Star and Role

This answer page contains the Wheel of Fortune cheat database for the category Star and Role.

Star & RoleNumber
Total Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Adam West As Bruce Wayne5204
Ben Affleck As Daredevil4213
Ben Kingsley As Gandhi4193
Ben Kingsley As Ghandi4193
Bill Nighy As Tom Sergeant5224
Bob Odenkirk As Jimmy Mccill5243
Brad Pitt As Benjamin Button5244
Carrie Fisher As Princess Leia5266
Christian Bale Stars As Batman5269
Daniel Radcliffe As Harry Potter5286
Denzel Washington As Malcolm X5266
Diane Keaton As Annie Hall5225
Faye Dunaway As Joan Crawford5254
George Takei As Sulu4176
Glenn Close As Alex Forrest5235
Gloria Swanson As Norma Desmond5276
Henry Cavill As Clark Kent5225
Humphrey Bogart As Sam Spade5248
Jackie Gleason As Ralph Kamden5266
Jason Statham As Ian Shaw5215
Jesse Einsenberg As Lex Luthor5265
Jim Carrey As The Grinch5203
Jim Nabors As Gomer Pyle5203
Johnny Depp As Edward Scissorhands5306
Johnny Depp As Willy Wonka5226
Jon Hamm As Don Draper5183
Jude Law As Dr. John Watson6214
Julie Andrews As Maria4195
Julie Andrews As Maria Von Trapp6275
Julie Andrews As Mary Poppins5255
Kevin James As Doug Heffernan5255
Kirk Douglas As Spartacus4224
Leonard Nimoy As Mr. Spock5217
Lou Diamond Phillips As Richie Valens6323
Marion Ross As Marion Cunningham5286
Meryl Streep As Julia Child5235
Mike Myers As Austin Powers5234
Mike Myers As Dr. Evil5174
Peter Falk As Columbo4185
Peter Sellers As Inspector Clauseau5315
Raymond Burr Stars In Ironside5267
Robert Downey Jr. As Tony Stark6256
Sean Penn As Harvey Milk5204
Simon Baker As Patrick Jane5235
Ted Danson As Sam Malone5203
Telly Savalas As Kojak4195
Tim Allen As Buzz Lightyear5233
Tim Conway As Dorf4153
Tom Cruise As Jerry Maguire5233
Tom Cruise Stars In Risky Business6293
Tom Hanks As Forrest Gump5213
Tricia Hefner As Cylinder Number Six6316
Uma Thurman As The Bride5203
Vivien Leigh As Scarlett O'Hara5266
Warren Beatty As Bugsy4196

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