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PhraseNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
A Bad Scene391
A Bargain At Half The Price6221
A Bargain Hunter's Dream4201
A Beach For Every Day Of The Year8261
A Beautiful Bouquet Of Red Roses For You8331
A Beautiful Bouquet Of Red Roses For You!8331
A Bigger Bang For Your Buck6221
A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush11331
A Bitter Pill To Swallow5201
A Blending Of Cultures4191
A Blessing In Disguise4191
A Bright Future3131
A Car A Man A Maraca6151
A Career That Spanned Generations5291
A Case Of The Blahs5151
A Cast Of Thousands4161
A Cheap Shot3101
A Chip Off The Old Block6191
A Chip On Your Shoulder5191
A Chunk Of Change4141
A City Full Of Art & History6211
A City Full Of Possibilities5241
A City Rich In History5181
A Class Act391
A Clean Sweep3111
A Cut Above391
A Cut Above The Rest5161
A Day Late & A Dollar Short6201
A Day Late And A Dollar Short7231
A Diamond In The Rough5181
A Dime A Dozen4111
A Drop In The Bucket5161
A Fabulous Day For A Game6201
A Fair Value3101
A Fate Worse Than Death5191
A Feast Fit For A King6171
A Feast For The Eyes5161
A Feast For The Senses5181
A Feather In My Cap5151
A Feather In One's Cap5171
A Few Laughs3101
A First Time For Everything5231
A Fish Out Of Water5151
A Foot In The Door5141
A Fresh Pair Of Eyes5161
A Fresh Take3101
A Friendly Piece Of Advice5221
A Game Of Cat – And – Mouse8181
A Game Of Cat And Mouse6181
A Game Of Cat-And-Mouse4181
A Girl In Every Port5161
A Glimpse Into The Future5211
A Glimpse Into The Past5191
A Good Fit381
A Good Neighbor A Found Treasure6271
A Great Buy391
A Great Day For A Hike6171
A Great Love Of Literature5221
A Great Place To Unwind5191
A Happy Medium3121
A Hard Day's Work4131
A Head Start3101
A Hint Of Class4121
A Hop Skip & A Jump5131
A Hop Skip & Jump4121
A Hop Skip And A Jump From New York City10311
A Kid At Heart4111
A Kodak Moment3121
A Labor Of Love4121
A Legend In His Own Mind6191
A Leopard Can Not Change It's Spots7281
A Likely Story3121
A Little Bird Told Me5171
A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That11351
A Little Friendly Competition4261
A Little Slice Of Paradise5221
A Lot On Your Plate5151
A Man After My Own Heart6191
A Match Made In Heaven5181
A Matter Of Trust4141
A Meal Fit For A King6161
A Meal In Itself4131
A Mile A Minute4121
A Million Dollar Smile4191
A Million-Dollar Smile3191
A Miss Is As Good As A Mile8201
A Mix Of Current And Traditional Trends7331
A Mixed Bag391
A Modern Twist On Classic Fashion6281
A Modern Twist On Classic Fashions6291
A Month Of Sundays4151
A Mother Knows3121
A Mother's Work Is Never Done6231
A Mothers Love3121
A New Lease On Life5151
A New Twist391
A Nice Change Of Pace5171
A Nice Chunk Of Change5181
A Nose For News4121
A No-Win Situation Comedy4211
A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity6271
A Paradise For Adventurers4231
A Pat On The Back5131
A Pause In The Action5171
A Penny For Your Thoughts5211
A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned7251
A Perfect Fit3111
A Perfect Getaway For Outdoor Enthusiasts6361
A Perfect Trip For Two5181
A Pet Is A Member Of The Family8241
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words7291
A Pictures Worth A Thousand Words6281
A Piece Of Cake4121
A Piece Of The Action5171
A Playground For Nature Lovers5261
A Playground For Outdoor Enthusiasts5321
A Pretty Penny3121
A Primrose Path3131
A Quick Bite3101
A Quick Pick-Me-Up3141
A Quick Run391
A Rare Look Into4131
A Real Bummer3111
A Real Page Turner4151
A Real Page-Turner3151
A Red Herring3111
A Red-Letter Day3131
A Refreshing Dip In The Ocean6241
A Return To The Basics5181
A Rip'snortin Good Time4191
A Rip-Snortin' Good Time4191
A Rip-Snorting Good Time4201
A Roll Of The Dice5141
A Rollicking Good Time4191
A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss6261
A Second Wind3111
A Senate Term Is Six Years6211
A Shoulder To Lean On5171
A Show Of Hands4121
A Sight For Sore Eyes5171
A Sight To Behold4141
A Sign From Above4141
A Slip Of The Tongue5161
A Small Price To Pay5161
A Smashing Evening3161
A Snug Fit381
A Splash Of Continental Flair5251
A Spring In Your Step5171
A Step In The Right Direction6241
A Stitch In Time Saves Nine6221
A Storm On The Horizon5181
A Stroke Of Genius4151
A Stroke Of Luck4131
A Swing And A Miss5141
A Taste Of The Good Life6191
A Taste Of The Old West6181
A Thrill A Minute4141
A Toast To The Bride And Groom7241
A Ton Of Fun491
A Touch Of Class4131
A Touch Of Sweetness4171
A Tough Act To Follow5171
A Tough Nut To Crack5161
A Towering Beacon For The World6261
A Trip To Mount Rushmore5201
A Variety Of Climates4181
A Watched Pot Never Boils5211
A Way Of Life4101
A Way With Words4131
A Wealth Of Information4201
A Whale Of A Time5131
A Wide Range Of Options5191
A Wide Variety3121
A Wink And A Nod5121
A Wonderful Day To Be Outside6241
A Word Of Advice4131
A Word To The Wise5141
A Work In Progress4151
A World Of Comfort Awaits5211
A World Of Knowledge4171
A World Of Wonder Awaits You6231
About Face295
About The Author3145
Above & Beyond2115
Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty7275
Above Average2125
Above Mentioned2145
Above Par285
Above The Fray3125
Above Water2105
Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder6307
Absolute Silence2158
Absolute Zero2128
Academic Research2168
Academically Gifted21812
Accentuate The Positive32110
Access Denied2126
According To All Accounts4229
According To My Research4219
According To Sources3189
Ace In The Hole4123
Achilles' Heel2128
Across The Board3146
Across The Pond3136
Across-The Board2149
Act Accordingly2143
Act Like An Adult!4143
Act Now263
Act Of Faith3103
Act Your Age3103
Acting On Impulse3156
Adam's Apple2105
Add Insult To Injury4173
Add It To My Shopping List6213
Adding Fuel To The Fire5196
Adios Amigos2115
Admiral Of The Fleet4177
Admit One285
Adopt A Pet395
Adults Get In At The Kids Price7256
Advance Technology2177
Advanced Reservations Required3288
Advanced Technology2188
Adventurer's Paradise21911
Affectionate & Thoughtful22212
Afraid Of Your Own Shadow5216
Africa Is The Second-Largest Continent5336
After Dark295
After Hours2105
After Months Of Preparation4245
After The Fact3125
Against My Better Judgment4237
Against The Grain3157
Age Before Beauty3153
Age Is Just A Number5163
Age Is Only A Number5163
Age Of Exploration3163
Aged To Perfection3164
Ageless Beauty2137
Aging Gracefully2155
Agree To Disagree3155
Ah Satan Sees Natasha4182
Ahead Of Its Time4145
Ahead Of The Curve4155
Ahead Of The Game4145
Ahead Of Time3115
Ain't It The Truth?4144
Air Conditioned Comfort3213
Airing Your Dirty Laundry4226
Alive And Kicking3155
All Bark & No Bite4133
All Cozied Up3113
All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go7263
All Eyes Are On You5153
All Eyes On You4123
All Fired Up!3103
All Good Things Come To Those Who Wait8313
All Hand Hoy!3103
All Hands On Deck4143
All I Can Say Is Amazing!6193
All In A Day's Work5143
All In Due Time4123
All In One Piece4133
All Major Credit Cards Accepted5273
All Operators Are Busy4193
All Over The Place4153
All Show And No Go5143
All Squared Away3143
All Systems Go3123
All Talk No Action4153
All That And A Bag Of Chips7213
All That Glitters Is Not Gold6243
All That Jazz3113
All The Amenities Of Home5213
All The Votes Are In5163
All Things Being Equal4193
All Things Considered3193
All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy10333
All-Inclusive Package21912
All-Night Fun2118
All-Wheel Drive2138
Almost Finished2146
Alone In A Crowd4135
Along Party Lines3155
Along The Same Lines4175
Always In Demand3146
Always On The Go4136
Always Say Please And Thank You6266
Amazing History2147
Amazing Nightlife2167
America's Heartland2178
American Dream2138
American Pride2138
America's Favorite Pastime3238
Among The Most Livable Cities In The World8355
An Accident Waiting To Happen5252
An Ace Up Your Sleeve5172
An Act Of Good Faith5162
An Adventure For Everyone4222
An American Classic3172
An American Original3182
An Answer Is On Our Behalf6212
An Arm & A Leg492
An Easy Fix392
An Excellent Source Of Fiber5242
An Exciting New App4162
An Exciting Place To Get Married6272
An Hour Has Sixty Minutes5212
Anchors Aweigh2137
And Here's The Best Part5193
And May All Your Dreams Come True7273
And Now For Our Feature Presentation6313
And The Award Goes To5173
And The List Goes On5163
And The List Goes On And On7213
And The Winner Is4143
And Then Some3113
And They Lived Happily Ever After6283
And They're Off!3123
Androids & Iphones2158
Animal Kingdom2136
Another Face In The Crowd5217
Anti Up!264
Any Final Words3133
Any Other Requests?3163
Any Plans For Tonight?4183
Anything And Everything3218
Anything Can Happen3178
Anything Goes2128
Anything Is Possible3188
Anything Will Help3168
Anytime Anywhere Anyplace3237
Apart From That3135
Apartment For Rent3169
Apology Accepted2157
Apple Of My Eye4125
Apple Of One's Eye4145
Apply Now To Be A Contestant6235
Approved Nod2118
Apres Ski285
Are We There Yet?4133
Are You A Wheel Watcher?5193
Are You Awake?3113
Are You Going To The Pep Rally?7243
Are You Kidding3133
Are You Kidding?3133
Are You Listening?3153
Are You My Secret Admirer?5213
Are You Out Of Your Mind?6193
Are You Sitting Down?4173
Are You Thinking What I Am Thinking?7293
Arm Candy283
Around The Globe3146
Around The World3146
Arranged Marriage2168
Art For Art's Sake4143
Artisanal-Chocolate Mecca22318
Artistic Flare2138
Artistic Freedom2158
As A Last Resort4132
As A Matter Of Fact5152
As American As Apple Pie5202
As Cold As Ice4112
As Happy As A Clam5142
As Happy As A Clam At High Tide8242
As Luck Would Have It5172
As Much As Humanly Possible5232
As Nimble As A Deer5152
As Quiet As A Lamb5142
As Red As A Beet5122
As Red As A Lobster5152
As Right As Rain4132
As Sure As The Sun Rises In The East9282
As Well As Can Be Expected6212
As You Wish392
Ashes To Ashes Dust To Dust6225
Asia's Top Culinary Capital4235
Ask A Local393
Ask A Silly Question You Get A Silly Answer9353
Ask For The Moon4133
Ask Me Again3103
Ask Nicely293
Ask The Coach3113
Ask Your Doctor3133
Astronomically Small21914
At A Crossroads3132
At A Glance392
At A Moment's Notice4162
At A Record Pace4132
At A Snail's Pace4132
At A Very Young Age5152
At Each Other's Throats4192
At First Blush3122
At First Glance3132
At One Time Or Another5182
At The Buzzer3112
At The Crack Of Dawn5162
At The Drop Of A Hat6152
At The Eleventh Hour4172
At The Same Time4132
At The Stroke Of Midnight5212
At The Top Of The List6172
At Your Beck & Call4142
At Your Beck And Call5172
At Your Fingertips3162
At Your Service3132
Athens Of Australia3176
Athens Of The South4166
Atm Inside293
Attention Shoppers2179
Attitude Adjustment2188
Attracting Attention21910
Au Revoir282
Australia Is The Sixth-Largest Country5339
Authorized Personnel Only32310
Available Now2129
Available Wherever Books Are Sold5299
Average Height2137
Avoid The Pitfalls3165
Aw Shucks282
Awaken Your Sense Of Wonder5236
Awfully Good2117
Awfully Nice2117
Aye Carumba!2103
Aye-Aye Captain2136
Baby On Board3114
Baby Shower2104
Back And Forth3124
Back At The Ranch4144
Back By Popular Demand4194
Back In A Flash4124
Back In Fifteen Minutes4204
Back In Five Minutes4174
Back In My Day4114
Back In The Day4124
Back In The Limelight4184
Back In The Saddle4154
Back Me Up384
Back On Your Feet Again5194
Back To Back3104
Back To Basics3124
Back To Nature3124
Back To Square One4154
Back To The Basics4154
Back To The Drawing Board5214
Bad Apple283
Badge Of Honor3125
Baffles Me297
Bag Of Tricks3113
Bah! Humbug!293
Bake Like A Pro4124
Bake The World A Better Place6244
Baked Fresh Daily3155
Baked Or Fried3125
Baker's Dozen2116
Baking Is Love Made Visible5236
Baking Times May Vary4186
Banjo Music2105
Banjo Pickin'2115
Bankers Hours2127
Banner Year2106
Barking Up The Wrong Tree5217
Barrel Of Laughs3146
Based On A True Story5175
Based On Actual Events4195
Based On The Best Selling Book6255
Based On The Best Selling Book Series7315
Based On The Best- Selling Book Series7315
Based On The Best-Selling Book Series6315
Bases Loaded2115
Batman Saves The Day4176
Batten Down The Hatches4206
Batter Up286
Batteries Not Included3209
Batting A Thousand3167
Battle Of Wills3136
Be A Wheel Watcher4152
Be An Early Adopter4162
Be An Item382
Be Careful292
Be Confident!2112
Be Grateful2102
Be Happy272
Be In The Know4112
Be In The Loop4112
Be In The Moment4132
Be It Ever So Humble5162
Be Joyful282
Be Kind262
Be My Knight In Shining Armor6242
Be My Muse382
Be My Sweetheart3142
Be My Valentine3132
Be Of Good Cheer4132
Be On The Lookout For Wildlife6252
Be On Your Best Behavior5202
Be One Step Ahead4142
Be Proud Of Yourself4172
Be Quick About It4142
Be Still My Heart4142
Be Sure To Brush Your Teeth6222
Be Sure You Bundle Up5172
Be The First To Win5152
Be True To Yourself4162
Be Unique282
Be Yourself2102
Be Yourself And Succeed4202
Beach Bound2105
Beachside Fun2129
Bear Witness2114
Beat To The Punch4144
Beating The Odds3147
Beautiful & Compassionate2229
Beautiful Home2139
Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder8296
Because I Said So4147
Because I Said That's Why5207
Become A Fashion Icon4186
Been There Done That4174
Before & After2116
Before Human Existence3206
Before Time Began3156
Beg Steal And Borrow4173
Beginner's Luck2139
Behave Yourself2146
Behind Schedule2146
Behind The Eight Ball4186
Behind The Scenes3156
Behind The Times3146
Being Coy285
Being In The Right Place At The Right Time9345
Believe In Yourself3177
Believe It Or Not4147
Bells And Whistles3165
Below The Belt3125
Below The Horizon3155
Below The Surface3155
Below Zero295
Bench Racing2115
Bend Over Backwards3174
Bent On264
Bent On Mischief3144
Best And Worst Dressed4194
Best- Dressed2114
Best Film Of The Year5174
Best Foot Forward3154
Best Friends Forever3184
Best Meal Ever3124
Best Of All394
Best Of Both Worlds4164
Best Of Luck3104
Best Of Luck To You!5154
Best Of The Best4134
Best Seat In The House5184
Best View In The House5184
Best Wishes2104
Best-Kept Secrets2158
Bet A Head Start4133
Bet One's Bottom Dollar4193
Bet Your Bottom Dollar4193
Bethel New York3136
Better And Better All The Time6256
Better Late Than Never4196
Better Safe Than Sorry4196
Better Than Ever3146
Better Than Expected3186
Between A Rock & A Hard Place6227
Between A Rock And A Hard Place7257
Beware Of Dog3116
Beware Of Greeks Bearing Gifts5266
Beyond A Doubt3126
Beyond A Reasonable Doubt4226
Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt6216
Beyond Infinity2146
Beyond Science2136
Beyond The Horizon3166
Beyond Words2116
Bibbidi Bobbidy Boo3177
Bibbidi- Bobbidy- Boo!3177
Bid Adieu283
Big Brother2103
Big Business2113
Big Deal273
Big Finish293
Big- Game Country3143
Big Shoes To Fill4143
Big Time273
Big-Game Country2147
Bigger And Better3156
Bird Watchers' Paradise3204
Bird's-Eye View Of The World5228
Bird's Eye View3125
Birds Eye View Of The World6225
Birds Of A Feather Flock Together6285
Birthplace Of America's Music42510
Birthplace Of Democracy32110
Birthplace Of The Blues42010
Birthplace Of Western Civilization43110
Bite Off More Than You Can Chew7254
Bite To Eat394
Bite Your Tongue3144
Biting Off More Than You Can Chew7276
Biting Remarks2136
Bitten By The Travel Bug5206
Bitter Cold2106
Bitter Sweet2116
Bitterly Cold2128
Black Cat285
Black Tie285
Blaze Of Glory3125
Blazing A Trail3137
Blazing The Trail3157
Bless Our Happy Home4175
Blessed & Busy2117
Blind Luck295
Blissful And Happy3168
Blissfully Quiet21510
Blow It Out Of The Water6194
Blow The Lid Off4134
Blown Away By The Responses5235
Blown Out Of Proportion4205
Boasts Natural Beauty3196
Boat's Bow Wave3125
Body And Soul3114
Body Language2124
Bohemian Chic2128
Boiling Mad2107
Bold And Brazen3134
Bold Sweet Taste3144
Bombarded With Questions3229
Bon Appetit2103
Bon Appetit!2103
Bon Appetite!2113
Bon Voyage293
Boogie Down2106
Book Your Flight3144
Booked Solid2116
Booking Directly2157
Boost Flavor2115
Boost My Ego3105
Boost Your Energy3155
Boost Your Metabolism3195
Bored Out Of My Shell5175
Bored Out Of My Skull5175
Born Out Of Necessity4184
Both Of Us384
Bottom's Up297
Bounce Back2106
Bouncing Back2128
Bound Over295
Bounty Of Natural Beauty4216
Box Of Invoices3133
Boy Am I Bushed4123
Boyish Charm2116
Boys Will Be Boys4144
Brace Yourself2135
Bragging Rights2148
Brain Candy2105
Brain Food295
Brain Trust2105
Branching Out2129
Braving The Cold3147
Break A Leg395
Break A Sweat3115
Break It Off3105
Break Out The Champagne4205
Break Out Your Warm Gear5205
Break Your Old Routine4195
Break Your Old Routines4205
Breakfast Included2179
Breakfast Served All Day4219
Breaking All The Rules4198
Breaking News2128
Breaking News Alert3178
Breaking The Evil Spell4208
Breaking The Ice3148
Breath Of Fresh Air4166
Breathtaking Islands21912
Breathtakingly Beautiful22314
Brewing Romance2147
Bridge The Gap3126
Bridging The Gap3148
Bright & Beautiful2156
Bright And Bubbly3156
Bright And Early3146
Bright And Spunky3156
Bright Future2126
Bright Lights Big City4196
Bright Outlook2136
Brighten Up The Room4178
Brimming With Optimism3208
Brimming With Possibilities3258
Bring A Covered Dish4175
Bring Along The Kids!4175
Bring Color To Life4165
Bring Home The Bacon4175
Bring That Back3135
Bring The Essentials3185
Bring The Kids3125
Bring The Kids Along!4175
Bring To A Boil4125
Bring Your Appetite3175
Broad In Scope3125
Broad Knowledge2145
Broaden Your Horizons3197
Broaden Your Mind3157
Brrr! It's Cold!3114
Brrrr! It's Cold!3125
Brute Strength2135
Bubble Over2106
Buck Wild284
Bucket Of Rainwater3176
Buckle Up!286
Buenos Dias!2106
Buenos Tardes!2126
Build A Better Mousetrap4215
Build Your Own Ice Cream Sundae6265
Build Your Own Ice-Cream Sundae5265
Build Your Own Sundae4185
Built For Speed3135
Built To Last3115
Bummed Out296
Bumper Crop2106
Bundle Of Joy3116
Buon Appetito!2124
Buried Under Paperwork3206
Burn The Candle At Both Ends6234
Burn The Midnight Oil4184
Burning The Midnight Oil4217
Burnt To A Crisp4135
Burst Into Tears3145
Burst Of Enthusiasm3175
Burst Your Bubble3155
Bursting With Energy3188
Bursting With Pride3178
Bury The Hatchet3144
Burying Your Head In The Sand6247
Business Casual2148
Business Class2138
Business Is Booming3178
Business Or Pleasure?3188
Bust A Move394
Busting My Chops3147
Bustle Of The City4156
Bustling Metropolis2188
Busy As A Bee4104
But It's A Dry Heat5143
But Wait There's More4173
Butt Out274
Butterflies In My Stomach42211
Buttery Goodness2157
Buy In Bulk393
Buy Now263
Buy One Get One Free5163
Buyer Beware2115
Buying In Bulk3126
Buying Power2116
Buying Water From A Vending Machine6306
Buzzing With Excitement3217
By A Wide Margin4132
By Hook Or By Crook5152
By Invitation Only3162
By Land Sea Or Air5142
By Process Of Elimination4222
By Special Invitation Only4232
By The Pound3102
By The Process Of Elimination5252
By The Sweat Of My Brow6182
By The Way382
By Word Of Mouth4132
By Word Of Mouth Only5172
By Your Side3102
Bye Bye Love3103
C'Mon Big Money!3124
Cabin Fever2105
California Here We Come42010
Call First294
Call For A Free Brochure5204
Call For Directions3174
Call For More Details4184
Call It A Day4104
Call Me264
Call Me Sometime3144
Call Me When You Get A Second7234
Calm Cool & Collected3174
Calm Cool And Collected4204
Calm, Cool & Collected3175
Cambrian Period2148
Came Out On Top4124
Came To A Screeching Halt5214
Camera Shy296
Can I Buy An A?5103
Can I Call You Back?5153
Can I Get A Cab?5113
Can I Get A Hug?5113
Can I Get A Little Help Here Please?8283
Can I Get Anyone Anything?5213
Can I Have A Hug?5123
Can I Have These By Five?6193
Can I Lick The Spoon?5163
Can I Tag Along4123
Can You Come Back Later?5193
Can You Do Me A Favor?6163
Can You Do Me A Really Big Favor?8253
Can You Do The Charleston?5213
Can You Fathom That?4163
Can You Hear Me4123
Can You Keep A Secret5173
Can You Solve This Puzzle?5213
Can You Spare A Minute?5183
Can You Take A Picture Of Us?7223
Can You Top That?4133
Can't Live Without It4174
Can't Wait To Tell The Grandchildren6304
Can't You Take A Hint5164
Capital Of Austria On The Map6247
Capital Of Greece3157
Capital Of Russia3157
Captain Hook Line And Sinker5247
Carbon Dioxide2136
Carefree Living2148
Carnian Age Before Beauty4227
Carry The Ball3125
Carrying A Full Load4178
Cartwheel Windows2169
Carved By Hand3126
Case Closed2104
Case Dismissed2134
Case Of The Blahs4144
Case-By-Case Basis21510
Cash Cow274
Cash Flow284
Cash Only284
Cast Iron Argument3164
Cast Your Fate To The Wind6214
Cast-Iron Argument2168
Cast-Iron Stomach2158
Casual Dining2126
Cat Got Your Tongue?4163
Cat's Meow284
Catch A Falling Star4175
Catch A Wave3105
Catch Forty Winks3155
Catch My Drift3125
Catch Some Z's3115
Catch You On The Flip Side6215
Catch You On The Flip-Side5215
Catch Your Breath3155
Category One Hurricane3208
Catering To Your Every Need5238
Caugh Off-Guard2135
Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place8316
Caught In The Act4146
Caught Off Guard3146
Caught Off- Guard3146
Caught Off-Guard2146
Cause For Celebration3195
Caves & Alcoves2125
Celebrate America!2169
Celebrate Autumn2159
Celebrate Big!2129
Celebrate Summer2159
Celebrate The Season!3189
Celebrate Your Birthday3219
Celebrated Autumn21610
Celebration Of Life31711
Celestial Seasonings Teas3239
Cenozoic Era2118
Center Of Attention3176
Center Of Greek Civilization4256
Center Of The Music Industry5246
Certified Organic2169
Chain Of Events3135
Challenge Yourself2179
Chances Are Slim To None5207
Change Of Heart3136
Change Of Scene3136
Chapter And Verse3157
Charley Horse2127
Chase Your Blues Away4185
Chase Your Dreams3155
Chasing Dreams2137
Cheat Codes2105
Check It Out3105
Check Please!2115
Check The Box3115
Check Your Cares At The Door6235
Check Your Local Listings4225
Check Your Sources3165
Checkered Past2139
Cheek To Cheek3125
Cheer For The Home Team5195
Cheer Up275
Cheers To You3116
Cheetahs Can Run Up To Seventy Miles Per Hour9378
Chew The Fat3104
Chewing The Fat3137
Chewy On The Inside & Crispy On The Inside8335
Chewy On The Inside & Crispy On The Outside8345
Chic & Sleek294
Chic And Sleek3124
Chicken Out2107
Child At Heart3125
Child's Play2106
Childlike Innocence2189
Chip Off The Old Block5184
Chipping In2108
Chipping In A Few Bucks5198
Chivalry Is Not Dead4178
Chocolate Covered Strawberries3289
Choose Wisely2126
Chow Down284
Circle The Wagons3156
Circular File2128
City Block294
City Of Big Shoulders4184
City Of Bridges3134
City Of Canals3124
City Of Literature3164
City Of Music3114
City Of Water3114
City That Never Sleeps4194
Civic Duty And Honor4175
Clam Dip274
Clap Your Hands3134
Class Dismissed2145
Classic Cars2117
Classic Elegance2157
Classic Nostalgia2167
Clean Sweep2105
Clean Up After Yourself4205
Cleans And Deodorizes!3196
Clear As A Bell4125
Clear As Mud3105
Cleared For Takeoff3177
Click Here295
Climb Aboard2115
Climbing The Corporate Ladder4268
Clinically Proven21610
Clinking & Clacking2168
Clobber The Competition3217
Clock In And Clock Out5185
Close Proximity2145
Close The Door3125
Close To Home3115
Close To The Equator4175
Closed For Repairs3166
Closed For The Holidays4206
Closed On Sundays And Holidays5266
Closed Until Further Notice4246
Closing Remarks2147
Clouds And Fog3126
Cloudy With A Chance Of Rain6236
Clumsy As An Ox4126
Coastal Charm2127
Cock- A- Doodle- Doo4144
Cock-A-Doodle Doo21411
Cock-A-Doodle- Doo21411
Cock-A-Doodle- Doo!21411
Coffee Mugs2106
Cold & Damp284
Cold Hard Cash3124
Cold Shoulder2124
College Degree2137
Colonial Charm2138
Come Again Soon3134
Come And Get It4124
Come Apart At The Seams5194
Come Back Later3134
Come Back Safe!3124
Come Back Soon3124
Come Clean294
Come Full Circle3144
Come Help Out3114
Come In!264
Come Join Us3104
Come Out On Top4124
Come Out Swinging3154
Come Over Here For A Minute6224
Come Prepared2124
Come To Your Senses4164
Come What May3114
Come Whenever You Like4194
Comes In A Handy Carry Bag6215
Comes With The Territory4215
Comfort & Practicality2197
Comfortable In Your Own Skin52411
Comfortable Yet Stylish32111
Comfy Cozy295
Coming Down The Homestretch4246
Coming On Like Gangbusters4236
Coming On Strong3146
Coming Soon2106
Coming Soon To A Theater Near You7276
Coming Soon!2106
Coming Through In The Clutch5246
Coming Unglued2136
Common Denominators2186
Common Knowledge2156
Common Spanish2136
Common Thread2126
Compact Cars2117
Compare And Contrast3187
Competitive Nature21711
Complete And Utter Relaxatiion4278
Complete And Utter Relaxation4268
Concede The Point3157
Concerted Effort2159
Concrete Jungle2148
Confident & Masculine2189
Confident Decision2179
Confusing The Issue3179
Connect The Dots3147
Consider All The Variables4238
Consider The Source3178
Consulting My Foreign-Language Phrase Book53710
Contact Lenses2137
Contains No Ammonia3178
Contrary To Popular Opinion4248
Controlled Chaos21510
Conveniently Located21912
Convertible Car Seat31811
Cook On High Heat4144
Cook Until Pasta Is Tender5224
Cooked-To Order2138
Cookie Jar296
Cool As A Cucumber4154
Cool As Ice394
Cool Beans294
Cool Gadgets2114
Cool On A Wire Rack5154
Cool-Starry Nights21610
Cop Out263
Corn Belt284
Corporate Culture2169
Corporate Ladder2159
Corporate Logo2139
Correct Me If I'M Wrong5187
Costume Parties & Trick-Or-Treating3297
Could You Help With The Dishes?6255
Could You Pick Up The Kids?6215
Could You Step Into My Office Please?7305
Could You Take Out The Trash?6235
Could You Use It In A Sentence7245
Could You Zip Me Up5155
Count Your Blessings3185
Countdown To Takeoff3189
Counting Sheep2138
Court Is Adjourned3165
Court Of Public Opinion4205
Cover And Cook On Low Heat6215
Cover And Simmer3145
Cover To Cover3125
Covering All The Bases4198
Covers A Multitude Of Sins5226
Crack The Code3125
Cracked Plastic Milk Crates4247
Cradle Of Civilization3206
Crank Up The Heat4145
Crazy About You3135
Crazy In Love3115
Crazy Wisdom2115
Created With Love3157
Creating A Buzz3138
Creating A Future3158
Creative Juices2148
Credit-Card Clutch Holder32210
Cretaceous Period21610
Crew Neck284
Crisp Spicy Shrimp On Skewers5255
Critically Acclaimed21910
Cross My Heart3125
Cross That Bridge When You Come To It8305
Crowd Pleaser2125
Crowded Beach2127
Crunch Time2106
Crying Shame2116
Crying Wolf2106
Crystal Clear2127
Cuckoo Cuckoo!2126
Culinary Inventiveness2218
Culinary Revolution2188
Cultured & Historic2168
Cupcake Shop2117
Curb Appeal2104
Curiosity Killed The Cat4219
Curves Ahead2116
Customer Favourite2178
Cut Above The Rest4153
Cut And Dried3113
Cut Corners2103
Cut From The Same Cloth5193
Cut Me Some Slack4143
Cut Me Some Slack Here5183
Cut Out The Horseplay4183
Cut Out The Horseplay!4183
Cut The Gordian Knot4173
Cute As A Bug's Ear5144
Cute As A Button4134
Daily Grind2105
Daimond In The Rough4177
Dairy- Free295
Dance With Me!3115
Dare I Say384
Dare To Prepare3134
Dark Ages284
Darling Daughter2157
Dash For The Finish4164
Dashing And Debonair3187
Dawn To Dusk3104
Dead Giveaway2124
Deafening Silence2169
Dear Diary294
Dearly Beloved2136
Deep Forests2114
Deeply Devoted2136
Deja Vu264
Denied Any Wrongdoing3196
Desert Paradise2146
Designated Parking Bays32110
Despite Our Best Efforts4217
Detail Oriented2146
Did I Leave The Iron On?6183
Did I See What I Think I Saw?8213
Did You Check Your Email?5203
Did You Have A Good Flight?6213
Did You Miss Me?4123
Did You Remember To Pack Your Toothbrush?7343
Did You Save Room For Dessert?6243
Did You Say Something?4183
Dig Deep273
Dig In!253
Digging Up Dirt3137
Dinner For Two3126
Dinner Is Served3146
Dinner Will Be Ready Soon5216
Disc Jockey Shorts3164
Discard Unused Portions3217
Distant Technology2177
Dive Off The Deep End5174
Dive Right In3114
Diversity Of Attractions3229
Divide And Conquer3166
Do A Double-Take3132
Do As I Say Not As I Do8162
Do It Again392
Do It The Hard Way5142
Do Me A Favor4102
Do Not Budge3102
Do Not Disturb3122
Do Not Fold392
Do Or Die372
Do The Hustle3112
Do We Have A Deal?5132
Do What Works For You5172
Do What You Love4132
Do You Be Leave Me?5142
Do You Believe In Ghost?5192
Do You Believe In Ghosts?5202
Do You Believe In Santa Claus?6242
Do You Believe Me?4142
Do You Feel Lucky Tonight?5212
Do You Have Any Plans?5172
Do You Know How Much You Are Loved8272
Do You Know Who Im Talking About7262
Do You Need Anything?4172
Do You Really Mean That?5192
Do You Solemnly Swear To Tell The Truth8322
Do You Solemnly Swear To Tell The Truth?8322
Do You Speak French?4162
Do You Take Requests4172
Do You Want To Go Boating?6202
Do You Want To Go To The Movies?8242
Do Your Best3102
Do Your Job392
Dodge & Weave2105
Dodged A Bullet3136
Doesn't Ring A Bell4156
Dog Days Of Summer4153
Dog Is Man's Best Friend5193
Dog-And-Pony Show21410
Doing A Bang-Up Job4155
Dollar For Dollar3156
Dollars To Doughnuts3187
Domestic Bliss2138
Don A Disguise3123
Don't Be A Party Pooper5184
Don't Be A Worrywart4164
Don't Be A Worrywart!4164
Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark6214
Don't Be Scaredy Cat4164
Don't Blow A Gasket4154
Don't Blow A Gasket!4154
Don't Call Me I'll Call You6204
Don't Call Us We'll Call You6214
Don't Chance It3124
Don't Cry Wolf3114
Don't Dawdle!2104
Don't Do Anything You Might Regret6284
Don't Do That Again!4154
Don't Feed The Pigeons!4184
Don't Forget To Lock The Door6234
Don't Get Carried Away4184
Don't Get Your Nose Out Of Joint7254
Don't Get Your Nose Out Of Joint!7254
Don't Give It A Second Thought6244
Don't Go Around In The Dark6214
Don't Go Away We'll Be Right Back7254
Don't Go To Work Unless It's Fun Day8274
Don't Have A Cow Man!5154
Don't Hesitate To Call4184
Don't Hold Your Breath4184
Don't Insult My Intelligence4244
Don't Insult My Intelligence!4244
Don't Keep Me In Suspense5204
Don't Knock It Until You've Tried It7284
Don't Leave Me In The Dark6204
Don't Let A Black Cat Cross Yout Path8294
Don't Let Go To Your Head6194
Don't Let It Go To Your Head7214
Don't Look Back3124
Don't Lose Any Sleep Over It6224
Don't Make A Big Deal5164
Don't Make Me Come Over There6234
Don't Mess With Texas4174
Don't Mock The Frock!4164
Don't Nod274
Don't Overdo It3124
Don't Pick Your Nose!4164
Don't Pop Your Gum!4144
Don't Press That Button!4194
Don't Raise A Ruckus4164
Don't Rock The Boat4154
Don't Sell Yourself Short4214
Don't Settle For Less4174
Don't Split Hairs3144
Don't Sweat It3114
Don't Take No For An Answer6214
Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full6254
Don't Tell Me Let Me Guess6204
Don't Tell Mom3114
Don't Think Twice About Asking5254
Don't Underestimate Me3194
Don't Underestimate Yourself3254
Don't Upset The Applecart4214
Don't Waste Your Time4174
Don't Worry We'll Keep A Plate Warm For You9334
Don't Be Fooled3124
Don't Be Shy394
Don't Be Too Sure About That6224
Don't Beat Around The Bush5214
Don't Believe Everything You Read5284
Dont Bite Your Fingernails4234
Don't Blink294
Dont Burn Your Bridges4194
Don't Cramp My Style4164
Don't Dwell On The Past5184
Don't Eat So Fast4134
Don't Feed The Pigeons4184
Don't Get Me Started4164
Don't Give Up Hope4144
Don't Give Up The Ship5174
Dont Have A Leg To Stand On7214
Don't Kill The Messenger4204
Don't Let The Cat Out Of The Bag8244
Don't Push284
Don't Quibble2114
Don't Quit284
Don't Spoil Your Dinner4194
Don't Think Twice3144
Don't Think Twice About Asking5254
Don't Tread On Me4134
Don't Try This At Home5174
Dont Upset The Applecart4214
Door Prizes2104
Double Dipping2136
Double Down2106
Double Duty2106
Double Or Nothing3156
Double Talk2106
Double Whammy2126
Double-Edged Sword21611
Down For The Count4154
Down To The Wire4134
Down-And-Out Of My League42010
Download The App3148
Downright Dangerous2189
Dozed Off285
Dozens Of Must-See Shows4206
Dr. Scholl's Work Shoes4182
Dragging Your Feet3168
Draw A Ward394
Drawing A Blank3137
Drawing Criticism2167
Drawing Inspiration2187
Drawing People From Everywhere4277
Dream Big285
Dream It And Do It5145
Dream It Do It4115
Dream It Up395
Dream The Impossible3185
Dress For Success3155
Dress In Layers3135
Dressed To The Nines4177
Dressed Up For A Night Out On The Town9307
Dressing Up For The Night5218
Drink Responsibly2165
Drinks Are On The House5196
Drive Carefully2145
Drive Carefully In Roundabouts4275
Drive Safely2115
Drives Like A Dream4166
Drop Dead Gorgeous3164
Drop Shot284
Drop The Ball3114
Drop-Dead Gorgeous2168
Dropping A Bombshell3188
Dropping Names2138
Drum Up Business3144
Drumroll Please2148
Duck For Cover3124
Duly Noted294
Dusty Roads2105
Dutch Treat2105
Dynamic Mix Of Music Styles5237
E.T. Phone Home3112
Eager To Please3135
Early Childhood2145
Early In The Morning4175
Earn Your Stripes3154
Earned Credits2136
Earning Interest2157
Easily Accessible2166
Easy As Abc394
Easy As Pie394
Easy Does It3104
Easy Money294
Easy Street2104
Easy To Assemble3144
Easy Upgrades2124
Eat & Drink283
Eat And Drink3113
Eat Drink & Be Happy4153
Eat Drink & Be Merry4153
Eat Drink And Be Merry5183
Eat Everything On Your Plate5243
Eat Healthy2103
Eat High On The Hog5153
Eat My Words3103
Eat Sleep Game3123
Eat To Your Heart's Content5223
Eat Up253
Eat Your Heart Out!4153
Eat Your Spinach!3143
Eat Your Vegetables3173
Eat Your Veggies3143
Eating Humble Pie3156
Eating To Your Heart's Content5256
Ebb & Flow273
Ebb And Flow3103
Edge Of Extinction3164
Edgy Look284
Edited For Accuracy Space And Clarity6326
Educational And Exciting32211
Egg On Your Face4133
Egg Rolls & Fried Rice4173
Egg Soup With Soup Buns5193
Ego Boost283
Eight Times More Densely Populated Than Nyc7375
Elbow Grease2115
Elbow Room295
Elected By A Landslide4197
Elegant Ambiance2157
Elementary My Dear Watson42210
Elevate Your Heart Rate4207
Elite Group Of Warriors4205
Elvis Has Left The Building5235
Embrace Change2137
Emerald City2117
Empire State2116
Employee Discount2168
Employee Of The Month4188
Encore! Encore!2126
End In A Tie493
Endless Summer2137
Energize Your System3188
Energy Efficient2156
Engrossed In Thought3189
Engulfed In Flames3168
Enigmatic City Of Skyscrapers4269
Enjoy A Special Moment4195
Enjoy It While It Lasts5195
Enjoy The Journey3155
Enjoy The Ride3125
Enjoy The Show3125
Enjoy Your Day3125
Enjoy Your Night3145
Enjoy Your Stay3135
Enjoying The Great Outdoors4248
Enough Already2136
Enough To Go Around4166
Enter Our Sweepstakes3195
Enter The World Of Wheel5205
Enterprising Spirit21812
Epic Medieval Fantasy3194
Equal Footing2125
Err On The Side Of Caution6213
Esprit De Corps3136
Estimated Time Of Departure4249
Eternally Grateful2179
Eternally Young2149
Ethnic Background2166
Every Dog Has His Day5175
Every Dog Has Its Day5175
Every Good Boy Does Fine5205
Every Half-Hour2135
Every Hour On The Hour5185
Every Little Bit Helps4195
Every Penny Counts3165
Every Tom Dick & Harry4175
Every Which Way3135
Everybody Wins2139
Everybody's Welcome21710
Everyday Heroes2148
Everyone Is Talking About That Episode!6338
Everything But The Kitchen Sink52710
Everything From Soup To Nuts52410
Everything Humanly Possible32510
Everything Is Coming Up Roses52510
Everything Is In Bloom41910
Everything Old Is New Again52310
Everything's Gonna Be Alright42511
Everything's Okey-Dokey22011
Evil Underworld2144
Exact Change2115
Exactly Alike2127
Exceeding All Expectations3249
Exciting Activities To Do4228
Exciting Nightlife2178
Exciting Speech2148
Exciting Story2138
Excuse Me Do You Have The Time?7246
Expand Your Horizons3186
Expanding Your Horizons3219
Expect The Unexpected3196
Experience Is The Best Teacher52610
Experience Old-World Charm32310
Experience Required21810
Experienced Firsthand22011
Explain Yourself2157
Explore All The Avenues4207
Exploring Ancient Ruins3219
Export As Pdf3116
Express Yourself2157
Expressing An Interest32010
Extended Absence2158
Extra Postage Required3205
Extra Special2125
Extra-Dry Champagne2178
Extra-Long Fleece Scarf3209
Exudes Confidence2166
Eye Candy283
Eyes Like A Hawk4134
Fabulous Scenery2158
Fabulously Wealthy21710
Face Forward2114
Face Reality2114
Face The Facts3124
Face The Music3124
Face Time284
Facing The Issues3156
Fact Or Fiction3134
Factory Direct Pricing3207
Fading Away2106
Fair And Square3134
Fair Enough2104
Fair Value294
Fake It Till You Make It6194
Fall In Love3104
Fall In Love With This City6224
Falling In Love3137
False Sense Of Security4205
Fame And Fortune3144
Familiarity Breeds Contempt32511
Family Dining Experience3226
Family Fun296
Family Heritage2146
Family Owned2116
Family-Owned And Operated32211
Famous For Being Famous4206
Famous For Their Food4186
Famous Last Words3156
Fan The Flames3123
Fancy Meeting You Here4195
Fancy Pants2105
Fancy Shirts2115
Fancy Sports Car3145
Fancy That295
Fan-Favorite Television Episode Series43411
Fantastic Any Time Of Year5229
Far & Wide273
Far And Wide3103
Far Behind293
Far From Over3113
Far Out Man!393
Far Out!263
Fashion Forward2147
Fashionably Late21511
Fast & Fresh294
Fast And Dependable Service4244
Fast And Fresh3124
Fast And Furious3144
Fasten Your Seatbelts3196
Fat Chance293
Fearful Bravery2147
Feast Fit For A King5165
Feast Your Eyes On This5195
Feel Like A Million Bucks5214
Feel The Beat3114
Feel The Electricity In The Air6264
Feel The Heat3114
Feel The Vibe3114
Feeling Good2117
Feeling Groovy2137
Feels Like I Stumbled Into A Fairy Tale8325
Feisty & Fabulous2146
Feisty And Fabulous3176
Feliz Navidad!2125
Fess Up264
Fever Pitch2105
Fierce Rivalry2136
Fiercely Protective2188
Fifteen Minutes Of Fame4207
Fifth Wheel2105
Fifty-Percent-Off Sale21915
Fight Fire With Fire4175
Fight The Urge3125
Figuratively Speaking22012
Figure It Out3116
Figure Of Speech3146
Fill 'Er Up!384
Fill The Void3114
Filled With A Sense Of Awe6216
Filled With Emotion3176
Filled With Joy3136
Filled With Love3146
Filling Some Big Shoes4197
Film Buff284
Film Capitol Of The World5214
Filmed On Location3166
Filthy Rich2106
Find A Penny Pick It Up6184
Find The Location Nearest You5254
Find Your Inner Child4184
Find Your Way Out4144
Finders Keepers2147
Fine And Dandy3124
Fine Dining2104
Fine-Tooth Comb2139
Finish Up286
Finish What You Start4186
Finish Your Thought3176
Fire In The Hole!4134
Fire Up The Grill4144
First And Foremost3165
First In The Class4155
First Middle & Last3155
First Month's Rent Plus Deposit5265
First Time On Stage4165
First Wave Of Feminism4195
First-Come First-Served2209
Fish Food284
Fishing For An Invitation4227
Fit As A Fiddle4123
Fit For A King4113
Fit To Be Tied4113
Fits Like A Glove4144
Fittest City In America4207
Five O'Clock Shadow3164
Fizzle Out296
Flag Him Down3114
Flag On The Play4134
Flash In The Pan4135
Flash Of Genius3135
Flash That Winning Smile4215
Flash Those Pearly Whites4225
Flashback Friday2159
Flat As A Pancake4144
Flattery Will Get You Everywhere5288
Flex Your Bicep3134
Flex Your Biceps3144
Flex Your Muscles3154
Flexible & Fit2118
Flight Of Fancy3136
Flights Of Fancy3147
Flip A Coin394
Flip The Switch3134
Flipping A Switch3158
Flirt With Lady Luck4175
Floating On Air3138
Flooded With Calls3167
Floor-To-Ceiling Views21914
Flourishing Cafe Terraces32311
Flower Of The Flock4166
Fluent In French3146
Fluent In Two Languages4206
Fluff & Fold295
Flurry Of Action3146
Flurry Of Activity3166
Fly By The Seat Of One's Pants7233
Fly Through The Air With The Greatest Of Ease9373
Flying Off The Handle4186
Focus On The Facts4155
Focus On Your Breathing4205
Fog As Thick As Pea Soup6193
Folksy Charm2116
Follow It To The Letter5196
Follow Me286
Follow Me On Twitter4176
Follow Pat On Twitter4186
Follow The Crowd3146
Follow Us On Twitter4176
Follow Your Bliss3156
Follow Your Dreams3166
Follow Your Heart3156
Follow Your Instincts3196
Following In His Fathers Footsteps5309
Food Court Of Law4144
Food Dyes284
Food For The Gods4144
Food For Thought3144
Fool's Gold295
Fool's Paradise2135
Fools Rush In3115
Foot The Bill3114
Footloose And Fancy-Free3219
For A Limited Time Only5193
For All Intents And Purposes5243
For Argument's Sake3163
For Every Man Woman And Child6243
For Example2103
For Goodnes' Sake!3143
For Goodness' Sake!3153
For More Information Please Call Now6313
For Rent273
For Sale By Owner4143
For The Betterment Of All5213
For The Culturally Minded4223
For The Price Of Admission5223
For What It's Worth4153
For You My Dear Anything5203
For Your Consideration3203
For Your Information3183
For Your Viewing Pleasure4223
Force Of Habit3125
Fore And Aft3104
Foremost Center Of Learning And Art6308
Forever And A Day4147
Forever Young2127
Forever Yours2127
Forewarned Is Forearmed32110
Forge Ahead2105
Forging Ahead2127
Forgive & Forget2137
Forgive And Forget3167
Fork It Over3104
Formally Introduced2188
Formed Naturally Through Water Erosion5346
Formed Over Thousands And Thousands Of Years7386
Forward March2127
Foul Ball!284
Four Of A Kind4114
Four Times Five Equals Twenty5254
Fragile Handle With Care4217
Freak Out285
Free And Easy3114
Free And Open To The Public6224
Free As A Bird4114
Free Shipping2124
Free Shipping Both Ways4204
French Flair2116
Fresh As A Daisy4135
Fresh From The Bakery4185
Fresh New Style3135
Fresh Off The Vine4155
Freshly Baked Bread Rolls4227
Freshwater & Saltwater21910
Friendly & Fun-Loving2178
Friendly Competition2198
Friendly Piece Of Advice4218
From A To Z484
From Farm To Fork4144
From Soup To Nuts4144
From Start To Finish4174
From Stem To Stern4154
From Television City In Hollywood5294
From The Bottom Of My Heart6224
From The Flight Deck4174
From The Ground Up4154
From The Privacy And Comfort Of Your Car8334
From The Privacy And Comfort Of Your Car Du9354
From The Top Maestro4174
From This Point On4154
From Time To Time4144
Front & Center2115
Front And Center3145
Front Squats & Back Squats4215
Fruits Of Your Labor4176
Full Flavor2104
Full Of Charisma3144
Full Of Flavor3124
Full Of Intrigue3144
Full Of Sea Life4134
Full Speed Ahead3144
Full Steam Ahead3144
Full Throttle2124
Full-Time & Part-Time2168
Fully Qualified2145
Fun All Night3113
Fun For All393
Fun For Children Of All Ages6233
Fun For Everyone3143
Fun For The Entire Family5213
Fun For The Family4153
Fun For The Little Tykes5203
Fun For The Whole Family5203
Fun Time273
Fun Times283
Fun Times For Everyone4193
Fun Toys273
Fun Ways To Stay Fit5163
Fun-Filled Family Outing3219
Funny Catch Phrases3175
Funny Emoticons2145
Funny Thoughts2135
G'Day Mate!284
Gainfully Employed2179
Game Changer2114
Game On!264
Game Set And Match4154
Game Set Match!3124
Gate Open At Six P.M.5154
Gates Open At Six P.M.5165
Gateway To Alaska3157
Gateway To The Arctic4187
Gave Me The Once-Over4174
Gay Nineties2113
Gee Whiz273
Geeks Vs. Nerds3125
Gentlemen Start Your Engines4259
Get A Grip383
Get A Grip On Yourself5183
Get A Head Start4133
Get A Leg Up493
Get A Life383
Get A Running Start4163
Get A Second Wind4143
Get A Whiff Of This5153
Get All Your Ducks In A Row7213
Get Along Little Doggie4203
Get Back To Work4133
Get Down To Brass Tacks5193
Get Excited2103
Get Fit Now393
Get Glamorous2123
Get In The Habit4133
Get In The Zone4123
Get Into The Holiday Spirit5233
Get It Done393
Get It While It's Hot5163
Get Lost273
Get Moving!293
Get My Money's Worth4163
Get Off Your Duff4143
Get On Board3103
Get Out In Front Of This6193
Get Out Of The Way5143
Get Outdoors2113
Get Ready For An Outdoor Adventure6293
Get Ready For Liftoff4183
Get Ready For School4173
Get Ready For Thanksgiving Dinner5293
Get Ready For The Big Game!6213
Get Some Sleep3123
Get The Inside Scoop4173
Get The Lead Out4133
Get The Lead Out!4133
Get The Party Started4183
Get The Third Degree4173
Get The Word Out4133
Get To The Point4133
Get Your Act Together4183
Get Your Game On4133
Get Your Groove On4153
Get Your Head Out Of The Clouds7253
Getting A Fair Shake4177
Getting A Pie In The Face6207
Getting An Earful3157
Getting Away From It All5207
Getting Better All The Time5237
Getting Carried Away3187
Getting Cold Feet3157
Getting In Touch With Nature5247
Getting Into The Swing Of Things6277
Getting New Upholstery For My Sofa6297
Getting Out Of Dodge4177
Getting Some R And R5167
Getting Some Shuteye3187
Getting The Greenlight3207
Getting There Is Half The Fun6247
Getting Warm By The Fire5207
Getting Your Feet Wet4187
Ghostly Greetings2167
Giddy With Excitement3195
Gift Basket2104
Gift Of Gab394
Gimme A Hug395
Gimme A Kiss3105
Gimme A Ring Sometime4185
Gimme Some Skin3135
Give A Hoot394
Give And Take3114
Give It A Whirl4124
Give It Away3104
Give It Your All4134
Give Me A Break4124
Give Me A Call4114
Give Me A Great Big Hug6184
Give Me A High Five5154
Give Me A Hint4114
Give Me A Hint Of Mint6174
Give Me A Hug4104
Give Me A Little Credit5194
Give Me A Minute4134
Give Me Five3104
Give Me One Good Reason5194
Give Me Some Elbow Room5194
Give Me Your Full Attention5234
Give Thanks2104
Give The Benefit Of The Doubt6244
Give Us Your Opinion4174
Give Us Your Thoughts4184
Given Free Rein3135
Giving One-Hundred Percent3236
Glad Rags284
Glad Tidings2114
Glimpse Into Future Worlds4237
Glitz & Glamour2125
Glorious History2158
Glow In The Dark4134
Glows In The Dark4145
Go Above & Beyond The Call Of Duty7262
Go Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty8292
Go Ahead Indulge Yourself4222
Go Ahead Make My Day5162
Go Ask Your Father4152
Go At Your Own Pace5152
Go Figure282
Go For A Ride4102
Go For Broke3102
Go For It372
Go For The Gold!4122
Go Green272
Go Green!272
Go Jump In A Lake5132
Go Jump In The Lake5152
Go Out Of My Way5122
Go Out On A Limb5122
Go Outside And Play4162
Go Quietly292
Go The Distance3132
Go Through The Motions4192
Go To The Mat4102
Go West Young Man4142
Go Wild262
Go With The Flow4132
Go With Your First Choice5212
Go With Your Gut Instinct5212
Goal- Oriented2124
Gobble Gobble!2126
Going All Out3115
Going Ape285
Going Bananas2125
Going By The Book4145
Going Down The Rabbit Hole5225
Going Dutch2105
Going Gaga295
Going Global2115
Going Going Gone3145
Going Green2105
Going Halfway2125
Going Over Niagara Falls In A Barrel7305
Going Solo295
Going Steady2115
Going The Distance3165
Going The Extra Mile4175
Going To Great Lengths4195
Going To The Museum4165
Gold Discovered In California!4264
Gold Fever294
Gold Mine Of Information4214
Gold Or Silver?3124
Golden Handshake2156
Golden Oldies2126
Golden Opportunity2176
Golden Raisins2136
Golden-Stone City21511
Gone Fishin'2104
Gone Fishing2114
Good Afternoon2134
Good As Gold3104
Good Book284
Good Business Sense3174
Good Clean Fun3124
Good Example2114
Good Feelings2124
Good For You3104
Good Fun274
Good Girl Image3134
Good Grief294
Good Grief!294
Good Guess294
Good Job!274
Good Luck284
Good Luck!284
Good Morning2114
Good Night294
Good Night Sweet Dreams4204
Good Old-Fashioned Fun3194
Good Point294
Good Quality2114
Good Riddance2124
Good Stuff294
Good Things Come In Small Packages6294
Good Things Come To Those Who Wait7284
Good To Know3104
Good Value294
Good Work284
Good Work!284
Good-Girl Image2138
Goodness Gracious2168
Goodnight Sweetheart2199
Goody Goody Gumdrops3185
Goody Two Shoes3135
Goody Two-Shoes2135
Goof Around2104
Goofy Foot295
Goofy Smile2105
Got The Travel Bug4153
Got The Travelbug3153
Gothic Period2126
Grab A Chair And Join Us6194
Grab A Snack3104
Grab Some Shuteye3154
Grab The Bull By The Horns6214
Grab Your Phone3134
Grasp The Situation3175
Great For Kids & Adults4185
Great Habits2115
Great Hike295
Great Irony2105
Great Job285
Great Minds Think Alike4205
Great Place For Urban Adventure5275
Great Question2135
Great Times Await3155
Great Work295
Green Computing2145
Green Thumb2105
Green With Envy3135
Greet The New Year And Encounter Happiness7365
Greeted With Enthusiasm3217
Greetings & Salutations2209
Greetings And Salutations3239
Grin And Bear It4134
Grit Your Teeth3134
Groovy Man!296
Groovy Threads2136
Grow Organic2114
Grow Up!264
Growing Up297
Guess What I Am!4125
Guide To The City4145
Guide With Your Heart4185
Guided Running Tour3176
Guided Tours Available3206
Gung Ho264
Gust Of Wind3104
Gutsy Move295
Gym Tan Laundry3133
Hail The Queen3124
Half A Dozen3104
Half Empty Or Half Full?5194
Half Off Sale3114
Half-Off Sale2117
Halfway Around The World4217
Hall Of Fame3104
Hallie's Comet2127
Halt! Who Goes There?4164
Ham It Up!373
Hand Down284
Hand Over Fist3124
Handed Down From Generation To Generation6366
Handle With Care3146
Hands Down295
Handsome And Athletic3198
Hang Back284
Hang In There3114
Hang It Up384
Hang Ten!274
Hang Tough294
Hangin' With The In-Crowd4206
Hanging In The Balance4197
Hanging On Every Word4187
Hanging Out2107
Happened In A Flash4168
Happily Ever After3167
Happily Married2147
Happily Married For Several Years5297
Happiness Is Homemade3199
Happy & Healthy2125
Happy & Jolly2105
Happy And Healthy3155
Happy Anniversary2165
Happy As A Clam4125
Happy Birthday2135
Happy Birthday America3205
Happy Birthday America!3205
Happy Birthday!2135
Happy Easter!2115
Happy Ending2115
Happy Father's Day!3155
Happy Halloween2145
Happy Halloween!2145
Happy Handsome & Funny3185
Happy Hanukkah2135
Happy Haunting2135
Happy Haunting!2135
Happy Holidays2135
Happy Independence Day!3205
Happy Monday2115
Happy Mother's Day3155
Happy Mother's Day!3155
Happy New Year To You All!6205
Happy New Year!3125
Happy Spooky Season3175
Happy Spooky Season!3175
Happy Thanksgiving2175
Happy Thanksgiving!2175
Happy To Help3115
Happy Trails!2115
Happy Valentine's Day!3185
Happy, Handsome & Funny3186
Hard As A Rock4114
Hard At Work3104
Hardworking & Dependable22111
Hardworking & Humorous21911
Has A Green Thumb4143
Has The Jury Reached A Verdict6253
Has The Magic Touch4163
Haste Makes Waste3155
Hats Off To You4124
Hats Off To You!4124
Have A Bite To Eat5144
Have A Fang- Tastic Night!5204
Have A Fang-Tastic Night4204
Have A Fang-Tastic Night!4204
Have A Good Evening4164
Have A Good One4124
Have A Great Day!4134
Have A Great Trip4144
Have A Great Weekend4174
Have A Haunted Halloween4214
Have A Haunted Halloween!4214
Have A Heart3104
Have A Lot Of Time On Your Hands8254
Have A Lot On One's Plate6194
Have A Very Merry Christmas5234
Have A Very Merry Christmas!5234
Have A Wonderful Holiday Season!5274
Have An Ace Up Your Sleeve6214
Have Faith294
Have Fun274
Have Fun!274
Have Fun! Don't Quit!4154
Have It All394
Have My Cake And Eat It Too7214
Have No Qualms About It5194
Have The Last Laugh4164
Have The Wind At Your Back6214
Have Two Left Feet4154
Have We Met?394
Have You Been A Good Boy?6194
Have You Been Naughty Or Nice?6244
Have You Ever Been To Maui?6214
Have You Heard The Latest?5214
Have You Lost Weight?4174
Have You No Shame?4144
Have You Reached A Verdict?5224
Have Your People Call My People6264
Haven't We Met Someplace Before5266
Haven't We Met Someplace Before?5266
Haven't Seen Hide Nor Hair Of Him7266
Having A Blast3126
Having A Blast!3126
Having A Green Thumb4176
Having A Wonderful Time4206
Having An Axe To Grind5186
Having The Inside Track4206
Having The Last Laugh4186
He Had Me In Stitches5172
He Said She Said4132
He Thinks He's God's Gift To Women7262
He Who Laughs Last Laughs Longest6282
He's All Heart3113
He's Been Around The Block A Few Times8303
He's Quite A Catch4143
He's Really Into You4163
Head For The Hills4154
Head Over Heels3134
Head Over Heels In Love5194
Head To Toe394
Heading Home2117
Head-Over Heels In Love4198
Head-Over-Heels In Love31913
Heads Or Tails?3125
Heads Up!275
Health Resort2126
Healthier Younger- Looking Skin4279
Healthy & Delicious2167
Healthy Aging2127
Healthy Glow2117
Healthy Wealthy And Wise4217
Heaping Praise2137
Hear Him Out3104
Heard Through The Grapevine4245
Hearing It Straight From The Horse's Mouth7357
Heart In The Right Place5205
Heart Of Gold3115
Heartfelt Holiday2169
Heated By An Infusion Of Magma6256
Heave Ho!275
Heaven Forbid2126
Heaven On Earth3136
Heavens To Betsy3147
Heavy Trading2125
Heavy-Duty Trash Bags3189
Hedgewig & The Angry Inch4208
Heed My Warning3134
Heel! Roll Over!3124
Heighten Your Curiosity3218
Held Without Bail3154
Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned8314
Help Me Set The Table5174
Help Yourself2124
Her Eyes Sparkled Like Diamonds5273
Her Majesty2103
Herd Of Bison3114
Here Comes The Bride4174
Here Comes Trouble3164
Here Goes Nothing3154
Here Today Gone Tomorrow4214
Here We Go Again4134
Here's Mud In Your Eye5175
Here's To Good Health4175
Here's To Success3145
Here's To The Happy Couple5215
Here's To You!3105
Here's What We're Going To Do6225
Hermetically Sealed21812
Heroic Effort2126
Hey Baby What's Your Sign?5203
Hey Bro!263
Hey Ho Let's Go!4113
Hi Honey I'M Home4132
High Fashion2114
High In Fiber3114
High In The Instep4154
High Marks294
High Praise2104
High Quality2114
High Society2114
High Tech284
High Time284
High Volume2104
High-And- Mighty2137
Higher Power2116
Highest Price Ever Paid4207
Highest Recorded Wind Speed4247
Highest-Recorded Wind Speed32415
High-Heeled Shoes21510
Highly Confidential2186
Highly Organized2156
Highly Profitable2166
Highly Recommended2176
High-Tech Under Phrase3198
Hikers' Paradise2146
Hip And Edgy3103
Hip Hip Hooray3123
Hip Hip Hooray!3123
Hip To Be Square4133
Hippity Hoppity2147
His Bark Is Worse Than His Bite7253
Historic And Cultured City4238
History In The Making4187
Hit Below The Belt4153
Hit It Big383
Hit Me253
Hit The Books3113
Hit The Buzzer3123
Hit The Deck3103
Hit The Nail On The Head6193
Hit The Open Road4143
Hit The Road Jack4143
Hit The Road Running4173
Hit The Sack3103
Hitting The Books3157
Hitting The Mother Lode4207
Hitting The Road3147
Hockey Camp2106
Hodgepodge Of Stuff31710
Hold All Calls3124
Hold Down The Fort4154
Hold Out Hope3114
Hold That Thought3154
Hold The Cheese Please4194
Hold The Mayo3114
Hold The Noise Down4164
Hold The Phone3124
Hold Their Feet To The Fire6224
Hold Tight294
Hold Upright2114
Hold Your Horses3144
Holiday Cheer2127
Holiday Fun For Everyone4217
Holiday Spirit2137
Holiday Weekend2147
Hollywood Heartthrob2199
Holy Cow274
Holy Mackerel2124
Holy Matrimony2134
Holy Smokes!2104
Home Away From Home4164
Home For The Holidays4184
Home Free284
Home Is Where The Heart Is6214
Home Of Early Printed Newspapers5284
Home Of Europe's First Skyscraper5284
Home Of Numerous World Fairs5244
Home Of One Of The Oldest Casinos7274
Home Of One Of The Oldest Public Libraries8354
Home Of Seven-Thousand Chimneys4274
Home Of The Best Ice Cream In The World9314
Home Of The Big Chair Sculpture6264
Home Of The Cubs4134
Home Of The Entertainment Industry5304
Home Of The Largest Glass Greenhouse In The World9414
Home Of The World's First Gas Station7304
Home Of The World's Oldest City6254
Home Of Williams-Sonoma3204
Home Sweet Home3134
Home To England's Top Attractions5284
Home To Many Geological Gems5244
Home To Many Russian Television Station6344
Home To The Crookedest Street In The World8354
Homegrown Hospitality2209
Hometown Boy Makes Good4208
Hometown Pride2138
Hominy-Bean & Meat Stew31810
Honorable Mentions2179
Honoring All Who Have Served5248
Hook Line And Sinker4174
Hoot N' Holler3114
Hop On The Bandwagon4173
Hope Springs Eternal3184
Hopelessly Optimistic22010
Hoping Against Hope3176
Hopping Mad2107
Horn Of Plenty3124
Horse Of A Different Color5225
Horsing Around2137
Hosing Down The Back Porch5226
Host Of The Summer Olympics5234
Hot & Humid283
Hot And Cold3103
Hot And Humid3113
Hot And Spicy3113
Hot Fudge Sundae With A Cherry On Top8303
Hot Off The Grill4143
Hot Off The Press4143
Hot Off The Presses4163
Hot On The Trail4133
Hotels And Flights Included4246
Hotly Contested2145
Hottest New Thing3157
How Are You?393
How Can I Help You?5143
How Can I Resist?4133
How Cool Is This?4133
How Dare You!3103
How Do You Do?4103
How Do You Really Feel5183
How Does That Grab You?5183
How Funny283
How I Spent My Summer Vacation6253
How Kind273
How Long Ago Was That?5173
How Long Has This Been Going On?7253
How Long Have You Been Waiting?6253
How Lucky283
How Lucky Can You Get5173
How Lucky Can You Get?5173
How Many Jelly Beans Are In The Jar?8283
How May I Help You Today?6193
How Sweet It Is4123
How The Other Half Lives5203
How To Beat The Winter Blues6233
How Was Your Day?4133
How Well Can You Keep A Secret7243
How Well Can You Keep A Secret?7243
How's Your Day?3114
Howdy Partner!2125
Hug It Out383
Hugs Not Handshakes3174
Human Nature2115
Humble Beginnings2166
Humble Loyal & Fair3156
Humble Pie296
Humble Pie Phrase3156
Humor Me275
Hundreds Of Miles Of Beaches5248
Hunker Down2106
Hurry Back!295
Hurry Offer Ends Soon4185
Hurry Up And Wait4145
Hurry Up We Have To Leave6205
I Am A Beautiful Lady5171
I Am Your Father4131
I Appreciate The Offer4191
I Appreciate You3141
I Approve281
I Beg To Differ4121
I Beg Your Pardon4141
I Blew It371
I Bought A Few Gifts5161
I Can Barely Contain My Excitement6291
I Can Hook You Up5131
I Can Move Mountains4171
I Can Say I Knew Him When7191
I Can Show Myself Out5171
I Can't Believe You Said That6231
I Can't Hear Myself Think5201
I Can't Just Drop Everything5231
I Can't Stop Laughing4171
I Can't Stop Watching!4171
I Can't Understand A Word You're Saying7311
I Can't Wait For Halloween5211
I Can't Wait For Halloween!5211
I Can't Wait To Get Off The Plane8251
I Can't Wait To Get Started6211
I Can't Wait To Get Started!6211
I Can't Wait To Get There!6191
I Can't Wait To Go Back To Vegas8241
I Can't Wait To Step Off The Plane8261
I Cant Work Like This5171
I Caught A Glimpse4151
I Caught You Red-Handed4191
I Cherish You3111
I Could Be Wrong4131
I Could Burst Into Song5191
I Could Get Used To This6191
I Could Kick Myself4161
I Couldn't Resist Commenting4241
I Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself7301
I Dare Not Say4111
I Didn't Catch Your Name5191
I Didn't Sleep A Wink5161
I Dig It361
I Digress281
I Don't Give A Hoot5141
I Don't Have A Ghost Of A Chance8241
I Don't Have All Day5151
I Don't Kiss And Tell!5161
I Don't Want Any Monkey Business6261
I Don't Give Up That Easily6211
I Don't Have A Clue5141
I Don't Have Time For This6201
I Double-Dog Dare You4171
I Dozed Off391
I Fancy You391
I Feel Fantastic3141
I Feel Fine391
I Feel Like We've Met Before6221
I Feel Lucky3101
I Feel The Need For Speed6201
I Feel Transported3161
I Find That Hard To Swallow6221
I Forgive You3111
I Forgot My Netflix Password!5241
I Forgot What I Was Going To Say8251
I Forgot What I Was Trying To Say8261
I Got My Wish4101
I Got Sidetracked3151
I Gotta Cut Out4121
I Had A Blast!4101
I Had A Great Time5141
I Had A Hunch4101
I Had The Craziest Dream5201
I Hate To Eat And Run6161
I Hate To See A Grown Man Cry8221
I Have A Crush On You6161
I Have A Sweet Tooth5161
I Have An Idea4111
I Have It All4101
I Have It All On Tape6161
I Have My Sources4141
I Have Nothing To Wear5181
I Have The Hiccups4151
I Have The Hiccups!4151
I Haven't Got A Thing To Wear7221
I Haven't The Foggiest Idea5221
I Heard You The First Time6211
I Hope I Win A Jackpot6171
I Hope I Win The Jackpot!6191
I Hope I'M Not Interrupting Anything6301
I Hope We Can Still Be Friends7241
I Insist271
I Just Have To Ask5141
I Knew It All Along5151
I Know It By Heart5141
I Know It Like The Back Of My Hand9261
I Know You Are But What Am I?8211
I Love Laughing With You5201
I Love My Dad4101
I Love My Passport Photo5201
I Love The Smell Of Freshly Baked Cookies!8341
I Love When You Laugh5171
I Love You381
I Love You Mom4111
I Love You More Than I Did Yesterday8291
I Love You With All My Hearts7231
I Love You With All Of My Heart8241
I Love You!381
I Made A Pig Of Myself6171
I Made A Vow491
I Made You Dinner4141
I Miss You381
I Must Be Dreaming4151
I Never Have Enough Time5201
I Politely Decline3161
I Rest My Case4111
I Saw It First4111
I Say With A Heavy Heart6191
I Second The Motion4161
I Slept Like A Rock5151
I Take Exception To That5201
I Think I'M Getting The Hang Of This8281
I Think Someone Is Following Us6261
I Think This House Is Haunted!6241
I Think We Got Off On The Wrong Foot9281
I Think We're Done Here5181
I Thought You Might Say That6231
I Tip My Hat To You6141
I Want No Interruptions4201
I Want The Drumstick!4171
Ì Want To Be Alone5141
I Want To Live Here5151
I Was Born Ready4131
I Was Misquoted3131
I Was Thinking About You5201
I Will Maintain3131
I Won The Bonus Round!5171
I Won!241
I Won't Back Down4131
I Won't Budge3101
I Wonder Why3101
I Won't Budge3101
I Would Be Delighted4171
I Would If I Could But I Can't8221
I Wouldn't Bet Money On It6201
I Wouldn't Have Missed For The World7291
I Wouldn't Have Missed It For The World8311
I Wouldn't Miss This For The World!7271
I Wouldn't Want To Be In Your Shoes8271
I Wouldn't Do That If I Were You8241
I'D Be Lost Without It5172
I'D Like To Buy A Vowel6172
I'D Like To Make A Toast6182
I'D Like To Make A Toast To The Happy Couple10342
I'D Like To Solve The Puzzle6222
I'll Be A Monkey's Uncle5183
I'll Be Back In A Jiffy6173
I'll Be Back In A Minute6183
I'll Be In The Sauna5153
I'll Be The Judge Of That6193
I'll Be There In A Sec6163
I'll Be There With Bells On6213
I'll Be Your Waiter This Evening6263
I'll Catch You On The Flip Side7243
I'll Get The Door4133
I'll Have It Fixed In A Flash7223
I'll Have What She's Having5213
I'll Look Into It Later5183
I'll Never Hear The End Of It7223
I'll Race You3103
I'll Race You!3103
I'll Take It From Here5173
I'll Take My Chances4163
I'll Take Your Word For It6203
I'M A Wheel Watcher!4152
I'M A Winner392
I'M Absolutely Speechless3222
I'M All Fired Up4122
I'M At The End Of My Rope!7182
I'M At Your Mercy4132
I'M Bananas For You4152
I'M Bananas For You!4152
I'M Becoming My Mother4182
I'M Calling The Shots4172
I'M Crazy For You4132
I'M Curious292
I'M Done Deal3102
I'M Glad I Married You5172
I'M Going To Get Organized5212
I'M Going To Sundance!4172
I'M Happy With You4142
I'M Head Over Heels In Love6212
I'M Hitting The Slopes4182
I'M In A Real Jam5122
I'M In Love382
I'M In Your Corner4142
I'M Joking282
I'M Looking Forward To It5202
I'M Looking Forward To Our Future6272
I'M Lovestruck2122
I'M Not My Brother's Keeper5212
I'M Not One To Hold Grudges6212
I'M On It362
I'M On My Way492
I'M On Your Side4122
I'M Only Kidding3132
I'M Shivering!2112
I'M Smitten With You4162
I'M So Excited3112
I'M So Happy For You5152
I'M So Mad I Could Scream6192
I'M So Mad I Could Scream!6192
I'M So Proud Of You!5142
I'M Sorry272
I'M Spellbound2122
I'M Stuffed292
I'M Thrilled2102
I'M Totally Blown Away4182
I'M Totally Into You4162
I'M Under Your Spell4162
I'M Utterly Exhausted3182
I've Been Hit By Cupid's Arrow6233
I've Been Waiting For This Moment6273
I've Got A Crush On You6173
I've Got A Good Feeling About This7273
I've Got That Going For Me6203
I've Got Your Back4143
I've Gotta Be Me4123
I'D Like To Propose A Toast6212
Ideal Hideaway For Hollywood's Elite5315
Ideal Place To Play4165
Ideal Place To Play And Relax6245
Ideal Place To Travel4185
Idk I Need Help4123
If All Else Fails4142
If At First You Don't Succeed Try Try Again9342
If My Memory Serves Me Correctly6272
If The Shoe Fits Wear It6192
If The Truth Be Known5172
If There's Anything I Can Just Let Me Know9332
If These Walls Could Talk5212
If You Blink You'll Miss It6212
If You Can't Beat Em Join Em7212
If You Don't Like It Lump It7212
If You Have Something To Say Say It8282
If You Play Your Cards Right6232
If You're Going Then Go5182
If You've Got Something To Say Then Say It9332
Ignorance Is Bliss3169
Ignore The Critics3166
I'll Be There With Bells On6213
I'll Eat My Hat4113
I'll Get My Notes4133
Illegal Use Of Hands4177
Im A Winner392
I'M All Ears392
I'M All Keyed Up4122
I'M Awake272
I'M Back Again3112
I'M Baffled292
I'M Behind You3112
I'M Flexible2102
I'M Halfway Home3132
I'M Having A Bad Hair Day6192
I'M Hopeful292
I'M Hungry282
Im In The Best Shape Of My Life8242
I'M In The Mood For Love6182
I'M Joking282
Im Just Teasing3132
I'M Just Too Busy4132
I'M Overjoyed2112
I'M Puzzled292
I'M Skeptical2112
I'M Smarter Than You Think5212
I'M So Mad I Could Scream6192
Iʻm Stuffed2103
I'M Telling Everyone3172
I'M Telling Mom3122
Imagine That2117
Immune To Criticism3176
Impeccable Quality21710
Impeccable Taste21510
Impressive Work Ethic31910
Improve Your Game3157
In A Class By Itself5162
In A Crazy Mood4122
In A Daze372
In A Dream World4132
In A Festive Mood4142
In A Good Mood4112
In A Heartbeat3122
In A Holding Pattern4172
In A Huff372
In A Hurry382
In A Jiffy382
In A New York Minute5162
In A Tight Spot4122
In A World Of Trouble5172
In About An Hour4132
In Accordance With3162
In Addition To3122
In An Extreme Case4152
In Bad Taste3102
In Broad Daylight3152
In Business News3142
In Every Issue3122
In Fashion292
In Full Bloom3112
In Full Swing3112
In Good Faith3112
In Good Health3122
In Good Spirits3132
In Harmony292
In Hot Pursuit3122
In It For The Long Haul6182
In It To Win It5112
In It's Purest Form4152
In Less Than No Minute5182
In Less Than No Time5162
In Mint Condition3152
In My Defense3112
In My Humble Opinion4172
In My Mind's Eye4122
In My Neck Of The Woods6182
In My Yard382
In No Time Flat4122
In No Uncertain Terms4182
In Other Words3122
In Perfect Harmony3162
In Perfect Working Order4212
In Plain Sight3122
In Retrospect2122
In The Belly Of The Beast6202
In The Black3102
In The Distant Future4182
In The Dog House4132
In The Driver's Seat4162
In The Forest3112
In The Groove3112
In The Heart Of The Sea6182
In The Heat Of The Moment6202
In The Hot Seat4122
In The Interest Of Time5192
In The Know392
In The Lap Of Luxury5162
In The Lead392
In The Limelight3142
In The Lobby3102
In The Meantime3132
In The Mix382
In The Nick Of Time5152
In The Privacy Of Your Own Home7252
In The Public Interest4192
In The Right Frame Of Mind6212
In The Right Place At The Right Time8292
In The Spirit Of Competition5242
In The Spirit Of Exploration5242
In The Vicinity3132
In The Wild392
In The Zone392
In Their Natural Habitat4212
In Theory Alone3132
In This Day And Age5152
In This Issue3112
In Total Shock Absorbers4212
In Two Shakes Of A Lamb's Tail7232
In Uncharted Waters3172
In Vogue272
In Your Grocer's Freezer4202
Includes A Free Gift4178
Increasingly Prosperous Year In Year Out63512
Incredible Staying Power32210
Independently Owned And Operated42913
Independently Wealthy22013
Individual Results May Vary42410
Individually Wrapped21912
Indulge Yourself2157
Indulge Yourself!2157
Indulging Yourself2179
Inner Child2105
Inquire Within2137
Inside Baseball2146
Inside Scoop2116
Inspire Me297
Inspiring Real-Life Story3229
Instant Classic2147
Intelligent & Educated21911
Interest In Academics3198
Interesting Culture21811
International Influence In Fashion43113
Into Thin Air3114
Invasion Of Privacy3178
Invigorating To All Of Your Senses62912
Invite All Your Friends4206
Iowa Is Bordered By Six States6254
Is Anyone Home?3122
Is Anyone Sitting Here?4192
Is Someone There?3142
Is Something Burning3182
Is That What You're Wearing?5222
Is That Your Final Answer?5212
Is There A Letter L5152
Is There A Letter L?5152
Is This A Bad Time5142
Is This A Great Game Or What7222
Is This A Great Game Or What ?7222
Is This For Delivery Or Carryout6272
Is This Seat Taken4152
Island Camping2136
Island Hopping2136
It Baffles Me3112
It Could Happen3132
It Couldnt Happen To A Nicer Person7292
It Doesn't Hold Water4172
It Doesn't Hurt To Ask5172
It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This7282
It Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand8252
It Fits Like A Glove5162
It Grows On You4122
It Has Been Brought To My Attention7292
It Isn't All Fun And Games6202
It Just Feels Right4162
It Just Keeps Getting Better5242
It Looks Good Enough To Eat6222
It Looks Good On Paper5182
It Looks Iffy3112
It Makes A Lot Of Sense6182
It Makes A Lot Of Sense To Me8222
It Makes My Blood Boil5182
It Might Happen3132
It Runs In The Family5172
It Slipped My Mind4152
It Smells Like Autumn4182
It Stands To Reason4162
It Stopped Me In My Tracks6212
It Takes All Kinds4152
It Takes One To Know One6192
It Takes Two3102
It Takes Two To Tango5172
It Threw Me For A Loop6172
It Tickled My Funny Bone5202
It Touched My Heart4162
It Was A Dark And Stormy Night7242
It Was A Fluke4112
It Was A Pleasure To Meet You7232
It Was Bound To Happen5182
It Was Fun While It Lasted6212
It Was Nice To Meet You6182
It Will Grow On You5152
It Won't Hold Water4152
It Would Be An Honor5162
It Wouldn't Be The Same Without You7282
It'll Blow Your Mind4164
It's A Boy!373
It's A Dog Eat Dog World6183
It's A Dog-Eat-Dog World4183
It's A Draw383
It's A Feast Fit For A King!7203
It's A Free Country4153
It's A Game Changer4153
It's A Game-Changer!3153
It's A Girl383
It's A Home Run!4113
It's A Jungle Out There5183
It's A Jungle Out There!5183
It's A Party393
It's A Pleasure3123
It's A Secret3103
It's A Shopper's Paradise4203
It's A Slippery Slope4173
It's A Swing And A Miss6173
It's A Swing And A Miss!6173
It's A Three- Ring Circus5193
It's A Three-Ring Circus4193
It's A Tight Squeeze4163
It's A Win-Win For Everyone5213
It's About Time3123
It's Absolutely True3173
It's All Coming Back To Me Now7233
It's All Greek To Me5153
It's All Greek To Me!5153
It's All In The Wrist5163
It's An Honor Just To Be Nominated7273
It's Anybody's Guess3163
It's At Your Fingertips4193
It's Beautiful This Time Of Year6263
It's Bedtime2103
It's Clean Enough To Eat Off Of7243
It's Easier Than You Think5213
It's Freezing In Here!4173
It's Freezing Out There!4193
It's Game Day!3103
It's Going To Be A Good Year7213
It's Going To Be A Great Day!7213
It's Hotter Than Hades In Here6243
It's Hotter Than Hades In Here!6243
It's In A Class By Itself6193
It's In The Bag4113
It's In The Details4153
It's Like Riding A Bike5183
It's More Than Meets The Eye6223
It's Music To My Ears5163
It's My Favorite Holiday!4203
It's No Big Deal4123
It's No Laughing Matter4193
It's Not An Option4143
It's Not As Bad As You Think7213
It's Not As Easy As It Looks7213
It's Not The Heat It's The Humidity!7273
It's Our Top Priority4173
It's Past My Bedtime4163
It's Pineapple Season3183
It's Playtime!2113
It's Recess!293
It's Second Nature3153
It's Showtime!2113
It's Strictly Confidential3233
It's Summertime2133
It's Summertime!2133
It's Teatime2103
It's The American Way!4173
It's The Little Things That You Do7273
It's The Little Things You Do6233
It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year8323
It's The Thought That Counts5233
It's Time For Lunch4153
It's Time For Tea4133
It's Time To Celebrate!4183
It's Time To Go4113
It's Tradition!2123
It's Up To You4103
It's Way Past Your Bedtime5213
It's Worth The Wait4153
It's Written In The Stars5203
It's Your Lucky Day4153
It's Your Lucky Day!4153
Itching To Go3117
Its A Boy373
Its A Girl383
It's A Jungle Out There5183
It's A Tight Squeeze4163
It's A Walk In The Park6173
It's About Time3123
It's All In The Wrist5163
Its Always Darkest Before The Dawn6293
It's Always Darkest Before The Dawn6293
It's Baffling2113
It's Been A Labor Of Love6193
It's Just Around The Corner5223
It's Later Than You Think Before You Speak8343
It's Like Stepping Back In Time6253
It's No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk7293
It's Now Or Never4133
It's Out Of The Way5143
It's The Little Things That Matter6283
It's Worth A Try4123
It's Your Destiny3143
It's Your Lucky Day!4153
It's Your Move3113
I've Done My Good Deed For The Day8263
I've Got A Feeling About This6233
I've Got A Hunch4123
Jack Fell Down And Broke His Crown7284
Jacket And Tie Required4206
Jam-Packed With People3199
January Jones2127
Jeff Bezos Goes To Space5204
Job Well Done3113
Jockeying For Position3209
Jog My Memory3113
Jogging Down The Block4197
Join Forces2104
Join Now274
Join Our Group3124
Join The Celebration3184
Join The Club3114
Join The Parade3134
Join The Show3114
Join Us264
Join Us For Thanksgiving4214
Join Us Today3114
Joined At The Hip4146
Joining Forces2137
Joke Around2104
Jot Down Your Ideas4163
Jot It Down393
Journey Back In Time4177
Joy Of Giving3113
Joyeux Noel2106
Joyeux Noel!2106
Jugging Path To Success4207
Juggling The Books3168
Juicing Lemons2137
Jump At The Chance4154
Jump For Joy3104
Jump In The Car And Let's Go!7214
Jump Start Your Day4164
Jump The Gun3104
Jump Up And Down4134
Jumping For Joy3137
Jump-Start Your Imagination3249
June Swoon294
Just A Few Steps Away5174
Just A Hunch3104
Just A Kid At Heart5154
Just A Quick Peek4144
Just A Short Stroll Away5204
Just A Stone's Throw Away5204
Just A Wee Bit4114
Just Add Water3124
Just An Observation3174
Just Be Yourself3144
Just Between You And Me5194
Just Browsing2124
Just Checking In3144
Just Chillin'2114
Just Curious2114
Just Far Enough3134
Just Focus294
Just For Fun3104
Just For Starters3154
Just For The Fun Of It6174
Just Hangin' Out3134
Just In The Nick Of Time6194
Just Joshin'2104
Just Like Clockwork3174
Just Like Grandma Used To Make6254
Just Like Mother Used To Make6244
Just Like Old Times4164
Just Lucky I Guess4154
Just Married2114
Just Moments Away3154
Just One Of The Guys5164
Just Peachy2104
Just Plain Focus3144
Just Say No394
Just Say The Word4144
Just The Facts3124
Just Thinking Of You4174
Just Use Your Head4154
Just What I Always Wanted5214
Just What I Needed4154
Just What The Doctor Ordered5244
Just Win274
Just Wing It3104
Keep ‘Em Coming3134
Keep A Stiff Upper Lip5184
Keep At Bay394
Keep Austin Weird3154
Keep Both Feet On The Ground6234
Keep Calm And Bake On5174
Keep 'Em Coming!3124
Keep In Touch3114
Keep It Handy3114
Keep It Hush-Hush3144
Keep It Simple3124
Keep It Together3144
Keep Me In Stitches4164
Keep Me Posted3124
Keep Me Updated3134
Keep Moving2104
Keep My Finger On The Pulse Of The Action9334
Keep Off The Grass4154
Keep On Truckin'3134
Keep Plugging Away3164
Keep The Ball Rolling4184
Keep The Change3134
Keep The Wheel Spinning4204
Keep This Under Your Hat5204
Keep Up The Good Work5174
Keep Your Cool3124
Keep Your Ear To The Ground6224
Keep Your Eye Out4144
Keep Your Eyes On The Prize6224
Keep Your Eyes Peeled4184
Keep Your Fingers Crossed4224
Keep Your Hands Inside The Boat At All Times9364
Keep Your Hopes Up4154
Keep Your Nose Clean4174
Keep Your Receipt3154
Keeping It Real3137
Keeping Your Eyes On The Road6247
Keeping Your Head Above Water5257
Kettle Of Fish3126
Key Play Of The Game5163
Key To Happiness3143
Key To The Executive Washroom5253
Kick Back And Relax4164
Kick It Off!394
Kick It Up A Notch!5144
Kick Off Your Boots4164
Kick Off Your Shoes4164
Kick The Can Down The Road6214
Kick The Habit3124
Kick Up Your Heels4154
Kicking Back2117
Kicking Up Your Heels4187
Kid Stuff283
Kids Eat Free3114
Kill The Lights!3134
Killing Time2117
Kind & Comforting2144
King For A Day4114
Kiss It & Make It Better5184
Kiss Me For Good Luck5174
Kiss Me I'M Irish4134
Kit And Caboodle3143
Knit One Purl Two4144
Knock Before Entering3195
Knock 'Em Dead3115
Knock It Off3105
Knock It Out Of The Park6195
Knock On Wood3115
Knock Your Socks Off4175
Knocked It Out Of The Park6217
Know The Ropes3124
Knowledge Is Power3169
Knuckle Down2117
Knuckle Sandwich2157
Kodak Moment2115
Kodiak Island Scallops3206
Labor Of Love3115
Labyrinthine World21712
Lace Up Your Sneakers4184
Ladies First2116
Lady Liberty2114
Laissez Faire2127
Land Of Milk And Honey5184
Larger Than Life3146
Last But Not Least4154
Last Minute Replacement3214
Last Name First3134
Last One In Is A Rotten Egg7214
Last One In Is A Rotten Egg!7214
Last Opportunity2154
Last Straw294
Laugh It Off3105
Laugh It Up395
Lavender-Peach Cooler21913
Lavish Foot Treatment3196
Law Of Averages3133
Law Of The Land4123
Lay It On Me Baby!5133
Lay It On The Line5143
Lay It On Thick4123
Lay Of The Land4123
Laying Down The Law4166
Laying It On The Line5176
Lazy Days Of Summer4164
Leads Me To Believe4165
Leaky Faucet2115
Leaps & Bounds2115
Learn To Deal With It5175
Learning By Trial And Error5238
Learning To Speak Another Language5308
Least Important2145
Leave It All Behind4165
Leave It To Me4115
Leave No Stone Unturned4205
Leave No Trace3125
Leave Nothing To Chance4205
Leave Quietly2125
Leave Your Cares Behind4205
Leave Your Message After The Tone6285
Leave Your Troubles At The Door6265
Leaving A Trail Of Breadcrumbs5267
Leaving It All Behind4187
Legend In The Making4176
Legendary Beach Town3189
Legendary Cleanliness2209
Lemony Tang2106
Lend A Helping Hand4164
Lend Me A Hand4114
Length Times Width Times Height5276
Lengthy Trial Offer3177
Less Said The Better4174
Let Bygones Be Bygones4193
Let 'Er Rip383
Let Me Clue You In5143
Let Me Get A Pen And Paper7203
Let Me Get Back To You6173
Let Me Get It For You6163
Let Me Guess3103
Let Me Know If I Can Be Of Assistance9293
Let Me Know When You're Available6273
Let Me Make You Coffee5183
Let Me Read You A Poem6173
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie4183
Let The Bottle Of Wine Breathe6253
Let The Games Begin!4163
Let The Sunshine In4163
Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide6283
Let Your Hair Down4153
Let Your Imagination Run Wild5253
Let Yourself In3133
Let's Add Bacon3124
Let's Agree To Disagree4194
Let's Be Friends3134
Let's Be Happy3114
Let's Be In It For The Long Haul8244
Let's Bob For Apples!4164
Let's Call It A Night5164
Let's Celebrate2134
Let's Celebrate Chinese New Year5274
Let's Celebrate!2134
Let's Chitchat2124
Let's Collaborate On A Project5254
Let's Dance Till Dawn4174
Let's Do Karaoke3134
Let's Do Lunch!3114
Let's Do The Toss-Up Challenge5244
Let's Dye The Easter Eggs5204
Let's Dye The Easter Eggs!5204
Let's Eat Dessert3144
Let's Eat Dessert First!4194
Let's Elope294
Let's Enjoy The Great Outdoors5254
Let's Fire Up The Grill!5184
Let's Get A Cabana4144
Let's Get Coffee3134
Let's Get Coffee!3134
Let's Get Engaged3144
Let's Get Going!3124
Let's Get Hitched3144
Let's Get In The Holiday Spirit6254
Let's Get Married3144
Let's Get Married!3144
Let's Get Moving3134
Let's Get Moving!3134
Let's Get On The Slopes5184
Let's Get Out Of Here5164
Let's Get The Ball Rolling5214
Let's Get This Show On The Road7244
Let's Get To The Bottom Of This7244
Let's Get Together Sometime4234
Let's Get Weird Here4164
Let's Give Thanks3144
Let's Give Thanks!3144
Let's Go Anywhere!3144
Let's Go Bobbing For Apples5224
Let's Go Camping!3134
Let's Go Caroling3144
Let's Go Caroling!3144
Let's Go Cubs!3104
Let's Go Dancing3134
Let's Go Dancing!3134
Let's Go Everywhere3164
Let's Go Explore3134
Let's Go Finishing3154
Let's Go Fishing!3134
Let's Go For A Picnic In The Park8254
Let's Go Green3114
Let's Go Hiking3124
Let's Go Hiking!3124
Let's Go Ice Skating4164
Let's Go Ice-Skating3164
Let's Go On An Easter Egg Hunt7234
Let's Go Out394
Let's Go Out & See The City6194
Let's Go Out And Play5164
Let's Go Out And Play!5164
Let's Go Out And See The City7224
Let's Go Out For Dinner5184
Let's Go Out For Taco Tuesday6234
Let's Go Out To Dinner5174
Let's Go Out To Lunch5164
Let's Go Outside3134
Let's Go Outside & Play In The Snow7264
Let's Go Outside & Play In The Snow!7264
Let's Go Outside!3134
Let's Go Shopping!3144
Let's Go Sledding!3144
Let's Go Snowboarding3184
Let's Go Snowmobiling3184
Let's Go Snowtubing3164
Let's Go Snowtubing!3164
Let's Go Stargazing3164
Let's Go To A Dance Club6184
Let's Go To Sebago Lake5184
Let's Go To Sebago Lake.5184
Let's Go To The Beach5164
Let's Go To The Blackjack Table6254
Let's Go To The Club5154
Let's Go To The Festival5194
Let's Go To The Fun House!6194
Let's Go To The Party5164
Let's Go To The Poker Table6214
Let's Go To The Pumpkin Patch6234
Let's Go To This Shindig5194
Let's Go!264
Let's Grab Some Dinner4184
Let's Hang Out3114
Let's Have A Date Night5184
Let's Have A Party4144
Let's Have A Party!4144
Let's Have An Indoor Picnic5224
Let's Have An Indoor Picnic!5224
Let's Have Fun Today4164
Let's Have Some Fun!4154
Let's Hightail It Out Of Here!6234
Let's Hit The Sack4144
Let's Hit The Slopes!4164
Let's Learn A New Language5214
Let's Make Beautiful Music Together5304
Let's Make Time For Each Other6244
Let's Not Get Weird Here5194
Let's Order The Poutine!4194
Let's Pack Up The Car5164
Let's Play284
Let's Play A Board Game!5184
Let's Play A Video Game!5184
Let's Play Ball3124
Let's Play Ball!3124
Let's Play Catch3134
Let's Play House3134
Let's Play House!3134
Let's Play It By Ear5154
Let's Play The Game4154
Let's Put Our Heads Together5234
Let's Ring In The New Year!6204
Let's Sing284
Let's Splurge!2114
Let's Study Abroad3154
Let's Take A Cooking Class Together6294
Let's Take A Trip4134
Let's Take A Vacation!4174
Let's Take Dancing Lessons4224
Let's Take Tango Lessons4204
Let's Talk Shop3124
Let's Talk Turkey3144
Let's Tee Off!3104
Let's Travel The World!4184
Let's Try Ski Jumping4174
Let's Try Ski Jumping!4174
Let's Vote On It4124
Let's Walk Through The Haunted House!6304
Let's Watch Every Episode!4214
Let's Wear Green Today!4184
Let's Win!274
Let's Dance!294
Let's Flip A Coin4134
Lets Get Moving3134
Lets Go Explore3134
Lets Go Out & See The City6194
Lets Go Out To Lunch5164
Let's Go To A Dance Club6184
Lets Play Ball3124
Let's Put Our Heads Together5234
Let's See A Show Of Hands6194
Let's Settle This Once And For All7274
Let's Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane7294
Let's Take It From The Top6204
Lets Talk Privately3174
Lets Wear Green Today4184
Let's Win The Game!4144
Letting Off Steam3157
Level The Playing Field4205
Liar Liar284
Liberty Equality Fraternity3257
License And Registration Please4287
Lickety Split2127
Life Expectancy Was Around Thirty Years6344
Life Is Good3104
Life To A Ripe Old Age6174
Lifeguard On Duty3159
Light And Fluffy3145
Light As A Feather4155
Light On Your Feet4155
Lighten Up297
Lightning Fast2139
Lights Out!296
Lights! Camera! Action!3186
Lightweight Warmth21711
Like A Bat Out Of Hell6174
Like A Bolt From The Blue6204
Like A Breath Of Fresh Air6214
Like A Bull Out Of A Chute7204
Like A Bump On A Log6154
Like A Fish Out Of Water6194
Like A Hawk394
Like Dullsville Man!3174
Like Father Like Son4174
Like Finding A Needle In A Haystack7294
Like Heaven On Earth4174
Like It Or Not4114
Like Mother Like Daughter4224
Like Putty In My Hands5184
Like There's No Tomorrow4204
Like Totally Awesome!3184
Like Two Peas In A Pod6174
Like Two Ships Passing In The Night7294
Limit One Per Customer4195
Limit One Per Household4205
Limited In Scope3147
Listen Carefully2156
Little Pig! Little Pig! Let Me In!7256
Little Things Mean A Lot5206
Live A Little!3114
Live And In Concert4164
Live And Learn3124
Live High On The Hog5164
Live In Harmony3134
Live In Perfect Harmony4204
Live In The Moment4154
Live Laugh Bake3134
Live Laugh Love3134
Live Life & Love Baking4184
Live Life To The Fullest5204
Live The Life Of Riley5184
Lived And Breathed3165
Lively Discussion2166
Living Abroad2126
Living High On The Hog5186
Living In Perfect Harmony4226
Living It Up3106
Living Large2116
Living Proof2116
Living The Dream3146
Living The Good Life4176
Loaded For Bear3136
Loaded With Charm3156
Loads Of Fun3105
Local Color2105
Local Diner2105
Local Flavor2115
Location Location Location3248
Lock Stock & Barrel3154
Lofty Heights2125
Lone Star State3134
Long Ago And Far Away5174
Long In The Tooth4144
Long On The Tooth4144
Long Overdue2114
Long Time No Hear4144
Long Time No See4134
Long-Distance Trucker Hat32212
Look Away284
Look Before You Leap4174
Look Both Ways Before Crossing5264
Look But Don't Touch4164
Look On The Bright Side5194
Look Out Below3124
Look Over There!3134
Look Sharp294
Looking Forward To It4187
Looking Good2117
Looking Over Your Shoulder4237
Looking Sharp2127
Looking Stylish2147
Looking Up At White Fluffy Clouds6287
Looking Your Best3157
Looks Good Enough To Eat5205
Looks Like A Million Bucks5225
Looks Yummy2105
Loose Cannon2115
Loose Lips Sink Ships4185
Lose Fat Gain Muscle4174
Lost In The Crowd4144
Lost In The Translation4204
Lots Of Energy3124
Lots Of Excitement3164
Lots Of Merriment3154
Loud And Clear3124
Lounge To Your Heart's Desire5246
Love And Kisses3134
Love At First Sight4164
Love Game Of Fortune4174
Love Is Blind3114
Love Is In The Air5144
Love Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry8354
Love Of My Life4124
Love You Like A Sister5184
Love You Of Lunce4144
Loving & Kind2106
Loving Every Minute Of It5216
Low Impact293
Low In Calories3133
Lower Courts2115
Lower Your Voice3145
Low-Key Lounger2136
Loyal & Strong2115
Luck Be A Lady4114
Luck Has Nothing To Do With It7244
Luck Of The Draw4134
Lucky At Love3115
Lucky Break2105
Lucky Numbers2125
Lucky Numbers For Tomorrow4235
Lucky You285
Lunch Will Be Served Poolside5255
Luxurious Indulgence2199
Luxurious Lifestyle2189
Luxury & Comfort2136
Luxury And Comfort3166
Luxury Hotels2126
Lying In A Bed Of Roses6185
Machine Wash Cold3157
Machine Washable2157
Mad As A Hatter4123
Mad As A Wet Hen5123
Madam In Eden I'M Adam5175
Made From Scratch3154
Made In America3134
Made In California3164
Made In The Usa4124
Made The Way You Like It6194
Made To Last3104
Made To Order3114
Made With Real Cream4174
Made You Look!3114
Madly In Love3115
Magnetic Personality2198
Mail A Letter To Santa5184
Majestic Country2158
Major Fashion And Shopping Center5295
Major Overhaul2135
Major Sensation2145
Make A Change3114
Make A Go Of It5114
Make A Mountain Of A Molehill6244
Make A Mountain Out Of A Molehill7274
Make A Splash3114
Make A Style Statement4194
Make A Toast3104
Make A Vow384
Make A Wager3104
Make A Wish394
Make Haste Slowly3154
Make Him An Offer He Can't Refuse7264
Make It A Habit4124
Make It Happen3124
Make It Official3144
Make It Snappy3124
Make Light Of The Situation5234
Make No Mistake About It5204
Make Some Noise3134
Make Sure Were All On The Same Page8284
Make This The Best Christmas Ever6284
Make Up Your Mind4144
Make Your Bed3114
Make Your Mark3124
Make Yourself At Home4184
Make-Believe Beasts21711
Makes Your Mouth Water4195
Making A Big Splash4166
Making A Discreet Exit4196
Making A Fuss3116
Making A Playlist Of Holiday Tunes6296
Making Every Moment Count4226
Making Eye Contact3166
Making Inroads2136
Making Matters Worse3186
Making Progress2146
Making Puppy Eyes3156
Making The Grade3146
Making The Most Of A Bad Situation7286
Making The World A Better Place6266
Male Bonding2114
Man Of Few Words4133
Man Of My Dreams4133
Man Up!253
Many Happy Returns3164
Many Moons Ago3124
Mark It On The Calendar5194
Mark My Words3114
Mark Of Excellence3164
Mark Your Calendars3174
Market Fresh2116
Marooned On A Desert Island5238
Masculine And Feminine3209
Match Made In Heaven4175
Maternal Instinct2168
Mathematical Genius21812
Matter Of Policy3146
Maximum Profits2147
Maximum Strength2157
May All Your Wishes Be Fulfilled6273
May I Ask A Really Big Favor?7223
May I Borrow Your Stapler?5213
May I Have A Drum Roll Please?7233
May I Have A Moment Of Your Time?8253
May I Have This Dance?5173
May I Help You Sir?5143
May I Help You?4113
May I Make A Request?5163
May I Make A Suggestion?5193
May I Place You On Hold?6183
May I Say Something?4163
May I See Some Identification Please6313
May I Take Your Coat5163
May I Take Your Coat?5163
May I Take Your Order?5173
May The Best Man Win5163
May The Wind Always Be At Your Back8283
May There Be Surpluses Every Year6283
May You Hear In A Letter That All Is Well10323
May You Realize Your Ambitions5263
May Your Happiness Be Without Limit6303
May Your Wealth Come To Fill A Hall8283
Maybe I Will3105
Maybe Someday2125
Maybe You Will Maybe You Won't6245
Mayor Of The Town4145
Mazel Tov285
Meaning Of Life3137
Medieval Manor2138
Medieval Times2138
Meet Me At The Pub For A Pint8224
Meet New People3134
Meeting Adjourned2167
Meeting Of The Minds4177
Meeting's Adjourned2178
Mele Kalikimaka!2144
Mellow Out296
Melt Your Cares Away4174
Melting Pot2107
Mercedes Benz C-Class3188
Merci Translated Means Thank You5285
Merry Christmas To You!4195
Met With Open Arms4153
Meteoric Rise To Stardom4218
Meteoric Rise To The Top5208
Method To The Madness4186
Meticulously Preserved22112
Mi Casa Es Su Casa5142
Microwave Popcorn2169
Midas Touch2105
Middle-Of-The Road21511
Mighty Proud2116
Mile High City3124
Milk It For All It's Worth6204
Mind Blowing2114
Mind Game284
Mind Over Matter3144
Mind Your Own Business4194
Mind Your P's And Q's5154
Mint Condition2134
Miss The Boat3114
Miss You Already3144
Mission Accomplished2197
Mission Completed2167
Mix And Match3113
Mix-And Match2116
Mixed Bag285
Mixed Signals2125
Modern & Stylish Restaurants3246
Modern Comfort2136
Modern Living2126
Modest Old Homes3146
Mojo Boost294
Mom Likes Me More Than You6213
Monday Through Friday3196
Money Is No Object4155
Money Is The Root Of All Evil7235
Monkey See Monkey Do4176
Monster Season2137
Moral Compass2125
More Fun Than A Barrel Of Monkeys7274
More Power To You4144
More Than Three-Hundred Languages Spoken5354
Morning Noon And Night4197
Most Credit Cards Accepted4234
Most Likely To Succeed4194
Mother Nature2126
Movie Extra2105
Movie Madness2125
Moving Forward2136
Moving Like A Well-Oiled Machine5276
Moving Right Along3166
Moving To Greener Pastures4236
Moving Upward2126
Mum's The Word3114
Museum Shop2106
Music Is In The Air5155
Music On Demand3135
Must-See Show Of The Year5207
Mutual Admiration Society3236
Muy Amable293
My Advice To You Is5152
My Big Chance3112
My Compliments To The Chef5222
My Cup Of Tea4102
My Dog Ate My Homework5182
My Feet Are Killing Me5182
My Greatest Fear Has Come True6252
My Happy Place3122
My Head Is In The Clouds6192
My Home Is Your Home5162
My Idea Of Perfection4182
My Jaw Dropped3122
My Jaw Hit The Floor5162
My Knight In Shining Armor5222
My Lips Are Sealed4152
My Luck Is About To Change6212
My Mistake292
My Mom Loves You4132
My Offer Still Stands4182
My Patience Is Growing Thin5232
My Personal Best3142
My Point Exactly3142
My Pride And Joy4132
My Stomach Is Growling4192
My Team Is In The Lead!6172
Mystery Of Life3137
Name Not One Man4134
Name Your Price3134
Narrow Dirt Road3146
Nary A Trace Of Guilt5174
Natural Beauty2137
Natural Living2137
Natural Reaction2157
Natural Smoke Flavor3187
Natural World2127
Naturalist's Paradise21911
Naturally Made2139
Naturally Sweet2149
Natural-Wood Finish21711
Nature's Final Frontier3207
Navigating Through Choppy Waters42910
Neat As A Pin4104
Nectar Of The Gods4156
Need A Lift?394
Need A Ride394
Need A Ride?394
Needle In A Haystack4176
Needless To Say3138
Neoarchean Era21310
Neoproterozoic Era21714
Nerves Of Steel3136
Nestled In The Woods4177
Never A Cross Word4155
Never Assume Always Ask4205
Never At A Loss For Words6205
Never In A Million Years5205
Never In My Wildest Dreams5225
Never Odd Or Even4145
Never Say Never3135
Never Tell A Lie4135
New And Improved3143
New England State3153
New Lease On Life4143
New Year New You4133
News At Noon3104
Nice And Warm3114
Nice Day274
Nice Day Out Today Eh?5174
Nice Job274
Nice One274
Nice To Meet You4134
Nice To See You Again5174
Nice To See You Smile5174
Nice Work284
Night After Night3155
Nine Times Out Of Ten5174
Nip And Tuck3103
Nip It In The Bud5133
No Back Talk3102
No Back Talk!3102
No Blank Required3152
No Country For Old Men5182
No Deposit No Return4172
No Doubt About It4142
No Doubt In My Mind5152
No End In Sight4122
No Flight Delays3142
No Guts No Glory4132
No Hard Feelings3142
No Harm Done3102
No Harm No Foul4122
No Holding Back3132
No Holds Barred3132
No Jacket Required3162
No Lifeguard On Duty4172
No Minimum Purchase Required4252
No News Is Good News5162
No Outside Food Or Beverages5242
No Place Like It4132
No Place To Go But Up6162
No Postage Necessary If Mailed In The U.S.8332
No Purchase Necessary3192
No Question About It4172
No Shoes No Shirt No Service6232
No Skateboarding2152
No Smoking292
No Snacking Between Meals4222
No Soliciting2122
No Spring Chicken3152
No Strings Attached3172
No Substitutions Allowed3222
No Such Luck3102
No Such Thing As A Bad Meal7212
No Sugar Added3122
No Texting In Class Allowed5232
No Tipping Allowed3162
No Two Ways About It5162
No Way Bro!382
No Where To Be Seen5152
Nobody Knows2116
Nobody's Perfect2147
No-Cook Oats2106
No-Holds Barred2137
Noisy Fire Alarm3145
No-Nonsense Approach21810
No-Nonsense Return Policy32210
Nose To The Grindstone4194
Nostalgia Craze2149
Not A Care In The World6183
Not A Cloud In The Sky6173
Not A Problem3113
Not A Smidgen Of Truth5183
Not A Total Loss4133
Not An Empty Seat In The House7243
Not Another One!3133
Not For All The Tea In China7223
Not For The Faint Of Heart6213
Not In Front Of The Help6193
Not In My Wheelhouse4173
Not Just Another Pretty Face5243
Not My Cup Of Tea5133
Not Now I'M Busy4123
Not Worth A Dime4133
Note To Self3104
Nothing But Net3137
Nothing But Praise For4197
Nothing But The Best4177
Nothing Can Stop Me Now5197
Nothing Doing2127
Nothing Else Comes To Mind5227
Nothing More Nothing Less4227
Nothing Out Of The Ordinary5237
Nothing Personal2157
Nothing Succeeds Like Success4267
Nothing To Sneeze At4177
Notify Me286
Not-Too Distant Future3196
Not-Too-Distant Future21913
Novelty Paperweights2197
Now And Forever3133
Now Available In Paperback!4233
Now Hear This!3113
Now Hiring293
Now I Know383
Now I've Seen Everything4203
Now In Paperback3143
Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent7293
Now More Than Ever4153
Now Playing On The Big Screen6243
Now Streaming2123
Now That's What I Am Talking About7273
Now You See It Now You Don't7213
Now You See Me Now You Don't7213
Now You're Cooking3153
Now You're Talking3153
Number One Priority3176
Number-One Producer Of Stone Fruit In America7389
Nursed Back To Health4186
Nursing A Hangover3167
Nuts And Bolts3124
Nutty As A Fruitcake4175
Obey The Law3104
Off And Running3133
Off The Beaten Path4163
Off The Beaten Track4173
Off The Charts3123
Off The Cuff3103
Off The Hook3103
Off The Map393
Off The Rack3103
Off The Record3123
Off To A Good Start5153
Off To A Rocky Start5163
Off To A Running Start5183
Off To See The World5163
Off Your Rocker3133
Offbeat Pop-Culture Fun3207
Off-Color Joke2128
Offer Ends Tomorrow3175
Oh Brother292
Oh Happy Day!3102
Oh My Aching Back4142
Oh My Goodness!3122
Oh My Gosh382
Oh No Not Again4122
Oh Phooey282
Oh Yes We Did4102
Ok Class Everyone In Your Seats Please7322
Oklahoma City Thunder3198
Old And Wiser3113
Old- Fashioned Know-How3193
Old Favorites With A Twist5223
Old Glory283
Old-Fashioned Charm21712
Old-Fashioned Know How31912
Old-Fashioned Know-How21912
Old-World Charm2138
Old-World Colonial Charm3218
Old-World Paris2138
Olly Olly Oxen Free4164
On A Budget392
On A Case-By-Case Basis4182
On A Daily Basis4132
On A Lark372
On A Need-To-Know Basis4182
On A Quest382
On A Roll372
On A Tight Budget4142
On A Whim372
On A Wing And A Prayer6172
On Bended Knee3122
On Cloud Nine3112
On Demand282
On Good Terms3112
On My Honeymoon3132
On My Lunch Break4142
On My Way372
On Our Behalf3112
On Pins And Needles4162
On Sale Now!392
On Short Notice3132
On The Cusp392
On The Cutting Edge Of Trends6242
On The Day You Were Born6192
On The Double3112
On The Edge Of Extinction5212
On The Edge Of My Seat6172
On The Farm392
On The Fast Track4142
On The Fly382
On The Go372
On The Go!372
On The Goal Line4132
On The Horizon3122
On The Horns Of Dilemma5192
On The Lookout3122
On The Mark392
On The Move392
On The Phone3102
On The Rebound3122
On The Right Path4142
On The Road To Recovery5192
On The Road To Success5182
On The Rocks3102
On The Ropes3102
On The Same Page4132
On The Surface3122
On The Tail End Of5142
On The Warpath3122
On Top Of The World5152
On What Grounds?3132
On Your Mark Get Set Go!6182
On Your Own392
Once Bitten Twice Shy4184
Once In A Blue4114
Once In A Blue Moon5154
Once In Awhile3124
Once More With Feeling4194
Once Over Lightly3154
Once Upon A Time4134
Once-In- A-Lifetime2156
One And The Same4133
One By One383
One Down One To Go5143
One For The Books4143
One For The Money4143
One For The Money Two For The Show8273
One From The Heart4153
One Giant Leap For Mankind5223
One Good Turn Deserves Another5263
One In A Million4133
One Night Only3123
One Octave Higher3153
One Of A Kind4103
One Of The Greenest States In The Nation8333
One Of The Most-Visited Cities In The World8353
One Of The Oldest Inhabited Cities6293
One Of The Oldest Tricks In The Book8293
One Of The Oldest Uninhabited Cities6313
One Of The Smartest People I Know7273
One Of The Top Fashion Cities In The World9343
One Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words7313
One Potato Two Potato Four5223
One Potato Two Potato Three Potato Four7333
One Size Fits All4143
One Thing After Another4203
One Thing At A Time5153
One Thing Leads To Another5223
One Trick Pony3123
One Two Three Abc4143
One-Day Shipping2146
One-Horse Town2128
One-Hundred Senators Comprise The Senate53510
One-Night Stay2128
One-Of-A Kind Experience3206
One-Of-A-Kind Experience22010
One-Size-Fits- All21411
One-Stop Shopping2157
One-Trick Pony2128
Online Exclusive2156
Only The Strong Survive4204
Only Time Will Tell4164
Only U.S. State That Produces Iodine6294
Onscreen Chemistry2178
On-The-Road Fitness Apps3209
Onward And Upward3156
Oodles Of Fun3116
Oops! I Made A Mistake5174
Oopsie Daisy2116
Open All Night3124
Open Casting Call3154
Open For Business3154
Open For Lunch And Dinner5214
Open Here284
Open Late284
Open Sesame2104
Open Sesame!2104
Open To The Public4154
Open Wide284
Opening A Can Of Worms5187
Opening Pandora's Box3187
Operators Are Standing By4229
Opposites Attract2169
Optimal Viewing Pleasure3227
Optimal Wellness2157
Optimistic & Encouraging22110
Orange Fever2116
Order By Fax3105
Order In The Court4155
Order In The Court!4155
Order Now285
Order Online2115
Ordering Off The Secret Menu5248
Organized And Detailed Oriented4289
Organized And Detail-Oriented3269
Original Thirteen Colonies3248
Oscar Buzz295
Other People's Money Is No Object6275
Other Things Being Equal4215
Our Door Is Always Open5193
Our First Voyage3143
Our Friends Will Be So Jealous6253
Our Neighbors To The North5223
Out And About3113
Out At The Elbows4143
Out In Full Force4143
Out In Left Field4143
Out Like A Light4133
Out Of Bounds3113
Out Of Favor3103
Out Of Focus3103
Out Of Gas383
Out Of Harms Way4133
Out Of Luck393
Out Of My League4133
Out Of Order3103
Out Of Pocket3113
Out Of Sight3103
Out Of Sight Out Of Mind6193
Out Of The Blue4123
Out Of The Clear Blue Sky6203
Out Of The Loop4123
Out Of Thin Air4123
Out On A Limb4103
Out On The Dance Floor5183
Out On The Patio4133
Out To Pasture3123
Out With The Old And In With The New9283
Out With The Old In With The New8253
Outfox The Competition3206
Outfoxed Again2138
Outlaw Country2136
Out-Of Bounds2115
Outpouring Of Support31910
Outside The Box3137
Over A Barrel3114
Over And Out3104
Over My Dead Body4144
Over My Head3104
Over Nine Miles Of Vatican Museum6284
Over The Moon3114
Over The Top3104
Overdoing It2119
Overnight Sensation2189
Overnight Success2169
Overprotective & Loving22014
Overstepping Your Bounds32212
Over-The-Knee Boots21611
Own Up To It493
Pack Your Bags3124
Pack Your Swimsuit3164
Pack Your Walking Shoes4204
Package Of Deals3147
Packed And Ready To Go5186
Packed In Dry Ice4146
Packed To The Gills4166
Paid In Full3104
Painstakingly Restored22113
Paint By Numbers3145
Paint The Town Red4155
Painted Into A Corner4187
Painting The Town Red4188
Paleoarchean Era21512
Paleolithic Era21411
Paleozoic Era2129
Pamper Yourself2146
Panned By The Critics4186
Paper Or Plastic?3145
Paper Tiger2105
Par For The Course4153
Parachute Jump For Joy4199
Pardon My French3146
Pardon Our Mess3136
Pardon The Interruption3216
Pardon The Intrusion3186
Pardon The Pun3126
Pardon Translated Means Excuse Me5296
Parental Guidance Suggested3258
Paris Of South America4195
Parking In Rear3137
Part Of The Bargain4164
Parting Of The Ways4167
Partner In Crime3147
Party On!275
Party Time295
Party Time!295
Pass The Buck3114
Pass The Gravy Please4184
Passed With Flying Colors4226
Passing The Buck3147
Passing With Flying Colors4237
Passion For The Outdoors4217
Passport To Savings3178
Passwords Are Case-Sensitive3259
Past My Bedtime3134
Pastry School2126
Pat I'D Like To Buy A Vowel7203
Patent Pending2136
Patience Is A Virtue4178
Patient & Forgiving2167
Pave The Way3104
Paving The Way3126
Pay As You Go4103
Pay Attention2123
Pay Close Attention3173
Pay Homage To3113
Pay It Forward3123
Pay The Piper3113
Pay To Play393
Pay To The Order Of5153
Pay Up!253
Pay-As-You Go2108
Paying Dues2106
Paying Homage2126
Paying With Shekels3176
Paying Your Dues3146
Peace And Quiet3135
Peace Love & Happiness3185
Peace Love & Joy3125
Peace Love & Rock ‘N' Roll5195
Peace Of Mind3115
Peace On Earth3125
Pearl Of The South4155
Pearls Of Wisdom3146
Pearly Whites2126
Pencil It In3106
Pennsylvania Dutch Country32412
Penny For One's Thoughts4205
Perception Is Reality31910
Peregrine Falcon Is The Fastest Animal6339
Perfect Combination2187
Perfect Fit2107
Perfect For A Wedding4187
Perfect For Any Weather4207
Perfect For Going Places4217
Perfect Getaway For Outdoor Enthusiasts5357
Perfect Place To Marry4197
Perfect Surfing Conditions3247
Perfectly Balanced2179
Perfectly Coordinated2209
Perfectly Dressed2169
Perish The Thought3166
Perks Of The Job4135
Permanent Fixture2169
Permission Granted21710
Personal Awakening2178
Personal Best2128
Personalized Spa Treatments32512
Pet- Friendly2113
Physically Fit21310
Pick A Card Any Card5164
Pick A Number Between One And Ten7274
Pick And Choose3134
Pick Up The Pace4134
Pick Up The Phone4144
Pick Up The Pieces4154
Pick Your Brain3134
Picked At Its Peak4156
Picking Up Speed3147
Picture It297
Picture Perfect2147
Pie In The Sky4113
Piece Of Cake3115
Pillar Of Strength3166
Pillow Talk2106
Pinch Me I Must Be Dreaming6225
Pinch Me I Think Im Dreaming6235
Pinch Runner2115
Pine Tree State3134
Pipe Dream294
Piping Hot296
Pizza By The Slice4155
Pizza! Pizza!2105
Place Your Bets3135
Place Your Bets!3135
Place Your Order Today4195
Placed Under Lock And Key5216
Places Please Everyone3206
Plain As Day3105
Plan For Success3144
Plans Are Shaping Up4175
Plant A Shrub3115
Planting Bed2118
Platypus Exhibit2158
Play A Game394
Play A Significant Role4204
Play And Win3104
Play Anytime Anywhere3194
Play Ball284
Play Ball!284
Play By Ear394
Play By The Rules4144
Play For Keeps3124
Play Games & Solve Puzzles4214
Play It Again Sam4144
Play It By Ear4114
Play It Cool3104
Play It Safe3104
Play Nicely2104
Play Now274
Play On Your Computer4184
Play On Your Mobile Device5224
Play The Fool3114
Play To Win394
Player's Paradise2157
Playful & Kind2117
Playing A Hunch3137
Playing Devils Advocate3217
Playing Hardball2157
Playing In Theaters Everywhere4277
Playing It Cool3137
Playing It Safe3137
Playing Possum2137
Playing The Field3157
Pleasant Dreams2148
Pleasantly Surprised21910
Please & Thank You3146
Please & Thanks You3156
Please Arrive Early3176
Please Be On Time4146
Please Be Seated3146
Please Bear With Me4166
Please Come In3126
Please Come In We're Open5206
Please Curb Your Dog4176
Please Disregard My Previous Email5306
Please Don't Touch Wet Paint5236
Please Don't Feed The Animals5246
Please Fasten Your Seat Belts5256
Please Fasten Your Seatbelts4256
Please Feel Free To Join Us6226
Please Hang Up And Try Again6236
Please Have A Seat4156
Please Help2106
Please Hold Your Applause Until The Finish7366
Please Pass The Pepper4196
Please Pass The Salt4176
Please Recycle This Bag4206
Please Repeat After Me4196
Please Sign And Date4176
Please Sign Our Guestbook4226
Please Stand By3136
Please Take Your Seat4186
Please Turn Off Your Cell Phone6266
Please Visit Our Website4216
Please Your Palate3166
Pleased As Punch3147
Pleased To Meet You4167
Pleasing As Pie3138
Pleasingly Plump21510
Plucked From Obscurity3207
Plug And Play3114
Plumb Tuckered Out3165
Plunk Down The Cash4165
Poetry In Motion3146
Point Counterpoint2175
Point Of No Return4155
Point Of Purchase3155
Poised To Win3116
Poker Face295
Poking Fun296
Polar Opposite2135
Politics As Usual3158
Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows4308
Pop The Question3143
Pop The Trunk3113
Pop-Culture Leader21610
Popping The Question3187
Posh And Privileged3174
Positively No Visitors32010
Postponed Until Further Notice4279
Pound For Pound3135
Pour It On384
Pour Over Ice3114
Power Grab295
Powers Through Tough Grease4246
Powers Through Tough Grease!4246
Practice Makes Perfect3208
Preaching To The Choir4199
Pre-Game Shows2127
Prepacked Parachute2189
Preppy Style2116
Present Company Excluded3227
Pretty As A Peacock4166
Pretty As A Picture4166
Pretty Helpful2136
Previous Experience2188
Previous Experience 2198
Priceless Junk2139
Prices In Crisis3146
Prices Subject To Change4216
Pride & Joy285
Pride Of Ownership3165
Prime Whale-Watching Sites3235
Primped & Pampered2157
Primped And Pampered3187
Private Keep Out3147
Private No Admittance3197
Private Parking2147
Pro Bono273
Problem Solved2137
Prohibited By Law31510
Promise You Wont Tell A Soul6237
Promised Land2128
Prompt Courteous Service3226
Proof Positive2135
Properly Equipped2168
Property Of The People4198
Proud As A Peacock4155
Proud To Partner With4185
Prove It275
Provincial Capital Of Ontario42610
Public Enemy Number One4206
Pucker Up286
Pull The Wool Over Your Eyes6234
Pumping Iron2117
Pumpkin Farm2117
Punch Drunk2105
Puppies For Sale3147
Puppy Love295
Pure Coincidence2154
Pure Fun274
Pure Hogwash2114
Pure Of Heart3114
Pure Oxygen2104
Pursuit Of Happiness3187
Pushing The Envelope3187
Pushing The Limits3167
Put A Spring In Your Step6203
Put It On My Tab5123
Put It On The Back Burner6203
Put On A Pedestal4143
Put On Your Big Boy Pants6203
Put On Your Big-Boy Pants5203
Put On Your Game Face5173
Put On Your Thinking Cap5203
Put One Foot In Front Of The Other8273
Put Out The Welcome Mat5193
Put Pen To Paper4133
Put The Cart Before The Horse6243
Put Two And Two Together5203
Put Up A Good Fight5153
Put Up Your Dukes4143
Put Your Best Face Forward5223
Put Your Best Foot Forward5223
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is7283
Put Your Thinking Cap On5203
Put Yourself In My Place5203
Put Yourself Out There4193
Quality Not Quantity3187
Quality Time2117
Quantum Leap2117
Queen For A Day4125
Quench Your Thirst3166
Quick And Easy3125
Quick As A Flash4135
Quick On The Draw4145
Quick Recovery2135
Quick Turnaround2155
Quiet As A Mouse4135
Quiet Beauty Of Nature4195
Quiet Down295
Quiet On The Set Please!5195
Quiet On The Set!4135
Quiet Please Genius At Work5235
Quiet Retirement2155
Quirk Of Fate3115
Quit While You Are Ahead5204
Quite A Compliment3165
Quite A Jolt3105
Quite An Event3125
Quitting Time2128
Race Against The Clock4194
Race To The Finish4154
Rah Rah Rah!393
Raid The Fridge3134
Rain On Your Parade4164
Raining Cats & Dogs3157
Raining Cats And Dogs4187
Raise Your Glass In A Toast6225
Raise Your Glass To Say Cheers6255
Rake Over The Coals4164
Raking In The Dough4166
Ran The Gamut3113
Random Acts Of Kindness4206
Rank Has Its Privileges4204
Ranting And Raving3167
Rapunzel Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair6318
Rated E For Everyone4175
Raw Courage2103
Ray Of Hope393
Reach For The Sky4145
Reach For The Stars4165
Reaching Across The Aisle4228
Reaching Critical Mass3208
Read A Book394
Read Between The Lines4194
Read It And Weep4134
Read Me A Story4124
Read My Lips3104
Read My Palm3104
Readers' Choice2137
Ready And Raring To Go5185
Ready And Willing3155
Ready For A New Adventure5215
Ready For Anything3165
Ready For Kickoff3155
Ready For My Close-Up4175
Ready Set Go3105
Ready Set Go!3105
Ready To Go395
Ready To Hit The Hay5165
Ready To Wear3115
Ready When You Are4155
Ready When You Are Maestro5225
Ready Willing And Able4195
Real Chemistry2134
Reap The Benefits3154
Rears Its Ugly Head4165
Rebirth Of Culture3167
Recent History Shows3186
Reception To Follow3179
Recharging The Senses31910
Red & Green Decorations3193
Red As A Beet4103
Red Is A Color Of Good Luck7213
Red Is The Color Of Good Luck7233
Red Or Green Sauce?4153
Red-Letter Day2129
Reduce Heat And Stir Gently5236
Reduce Reuse Recycle3186
Reel It In384
Refresh My Memory3157
Refrigerate After Opening32311
Refrigeration Required22113
Regular Or Decaf3147
Regular Or Decaf?3147
Reinvent The Classics3198
Reinventing The Wheel31911
Relax & Renew2105
Relax And Enjoy Your Trip!5215
Relax And Enjoy!3135
Relax And Recharge3165
Relax And Unwind3145
Relentless In Our Search42110
Relish The Moment3156
Remember The Alamo3168
Remember To Follow Through4238
Remember When2128
Remind Me Later3136
Remove Your Shoes Before Entering The House7376
Removes Dirt Grease & Grime4227
Rendezvous With Destiny32110
Renew Your Membership3195
Repeat After Me3136
Repeat My Command3156
Rephrase The Question3198
Reporting For Duty Sir4199
Request Tickets2147
Request Tickets To See The Show6267
Reservations Required22012
Resist The Temptation3196
Respect Your Elders3177
Rest And Recreation3174
Retrace Your Steps3167
Retro Glamour2125
Reverse Course2137
Revolutions Per Minute32011
Revving Up297
Rewriting History2169
Rich Cultural Heritage3204
Rich Long History3154
Ride ‘Em Cowboy !3134
Ride ‘Em Cowgirl3144
Ride ‘Em Cowgirl !3144
Ride ‘Em Cowgirl!3144
Ride 'Em Cowboy!3124
Ride 'Em Cowgirl3134
Ride 'Em Cowgirl!3134
Ride The Wave3114
Riding In Comfort3156
Riding Out The Storm4176
Right And Wrong3135
Right At Home3115
Right At Your Fingertips4215
Right Before My Very Eyes5215
Right Down To The Buzzer5205
Right Down To The Wire5185
Right Handed Lifted Handed4235
Right In Your Own Backyard5225
Right Off The Bat4145
Right On Cue3105
Right On Man!3105
Right On The Money4155
Right On Time3115
Right On Track3125
Right Over The Plate4175
Right Quick2105
Right This Way3125
Right Up Your Alley4165
Right-Handed & Left-Handed22111
Right-Handed & Lifted-Handed22311
Rio De Janeiro Means River Of January7313
Rip-Roaring Action21610
Rise And Shine3124
Rising To The Occasion4196
River City295
Road To Stardom3134
Robbing Peter To Pay Paul5217
Rock Solid294
Rock Solid Views3144
Rock The Vote3114
Rocket To Stardom3156
Roger Over And Out4155
Roll Camera Action!3164
Roll Credits2114
Roll Up On The Throttle5194
Roll Up The Throttle4174
Roll With The Punches4184
Roll With The Tide4154
Rolling Out The Red Carpet5227
Rolling Right Along3177
Rolling The Dice3147
Rolling With The Punches4217
Romantic Sparks2148
Rooting For The Underdog4217
Rose-Colored Glasses21811
Rose-Red City2117
Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue6255
Rough And Tumble3145
Rough Around The Edges4195
Rough Guess2105
Rough Patch2105
Roughing It2108
Round Robin2105
Round-The- Clock2138
Royal Blood2105
Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers4226
Rubbing Elbows2137
Rude Awakening2134
Ruffle A Few Feathers4186
Rugged And Dependable3196
Ruggedly Handsome2168
Run A Marathon3123
Run A Tight Ship4133
Run Amok273
Run Amuck283
Run For Cover3113
Run More Efficiently3183
Run Of The Mill4123
Run The Gamut3113
Running A Tight Ship4177
Running Neck And Neck4187
Running Off At The Mouth5207
Running On Empty3147
Running Out Of Time4167
Running Out The Clock4187
Running Smoothly2157
Run-Of-The Mill2128
Run-Of-The-Mill Job21512
Runs Batted In3124
Rush Of Adrenaline3164
Rustic Charm2116
Rustic Luxury2126
Saddle Up286
Safe And Sound3124
Safety First2116
Sage Advice2104
Sail Ho!264
Sailfish Swim Up To Seventy Miles Per Hour8358
Salt Of The Earth4144
Salted-Caramel Popcorn22013
Same Old Same Old4144
Same Time Same Place4174
Santa's Stuck In The Chimney5236
Santa's Stuck In The Chimney!5236
Satisfaction Guaranteed22212
Saturday & Sunday2148
Save Lives, Do Not Text And Drive7264
Save Money Now3124
Save Room For Dessert!4184
Save The Date3114
Save The Date!3114
Save The Rainforests3184
Save The Whales3134
Save Your Work3124
Saved By The Bell4145
Saving At The Pump4156
Saving Face2106
Saving Grace2116
Saving The Best For Last5206
Saving The Day3126
Say Goodbye To Your Worries5233
Say Hello283
Say Hello For Me4133
Say Hello To Everyone For Me6233
Say It With A Smile5153
Say No More393
Say Please293
Say Please And Thank You5203
Say The Magic Word4153
Say The Magic Words4163
Say The Secret Word4163
Say You're Sorry3133
Scared Of Your Own Shadow5216
Scared Out Of My Wits5176
Scattered To The Winds4199
Scattering Straw On A Barn Floor62710
Scenic Beauty2126
School Is Back In Session5216
School Of Hard Knocks4186
School Of Thought3156
School Spirit2126
Science Fiction2147
Scooby-Doo Where Are You?4209
Score One For The Good Guys6225
Scorurge Of The Seven Seas5228
Scottish Twist2138
Scourge Of The Seven Seas5217
Scouring The Countryside3228
Sea Change293
Seabird Colonies2157
Sealed With A Kiss4156
Season To Taste3136
Season's Greetings2167
Seating Is Limited3167
Second Childhood2156
Second City2106
Second Effort2126
Second Honeymoon2156
Second Nature2126
Second To None3126
Second-Largest Oil Refiner In The World63313
Secret Hideaway.2146
See And Be Seen4123
See Reverse Side For Details5243
See The Difference For Yourself5273
See The World3113
See You Next Year!4143
See You Soon3103
See You Tomorrow3143
See You Tonight3133
Seeing A Musical3146
Seeing Is Believing3176
Seems Like Old Times4175
Seize The Day3115
Seize The Opportunity3195
Selective Hearing2169
Selling Like Hotcakes3197
Send No Money Now4144
Sense Of Adventure3165
Sense Of Equilibrium3185
Sense Of Style3125
Serve Cold295
Served Cold2106
Service With A Smile4177
Serving With Pride3167
Set For Life3103
Set The Record Straight4203
Set The Table3113
Set The Wheels In Motion5203
Set The World On Fire5173
Setting A High Standard4207
Setting The Stage3157
Shabby Chic2106
Shake It Up395
Shake Rattle & Roll3155
Shake Well Before Opening4225
Shaken Not Stirred3166
Shape Up275
Shape Up & Slim Down4155
Shape Up Or Ship Out5165
Share And Share Alike4185
Share The Wealth3145
Sharp As A Tack4125
Sharp Mind295
She Cast A Spell On Me!6173
She Means Business3163
She's Got The Best Of Me6184
She's Just Like A Mother To Me7234
Shed Some Light On The Situation6274
Shedding Those Unwanted Pounds4278
Sheer Bliss2105
Sheer Genius2115
Sheer Luck295
Sheer Nonsense2135
Ships That Pass In The Night6235
Shiver Me Timbers!3156
Shock Value2105
Shocking Pink2128
Shoot For The Moon4155
Shoot From The Hip4155
Shop And Compare3144
Shop Anytime2114
Shop Around2104
Shop Like A Local4144
Shopper's Paradise2168
Shoppers Paradise2168
Shopping In A High End Shoe Shop7268
Short And Sweet3135
Short End Of The Stick5185
Shot In The Dark4134
Shoulder The Burden3178
Shouldering The Load31811
Shove Off285
Show Me How394
Show Me Your Smile!4154
Show Of Hands3114
Show Someone A Good Time5204
Show Your Stuff3134
Showered With Gifts3178
Showing My Good Taste4187
Showing Off2107
Showing Your True Colors4217
Shrink To Fit3116
Shrouded In Mystery3178
Sick As A Dog4104
Sick To My Stomach4154
Sign Me Up384
Sign On The Dotted Line5194
Signed Sealed Delivered3216
Silly Goose2105
Simplistic Beauty21610
Simply Baffling2146
Simply Breathtaking2186
Simply Irresistible2186
Sincerely Yours2149
Sing Out Loud3114
Singing Canary2137
Single Family Household Account4286
Single Or Married?3156
Sink Or Swim3104
Sink Your Chops Into4174
Siren City Of The South5195
Sister City2106
Sit Back & Relax In The Yard6213
Sit Back And Relax4153
Sit Back And Relax In The Yard7243
Sit On The Fence4133
Sit Tight283
Sit Up Straight3133
Sitting Duck2117
Sitting On A Gold Mine5187
Sitting On The Sidelines4217
Sitting On Top Of The World6227
Sitting Pretty2137
Six Degrees Of Separation4223
Sixteen Ounces In A Pound5217
Skating On Thin Ice4167
Skeletons In The Closet4209
Skillfully Matched21710
Skim The Surface3144
Skinny Jeans2116
Skip Ahead294
Slam On The Brakes4154
Slap On The Back4134
Sledding And Skiing3178
Sleek & Strong2115
Sleek And Sexy3125
Sleek And Sophisticated3215
Sleep Like A Baby4145
Sleep Like A Log4135
Sleep Sweetly2125
Sleight Of Hand3137
Slept Like A Baby4145
Slings & Arrows2126
Slopes That Skiers Flock To5236
Slovakia Borders Five Countries4288
Slow And Steady Wins The Race6244
Slug It Out394
Sly As A Fox493
Smack Dab In The Middle Of Nowhere7285
Smart & Funny2105
Smart As A Whip4125
Smarty Pants2116
Smile And Be Natural4175
Smile And Say Cheese!4175
Smiling From Ear To Ear5197
Smoke And Mirrors3155
Smoking Gun2107
Smooth As Silk3126
Smooth Move2106
Smooth Out The Kinks4176
Smooth Sailing2136
Smooth Sailing From Here On Out6266
Smoothing Ruffled Feathers3249
Smudge With Sage3146
Snap A Selfie3114
Snap Out Of It!4114
Snap The Ball3114
Sneak A Peek3105
Snips And Snails & Puppy Dog Tails6275
Snowed Under2116
Snug As A Bug In A Rug7164
Snuggle Up297
So Far So Good4112
So Many Culinary Delights4222
So Many Fantastic Things To Do6252
So Many Games3112
So Many Options!3132
So Many Recreational Opportunities4312
So Many Shopping Options4212
So Many Things To Do5162
So Many Things To See5172
So Many Things To See & Do6192
So Many Tour Options4172
So Many Ways To Play5162
So Much Hype3102
So Much To Do4102
So Much To See4112
So What's Your Point?4162
Soaring To New Heights4197
Sock It To Me!4104
Soft & Shiny294
Soft As A Kitten4134
Soft To The Touch4144
Sold Separately2144
Solid As A Rock4125
Solid Backbone2135
Solid Proof2105
Solve It275
Solve The Latest Bonus Puzzle On The Website8375
Some Assembly Required3204
Some Bunny Loves You4174
Some Bunny Special3164
Some Like It Hot Pink5174
Some Restrictions Apply3214
Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid6294
Some Things Are Worth The Price6264
Some Things You'll Never Forget5264
Somebody Pinch Me3158
Somebody Up There Likes Me5228
Someday We'll Have A Good Laugh About This8347
Something Borrowed Something Blue4309
Something For Everyone3209
Something Old Something New4249
Something Smells Delicious3249
Something Sure Smells Good!4239
Something To Suit Everyone's Palate5309
Sorry Charlie!2125
Sorry My Mistake3145
Sorry No Substitutions3205
Sorry We Missed You4165
Sorry We're Closed3155
Sounds Great2116
Sounds Like A Winner4176
Sounds Yummy2116
Southern Hospitality2198
Space Is Limited3145
Spanning The Globe3168
Spare Me The Ugly Details5215
Spark Curiosity2145
Sparking Speculation2198
Speak For Yourself3165
Special Access2137
Special Thanks2137
Special Time Of The Year5207
Special Time Of Year4177
Spectacular City Skyline32211
Spectacular Mgm Musicals32211
Spectacular Scenic Drives32311
Spend Wisley2115
Spice It Up395
Spice Things Up3135
Spicy And Sweet3135
Spicy- Hot285
Spill The Beans3135
Spill Your Guts3135
Spilling The Beans3168
Spin The Wheel3124
Spinning The Globe3168
Spinning Your Wheels3188
Spirit Of Giving3146
Spit And Polish3134
Splish Splash2126
Split The Difference3185
Splitting Hairs2149
Spoiler Alert2127
Sports Capital Of The World5236
Spotting Rainbows In The Spray Of A Fountain8378
Spring Fever2116
Spring Forward Fall Back4216
Spring Is In The Air5166
Sprint For The Finish4186
Spruce Up Your Everyday Style5256
Spur Of The Moment4154
Spur-Of-The Moment2159
Squad Car285
Square Off296
Squaring Off2118
Squash The Competition3206
Squat Down295
Squeaking By2119
Squeaky Clean2127
Squeaky- Clean2127
Squires Were Armor-Bearers For Knights5337
Stand Firm295
Stand On One's Own Two Feet6215
Stand Tall And Proad4175
Stand Up Straight3155
Stand Your Ground3155
Standing Room Only3168
Standing Tall2128
Standing The Test Of Time5218
Star Power294
Star Quality2114
Starry Eyed And In Love5196
Starry-Eyed And In Love41910
Start Anew295
Start Fresh2105
Start Off Easy3125
Start The Ball Rolling4195
Start With A Bang4145
Start With A Clean Slate5205
State Line295
State Of The Art4135
Statistics Show21410
Stay & Play284
Stay Connected2134
Stay Focused2114
Stay In Touch3114
Stay Put!274
Stay Up Late3104
Staying In A Beautiful Hotel Suite6297
Staying In The Loop4167
Staying Power2127
Steal One's Thunder3165
Stealing The Spotlight3208
Stem To Stern3114
Step On The Gas!4124
Step Right Up!3114
Step Up To The Plate5164
Stepping Down2128
Stew In Your Own Juice5184
Stew In Your Own Juices5194
Stick Around2115
Stick Out Your Tongue And Say Ah7265
Stick To It395
Sticky Situation2156
Sticky Wicket2126
Stirred To Action3157
Stolen Base2106
Stomping Ground2148
Stop Acting Like A Baby5194
Stop Bothering Me!3154
Stop By Anytime3134
Stop Horsing Around3174
Stop Immediately2154
Stop In For A Spell!5154
Stop Look And Listen4174
Stop On A Dime4114
Stop Playing Around3174
Stop Playing Around!3174
Stop Staring2114
Stop That This Instant4194
Stop That This Instant!4194
Stop The Music3124
Stop Wasting My Time4174
Stop Yanking My Chain4184
Stop Your Complaining3194
Store At Room Temperature4225
Store In A Cool Dry Place6205
Straight And Narrow3178
Stranger In Paradise3188
Stranger Things Have Happened4268
Strapped For Cash3158
Strictly Business2168
Strictly Confidential2208
Strike It Rich3126
Strike While The Iron Is Hot6236
Strive To Do Your Best5186
Stroke Of Luck3126
Strong As An Ox4126
Strong Inclinations2186
Struck Speechless2166
Strutting My Stuff3169
Stuck In A Rut4115
Stuck In The Middle4165
Stumbling Block2149
Stunning Beauty2148
Stunning Scenery2158
Style & Sophistication2195
Stylish & Fashionable2187
Stylish Beach Hotel3177
Subject To Change Without Notice5287
Submerged In Water3169
Submit A Photo3126
Subplot Grows The Plot4197
Successful & Handsome21810
Sucker Bet296
Suit Yourself2124
Suitable For Framing3188
Summer Blues2116
Summer Sizzle2126
Summer Style2116
Summer Townhouse2156
Summertime Fun21310
Sunday Dinner2126
Sunflower Means Have A Good Year6279
Superman Defeats His Enemies4258
Supply And Demand3156
Supportive & Patient21710
Surf's Up & Hang Ten4145
Surf's Up275
Surrounded By The Sea41810
Swan Dive284
Sweater Weather2147
Sweep You Off Your Feet5195
Sweet & Tart295
Sweet As Honey3125
Sweet Dreams2115
Sweet Mai Tais3125
Sweet Smelling Soap3175
Sweet Tooth2105
Sweetened With Honey3189
Sweets For The Sweet4176
Sweltering Heat21410
Swept Off My Feet4145
Swim At Your Own Risk5174
Swim Bike Run3114
Swimming Against The Tide4228
Swing For The Fence4165
Swing For The Fences4175
Swing Your Partner3165
Swinging For The Fences4208
Swipe Right2105
Swish! Nothing But Net!4185
Symbol Of Hope3126
Symbols Of American Freedom4247
Sympathetic Ear21411
Sync Up264
Synchronize Tour Watches32211
Synchronize Your Watches32211
Synchronizing Tour Watches32413
Tabloid Journalism2177
Tag You're It!3103
Tag Youre It3103
Tail Wagging The Dog4174
Take A Back Seat4134
Take A Bow384
Take A Break3104
Take A Chance On Love5174
Take A Change3114
Take A Chill Pill4144
Take A Crack At It5144
Take A Detour3114
Take A Hike Buster!4154
Take A Load Off4124
Take A Look394
Take A Number3114
Take A Peek394
Take A Penny Leave A Penny6214
Take A Powder3114
Take A Rain Check4144
Take A Seat394
Take A Stab At It5134
Take A Stand3104
Take A Whiff3104
Take A Wide Guess4144
Take A Wild Guess4144
Take Advantage Of The Situation5274
Take Care284
Take Care Of Number One5194
Take Care Of Yourself4184
Take Charge2104
Take Five284
Take From The Top4144
Take It From The Top5164
Take It Or Leave It5154
Take It To The Next Level6204
Take It To The Next Level Phrase7264
Take It To The Top5144
Take It Up A Notch5144
Take It With A Grain Of Salt7224
Take Matters Into Your Own Hands6274
Take Me To Your Leader5184
Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day8324
Take The Bait3114
Take The Bull By The Horns6214
Take The Bus3104
Take The Easy Way Out5174
Take The Initiative3174
Take With A Grain Of Salt6204
Take Your Best Shot4164
Take Your Own Sweet Time5204
Take Your Pick3124
Take Your Plate To The Kitchen6254
Take Your Seats Please4194
Take Your Vitamins3164
Take Your Vitamins!3164
Taking A Trip Down Memory Lane6256
Taking Drastic Measures3216
Taking Personal Care3186
Taking The Bull By The Horns6236
Taking The Easy Way Out5196
Taking The Law Into Your Own Hands7286
Taking The Reins3146
Talk Of The Town4134
Talk Quietly2114
Talk Shop284
Talk The Talk3114
Talking A Mile A Minute5197
Talking Slowly2137
Talking Up A Storm4157
Tall In The Saddle4154
Tap To Print3103
Tarnished Reputation2199
Tart And Sweet3124
Task Oriented2124
Team Spirit2104
Teensy Weensy2126
Tell Everyone I Said Hi5194
Tell It To The Judge5164
Tell Me A Good Story5164
Tell Me A Story4124
Tell Me About Yourself4194
Tell Me All You Know5164
Tell Me Answer3124
Tell Us What Happened Next5224
Tell Us What You Think5184
Tell Your Story3134
Telling Tall Tales3167
Temperatures May Vary31912
Ten Apples Up On Top5163
Ten To One383
Tender Loving Care3166
Tentatively Set21411
Ten-Thousand Years Ago31911
Testing In Progress3177
Testing The Waters3167
Thank For Your Time4165
Thank God It's Friday4175
Thank God It's Friday!4175
Thank Goodness2135
Thank Goodness It's Friday4225
Thank My Lucky Stars4175
Thank You285
Thank You For Calling4185
Thank You For Dining With Us6235
Thank You For Your Patronage5245
Thank You For Your Prompt Payment6285
Thank You For Your Time5195
Thank You This Completes Your Order6305
Thank Your Lucky Stars4195
Thanks A Billion3146
Thanks A Million3146
Thanks A Million!3146
Thanks But No Thanks4176
Thanks For Always Being There5256
Thanks For Being A Great Partner6276
Thanks For Being A Great Wife6246
Thanks For Fixing That4196
Thanks For Working So Hard5226
Thanks I Needed That4176
That About Wraps It Up5184
That Doesn't Ring A Bell5194
That Gave Me Goosebumps4204
That Gave Me Goosebumps!4204
That Gave Me Nightmares!4204
That Gave Me The Chills5194
That Has A Familiar Ring To It7244
That Knocked My Socks Off!5214
That Makes Two Of Us5164
That Means A Lot To Me6174
That Name Doesn't Ring A Bell6234
That Really Hits Home4184
That Remains To Be Seen5194
That Smells Good3144
That Speaks Volumes3174
That Which We Call A Rose By Any Other Name10344
That'll Be The Day4146
That'll Do The Trick4166
That's A Big Number4155
That's A Gas395
That's A Gas!395
That's A Good Question4185
That's A Great Idea!4155
That's A Load Off My Mind6195
That's A Very Good Question5225
That's A Wrap3105
That's A Wrap!3105
That's Awesome2125
That's Awesome!2125
That's Chicken Feed3165
That's Chicken Feed!3165
That's Cute295
That's Eggcellent!2155
That's Highway Robbery!3195
That's Hot285
That's Hot!285
That's Music To My Ears5185
That's My Final Answer4185
That's Outlandish!2155
That's The Spirit!3145
That's The Ticket!3145
That's Tooting Your Own Horn5235
That's Totally Out Of The Question6285
Thats A Direct Order4175
Thats A Good One4135
Thats A Great Idea!4155
That's A Risk I'M Willing To Take7255
Thats A Wrap!3105
Thats All Folks3135
Thats All Ive Got To Say6195
Thats Easy For You To Say6205
That's Half The Battle4185
Thats Half The Fun4155
Thats None Of Your Business5235
Thats Not What I Heard5185
Thats Outlandish2155
That's So Cliche3135
That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles6285
The Adventure Begins3183
The Age Of Flapper4153
The Age Of The Flapper5183
The Aloha State3133
The American Dream3163
The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree8323
The Apple Of My Eye5153
The Ayes Have It4133
The Bad Workman Always Blames His Tools7333
The Ball Is In Your Court6203
The Bare Essentials3173
The Beautiful Game3163
The Beauty & Splendor Of Nature5253
The Beauty Of Nature4173
The Beauty Of The Islands5213
The Best Is Yet To Come6183
The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men8283
The Best Money Can Buy5183
The Best Of Both Worlds5193
The Best Offense Is A Good Defense7283
The Best The World Has To Offer7253
The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread6283
The Best Time Of Your Life6213
The Better To Hear You With My Dear8283
The Big Apple3113
The Big Cheese3123
The Big Day Is Upon Us6173
The Big Easy3103
The Big Leagues3133
The Big Picture3133
The Bluegrass State3173
The Brains Of The Operation5233
The Buck Stops Here4163
The Butler Did It4143
The Butterfly Effect3183
The Call Of The Open Road6203
The Capital Of Austria4193
The Capital Of Hungary4193
The Capital Of Peru4163
The Capital Of Texas4173
The Center Of Attention4203
The Charm Of The Old West6203
The Charm Of The Old-World5213
The Check Is In The Mail6193
The City Of Brotherly Love5223
The City Of Dreams4153
The City Of Flowers4163
The City Of Light4143
The City That Never Sleeps5223
The Club Scene3123
The Coast Is Clear4153
The Constitution State3203
The Countdown To Christmas!4233
The Cream Of The Crop5173
The Crescent City3153
The Crown Of Maine4153
The Culinary World3163
The Customer Is Always Right5243
The Devil Is In The Details6223
The Dog Ate My Homework5193
The Dog Days Of Summer5183
The Early Bird Catches The Worm6263
The Element Of Truth4173
The Elephant In The Room5203
The Emerald Isle3143
The Enchanted Circle3183
The End Is Inevitable4183
The Entertainment Capital Of The World6333
The Event Of The Season5193
The Event Of The Year5173
The Eyes Are The Windows Of The Soul8293
The Fabulous Fifties3183
The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships7333
The Feeling Is Mutual4183
The Fighting Irish3163
The Finer Things In Life5203
The First Day Of The Great Year7253
The First Drive-In Was In Camden New Jersey8353
The First Throne3143
The Floating City3153
The Forty-Ninth State3183
The Fun Never Stops!4163
The Future Is Now4143
The Game Plan3113
The Garden City3133
The Gift That Keeps On Giving6243
The Gloves Are Off4153
The Glue That Holds A Family Together7313
The Golden Rule3133
The Golden State3143
The Golden Triangle3173
The Good Guys Win!4143
The Good Life3113
The Goose Lays A Golden Egg!6223
The Grand Canyon State4193
The Grass Is Always Greener5233
The Great Outdoors3163
The Greenest City On Earth5223
The Green-Eyed Monster3193
The Hand Is Quicker Than The Eye7263
The Happiest Place On Earth5233
The Heart Of Russian Culture5243
The Heart Of The City5173
The Heart Of The Matter5193
The Heart Of The Ocean5183
The Heart Of The Rocky Mountains6273
The Here And Now4133
The Highlight Of My Day5193
The Holy Land3113
The Home Team Is Winning5203
The Home Team Is Winning!5203
The Hottest Show In Town5203
The Hottest Ticket In Town5223
The Hottest Tickets In Town5233
The Icing On The Cake5173
The Imperial City3153
The Inside Scoop3143
The Jewel Of The Pacific5203
The Jig Is Up4103
The Key To Success4153
The Land Of Enchantment4203
The Land Of Steady Habits5213
The Land Of Ten Thousand Lakes6253
The Lannister Vs. The Starks5233
The Lannisters Vs. The Starks5243
The Lap Of Luxury4143
The Last Frontier3153
The Last Straw3123
The Life And Times Of5173
The Lion's Share3133
The Lone Star State4163
The Long Arm Of The Law6183
The Long Jump3113
The Luck Of The Irish5173
The Lucky Country3153
The Lure Of The Unknown5193
The Marvelous City3163
The Midas Touch3133
The Mighty Mississippi3203
The Moment Of Truth4163
The Month Of November4183
The Moral Of The Story5183
The Most Important Meal Of The Day7283
The Most Photographed And Visited Bridge6353
The Most Populous City In Canada6273
The Most Visited City In The World7283
The Motor City3123
The Movers And The Shakers5223
The Naked Truth3133
The Nation's Capital3173
The Natural Beauty Of Kauai5233
The Next Big Thing4153
The Object Of The Game5183
The Odds Are In Your Favor6213
The Old Town Of Vienna5183
The Old West3103
The Open Road Is Calling5203
The Path Of Least Resistance5243
The Patience Of Job4163
The Perfect Game3143
The Perfect Gateway To Southeast Asia6323
The Perfect Gift3143
The Perfect Mix3133
The Perfect Place To Unwind5233
The Pitter Patter Of Little Feet6273
The Place To Be Seen5163
The Plot Thickens3153
The Possibilities Are Endless4263
The Power Of Surprise4183
The Power To Inspire Awe5203
The Powers That Be4153
The Prehistoric City Of Bedrock5273
The Pressure Is On4153
The Proof Is In The Pudding6223
The Proudest Day Of My Life6223
The Pulse Of The City5173
The Real Mccoy3123
The Renaissance Period3203
The Rest Is History4163
The Rest Is History Repeats Itself6293
The Right Approach3163
The Roaring Twenties3183
The Rockford Files3163
The Root Of The Matter5183
The Royal Treatment3173
The Saga Continues3163
The San Francisco Of The East6243
The Season's Best Dishes4203
The Seat Of Government4193
The Secret To Success4183
The Seven Kingdoms3163
The Show Must Go On!5153
The Single Life3133
The Sixty Four-Thousand Dollar Question5343
The Sixty-Four-Million-Dollar Question3333
The Sixty-Four-Thousand-Dollar Question3343
The Sky Is The Limit5163
The Sky's The Limit4153
The Smell Of Autumn Is In The Air8263
The Smell Of Delicious Coffee5253
The Sooner The Better4183
The Spirit Of New Orleans5213
The Stone Age3113
The Sunshine State3163
The Suspense Is Killing Me!5223
The Sweepstakes Starts This Week5283
The Sweet Smell Of Success5223
The Sweet Smell Of Victory5223
The Tallest Player Is Usually The Center7343
The Task At Hand4133
The Taste Of Vienna4163
The Tension Is Boiling4193
The Tension Is Building4203
The Things That Really Matter5253
The Third Degree3143
The Thrill Of Discovery4203
The Toast Of The Town5173
The Toughest Ticket In Town5233
The Tribe Has Spoken4173
The Tricks Of The Trade5193
The Trip Of Your Dreams5193
The Truth Hurts3133
The Truth Shall Set You Free6233
The Upper Hand3123
The Vampires Come Out At Night6253
The Volunteer State3173
The Wave Of The Future5183
The Way To A Man's Heart Is Through His Stomach10373
The Way To My Heart5153
The Week Ahead3123
The White Tornado3153
The Whole Ball Of Wax5173
The Whole Enchilada3173
The Whole Family Playing Together5293
The Whole Kit And Caboodle5223
The Whole Nine Yards4173
The Whole Point3133
The Whole Shebang3153
The Wild Frontier3153
The Windy City3123
The Witching Hour3153
The Wolverine State3173
The Wonder Of Magic4163
The Wonder Of Nature4173
The Word On The Street5183
The World Is My Oyster5183
The World Is Your Oyster5203
The World's Happiest Nation4233
The Wow Factor3123
Theatre Of The Absurd4187
There Is Always A Reason To Bake7265
There's A Flag On The Play6206
There's A New Sheriff In Town6236
There's A Slim Chance4176
There's Absolutely Nothing To Be Afraid Of7356
There's An App For That5186
There's Gold In Them Thar Hills6256
There's Never A Dull Moment5226
There's Never Enough Time4216
There's No I In Team5156
There's No Looking Back4196
There's No Place Like Home5216
There's Nothing Like Australia4266
There's Safety In Numbers4216
There's Strength In Numbers4236
These Go To Eleven4155
These Things Take Time4195
They Go Hand In Hand5164
They Never Knew What Hit Em6224
They Never Knew What Hit Them6244
They're Coming Out Of The Woodwork6286
They're Coming Out Of The Woodwork!6286
Theyll Be Coming In Droves5226
Theyre Getting Away3176
Theyre Playing Our Song4206
Thick And Juicy3135
Thick As Thieves3145
Thick Haze295
Things Are Looking Up4186
Think Again2105
Think Before You Speak4195
Think Fast295
Think On Your Feet4155
Think Outside The Box4185
Thinking Outside The Box4218
Third Day Of New Year Is Known As Red Mouth10345
Third Rock From The Sun5195
Third Time's A Charm4165
Thirst For Adventure3186
Thirst For Knowledge3186
This Brings Back Old Memories5254
This Day In History4164
This Has Been A Real Treat For Me8264
This Is A Great Honor5174
This Is Giving Me The Creeps6234
This Is One Happy Island5204
This Is Your Captain Speaking5254
This Just In3104
This Just Struck Me Funny5214
This May Or May Not Be True7214
This Might Sound Crazy4194
This Must Be My Lucky Day!6204
This One Is A No-Brainer5194
This Place Is A Zoo5154
This Point On3114
This Side Up3104
This Weekend Only3154
This Weekend Only!3154
This Will Make You Happy5204
Those Flowers Are Beautiful4245
Those Were The Days4165
Thoughtful & Friendly21810
Thoughtful And Friendly32110
Three Cheers For The Red White & Blue7295
Three Sheets To The Wind5205
Three Square Meals A Day5205
Three Strikes You're Out!4205
Three Strikes Youre Out4205
Three-Ring Circus2159
Throw A Bash3105
Throw In The Towel4155
Throw One's Hat Into The Ring6235
Throwback Thursday2179
Throwing Money Around3198
Thrown For A Loop4146
Thumbs Up286
Thumbs- Up286
Thundering Silence21710
Ticked Off296
Tickets Available2167
Tickets On Sale Now4167
Tickets Please2137
Tickled Pink2117
Tickling Your Funny Bone4218
Ticktock Ticktock2168
Tidiness Begets Tidiness3228
Tie On A Feedbag4133
Tie The Knot3103
Ties That Bind3124
Till Death Do Us Part5174
Time And Time Again4164
Time Flies294
Time Flies When You're Having Fun6274
Time For A Coffee Break5194
Time For Breakfast3164
Time For Fun3104
Time For Takeoff3144
Time- Honored Tradition3204
Time Is Money3114
Time Is Of The Essence5184
Time Is On Your Side5164
Time Is Running Out4164
Time Is Wasting3134
Time Marches On3134
Time To Be Happy4134
Time To Call It A Day6164
Time To Chill3114
Time To Shine3114
Timeless Appeal2148
Timeless Grandeur2168
Timeless Natural Beauty3218
Tip My Hat To You5133
Tip Of The Iceberg4153
Tip The Scales In Your Favor6233
Tis The Season3123
Tis The Season To Be Jolly6213
To A Prosperous New Year5202
To Borrow An Old Cliche5192
To Coin A Phrase4132
To Each His Own4122
To Each Their Own4142
To Explore Strange New Worlds5252
To Market To Market4162
To My Surprise3122
To The Best Of My Ability6202
To The Nth Degree4142
Toasty Warmth2126
Today Is Friday!3135
Toe The Line3103
Together At Last3148
Together Forever2158
Tone & Sculpt2104
Tone And Sculpt3134
Tongue In Cheek3136
Tongue-In Cheek2138
Tons Of Great Fun4144
Too Big For His Britches5203
Too Big For Your Britches5213
Too Close For Comfort4183
Too Close To Call4143
Too Good To Be True5153
Too Good To Miss4133
Too Many Games3123
Too Much Sugar3123
Too Much Too Soon4143
Too Soon To Tell4133
Toot Toot Beep Beep4164
Tooth And Nail3125
Tooting My Own Horn4167
Tooting Your Own Horn4187
Top Agricultural Producer In America5323
Top Of The Heap4123
Top Of The Mornin' To You!6193
Top Of The Ninth4133
Top Priority2113
Top Speed283
Topped With Seasonal Fruits4246
Topspins & Underspins2188
Total Disbelief2145
Total Mayhem2115
Totally Awesome Dude3187
Totally Bogus2127
Totally Stoked2137
Totally Understandable2217
Totally Unpredictable2207
Totally Unprepared2177
Totally Withdrawn2167
Touch Base295
Touch Of Class3125
Touch Of Romance3145
Tough Act To Follow4165
Tough As Nails3125
Tough But Fair3125
Tough It Out3105
Tough Sell295
Tough Times Ahead3155
Tough To Avoid3125
Tough To Know3115
Tour De Force3114
Towering Giraffes2168
Toying With The Idea4176
Trash Talk295
Travel By Train3136
Travel Destination For The Glamorous5326
Traveling At The Speed Of Light6269
Traveling For Business Or Pleasure?5309
Traveling Incognito2189
Traveling Light2149
Treat Me Right3125
Treated Like A King4167
Trending Now2118
Trendy & Tasteful2146
Trial By Fire3115
Trick Or Treat3125
Trickle Down Effect3177
Tricks Of The Trade4166
Tried And True3125
Tropical Island Paradise3228
Trouble In Paradise3177
True To Their Roots4164
Truly Amazing2125
Trust Your Gut Feelings4205
Trust Your Instincts3185
Trust Yourself2135
Truth Be Told3115
Try Before You Buy4153
Try Not To Think About It6203
Try Something New3153
Trying To Be Hip4136
Tucked Away In A Corner5196
Tuna Wrap284
Tune In264
Tune In All Week!4134
Tune In Tonight3134
Turkey With All The Fixings5236
Turn Back The Clock4164
Turn On A Dime4114
Turn The Clocks Ahead4184
Turn The Tables3134
Turn Up The Volume4154
Turnabout Is Fair Play4199
Turnaround Time21410
Turning Down The Volume4207
Twelve O'Clock And All Is Well6246
Twenty-Four Seven21510
Twinkies For Dessert!3188
Twist Of Fate3115
Twisted Around My Little Finger5277
Twisted Out Of Shape4177
Twizzlers Or Red Vines?4199
Two Can Play At That Game6203
Two Down One To Go5143
Two Heads Are Better Than One6243
Two Left Feet3113
Two Of A Kind4103
Two Peas In A Pod5133
Two Plus Two Equals Four5203
Two Schools Of Thought4193
Two Ships That Pass In The Night7263
Two Thumbs Up3113
Two Times Two Equals Four5213
Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right6233
Two's Company Three's A Crowd5234
Uk49S Lunchtime Result3205
Unanimous Verdict2169
Uncle Sam Wants You4165
Under A Blanket Of Brilliant Stars6295
Under A Spell3115
Under Lock And Key4155
Under My Spell3125
Under New Management3185
Under No Circumstances3205
Under Normal Circumstances3245
Under Scrutiny2135
Under Starry Skies In The Wilderness6315
Under Surveillance2175
Under The Guise Of4155
Under The Light Of The Moon6225
Under The Most Extreme Conditions5295
Under The Weather3155
Under The Wire3125
Under Your Nose3135
Under Your Spell3145
Understanding & Kind21713
Understated Beauty21711
Unexpected Twist21510
Unforgettable Romance22013
Unforgettable Time For Everyone42813
Uninvited Guests2159
Unique Gifts2116
United States Purchases Alaska4276
Uniting The People3167
Universal Appeal2159
Unlimited Rewards2169
Unlock The Door3136
Unlock The Doors3146
Unparalled In History31910
Unparalleled In History32112
Unseasonably Warm21612
Unspoiled Beaches2169
Unspoiled Beauty2159
Until The Cows Come Home5205
Unwind & Relax2116
Up All Night3102
Up At The Crack Of Dawn6182
Up For Grabs3102
Up In Arms382
Up In Smoke392
Up In The Air4102
Up The Ante392
Up The Creek Without A Paddle6242
Up To My Ears4102
Up To No Good4102
Up To Snuff392
Up Up And Away4112
Up Up And Away!4112
Up With The Chickens4172
Update Your Computer3186
Upgrade Your Phone Now!4197
Upgrade Your Subscription3237
Uphill Battle2126
Upscale Boutique Hotel3207
Up-To-Date Travel Information3258
Up-To-Date Travels Information3268
Urban Chic295
Use Your Discretion3173
Use Your Imagination3183
Use Your Spidey Sense4183
Use Your Time Wisely4173
Usher In The New Year5175
Using My Time Wisely4175
Utility Room2117
Vacation Of A Lifetime4198
Vaguely Familiar2157
Valid Point2105
Variety Is The Spice Of Life6237
Variety Of Crops Grown Year-Round5287
Vast Majority2124
Vegas Baby!295
Veil Of Secrecy3134
Very Hush-Hush2124
Vested Interest2146
Veto Power294
Vice Versa294
Vicious Cycle2127
View From Above3134
Viewer Discretion Is Advised4256
Vinyl Records2125
Virtue Dignity And Honor4216
Virtue Liberty & Independence3256
Visit A Branch Near You Today6245
Visit Our Website3155
Vivid Imagination2165
Voice My Support3145
Voice Of Experience3175
Voice Your Opinion3165
Void Of Thought3134
Voted Most Popluar3165
Voting With Their Dollars4226
Vouch For285
Vouch For Me3105
Vying For Attention3175
Wafer Thin295
Wait A Minute3114
Wait A While3104
Wait For It394
Wait Till I Tell Mom5164
Wait Until Your Father Gets Home6274
Wait Your Turn3124
Waiter Check Please3176
Waiting In The Wings4177
Wake Up264
Wake Up Sleepyhead3164
Wake Up You Sleepyhead4194
Walk And Chew Gum At The Same Time8274
Walk It Off394
Walk The Plank3124
Walkable Downtown Area3208
Walking My Dog3127
Walking On Air3127
Walking On Clouds3157
Walking On Eggshells3187
Walking On Pins And Needles5237
Walking Tall2117
Walking Through A Haunted House5277
Walk-Ins Welcome2147
Wander Into The Past4176
War Of Words3103
Warm & Cozy284
Warm & Humid294
Warm And Cozy3114
Warm And Fuzzy3124
Warm And Fuzzy Feeling4194
Warm And Humid3124
Warmest Day In Months4187
Wash Behind Your Ears4184
Wash Thoroughly In Warm Water5254
Wash Your Hands3134
Washed Ashore2126
Wasn't On The Board4155
Wasn't There2105
Waste Not Want Not4155
Watch Your Step3135
Watching A Movie Online4208
Water Off A Duck's Back5185
Water Under The Bridge4195
Wave The Flag3114
Wave Your Magic Wand4174
Way Back When3113
Way Of Life393
Way Off Base3103
Way To Go373
We Accept Cash And Credit Cards Only7302
We Accept Major Credit Cards5242
We Accept Most Major Credit Cards6282
We Aim To Please4132
We Are Going To Woodstock!5212
We Are Not Alone4132
We Are Snowed-In!3132
We Are The Luckiest People Here6262
We Could Get Used To This6202
We Deliver292
We Deliver!292
We Few We Happy Few We Band Of Brother9302
We Finish Each Other's Sentences5272
We Got Your Back4132
We Have A Busy Day Ahead6192
We Have A Lot In Common6182
We Have A Love-Hate Relationship5272
We Have Ways Of Making You Talk7252
We Havent Set A Date Yet6192
We Heard You3102
We Know Him392
We Look Forward To Seeing You Again Soon8332
We Pass The Savings On To You7232
We Really Hit It Off!5162
We Rob Banks3102
We Stand With You4142
We Strongly Suggest3172
We Think Alike3122
We Were Meant To Be Together6232
We Won252
We're A Perfect Match4174
We're Going Into Extra Innings5254
We're Going Into Extra Innings!5254
We're Going To The Playoffs5224
We're Going To The Playoffs!5224
We're Hiring2104
We're Hiring!2104
We're In It For The Long Haul7224
We're In The Same Boat5174
We're Looking Forward To It5224
We're Off And Running4174
We're On A Quest4124
We're On The Same Page5174
We're On The Same Wavelength5234
We're Proud To Announce4194
We're Rockin' Out3134
We're So Happy You Decided To Stay7274
Wealth Of Experience3186
Wearing Two Hats3147
Weather The Storm3157
Wedded Bliss2116
Weekend Family Gathering3227
Weekend Road Trip With Friends5267
Weekend Vacation2157
Weekly Games2116
Weigh All The Options4185
Weigh All The Pros And Cons6225
Weigh Your Options3165
Weird Vibe295
Welcome Aboard2137
Welcome Back2117
Welcome Home!2117
Welcome One And All4167
Welcome To Napa Valley4197
Welcome To The Boardroom4217
Welcome To The Neighborhood4247
Welcome Wagon2127
Welcomed With Open Arms4208
Well Done284
Well Hello There3144
Well In Advance3134
Well Miss You3114
Went Viral294
We're Not In Kansas Anymore5224
We're Number One!3134
What A Bargain3124
What A Bonus3104
What A Bummer3114
What A Bummer!3114
What A City394
What A Day!384
What A Fabulous Day!4164
What A Good Day!4124
What A Great Day!4134
What A Great Idea4144
What A Hodgepodge3154
What A Kick394
What A Novel Idea!4144
What A Stupid Thing To Do6204
What A Wonderful Day4174
What A Wonderful Place!4194
What An Interesting City4214
What Are Friends For?4174
What Are The Odds?4144
What Are We Waiting For5194
What Are You Doing Here5194
What Are You Doing Tonight?5224
What Are You Doing?4154
What Are You Made Of?5164
What Are You Thankful For?5214
What Are You Wearing?4174
What Are Your Intentions?4214
What Can I Do For You?6164
What Comes Around Goes Around5254
What Difference Does It Make?5244
What Do We Have Here5164
What Do We Have Here?5164
What Do You Think?4144
What Do You Want To Do Tonight?7244
What Do You Want To Do?6174
What Does Your Intuition Tell You?6284
What Fun274
What Game Should We Play?5204
What Goes Around Comes Around5254
What Goes Up Must Come Down6224
What Happened Next3164
What Happened?2124
What In Tarnation?3154
What Is Going On?4134
What Is The Meaning Of This?6224
What Is Your Love Language5224
What Is Your Love Language?5224
What Is Your Sign?4144
What Shall We Do Next?5174
What Shall We Do This Weekend?6244
What Shall We Do Today?5184
What Should I Guess4164
What Should I Major In?5184
What Should I Watch First?5214
What Time Do You Have5174
What Time Do You Have ?5174
What Time Is Class?4154
What Time Is It?4124
What Up Dawg?3104
What Would You Do With A Million Dollars?8334
What Would You Like For Lunch?6244
What' The Buzz?3114
What's A Mother For?4155
What's Cookin' Good Lookin'?4215
What's Cooking Good Lookin4225
What's For Breakfast?3175
What's For Dinner?3145
What's For Lunch3135
What's For Lunch?3135
What's Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander10385
What's Got Into You?4155
What's Hot And What's Not5195
What's In The Kitchen4175
What's Keeping You?3155
What's Mine Is Yours4165
What's New285
What's New?285
What's Next?295
What's Not To Like?4145
What's So Funny About That?5215
What's That Noise?3145
What's The Buzz?3125
What's The Catch3135
What's The Catch?3135
What's The Category3165
What's The Score?3135
What's The Time?3125
What's Trending?2135
What's Up Bro?3105
What's Up Cuz?3105
What's Up Dawg?3115
What's Up Dude?3115
What's Your Daily Schedule?4225
What's Your Destination?3205
What's Your Favorite Dessert?4245
What's Your Favorite Flavor Jelly Bean?6325
What's Your Favorite Halloween Candy?5315
What's Your Favorite Holiday Movie?5295
What's Your Favorite Pie4205
What's Your Favorite Pie?4205
What's Your Favorite Time Of Day?6265
What's Your Hurry?3145
What's Your Lucky Number?4205
What's Your Middle Name?4195
What's Your Name?3135
What's Your Schedule Look Like?5255
What's Your Sign?3135
Whatever Floats Your Boat4228
Whatever Makes You Happy4218
What's Cookin' Good Lookin'?4215
Whats Happening2145
Whats The Catch3135
Whats The Problem3155
Whats The Word3125
Whats Up Dude3115
Wheel Play295
Wheels Down2106
When All Is Said And Done6204
When All's Said And Done5194
When Banks Compete You Win5224
When I Say Jump You Ask How High8254
When I Was A Kid5124
When I Was Your Age5154
When In Rome Do As The Romans Do8254
When Is Your Birthday?4184
When Only The Best Will Do6214
When Push Comes To Shove5204
When The Black Sheep Gets The Blues7294
When The Dust Settles4184
When You Get Right Down To It7234
When You Get Some Time5184
When Your Ship Comes In5194
Whenever You Have A Minute5228
Where Are You Sending Me Pat?6235
Where Do I Pick Up Ski Lift Tickets?8285
Where Do I Pick Up Ski-Lift Tickets?7285
Where Do You Think You Are Going?7265
Where Have You Been All My Life7255
Where Have You Been All My Life?7255
Where Is Your Sense Of Adventure6275
Where Locals Come To Play5215
Where Should I Go?4145
Where The Heart Is4155
Where The Sand Meets The Sea6235
Where There's A Will There's A Way7265
Where's My Tackle Box4176