4203
Cameo Appearance2155
Camera Slate2116
Cameras Rolling2147
Canned Laughter2146
Casting Director2157
Catchy Calypso Beat3176
Celebrity Biography2189
Celebrity Cameo2149
Celebrity Cast2139
Celebrity Magazines2189
Celebrity Photo Shoot3199
Charlton Heston Stars In Ben-Hur5278
Cher Stars In Mask4154
Cher Stars In Moonstruck4214
Child Stars2105
Children's Programs21810
Circus Acts2106
Classic Adventure Movies3227
Classic Comedy Routines3217
Classic Looney Tunes Cartoons4267
Clive Owen Stars In The International6325
Colin Farrell Stars In Miami Vice6285
Comedians & Actors2159
Comedians & Composers2189
Comedic Actor2127
Comedic Impersonator2197
Comedic Legend2137
Comedic Movies2137
Comedy Duo296
Comedy Festival2146
Comedy Of Manners3156
Comedy Routine2136
Comedy Series2126
Comic Pratfall2135
Command Performance2187
Country Music2127
Country Music Awards Show4227
Cover Band295
Daytime Dramas2137
Debut Album2105
Debut Albums2115
Debut Solo Album3145
Dectective Dramas21610
Digitally Remastered2199
Directing A Play3149
Directors & Producers2189
Director's Cut2129
Dominic West Stars In The Wire6257
Dream Sequence2135
Dress Rehearsal2145
Dvd Bonus Features3163
Effective Movie Background Music4299
Elvis Presley And Ann Margret5255
Emmy Awards2104
Entertainment Industry22113
Eye-Popping Movie Preview32210
Fall Premiere2124
Fall Television Schedule3224
Famous Actor2116
Famous Actresses2156
Famous Illusionist2176
Famous Matinee Idol3176
Famous Model2116
Famous Movie2116
Famous Musical Stars3186
Famous Singer2126
Fan-Favorite Television Series Episodes43511
Film Screenings2144
Film Series2104
Filmmaking Genius21610
First James Bond Movie4195
Food Documentaries2174
Funny Opening Line3165
Gaffes & Bloopers2146
Game Shows294
Gene Hackman Stars In The French Connection7374
Geoffrey Rush Stars In The King's Speech7348
Geoffrey Stars In The King's Speech6308
Golden Globe Winners3186
Grammy Winners2136
Great Performance2165
Gregory Peck Stars In The Omen6257
Gregory Peck Stars In To Kill A Mockingbird8367
Hans & Franz Here To Pump You Up7244
Hip-Hop Music2116
Historical Documentary22110
Hit Television Series Glee4233
Hit Television Show3173
Holly Hunter Stars In Saving Grace6295
Hollywood Gossip2159
Hollywood Power Agent3199
Hollywood Royalty2169
Hollywood Scandals2179
Hollywood Stuntman2179
Hollywood's Golden Age32011
Horror Classics2146
Horror Film Director Wes Craven5276
Horror-Film Legend Boris Karloff42810
Hugh Jackman Stars In The Wolverine6304
Independent Films21611
James Dean Stars In Giant5215
James Dean Stars In Rebel Without A Cause8345
Jaws Sequels2114
Jazz-Rock Fusion2148
Jennifer Aniston Stars In Friends5298
Jennifer Aniston Stars In Mother's Day6338
John & Lionel Barrymore3194
John Wayne Movies3154
Johnny Depp As Captain Jack Sparrow6306
Jon Favreau Stars In Chef5213
Kate Hudson Stars In Almost Famous6294
Katie Holmes Stars In Batman Begins6305
Kelsey Grammer Stars In Boss5246
Keri Russell Stars In The Americans6304
Kevin Costner Stars In Criminal5275
Lady Gaga Sings The National Anthem6304
Larry David As Bernie Sanders5255
Las Vegas Stage Show4173
Late-Night Television2199
Lead Actor And Actress4194
Lead Vocals2104
Leading Lady2117
Leading Man2107
Legendary Comediennes2209
Legendary Musical Artists3239
Legendary Musician2179
Leonardo Dicaprio Stars In Body Of Lies7338
Life Theater2114
Lights Camera Action3186
Live Broadcast2134
Live Theater2114
Live-Action Disney Movies32210
Lively Entertainment2196
Long Running Musical3184
Long-Running Series21711
Looney Tunes And Merrie Melodies5286
Loud Live Music3134
Lounge Acts2106
Lovely Bond Girls3156
Made-For-Tv Movie2149
Media Blitz2105
Media Hype295
Memorable Episodes Of The Twilight Zone6349
Memorable Television Specials3279
Michael Caine Stars In The Ipcress File7337
Mixed Reviews2125
Molly Ringwald Stars In Sixteen Candles6345
Movie Director2135
Movie Previews2135
Movie Screening2145
Movie Script2115
Movie Soundtrack2155
Movie Trailer2125
Muppet Movies2126
Music Mogul2105
Music Photographer2175
Music Supervisor2155
Musical Guest2127
Musical Icons2127
Mystery Dinner Theater3207
Never-Before Seen Footage32211
New Year's Celebraton Film4233
Nightclub Act2129
Now Playing At A Theater Near You7273
Old Black-And-White Movies3223
One-Act Play2106
Onscreen Chemistry2178
Open Audition2124
Open Casting Call3154
Opening Night Jitters3197
Original Screenplay2188
Orson Welles Stars In The Third Man7295
Oscar Winner2115
Oscar-Winning Musical Score32412
Outtakes And Bloopers3198
Peter Fonda Stars In Easr Rider6265
Platinum Records2158
Police Drama2116
Political Shows2149
Pop Icon273
Pop Music283
Pop Singers2103
Pop Star273
Pop Stars283
Popular Cooking Shows3197
Premiere Performance2198
Prime Time Emmy Awards4195
Prince Stars In Purple Rain5236
Puppet Show2106
Puppet Theater2136
Quiet On The Set4135
Radio Jingle2115
Radio Show295
Rambo Movies2115
Rave Review2104
Record Contract2146
Record Deal2106
Recurring Character2189
Rembrant Square Dance3198
Rhythm & Blues2116
Rhythm Guitar2126
Robert Pattinson Stars In Twilight5306
Rock Group294
Rock Hudson And Doris Day Movies6274
Rock On: Piano Rock4154
Romantic Comedy2148
Running Gag2107
Running Time Of The Movie5217
Russell Crowe Stars In Gladiator5287
Russell Snow Stars In Gladiators5287
Sandra Bullock Stars In The Blind Side7326
Saturday Morning Cartoons3238
Saturday Night Live Comedy Sketch5298
Science-Fiction Movies22014
Sci-Fi Movies With Cult Followings5295
Screwball Comedies2179
Screwball Madcap Chase Scene4259
Season Premiere2146
Secret Superstar2156
Series Finale2126
Series Premiere2146
Sesame Street Premieres3216
Shooting On Location3188
Shooting Script2148
Short Films2105
Showcase Performance2198
Sight Gag285
Silent Film2106
Silent Movies2126
Singing A Duet3127
Sketch Comedy2126
Slapstick Comedies2179
Slapstick Comedy2159
Smooth Jazz2106
Sold-Out Performance2187
Solo Artist2104
Sound Effects2125
Sound Engineer2135
Special Effects2147
Special Guest Appearance3227
Standing Ovation2158
Star Of Stage Screen & Television5274
Star-Studded Affair21711
Star-Studded Event21611
Star-Studded Grammy Awards Show42711
Star-Studded Movie Premiere32411
Station Break2127
Stellar Performance2187
Straight To  Dvd4138
Streaming Movies2159
Studio Recording2156
Stunt Double2115
Sundance Film Festival3208
Superstar Couples2169
Supporting Cast21410
Talented Actor2138
Talented Cast Members3198
Talented Cover Bands3188
Teen Comedies2124
Teen Heartthrob2144
Teen Idols294
Television Commercial22010
Television Director21810
Television Show Theme Song42310
Tell-All Actor Memoirs3197
The American Music Awards4223
The Cast Of The Movie5173
The Final Curtain3153
The Godzilla Franchise3203
The League293
The Musical Chicago3173
The New Season Of Television5243
The Rockettes2123
The Show Must Go On5153
The Shower Scene In Psycho5223
The Simpsons Premier3183
The Tony Award3123
Theater Actors2137
Theater Opera & Dance3177
Tom Cruise Stars In Minority Report6303
Tonight's Show Was Brought To You By7298
Top Ten Songs Of The Year6203
Top-Rated Syndicated Series3248
Traditional Country Music32311
Trapeze Act2107
Tv Detective2112
Tv Host262
Tv Judge272
Tv Spinoff292
Uptempo Jazz2117
Vin Diesel Stars In Xxx5193
Walt Disney Cartoons3184
What To Watch3114
Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle4205
Who Wore It Best?4143
Will Smith Stars In Hitch5214
Will Smith Stars In Independence Day6314
Will Smith Stars In Men In Black7264
Woody Allen Movies3165
World Broadcast Premiere3225
World Famous Celebrity Couple4265
Worldwide Smash-Hit Musical3249
Written & Directed By3177
Zombie Movies2126

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