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Classic TVNumber
Total Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Alice And Sam The Butcher5215
Alice Flo Vera And Mel5185
Andy Opie Barney And Aunt Bee6244
Anthony Quinn As Zorba The Greek6277
Archie And Edith Bunker4206
Art Carney As Ed Norton5193
Barbara Eden As Jeannie4207
Barbara Eden Stars In I Dream Of Jeannie8337
Barnaby Jones2127
Beam Me Up Scotty4144
Beaver Wally Eddie And Lumpy5246
Book 'Em Danno3114
Boss Hogg284
Breaking Bad2118
Buddy Ebsen As Jed Clampett5235
Bull The Bailiff3144
Charlies Angels2148
Charlotte Rae As Edna Garrett5259
Cheryl Ladd As Kris Munroe5226
Chuck Conners As Lucas Mccane5255
Chuck Connors As Lucas Mccain5255
Chuck Woolery Hosts Love Connection5315
Colonel Robert E. Hogan4197
Dallas & Knots Landing3186
Dallas And Knots Landing4216
Dennis Weaver Stars In Mccloud5266
Designing Women2149
Don Adams Stars In Get Smart6233
Don Johnson As Detective Sonny Crockett6343
East Asia284
Eddie Munster2125
Eight Is Enough3135
F Troop261
Family Matters2136
Family Ties2106
Fantasy Island2137
Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids6243
Father Knows Best3156
Fred And Ethel Mertz4174
Fred Flinstone & Barney Rubble4254
Gary Coleman & Todd Bridges4224
Get Smart283
Gilligan & The Skipper3188
Gilligan And The Skipper4218
Gilligan's Island2159
Ginger Mary Ann & The Professor5256
Good Times294
Green Acres2105
Happy Days295
He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe7315
Here's Lucy2106
Here's Johnny!2115
Herman And Lily Munster4206
Hogan's Heroes2126
Hollywood Squares2169
I Dream Of Jeannie4151
I Love Lucy391
In Living Color3132
Isabel Sanford As Louise Jefferson5306
James Garner As Jim Rockford5245
James Garner Stars In Maverick5265
Jed, Granny, Elly Mae, And Jethro6254
John Ritter As Jack Tripper5234
Josie & The Pussycats3175
Knight Rider2116
L.A. Law252
Laverne And Shirley3177
Laverne Defazio & Shirley Feeney4277
Leave It To Beaver4155
Little House On The Prairie5236
Love American Style3174
Lucy And Ethel Working In A Candy Factory8344
Lucy Ricardo And Ethel Mertz5244
Lurch, Uncle Fester, And Cousin Itt6286
Magnum Pi286
Marcia Marcia Marcia3186
Marcia, Jan, And Cindy Brady5227
Marion Cunningham2166
Marla Gibbs As Florence Johnston5285
Married With Children3197
Mayberry R.F.D2118
Mchale's Navy2117
Memorable Episodes Of The Twilight Zone6349
Miami Vice295
Mike & Carol Brady3144
Millionaire Thurston Howell The Third53311
Miss Jane Hathaway & Milburn Drysdale5314
Miss Kitty And Festus4184
Mission Impossible2177
Mister Ed286
Mister Roger's Neighborhood3246
Mork & Mindy294
Mr. Tudball & Mrs. Wiggins4192
Murder She Wrote3146
Murphy Brown2116
My Favorite Martian3172
My Three Sons3112
Night Court2105
Northern Exposure2168
One Day At A Time5133
Parker Lewis Can't Lose4206
Parker Lewis Cant Lose4196
Pebbles & Bam-Bam2137
Pee Wee's Playhouse3173
Petticoat Junction2179
Pugsley And Wednesday Addams4257
Punky Brewster2135
Ralph & Alice Kramden3175
Raymond Burr Stars In Ironside5267
Redd Foxx & Demond Wilson4204
Rhoda Morgenstern2165
Ricardo Montalban As Mr. Roarke5267
Richie & The Fonz3136
Rob & Laura Petrie3143
Robin Williams As Mork From Ork6265
Ron Howard As Opie Tayor5203
Roseanne John Goodman & Laurie Metcalf5328
Roseanne, John Goodman, And Laurie Metcalf6359
Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In3195
Sale Of The Century4164
Sally Fields As Gidgit4195
Scott Baio As Chachi4175
Shirley Booth As Hazel4197
Shirley Booth Stars In Hazel5247
Shirley Jones As Shirley Partridge5307
Shirley Partridge2167
Soul Train294
Square Pegs2106
Star Trek284
Star Trek: The Next Generation5254
Starsky & Hutch2127
Ted Baxter & Sue Ann Nivens5213
Ted Danson As Sam Malone5203
The Addams Family3153
The Andy Griffith Show4193
The A-Team283
The Beverly Hillbillies3213
The Big Valley3123
The Bionic Woman3143
The Bob Newhart Show4173
The Brady Bunch3133
The Carol Burnett Show4193
The Cosby Show3123
The Donna Reed Show4163
The Dukes Of Hazzard4173
The Facts Of Life4143
The Flintstones2143
The Flying Nun3123
The Golden Girls3143
The Gong Show3113
The Honeymooners2153
The Jamie Foxx Show4163
The Jeffersons2133
The Love Boat3113
The Lucy Show3113
The Man From U.N.C.L.E.4153
The Mary Tyler Moore Show5213
The Monkees2103
The Munsters2113
The Muppet Show3133
The Odd Couple3123
The Partridge Family3183
The Perils Of Penelope Pitstop5263
The Rockford Files3163
The Sonny And Cher Comedy Hour6253
The Three Stooges3153
The Waltons2103
The Wild Wild West4153
The Wonder Years3143
The Youngest One In Curls5213
Their House Is A Museum5195
This Is Your Life4144
Tony Randall As Felix Unger5234
Trapper John M.D.3137
Vicki Lawrence Stars In Mama's Family6315
Vivian Vance As Ethel Mertz5236
Wagon Train2105
Welcome To Fantasy Island4227
Where Everybody Knows Your Name5275
You Bet Your Life Hosted By Groucho Marx8333
Your Show Of Shows4154

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