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What Are You WearingNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
A Gold Medallion3141
A Gorgeous New Outfit4181
Ankle Bracelet2135
Aviator Sunglasses2177
Ballet Flats2116
Bangle Bracelets2156
Beige Khakis2115
Bikinis & Swim Trunks3177
Board Shorts2115
Boot Cut & Skinny Jeans4184
Boot Cut Skinny Jeans4184
Boot-Cut & Skinny Jeans3187
Boot-Cut And Skinny Jeans4217
Boot-Cut Skinny Jeans3187
Bright Red Nail Polish4196
Brown Corduroy2135
Cap And Gown3103
Cargo Shorts2115
Cashmere Sweater2158
Clown Costume2125
Colorful Poncho2148
Cowboy Costume2136
Creative Costumes2168
Delicate Fabric2148
Delicate Fabrics2158
Designer Denim Jeans3188
Designer Shoes2138
Faux Fur-Trimmed Jacket3204
Floppy Hats2106
Gold Cufflinks2134
Gold Wristwatch2144
Graduation Cap And Gown42010
Green Hat285
High Top Converse Sneakers4234
High-Heeled Shoes21510
High-Top Converse Sneakers3237
Hooded Jacket2126
I Haven't Got A Thing To Wear7221
Large Hoop Earrings3175
Large Round Sunglasses3205
Layers Of Clothes3156
Little Black Dress3166
London Fashion Week3176
Manolo Blahnik Designer Shoes4266
New Spring Wardrobe3173
Olive Khakis2115
One-Piece Swimsuit2168
Over-The-Knee Boots21611
Pair Of Cowboy Boots4174
Pearl Earrings2135
Plush Cotton Robe3155
Prom Gown284
Ray-Ban Sunglasses2166
Rubber Rain Boots3156
School Uniform2136
Scottish Kilts2138
Silk Tie274
String Of Pearls3146
Striped Socks2127
Stripped Socks2138
Superhero Costume2169
Three-Piece Suit21410
Wedding Dress2127
Welders Hat2107
Western Shirt2127
White Tank Top3125
Wide-Brim Straw Hat3168
Winter Wardrobe2146
Wool Gloves2104

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