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Star & RoleNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Aaron Paul As Jesse Pinkman5235
Adam Driver As Kylo Ren5194
Adam West As Bruce Wayne5204
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje As Killer Croc5347
Alan Rickman As Hans Gruber5234
Alan Rickman As Lt. General Benson6284
Alan Thicke As Jason Seaver5234
Alec Guinness As Fagin4194
Alex O'loughlin As Steve Mcgarrett5294
Alexander Skarsgard As Eric Northman5329
Alexander Skarsgard As Tarzan4269
Alicia Vikander As Lara Croft5256
Allie Grant As Lisa Shay5205
Allison Janney As Barbara Fitts5277
Amber Heard As Mera4165
Amy Adams As Amelia Earhart5233
Amy Adams As Giselle4173
Amy Adams As Julie Powell5213
Amy Adams As Margarete Keins5243
Amy Adams As Sister James5213
Amy Adams As Sydney Prosser5233
Amy Adams Stars In Julie & Julia6253
Amy Poehler As Joy4153
Amy Schumer Stars In I Feel Pretty7283
Angelia Jolie As Evelyn Salt5247
Angelina Jolie As Jane Smith5248
Angelina Jolie As Lara Croft5248
Angelina Jolie As Maleficent4258
Angelina Jolie Stars In Salt5248
Angie Harmon Stars In Rizzoli & Isles6305
Anne Bancroft As Mrs. Robinson5254
Anne Hathaway As Andy Sachs5234
Anne Hathaway As The White Queen6274
Anthony Clark As Boyd Pritchett5277
Anthony Hopkins As Alfred Hitchcock5317
Anthony Perkins As Norman Bates5277
Antonio Banderas As El Mariachi5277
Apricot & Ginger2137
Ariel Winter As Alex Dunphy5235
Arnold Schwarzenegger As Howard Langston5366
Bela Lugosi As Dracula4194
Ben Affleck As Batman4183
Ben Affleck As Daredevil4213
Ben Affleck Stars In Triple Frontier6313
Ben Kingsley As Gandhi4193
Ben Kingsley As Mahatma Gandhi5263
Benedict Cumberbatch As Doctor Strange5348
Benedict Cumberbatch As Patrick Melrose5358
Bess Armstrong As Patty Chase5254
Betsy Brandt As Marie Schrader5265
Bill Murray As Dr. Peter Venkman6264
Bill Nighy As Tom Sergeant5224
Blake Lively As Veronica4215
Bob Odenkirk As Jimmy Mcgill5243
Brad Pitt As Benjamin Button5244
Brad Pitt As Tyler Durden5214
Brie Larson As Captain Marvel5254
Brock Peters As Tom Robinson5245
Bruce Lee As Kato4145
Bruce Lee Stars In Enter The Dragon7295
Bruno Kirby As Nickey4185
Bryan Cranston As Lyndon Baines Johnson6345
Bryan Cranston As Walter White5265
Bryce Dallas Howard As Claire Dearing6325
Buddy Ebsen As Barnaby Jones5245
Buddy Ebsen As Jed Clampett5235
Burgess Meredith As The Penguin5277
Burt Ward As Robin4154
Cameron Diaz As Mary4177
Candice Patton As Iris West5237
Carol Burnett As Hope Springfield5295
Carol Burnett As Princess Winnifred5315
Caroline Aherne As Denise Best5268
Carrie Fisher As Princess Leia5266
Cary Grant As Jim Blandings5234
Cary Grant As Nickie Ferrante5254
Cary Grant As Roger O. Thornhill6264
Cary Grant As Walter Burns5224
Cate Blanchett As Cinderella's Stepmother5364
Channing Tatum As Jenko4208
Charles Dance As Tywin Lannister5287
Charlie Hunnam As Jax Teller5247
Charlie Sheen As Charlie Harper5277
Charlton Heston As George Taylor5288
Charlton Heston Stars As George Taylor6338
Chevy Chade Stars As Dusty Bottoms6295
Chevy Chase Stars As Dusty Bottoms6295
Chevy Chase Stars As Rusty Bottoms6295
Chi Mcbride As Steven Harbor5243
Chris Evans As Captain America5265
Chris Hemsworth As Thor4205
Chris Parnell As Mr. Gordon5225
Chris Pratt As Owen Grady5215
Christian Bale As Batman4219
Christian Bale Stars As Batman5269
Christian Slater As Mr. Robot5249
Christopher Guest As Harlan Pepper53011
Christopher Lloyd As Professor Plum53111
Christopher Reeves As Superman42711
Claire Danes As Carrie Mathison5276
Clark Gable As Rhett Butler5235
Claudia Jessie As Eloise Bridgerton5317
Clint Eastwood As Rowdy Yates5255
Colin Farrell Stars In Miami Vice6285
Colin Firth As Mark Darcy5215
Connie Britton As Rayna Jaymes5266
Dakota Fanning As Coraline Jones5286
Damon Wayans As Michael Kyle5245
Dan Aykroyd As Dr. Raymond Stantz6273
Dan Aykroyd As Elwood Blues5233
Daniel Craig As James Bond5226
Daniel Day-Lewis As Abraham Lincoln5306
Daniel Radcliffe As Harry Potter5286
Danny Devito2115
Danny Glover As George Knox5235
Danny Masterson As Steven Hyde5265
Dave Franco As Eric Molson5224
David Dawson As Alfred4195
Debra Jo Rupp As Kitty Forman6245
Decorating For The Holidays42410
Dennis Hopper Stars As Easy Rider6286
Denzel Washington As Malcolm X5266
Desi Arnaz As Ricky Ricardo5234
Diane Keaton As Annie Hall5225
Diane Keaton As Annie Paradise5265
Diane Keaton As The Voice Of Jenny7285
Diane Ladd As Grandma Mary5225
Diane Ladd As Mimi4155
Dominic West Stars In The Wire6257
Don Knotts As Barney Fife5213
Donnie Most As Ralph Malph5226
Drew Barrymore As Karen Pomeroy5274
Dustin Hoffman As Ben Braddock5266
Dustin Hoffman As Charles Frohman5296
Dustin Hoffman As Mr. Edward Magorium6316
Dustin Hoffman As Willy Loman5256
Dwayne Johnson As Hobbs4206
Dwayne Johnson Stars Hurcules4266
Eartha Kitt As Catwoman4206
Ed Asner As Lou Grant5172
Ed Begley Jr. As Ed Mulgrave6222
Eddie Murphy As Billy Ray Valentine6305
Eddie Murphy As Jiff Ramsey5235
Edward James Olmos As Virgil Sweet6296
Edward Norton As Derek Vinyard5266
Edward Norton As Scout Master Ward6296
Eli Wallach As Don Altobello5243
Elisha Cuthbert As Kim Bauer5246
Elizabeth Taylor As Cleopatra4269
Elizabeth Taylor As Leslie Benedict5319
Ellen Burstyn As Elizabeth Hale5275
Ellen Page As Hayley Stark5225
Elvis Presley As Lucky Jackson5265
Elvis Presley As Vince Everett5265
Emilia Clarke As Daenarys Targaryen5316
Emily Blunt As Evelyn Abbott5245
Emily Blunt As Mary Poppins5235
Emma Stone As Hannah4174
Emma Thompson As Anna Quangel5254
Emma Thompson As Lady Marchmain5274
Emma Thompson As Nanny Mcphee5254
Emma Thompson As P.L. Travers5234
Emma Watson As Belle4174
Emma Watson As Hermione Granger5274
Eric Bana As Erik Kristensen5244
Eric Bana As Nero4144
Ernest Borgnine As Danny Córdoba5286
Evangeline Lilly As Wasp42110
Ewan Mcgregor As Bob Wilton5234
Ewan Mcgregor As Emmit Stussy5254
Faye Dunaway As Bonnie Parker5254
Faye Dunaway As Joan Crawford5254
Felix Wright As Jeffrey Leiter5265
Five Guys Named Moe4164
Forest Whitaker As Charlie Bird Parker6336
Frank Mcgrath As Charlie Wooster5285
Frankie Muniz As Malcolm4217
Freddie Highmore As Norman Bates5287
French Stewart As Harry Solomon5276
Gary Oldman As Commissioner Gordon5304
Gene Hackman As Edward Lyle5234
Gene Hackman As Harry Zimm5224
Gene Hackman As Lex Luthor5224
Gene Wilder As Willy Wonka5224
George Clooney As Danny Ocean5256
George Clooney As Frank Stokes5266
George Clooney As Matt King5236
George Takei As Sulu4176
George Wendt As Norm Peterson5256
Gerard Butler As King Leonidas5266
Gillian Anderson As Dana Scully5277
Glenn Close As Alex Forrest5235
Glenn Close As Sarah Cooper5235
Gloria Swanson As Norma Desmond5276
Goldie Hawn As Molly Mcgrath5246
Grace Kelly As Margot Wendice5255
Greg Kinnear As Brian Jardine5254
Gregory Peck As Atticus Finch5257
Gregory Peck As General Douglas Mcarthur6357
Harrison Ford As Jack Ryan5228
Helen Mirren As Mother Ginger5255
Helena Bohnam Carter Stars As The Red Queen8366
Helena Bonham Carter As The Red Queen7316
Henry Cahill As The Man Of Steel7265
Henry Cavill As Clark Kent5225
Henry Cavill As The Man Of Steel7265
Henry Cavill As The Man Of Steel 7275
Henry Cavill Stars As The Man Of Steel8315
Henry Fonda As Abraham Lincoln5265
Henry Fonda As Frank4175
Henry Fonda As Juror Eight5225
Henry Fonda As Norman Thayer Jr.6265
Henry Fonda As Tom Joad5195
Henry Fonda As Wyatt Earp5215
Holly Hunter As Elastigirl4235
Hugh Jackman As Logan4184
Hugh Jackman As Tomas4184
Hugo Weaving As Agent Smith5234
Humphrey Bogart As Sam Spade5248
Ian Mckellen As Gandalf4203
Idina Menzel As Elsa4175
Idris Elba As Luther4175
Ike Barinholtz As Griggy4213
Jack Huston As Judah Ben-Hur5234
Jack Klugman As Oscar Madison5254
Jack Larson As Jimmy Olsen5224
Jack Lemmon As Harry Hinkle5234
Jack Nicholson As Bill Rorish5254
Jack Nicholson As Daryl Van Horne6284
Jack Nicholson As Frank Chambers5284
Jack Nicholson As Jimmy Hoffa5254
Jackie Carlee Haley As Rorschach5286
Jackie Gleason As Ralph Kramden5276
Jake Gyllenhaal As Billy Hope5254
Jake Gyllenhaal As Scott Fischer5284
James Arness As Matt Dillon5235
James Cromwell As Arthur Hoggett5285
James Dean As Cal Trask5195
James Dean As Jett Rink5195
James Mcavoy As Conor Ludlow5245
James Spader As James Ballard5255
Jamie Bell As The Thing5195
Jamie Foxx As President Sawyer5265
Jamie Lee Curtis As Dean Cathy Munsch7315
Jamie Lee Curtis As Laurie Strode6285
Jamie Lee Curtis Stars In Halloween6305
Jane Curtin As Mary Albright5244
Jane Fonda As Barbarella4214
Jason Isaacs As Lucius Malfoy5255
Jason Momoa As Aquaman4195
Jason Momoa As Arthur Curry5235
Jason Statham As Deckard Shaw5255
Jason Statham As Ian Shaw5215
Jean Dujardin As George Valentin5284
Jean Reno As Leon4144
Jean Reno Stars As Leon5194
Jeff Bridges As Jeffrey Lebowski5284
Jeff Bridges As Starman4204
Jeff Bridges As The Big Lebowski6274
Jeff Goldblum As Ian Malcom5234
Jeff Goldblum As Rupert Ruxin5254
Jeffery Wright As Valentin Narcisse5317
Jemima Kirke As Jessa Johansson5276
Jennifer Beals As Alex Owens5248
Jennifer Connelly As Jenny Blake5288
Jennifer Connely As Janine Gunders5308
Jennifer Lawrence As Rosalyn Rosenfeld5348
Jennifer Love Hewitt As Kate Callahan6328
Jeremy Irons As Alfred Stieglitz5286
Jeremy Irons As Macon Ravenwood5276
Jesse Einsenberg As Lex Luthor5265
Jesse Eisenberg As Lex Luthor5255
Jesse Tyler Ferguson As Mitchell Pritchett6375
Jessica Alba As Sartana4207
Jessica Chastain As Molly Bloom5277
Jill Scott As Precious Ramotswe5274
Jim Carrey As Ace Ventura5213
Jim Carrey As Scrooge4183
Jim Carrey As Stanley Ipkiss5243
Jim Carrey As The Grinch5203
Jim Nabors As Gomer Pyle5203
Jim Parsons As Sheldon Cooper5253
Jim Sturgess As Dion Patras5233
Joaquin Phoenix As Johnny Cash5267
Jodie Foster As Clarice Starling5285
John Boyega As Finn4164
John C. Reilly As Wreck-It Ralph6254
John Goodman As Babe Ruth5214
John Goodman As Dan Conner5224
John Lithgow As Blake Edwards5254
John Lithgow As Dick Solomon5244
John Lithgow As Dr. Dick Solomon6264
John Ratzenberger As Cliff Claven5294
John Ratzenberger As Cliff Clavin5294
John Travolta As Danny Zuko5234
John Travolta As Tony Manero5244
John Wayne As John Elder5204
John Wayne As Rooster Cogburn5254
Johnny Depp As Don Jaun5196
Johnny Depp As Don Juan5196
Johnny Depp As Donnie Brasco5246
Johnny Depp As Edward Scissorhands5306
Johnny Depp As John Dillinger5256
Johnny Depp As The Mad Hatter6246
Johnny Depp As Willy Wonka5226
Johnny Galecki As Leonard Hofstadter5326
Jon Hamm As Don Draper5183
Joseph Gordon-Levitt As Tommy Solomon5326
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Stars In Looper5316
Josh Brolin As Eddie Mannix5234
Josh Brolin As Jonah Hex5204
Josh Dallas As David Nolan5224
Josh Holloway As Will Bowman5244
Jude Law As Dr. John Watson6214
Judi Dench As M4124
Judi Dench As Philomena4204
Judith Light As Shelly Pfefferman5296
Julia Louis-Dreyfus As Selina Meyer5305
Julia Roberts As Daisy Arujo5245
Julia Roberts As Grace King Bichon6295
Julia Roberts As Jessica Cobb5255
Julia Roberts As Mary Reilly5245
Julia Roberts As Sabrina Peterson5295
Julia Roberts As Vivian4205
Julianne Moore As Amber Waves5258
Julianne Moore As Cathy Whitaker5288
Julianne Moore As Marian Wyman5268
Julie Andrews As Maria4195
Julie Andrews As Maria Von Trapp6275
Julie Andrews As Mary Poppins5255
Kaitlin Olson As Dee Reynolds5257
Karyn Parsons As Hilary Banks5255
Kate Beckinsale As Catherine4254
Kate Beckinsale As Lady Susan Vernon6314
Kate Hudson As Helen Harris5234
Kate Hudson As Penny Lane5214
Kate Hudson As Sarah Bloom5224
Kate Mara As Zoe Barnes5194
Kate Mckinnon As Jillian Holtzmann5304
Kate Upton As Sister Bernice5244
Kate Winslet Stars In Titanic5254
Katharine Hepburn As Rose Sayer5279
Katie Holmes Stars In Batman Begins6305
Keanu Reeves Stars In Hardball5265
Keira Knightley As The Sugar Plum Fairy7335
Kelsey Grammer As Frasier Crane5276
Ken Berry As Sam Jones5183
Ken Berry As Vinton Harper5223
Ken Jenkins As Dr. Bob Kelso6223
Kevin As Jack Brennan4185
Kevin Bacon As Baxter4185
Kevin Bacon As Jack Morris5225
Kevin Bacon As Jack Swigert5235
Kevin Bacon As Sebastian Shaw5255
Kevin Bacon As Walter4185
Kevin Bacon As Willie O'Keefe5245
Kevin Costner As Ray Kinsella5255
Kevin Hart As The Voice Of Snowball7295
Kevin James As Doug Heffernan5255
Kevin Spacey As Bobby Darin5235
Kevin Spacey As Dave Harken5235
Kevin Spacey As Larry Hooper5245
Kevin Whately As Di Robert Lewis6275
Kiera Knightley As The Sugar Plum Fairy7335
Kim Basinger As Vicki Vale5223
Kim Fields As Tootie Ramsey5233
Kim Hunter As Zira4153
Kirk Douglas As Doc Holiday5234
Kirk Douglas As Doc Holliday5244
Kirk Douglas As Spartacus4224
Kirstie Alley Is Rebecca Howe5257
Kit Harington As Jon Snow5213
Kit Harrington As Jon Snow5223
Kristen Bell As Ingrid De Forest6277
Kristen Johnson As Sally Solomon5287
Kristen Johnston As Sally Solomon5297
Kristen Wiig As Erin Gilbert5247
Larry Hagman As J.R. Ewing5205
Larry Hagman As J.R. Ewing Jr.6225
Larry Hangman As J.R. Ewing Jr.6235
Laura Linney As Erin Bruner5235
Lauren Bacall As Ma Ginger5226
Laurence Fishburne As Pops4238
Laurence Olivier As Hamlet4238
Lea Michele As Hester Ulrich5243
Lena Headey As Cersei Lannister5274
Lena Waithe As Aech4164
Leonard Nimoy As Mr. Spock5217
Leonardo Dicaprio As Howard Hughes5308
Liam Neeson As Hannibal4204
Liam Neeson As Zeus4164
Liev Schreiber As Vincent Campbell5304
Linda Blair As Regan4175
Linda Gray As Sue Ellen Ewing6245
Lin-Manuel Miranda As Alexander Hamilton5359
Lin-Manuel Miranda As Jack4229
Lola Kirke As Hailey4174
Lorenza Izzo As Pilar Herrera5257
Lori Petty As Kit Keller5204
Lou Diamond Phillips As Richie Valens6323
Lucille Ball As Lucy Ricardo5247
Lucy Liu As Joan Watson5194
Madonna As Evita Peron4197
Madonna Stars As Eva Peron5227
Maisie Williams As Arya Stark5256
Marcia Gay Harden As Mrs. Grey6246
Margot Robbie As Jane Clayton5256
Maria Bello As Sophie4185
Marilyn Monroe As Sugar Kane Kowalczyk6337
Marion Ross As Marion Cunningham5286
Mark Blum As Union Bob5184
Mark Moses As Matt Parker5214
Mark Wahlberg As Dirk Diggler5254
Mark Wahlberg As John Bennett5254
Mark Wahlberg As Micky Ward5234
Marla Gibbs As Florence Johnston5285
Marlon Brando As Don Vito Corleone6296
Marlon Brando As Dr. Moreau5226
Marlon Brando As Napoleon Bonaparte5316
Marlon Brando As Sky Masterson5266
Marlon Wayans As Christian Black5286
Martin Lawrence As Big Momma5246
Martin Lawrence As Bobby Davis5266
Martin Lawrence As Det. Marcus Burnett6326
Martin Lawrence As Martin Payne5276
Martin Sheen As Captain Benjamin L. Willard7366
Martin Sheen As Greg Stillson5256
Martin Sheen As President Bartlet5296
Martin Short As Ned Nederlander5276
Martin Short Stars As Ned Nederlander6326
Mary Martin As Maria Von Trapp6254
Matt Damon As David Norris5224
Matt Damon As Jason Bourne5224
Matt Damon As Mark Whitacre5234
Matt Damon As Steve Butler5224
Matt Lucas As Tweedledee & Tweedledum5314
Matt Lucas As Tweedledee And Tweedledum6344
Matt Lucas As Tweeledee And Tweeldum6314
Matt Walsh As Thomas4174
Matthew Mcconaughey As Buster Moon5307
Maxwell Jenkins As Will Robinson5287
Meg Ryan As Kathleen Kelly5223
Megan Fox As Mikaela Banes5225
Melanie Griffith As Katherine Hoover5327
Melissa Mccarthy As Sookie St. James6307
Meryl Streep As Corrine Whitman5275
Meryl Streep As Francesca Johnson5295
Meryl Streep As Julia Child5235
Meryl Streep As Miranda Priestly5285
Meryl Streep As Suzanne Vale5245
Mia Farrow As Rosemary Woodhouse5283
Mia Masikowski Stars As Alice Kingsleigh6353
Mia Wasikowska As Alice Kingsleigh5303
Mia Wasikowska Stars As Alice Kingsleigh6353
Michael C. Hall As Dexter Morgan6267
Michael Caine As Jake Mellows5257
Michael Fassbender As Carl Jung5277
Michael Fassbender As Edwin Epps5287
Michael Fassbender As Macbeth4267
Michael Gambon As Lord Marchmain5287
Michael Gross As Steven Keaton5267
Michael Keaton As Batman4217
Michael Landon As Little Joe Cartwright6347
Michael Shannon As John Givings5277
Mickey Rooney As Andy Hardy5236
Mickey Rooney As Barney Ingram5266
Mickey Rooney As Henry Daily5246
Mickey Rooney As Lampie4206
Mike Myers As Austin Powers5234
Mike Myers As Dr. Evil5174
Mila Kunis As Jupiter Jones5234
Millie Bobby Brown Stars As Eleven6296
Ming-Na Wen As Chun-Li4176
Molly Parker As Maureen Robinson5285
Molly Parker Stars In Lost In Space7295
Molly Ringwald As Samantha4235
Morgan Freeman As Frederick Douglass5326
Morgan Freeman As Ned Logan5236
Morgan Freeman As Nelson Mandela5286
Naomi Watts As Betty Elms5215
Naomi Watts As Ellie Parker5235
Natalie Portman As Mathilda Lando5297
Natalie Portman As Nina Sayers5267
Natalie Wood As Alva Starr5227
Neal Mcdonough As Timothy Dum Dum Dugan7334
Nia Vardalos As Toula4183
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau As Jaime Lannister5357
Olivia De Havilland As Catherine Sloper6346
Oprah Winfrey As Mrs. Which5225
Orla Brady As Lydia4164
Orson Welles As Kane4175
Parker Posey As Dr. Smith5206
Pat Harrington Jr. As Schneider5263
Pat Morita As Arnold4173
Pat Morita As Mr. Miyagi5193
Patrick Duffy As Bobby Ewing5247
Patrick Stewart As Captain Picard5297
Patrick Stewart As Walter Blunt5277
Paul Giamatti As Abraham Zapruder5294
Paul Giamatti As Chuck Rhoades5264
Paul Giamatti As John Adams5234
Paul Giamatti As Miles Raymond5264
Paul Wesley As Stefan Salvatore5274
Penelope Cruz As Maria Elena5248
Peter Billingsley As Ralphie Parker5315
Peter Dinklage As Tyrion Lannister5305
Peter Falk As Columbo4185
Peter Gallagher As Sandy Cohen5265
Peter Sellers As Inspector Clouseau5315
Phil Burke As Mickey Mcginnes5254
Philip Seymour Hoffman As Caden Cotard6336
Philip Seymour Hoffman As Jack5266
Philip Seymour Hoffman As Jon Savage6316
Philip Seymour Hoffman As Phil Parma6316
Playing The Romantic Lead4227
Racheal Taylor As Trish Walker5267
Rachel Mcadams As Allie Hamilton5286
Ralph Fiennes As Amon Goeth5235
Ralph Fiennes As Charles Van Doren6295
Ralph Fiennes As Lord Gray5225
Ralph Fiennes As M. Gustave5225
Randall P. Havens As Mr. Clarke6247
Ray Romano As Ray Barone5203
Raymond Burr Stars In Ironside5267
Reese Witherspoon As Tracy Flick5285
Rhea Pearlman As Carla Tortelli5274
Rhea Perlman As Carla Tortelli5264
Richard Burton As King Arthur5257
Richard Chamberlain As Dr. Kildare5297
Richard Deyfuss As Bill Bb Babowsky6307
Richard Dreyfuss As Bernie Madoff5297
Riz Ahmed As Aaron Kalloor5223
Rob Riggle As Mr. Walters5203
Robert De Niro As Jake Lamotta6256
Robert De Niro As Rudy5186
Robert Downey Jr As Charlie Chaplin6306
Robert Downey Jr. As Dan Dark6236
Robert Downey Jr. As Hank Palmer6266
Robert Downey Jr. As Kirk Lazarus6276
Robert Downey Jr. As Steve Lopez6266
Robert Downey Jr. As Tony Stark6256
Robert Duvall As Dixon Doss5236
Robert Goulet As Sir Lancelot5256
Robert Vaughn As Napoleon Solo5266
Robin Williams As The Genie From Aladdin7345
Roger Moore As James Bond5215
Rosario Dawson As Persephone4257
Rupert Grint As Ron Weasley5236
Russell Brand As Aldous Snow5247
Russell Crowe As John Nash5227
Russell Crowe As Robin Longstride5297
Ryan Gosling As David Marks5234
Ryan Gosling As Holland March5254
Ryan Gosling As Jacob4184
Ryan Gosling As Noah Calhoun5244
Ryan Kwanten As Jason Stackhouse5284
Ryan Reynolds As Deadpool4224
Ryan Reynolds As Matt Weston5244
Sally Field As Gidget4185
Sally Field As Mary Todd Lincoln6275
Sally Field As Norma Rae5205
Salma Hayek As Frida Kahlo5225
Samuel L Jackson As Major Marquis Warren7346
Sandra Bullock As Debbie Ocean5266
Sarah Chalke As Beth4175
Sarah Chalke As Dr. Elliot Reid6255
Scarlett Johansson As Ashley Parker5318
Scarlett Johansson As Deanna Moran5308
Scarlett Johansson Stars In Under The Skin7368
Scott Bakula As Dr. Sam Beckett6255
Sean Bean As Ned Stark5184
Sean Bean As Zeus4144
Sean Penn As Harvey Milk5204
Sean Penn As Mickey Cohen5214
Selena Gomez As Alex Russo5226
Shelley Long As Diane Chambers5267
Sigourney Weaver As Dana Barrett5289
Sigourney Weaver As Ellen Ripley5289
Simon Baker As Patrick Jane5235
Simon Pegg As Scotty4175
Spencer Tracy As Henry Drummond5277
Stave Martin As Lucky Day5215
Steve Carell As Michael Scott5255
Steve Martin As Lucky Day5215
Steve Martin Stars As Lucky Day6265
Steve Mcqueen Stars In The Blob6265
Sylvester Stallone As Rocky Balboa5309
Taylor Momsen As Cindy Lou Who6256
Ted Danson As Sam Malone5203
Telly Savalas As Kojak4195
Theo James Lord James Mangan5244
Thomas-Brodie Sangster As Ferb42612
Thora Birch As Jane Burnham5235
Tim Allen As Buzz Lightyear5233
Tim Allen As Scott Calvin5213
Tim Allen As Tim Taylor5193
Tim Conway As Dorf4153
Tim Robbins As Frank Dawson5233
Tim Robbins As Harlan Ogilvy5243
Toby Jones As Dobby, The House-Elf6274
Tom Bosley As Howard Cunningham5273
Tom Cruise As Charlie Babbitt5253
Tom Cruise As David Aames5213
Tom Cruise As Jack Reacher5223
Tom Cruise As Jerry Maguire5233
Tom Cruise As Maverick4193
Tom Cruise As Roy Miller5203
Tom Cruise As Vampire Lestat5243
Tom Cruise Stars In Risky Business6293
Tom Felton As Draco Malfoy5223
Tom Hanks As Captain Phillips5253
Tom Hanks As Charlie Wilson5233
Tom Hanks As Forrest Gump5213
Tom Hanks As Jimmy Dugan5203
Tom Hanks As Josh Baskin5203
Tom Hanks As Larry Crowne5213
Tom Hanks As Paul Edgecomb5223
Tom Hanks As Robert Langdon5233
Tom Hanks As Sam Baldwin5203
Tom Hardy As Bane4143
Tom Hardy As Charles Bronson5243
Tom Hardy As Mad Max5163
Tom Selleck As Jack Elliot5223
Tommy Dewey As Alex Cole5205
Tony Danza As Mel Clark5194
Tony Hale As Buster Bluth5214
Tony Randall As Felix Unger5234
Tricia Helfer As Cylon Number Six6286
Ty Burrell As Phil Dunphy5212
Ty Burrell As Phil Murphy5212
Ty Burrell As The Voice Of Bailey7272
Uma Thurman As Medusa4183
Uma Thurman As The Bride5203
Val Kilmer As Jim Morrison5223
Vincent Cassel As Asset4207
Vincent D'Onofrio As Vic Hoskins5277
Virginia Madsen As Terry4218
Vivien Leigh As Scarlett O'Hara5266
Walton Goggins As Lee Russell5256
Warren Beatty As Bugsy4196
Warren Beatty As Clyde Barrow5256
Will Estes As Jamie Reagan5224
Will Ferrell As Buddy4184
Will Ferrell As Ron Burgundy5244
Will Smith As Cypher Raige5224
Will Smith As Hitch4164
Will Smith As John Hancock5224
William Demarest As Uncle Charley5297
William Hurt As Macon Leary5237
William Hurt As Nick Carlton5247
Woody Allen As Isaac Mortimer Davis6305
Woody Harrelson As Woody Boyd5255
Woody Harrelson Stars In Zombieland5315
Zachary Quinto As Dr. Spock5227
Zero Mostel As Tevye The Dairyman6284
Zoe Saldana As Neytiri4193
Zooey Deschanel As Jovie4215

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    Star and Role
    Robin William As The Genie From Aladdin
    Wrong name used

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    Robin Williams As The Genie From Aladdin

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    Star and Role
    Keira Knightly As The Sugar Plum Fairy
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    Keira Knightley As The Sugar Plum Fairy

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    Star and Role
    Robert Doney Jr. As Dan Dark
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    Robert Downey Jr. As Dan Dark

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