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PeopleNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
A Bevy Of Blonde Beauties5211
A Cappella Group3141
A Crowd Flooding In4161
A Group Of Friends4151
A Group Of Kids4121
A Mix Of Tourists & Locals5201
A Panel Of Experts4151
A Walk In The Park5141
Able Crewmates2134
Able-Bodied Young Men31810
Absentee Voters2148
Absolute Beginners2178
Academy Award Nominees3207
Academy Award Winners3197
Acclaimed Filmmaker2189
Accomplished Athletes22012
Accomplished Songwriters22312
Accordion Player2159
Acrobats & Jugglers2168
Acrobats And Gymnasts3198
Active Bicyclist2156
Active Duty Solider3176
Active Participants2186
Active-Duty Marines21710
Active-Duty Personnel21910
Adopted Children2157
Adoptive Parents2158
Adorable Baby2128
Adorable Children2168
Adoring Fans2117
Adrenaline Junkies21710
Adult Children2135
Advance Team2117
Advanced Civilization2208
Advancing Armies2159
Adventurous Girl21511
Adventurous Snowshoer22011
Adventurous Souls21611
Adventurous Travelers22011
Advertising Department22111
Advisory Board2138
Advisory Committee2178
Aerial Camera Crew3166
Agents & Brokers2136
Airplane Passengers2188
Airport Security2157
Algebra Professor2167
A-List Actors2115
A-List Celebrities2165
All-American Teenagers22011
Allies & Partners2146
All-Star Cast2117
All-Star Pitchers2157
All-Star Team2117
Alternate Jurors2159
Alumni Team2106
Amateur Athletes2157
Amateur Detectives2177
Amateur Magicians2167
Amateur Surfers2147
Amateur Swimmers2157
Amateurs & Professionals2218
Amateurs And Professionals3248
Amazing Acrobats2157
Amazing Designers2167
Amazing Parents2147
Amazing Performers2177
Amazing Playmakers2177
Amazing Playwright2177
Amazing Starting Lineup3217
American Automakers2188
American Country-Music Stars3258
American Idol Judges3188
American Patriots2168
American Tourists2168
Amusing Performers2177
An Acquaintance Of Mine4202
Ancient Greeks2137
Ancient History Buffs3197
Ancient Monks2127
Ancient Romans2137
Ancient-History Buffs21914
Angry Crowd2105
Animal Lovers2126
Animal Right Activists3206
Animal Rights Activists3216
Anonymous Callers2169
Antiquarian Booksellers22211
Antique Dealers2147
Apelike Ancestors2167
Applauding Audience21810
Appointed Lawyer2159
Aquarians And Virgos3189
Ardent Fans2106
Area Natives2114
Aries & Pisces2115
Armed Forces2115
Army Buddies2114
Art Department2133
Art Patrons2103
Artistic And Musical Community4278
Artistic Communities2198
Artistic Families2168
Artistic Women2138
Artistic-Value Judges21913
Artists & Fishermen2167
Artists & Performers2177
Arts & Craft Vendors3164
Arts & Crafts Vendors3174
Arts And Crafts Vendors4204
Asian Americans2145
Aspca Member2115
Aspiring Young Adults3198
Association Football Club32311
Astronauts & Cosmonauts22010
Athletic Stars2138
Attractive Attendees21910
Attractive Couple21610
Attractive Young Couple32110
Aunt & Uncle294
Aunts & Uncles2115
Authorized Dealers21710
Authorized Personnel21910
Authors & Educators2167
Authors & Poets2127
Auto Club284
Average American Family3217
Average Joe2107
Average Joes2117
Aviation Enthusiast2188
Aviation Enthusiasts2198
Avid Sports Fans3144
Award Nominees2135
Award Winning Choreographer3255
Award Winning Ensemble Cast4245
Award Winning Management Team4265
Award Winning Team3165
Awards Committee2156
Award-Winning Ensemble Cast32412
Award-Winning Management Team32612
Award-Winning Team21612
Aztec Indians2125
Babies & Toddlers2146
Baby Boomers2114
Baby Boys284
Backcountry Campers21811
Background Dancers21710
Backing Band2117
Backup Band2106
Backup Musicians2156
Backup Singers2136
Badminton Net2129
Ballroom Dancers2158
Balmy Breezes2125
Banjo Player2115
Bankable Star2128
Barbershop Quartet21710
Bargain Hunters2147
Bargain Shopper2147
Baritones And Tenors3189
Baroque Composers2167
Base Jumpers2114
Baseball Coaches2158
Baseball Enthusiasts2198
Baseball Fans2128
Baseball Hall Of Famers4208
Baseball Pitcher2158
Baseball Players2158
Baseball Team2128
Basketball Champions21910
Basketball Legends21710
Basketball Playoff Teams32210
Bassists & Guitarists2188
Baton Twirler2125
Beach Bums295
Beach Bunnies2125
Beach Patrol2115
Bearer Of Good News4166
Beautiful Bride & Handsome Groom4279
Beautiful Hollywood Starlets3269
Beautiful Hostess2169
Beautiful Women2149
Beauty Pageant Contestants3246
Beef Tenderloin & Mashed Potatoes4284
Beginning Birder2159
Bell Ringers2114
Belly Dancers2125
Beloved Entertainers2197
Beloved Icon2117
Best Buddies2114
Best Friends2114
Best Friends For Life4184
Best Man & Maid Of Honor5184
Best Pals284
Biblical Scholars2168
Big Family293
Bigger Kids2106
Biggest Touring Acts3187
Bilingual Residents2189
Bilingual Travelers2189
Billiard Players2158
Bird Watchers2124
Birdie Bikers2126
Birth Family2115
Bitcoin Is The Future4187
Blacktipped Reef Shark32011
Blonde-Haired Blue Eyed Men42312
Blonde-Haired Blue-Eyed Men32312
Blondes And Redheads3187
Blood Brothers2135
Blood Relatives2145
Blue-Collar Workers21710
Bluegrass Band2139
Blue-Ribbon Panel21510
Blustery Bosses2148
Board Of Alderman3155
Board Of Aldermen3155
Board Of Directors3165
Board Of Governors3165
Board Of Trustees3155
Bobsled Team2117
Bongo Player2115
Booing Crowd2116
Book Club284
Booster Club2117
Bowling League2137
Bowling Team2117
Boxing Legends2136
Boy Scout Troop3133
Boy Scouts293
Boyfriend & Girlfriend2199
Boys & Girls294
Boys And Men3104
Boys Choir294
Brass Band295
Brave Knights2125
Brave Soldiers2135
Brave Statesmen2145
Brazilian National Team3219
Breakout Stars2138
Bride & Groom2105
Bride And Groom3135
Brightest Minds2149
Brilliant Young Minds3199
British Journalist2177
British Researchers2187
Broadway Actress2158
Brother & Sister2137
Brothers & Sisters2158
Brownie Troop2127
Buddhist Monks2138
Budding Artist2137
Buffalo Bills2127
Bus Passengers2133
Business Colleagues2188
Business Community2178
Business Leaders2158
Business Owners2148
Business Partners2168
Business Travelers2178
Bustling Tourists2168
Busy Moms284
Busy Passengers2144
Busy Tourists2124
Buyers & Sellers2136
Cabinet Members2147
Cafeteria Workers2169
Calvin Klein Models3176
Campaign Spokesperson2208
Campus Police2126
Cancan Dancers2136
Candy Striper2125
Capricorn & Pisces2159
Captain & First Mate3167
Captain & His Crew3147
Captain & Seaman2137
Captain And Crew3147
Captain And First Mate4197
Captivated Spectator21910
Captivated Spectators22010
Captivating Jugglers21911
Captive Audience2157
Car Collectors2133
Car Owners293
Card Shark294
Card-Carrying Members21912
Carefree Crowds2148
Caring Siblings2146
Carnival Barker2148
Carnival Participants2208
Casino Staff2116
Cast & Crew284
Cast Of Characters3164
Casual Cyclists2146
Casual Friends2136
Casual Game Players3176
Casual Game- Players3176
Casual Game-Players2176
Casual-Game Players21710
Cat Lovers293
Cat Owners293
Catcher & Batter2137
Catcher & Pitcher2147
Category People2148
Cattle Ranchers2146
Cave Dwellers2124
Celebrities Who Share Your Birthday53111
Celebrity Chefs2149
Celebrity Impersonators2229
Celebrity Judges2159
Celebrity Panel2149
Celebrity Stylist2169
Celebrity Tattoo Artist3219
Celtic Singers2136
Certified Teachers2179
Certified Technicians2209
Chain Of Command3145
Champion Pro-Sports Team3218
Champion Pro-Sports Teams3228
Character Actors2159
Charismatic Candidates22111
Charismatic Leaders21811
Charlies Angels2148
Charming Children2168
Charming Street Entertainers3268
Charming Young Ladies3198
Chartered Members2169
Cheerful Children2168
Cheerful Locals2148
Cheering Fans2128
Cheerleaders & Sports Stars32312
Cheerleaders Squad & Dance Team42612
Cheerleading Squad21712
Cheerleading Squad & Dance Team42612
Cheery Citizens2146
Chef Of The Year4134
Chemistry Students2179
Chess Master2115
Chet Atkins2104
Chic Models2104
Chicago Cubs Fans3157
Chief Executives2155
Chief Petty Officer3175
Child Genius2115
Childhood Friends2169
Childhood Heroes2159
Childhood Heros2149
Childhood Pals2139
Childhood Sweethearts2209
Children's Choir2149
Chocolate Lovers2159
Choir Group2105
Choosy Kids2106
Choral Bell Ringers3176
Chosen Few296
Christmas Carolers2179
Chums Pals & Friends3165
Church Congregation2186
Church Members2136
Circus Clowns2126
Circus Entertainers2186
Circus Performers2166
Circus Troupe2126
Citizens Of A Nation4178
City Authorities2154
City Council Members3184
City Officials2134
City Slickers2124
City Workers2114
Civil Aeronautics Board3215
Civil Rights Leaders3185
Civil War Buffs3135
Civilian Employees2178
Clarinet Band2128
Class Act285
Classic Country Duos3187
Cleanup Crew2117
Cliff Divers2115
Clock- Watchers2135
Close Family Members3185
Close Friends2125
Close Knit Group3145
Close Relatives2145
Close-Knit Families2179
Close-Knit Family2159
Close-Knit Friends2169
Cnn News Anchors3143
Coaching Staff2138
Coast Guard2105
Coed Dance Team3134
Coin Collector2134
Coin Collectors2144
Colleagues & Associates22010
Colleagues And Associates32310
College Administrators2217
College Alumni2137
College Athletes2157
College Buddies2147
College Football Team3197
College Graduates2167
College Pals2117
College Roommates2167
College Rowing Team3177
College Students2157
College Sweethearts2187
College Wrestlers2167
College-Educated Employees22415
Colorful Characters2188
Colorful Storytellers2208
Comeback Kid2118
Comedy Duo296
Comedy Improv Group3176
Comedy Writers2136
Comic-Book Collectors2199
Commando Squad2138
Common Ancestors2156
Common Friends2136
Community Business Leaders3249
Community Leaders2169
Community Of Friends3189
Commuters Riding The Train To Work6299
Comparison Shoppers21810
Competitive Bodybuilder22211
Competitive Bodybuilders22311
Competitive Ice Skaters32111
Competitive Ice Skating32111
Complete Strangers2178
Composers & Lyricists2189
Concerned Citizens2179
Confidantes & Comedians22011
Confidantes & Companions22111
Congressional Committee22213
Considerate Roommate21911
Construction Workers21912
Consumer Advocates2178
Contest Judges2137
Contributing Writers21912
Controversial Figures22013
Convention Attendees21910
Convincing Celebrity Impersonators33210
Cool Dads284
Cool Surfers2114
Co-President Of The Company42311
Corporate Authors2169
Corporate Sponsors2179
Corporate Team2139
Cotton Farmers2136
Couch Potatoes2135
Council For The Arts4177
Council Of Elders3157
Country Music's Biggest Stars4257
Country-Music Legends21912
Country-Music's Biggest Stars32513
County Board Of Elections4226
Couples In Love3137
Course Graduates2156
Court Officials2145
Cowboy & Cowgirl2136
Cowboys & Cowgirls2157
Cowboys And Cowgirls3187
Cowboys And Ranchers3187
Crack Team Of Officials4205
Creative Cohorts2158
Creative Students2168
Creative Thinkers2168
Creatures Of Habit3169
Crew Members2114
Cricket Team2117
Crosstown Rivals2159
Cruise Passengers2166
Cub Scouts293
Cuban Boxer2105
Cubist Painter2136
Culinary Masters2158
Culinary Students2168
Curious Onlookers2167
Cute Infant2104
Cute Kid274
Cute Kids284
Cute Toddlers2124
Cute Twin Babies3144
Cutting Edge Artists3187
Cutting-Edge Artists21811
Cycling Commuters2167
Daddy & Daughter2135
Dads & Grandpas2124
Dairy Farmers2125
Dance Company2125
Dancing Dealers2147
Dapper Dresser2136
Dapper Dressers2146
Daredevil Divers2159
Daring & Graceful Cliff Divers4256
Daring Adventurers2176
Dark-Haired Men21310
Darling Daughter2157
Date To The Prom4134
Day Picnickers2133
Dear Friends2114
Decorated Army Generals3219
Decorated Soldiers2179
Dedicated Employees2189
Defending Champions2189
Defense Contractors2187
Defensive Line2139
Delighted Visitors2179
Delightful Children21810
Delightful Youngsters22010
Delightfully Dear Friends32312
Democrats & Republicans2209
Den Mother293
Department Of Health31810
Desert Dwellers2146
Detectives & Sleuths21710
Determined Explorers21910
Devoted Tv Viewers3167
Different Age Group3179
Difficulty Judges21610
Digital Assistant2167
Dining Staff2116
Dinner Party Guests3176
Directors & Producers2189
Dirt Devil294
Disbanded Rock Group3189
Discharged Patients21810
Disputing Parties2169
Distant Cousins2147
Distinguished Alumni21913
Distinguished Colleagues22313
Distinguished Guests21913
Distinguished Luminaries22313
Distinguished Panel Of Judges42613
Distinguished Veterans22113
Diverse Crowds2137
Diverse Team2117
Diverse Tourist2147
Diverse Tourists2157
Division Champions2178
Dixieland Jazz Band3179
Doctors And Lawyers3177
Doctors And Nurses3167
Documentary Film Crew31911
Doers & Seers2105
Dog Lovers293
Donators Of The Statue Of Liberty6288
Doo-Wop Group2116
Dorm Residents2134
Dormitory Roommates2189
Doting Parent2126
Down-To-Earth Dubliners22011
Draft Board2105
Drama Club295
Dreamers & Doers2138
Drilling Crew2128
Drink Vendor2115
Drink Vendors2125
Drum And Bugle Corps4174
Drummers & Guitar Players3218
Duke & Duchess2114
Duos & Trios294
Dynamic Leaders2147
Eager Hopefuls2135
Eager Participants2175
Early Adopters2135
Early Arrivals2135
Early Cavemen2125
Early Civilizations2185
Early Explorers2145
Early Humans2115
Early Pioneers2135
Early Risers2115
Early Settlers2135
Eastern Shoeshone Tribe3217
Eastern Shoshone Tribe3207
Eccentric Characters2199
Eclectic Community2178
Editorial Staff2149
Educated Adults2148
Educated Young Women3188
Egyptian Pharaohs2168
Elder Statesmen2145
Elected Judges2137
Elected Magistrates2187
Elected Mayor2127
Elected Officials2167
Elected Sheriff2147
Electoral College2169
Eligible Bachelors2178
Eligible Contestant2188
Eligible Contestants2198
Eligible Young Men3168
Elite Of Society3145
Emergency Staff2149
Emerging Artists2158
Eminent Artists2147
Emmy-Nominated Actors21913
Empty Nesters2125
Energetic Contestants2209
Energetic Folks2149
Energetic Mets Fans3179
Energetic Millennials2209
Energetic Soccer Fans3199
Energetic Sports Fans3199
English Actors2137
Entertaining Mimes21712
Entertaining Street Performers32812
Enthusiastic Fans21612
Enthusiastic Learner21912
Enthusiastic Players21912
Enthusiastic Soccer Fans32212
Enthusiastic Staff21712
Enthusiastic Teacher21912
Enthusiastic Teachers22012
Epic Explorers2134
Equestrian Team21410
Escape Artist2126
Escape Artists2136
Espn Anchors2114
Esteemed Chefs2138
Esteemed Merchants2178
Etruscan Kings2138
European Colonists2178
European Leaders2158
European Royalty2158
Everyday Heroes2148
Excellent Orators2169
Excited & Proud New Grandparents4277
Excited Audience2157
Excited Basketball Fan3207
Excited Basketball Fans3217
Excited Concertgoers2197
Excited Folks2127
Excited Newlyweds2167
Excited Tourist2147
Excited Tourists2157
Exclusive Shop2139
Expansion Team2139
Expectant Mothers2169
Experienced Cyclists21911
Experienced Divers21711
Experienced Drivers21811
Experienced Mountain Bikers32511
Experienced Surfers21811
Expert Appraisers2166
Expert Climbers2146
Expert Hiker2116
Expert Hikers2126
Experts In The Industry4207
Extended Family2148
Extraordinary Mariners22113
Exuberant Crowd2149
Fabulous Dance Instructor3238
Fabulous Storytellers2208
Facebook Friends2158
Fact-Finding Committee22011
Factory Workers2147
Faculty & Staff2127
Fairy-Tale Princess2179
Faithful Gym-Goers2168
Family Ancestors2156
Family Bluegrass Band3196
Family Members2136
Family Of Acrobats3166
Family Physician2156
Famous Artists2136
Famous Celebrities2176
Famous Chemists2146
Famous Chess Champions3206
Famous Duets2116
Famous Fashion Designers3226
Famous Fashion Icons3186
Famous Figures2136
Famous Football Players3216
Famous Inventors2156
Famous Magicians2156
Famous Outlaws2136
Famous People Who Share My Birthday6306
Famous Women2116
Famous Writer2126
Fan Club273
Fanatical Fans2139
Fans Cheering In The Stands5234
Fans In The Stands4154
Fans Of The Show4134
Fantasy Football League3217
Farm Hands294
Farmers & Fishmongers2187
Fashion Critic2137
Fashion Insiders2157
Fashionable People21711
Fashion-Industry Insider22215
Fast Friends2114
Fast- Talking Salesman3194
Fast Walkers2114
Father Figure2126
Fathers & Daughters2167
Fathers & Sons2117
Favorite Cousin2148
Favorite Cousins2158
Favorite Son2118
Favorite Teacher2158
Favorite Writer2148
Federal Investigators2207
Federal Officer2147
Federal Officers2157
Fellow Artists2136
Fellow Band Members3176
Fellow Classmates2166
Fellow Teammates2156
Fellow Travelers2156
Fellow Yogis2116
Female Band Members3176
Female Coworkers2156
Ferrari Formula One Drivers4247
Fierce Warriors2146
Fife & Drum Corps3134
Figure Skaters2136
Figure-Skating Champions22213
Film Fans284
Film Lovers2104
Fine Folks294
First Baseman2125
First Cousins2125
First-Round Selections In The Nfl Draft63310
First-Time Homebuyers2199
First-Time Visitors2179
Fishing Buddies2147
Fishing Enthusiasts2187
Fit Man & Woman3113
Fit Men & Women3113
Fitness Expert2137
Fitting Opponent2157
Five-Star Generals2168
Flamenco Dancer2148
Flapper Women2127
Flash Mobs295
Flemish Community2167
Flight Crew2106
Flight-Test Squadron21810
Flirty Friends2136
Floral Designers2156
Flower Children2146
Flower Girl & Ring Bearer4206
Focus Group2105
Folk Dancers2114
Folk Heroes2104
Food Bloggers2124
Food Enthusiasts2154
Food Expert Padma Lakshmi4224
Food Experts2114
Food Vendors2114
Foodie Friends2136
Foot Doctor2104
Football Fans2128
Football Jock2128
Football League2148
Football Legends2158
Football Players & Cheerleaders3278
Football Rivalries2178
Football Team2128
Foreign Allies2137
Foreign Dignitaries2187
Foreign Diplomats2167
Foreign Investors2167
Foreign Leaders2147
Foreign Press2127
Former Ceos2106
Former Chiefs Of Staff4196
Former Child Stars3166
Former Employees2156
Former First Ladies3176
Former U.S. Presidents3186
Fortune Hunters2147
Foster Parents2136
Founding Fathers2158
Franciscan Monks21510
Fraternal Twins2149
Fraternity Brothers21810
Freedom Riders2137
French Candymakers2176
French Journalists2176
French Millionaires2186
French Speakers2146
Frequent Customers2178
Fresh Faces2105
Freshmen & Sophomores2188
Freshmen And Sophomores3218
Friendly Amazonians2188
Friendly Arizonans2178
Friendly Aussie2148
Friendly Aussies2158
Friendly Bartenders2188
Friendly Bet Takers3178
Friendly Campmates2178
Friendly Coworkers2178
Friendly Families2168
Friendly Family2148
Friendly Flight Crew3188
Friendly Florists2168
Friendly Houseguests2198
Friendly Multilingual Staff3258
Friendly Neighbors2178
Friendly Oregonians2188
Friendly Parisians2178
Friendly Park Staff3178
Friendly Ranger Staff3198
Friendly Roommates2178
Friendly Sales Associates3238
Friendly Shopkeepers2198
Friendly Staff2138
Friendly Texans2148
Friendly Trained Tour Guides4258
Friendly Walking Vendors3228
Friendly Welcoming Staff3228
Friends & Acquaintances2207
Friends & Associates2177
Friends & Companions2177
Friends & Family2137
Friends & Foes2117
Friends & Neighbors2167
Friends & Relatives2167
Friends & Sidekicks2167
Friends And Companions3207
Friends And Family3167
Friends And Sidekicks3197
Friends In High Places4197
Friends Of The Bride4177
Frolicking Kids21410
From The Halls Of Montezuma5234
Full Crowd294
Fullback & Halfback2168
Full-Grown Children2179
Full-Time Employees2178
Fun Crew273
Fun Network Of Friends4193
Fun Party Guests3143
Funny Character Actresses3235
Funny Clowns2115
Funny Comedians2145
Funny Contestants2165
Future Business Leaders3216
Future Generations2176
Futuristic Entrepreneurs22310
Futuristic Thinkers21810
Game Officials2134
Game Show Audience3164
Game Show Contestants3194
Game-Show Contestants2198
Gaming Community2156
Garage Band2106
Garage Bands2116
Garlic Wings2116
Geek Girls294
Geeks & Nerds2105
Geminis & Leos2117
General Public2137
Generation X21110
Generous Friends2158
Geraldo & Chita Rivera3187
German Oompah Band3166
Giggling Children2168
Giggling Girlfriends2198
Girl Scouts2104
Glamor Girls2116
Glamorous Showgirls2189
Glamour Girls2127
Glass Blowers Of Murano4205
Glass-Blowers Of Murano32012
Glee Club284
Glittering Costumes21810
Globe Trekkers2135
Globetrotting Couple21913
Godfather & Godmother2189
Gold Prospectors2154
Gold Silver And Bronze Medalists5284
Gold-Medal Champions2189
Gold-Medal Olympians2189
Gold-Metal Champions2189
Golf Foursome2124
Golf Partners2124
Golf Pro274
Golf Pros284
Golfing Legend2137
Good Buddies2114
Good Carpenters2144
Good Clean Fun3124
Good Cooks294
Good Friend2104
Good Friends2114
Good Gift Givers3144
Good Gift-Givers2144
Good Guitarist2134
Good Parents2114
Good Students2124
Good Workers2114
Good-Looking Couple21711
Good-Time Charlie2158
Goodwill Ambassador2188
Governing Body2139
Government Officials21910
Graceful Dancers2158
Gracious Staff2138
Graduate Students2168
Graduating Class21510
Graffiti Artist2148
Grammy Award Nominees3196
Grammy Award Presenters3216
Grammy- Winning Singers3206
Grammy Winning Songwriters3246
Grammy-Winning Singers22013
Grammy-Winning Songwriter22313
Grammy-Winning Songwriters22413
Grand Jury295
Grand Prize Winners3175
Grandma & Grandpa2147
Grandmother & Grandfather22211
Grandmother Mother & Daughter32511
Grandmothers & Grandfathers22412
Grandparents & Grandchildren22512
Grand-Prize Winners21710
Grape- Growers2125
Great American Citizens3215
Great American Leaders3205
Great Athletes2135
Great Authors2125
Great Crew295
Great Customers2145
Great Friends2125
Great Friends & Teammates3215
Great Grandparent2165
Great Orators2125
Great Patriots2135
Great Poets2105
Great Team295
Great-Great Grandparents22210
Greek Dancers2125
Greek Philosophers2175
Greek Roman Catholic3185
Greek Roman Catholics3195
Greeks & Romans2126
Green Berets2115
Ground Crew2106
Group Of Children3155
Group Of Reporters3165
Growing Boy2107
Grown-Ups & Children2168
Grumpy Old Man3126
Grunge Band2106
Grunge Rockers2136
Guards & Tackles2136
Guest Relations2145
Guided Tour Group3156
Gym Goers283
Gym Members2103
Gymnastics Team21410
Hall Of Famers3124
Han Dynasty2103
Handpicked Participants22210
Handsome Couple2148
Handsome Dude2128
Handsome Leading Men3188
Handsome Strangers2178
Handsome Waiters2158
Hang Gliders2114
Happily Married Couple3207
Happy Babies2115
Happy Campers2125
Happy Child2105
Happy Crowd2105
Happy Family2115
Happy Folks2105
Happy Hipsters2135
Happy Homemakers2155
Happy Kids295
Happy Owners2115
Happy Participants2175
Hard Workers2114
Hard-Working Individuals22211
Hardworking Men & Women31911
Hardworking Staff21611
Harmonica Players2169
Harmonius Group2149
Harshest Critic2148
Having A Picnic At Hanlan's Point Beach7326
Head Of The Class4144
Health Expert2126
Health Inspectors2166
Heavily Guarded Vault3197
Heavyweights & Lightweights22412
Heisman Trophy Winner3197
Helpful Locals2137
Helpful Sales Staff3177
Herbal Perfume2136
Heritage Dance Troupe3198
Heroes & Heroines2146
Heroic Firemen2136
High Achievers2134
High Fliers2104
High Jumper2104
High Rollers2114
High School Choir3154
High School Debate Team4204
High School Football Team4224
High School Seniors3174
High- School Sweethearts3214
High-End Travelers2167
Higher Court2116
Highest-Paid Actors21711
Highest-Paid Actresses22011
Highest-Paid Athletes21911
Highest-Paid Child Stars32111
High-Profile Celebrity Couple32611
High-School Cheerleaders22210
Highschool Football Team32210
High-School Sweethearts22110
Hikers & Picnickers2166
Hilarious Stand-Up Comedians3259
Hip Crowd283
Hipster Set2107
Hired Help295
Historical Society21710
Hockey Fans2106
Hockey Legend2126
Hockey Player2126
Holiday Guests2137
Holiday Houseguests2187
Holiday Shoppers2157
Holiday Staff2127
Hollywood Film Awards3199
Hollywood Legends2169
Hollywood Royalty2169
Hollywood Scream Queens3219
Home Gardeners2134
Home Of Many Great Olympians5244
Home Owners2104
Home Run All-Time Leaders4214
Home Viewers2114
Homecoming Court21510
Homecoming King & Queen31910
Homecoming King And Queen42210
Homecoming Queen & King31910
Homegrown Talent2159
Honking Horn2117
Honor Guard2105
Honor Society2125
Honor Students2135
Honorable Judge2149
Honorary Board Members3208
Honorary Chairman2168
Honorary Directors2178
Honored Guests2137
Honored Soldiers2157
Honored Solider2147
Hoop-Jumpers & Jugglers21911
Horn Section2114
Horror Fanatics2146
Hospital Emergency Staff3228
Hospital Staff2138
Hospitality Workers21811
Host & Hostess2114
Host And Hostess3144
Hotel Guests2115
House Drummer2125
House Of Notables3155
Housekeeping Staff21712
Huge Crowd294
Hula Dancer2104
Human Beings2115
Human Pyramid2125
Human Race295
Humorous Storyteller2198
Hung Jury284
Hungry Crowd2116
Hungry Customers2156
Hungry Family2126
Hunters & Fishermen2167
Husband & Wife2117
Husband And Wife3147
Ice Skaters2103
Ice-Cream Truck Vendors3208
Ice-Dancing Champions21910
Iconic Fashion Photographers3266
Identical Twins2149
Imaginary Enemies2169
Imaginative Minds21611
Immediate Family2159
Important Clients2169
Impressive Fiddlers21810
Improv Actors2126
Incredible Athlete21710
Independent Contractor22111
Indie Rock Band3135
Indigenous Caribbeans22010
Inductees Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame9379
Industry Leaders2158
Industry Panel2138
Industry Professionals2218
Infants & Toddlers2157
Infielders & Outfielders22110
Influential Leaders21811
Influential Mentors21811
Influential Physicians22111
Informed Consumers2178
Inner Circle2115
Insatiable Explorers21910
Inspirational Real-Life Heroes32713
Inspiring Artists2169
Inspiring Inventors2189
Inspiring Speakers2179
Inspiring Writers2169
Insured Motorists2167
Intelligence Community22112
Intelligence Officer21912
Intelligence Officers22012
Interested Sightseers22010
International Crew21713
International Models21913
International Students22113
International Visitors22113
Internet Service Providers3248
In-The-Know Concierge2189
Intrepid Explorers2178
Introverts & Extroverts22010
Introverts And Extroverts32310
Inventors & Scientists2199
Inventors Of Democracy3209
Inventory Crew2139
Irish Dancers2125
Irish Soccer League3175
Irreverent Street Bands32110
Irritated Hecklers2179
Irritating Hecklers21810
Italian Immigrants2177
Jam-Packed Crowd2149
Jazz Band284
Jazz Ensemble2124
Jazz Greats2104
Jazz Musicians2134
Jazz Quartet2114
Jewelry & Handbag Designer3227
Job Applicants2133
Jodie Foster2115
Joggers In Griffith Park4217
Joint Chiefs Of Staff4185
Jovial Clubgoers2156
Jovial Patrons2136
Judge & Jury295
Judge And Bailiff3155
Judge And Jury3125
Jugglers & Unicyclists2198
Jugglers And Clowns3178
Juggling Clown2138
Jumping Acrobats2157
Junior Daredevils2166
Junior Varsity Football Team4256
Junior Varsity Squad3186
Juniors And Seniors3177
Jury Panel294
Jury Pool284
Justice Department Attorneys3267
Kabuki Theater Troupe3196
Kids Of All Ages4134
Kind Father2104
Kind Nature2104
Kindred Hippie Spirits3207
Kindred Spirits2147
King Of The Gods4134
King Queens & Knights3174
Kings & Queens2115
Kings And Dukes3135
Kings And Queens3145
Kings Queens & Knights3185
Kings, Queens & Knights3186
Kissing Cousins2147
Knowledgeable Adversaries22413
Knowledgeable Advisers22113
Knowledgeable Individual22313
Knowledgeable Individuals22413
Kremlin Ballet2137
Laborers & Merchants2178
Ladies & Gentlemen2156
Ladies And Gentlemen3186
Landlord & Tenant2148
Landscape Artists2169
Large Church Congregations3245
Large Family2115
Large Number Of Voters4195
Large Numbers Of Voters4205
Las Vegas Showgirls3173
Last-Minute Arrivals21810
Last-Minute Guests21610
Late Bloomer2114
Late Bloomers2124
Latin Kings2105
Laughing Crowds2148
Lavender Growers2158
Law Students2113
Layers Of Bread Soaked In Milk With Raisins8366
Lead Vocals2104
Leaders & Followers2167
Leading Expert2137
Leading Trailblazers2197
Left & Right Fielders3174
Legal Counsel2125
Legal Guardians2145
Legendary Actors2159
Legendary Artists2169
Legendary Broadcasters2219
Legendary Frontiersmen2219
Legendary Hollywood Icons3239
Legendary Jazz Musicians3229
Legendary Lead Singers3209
Legendary Leaders2169
Legendary Musicians2189
Legendary Performers2199
Legendary Players2169
Legislative Branch21711
Leisure Travelers2167
Lenape Tribe2116
Leos & Geminis2114
Leos & Virgos2104
Lesser Known Performers3216
Lesser-Known Performers22111
Levelheaded Friend21711
Liberal Democrats2167
Libra & Virgos2115
Librans & Aries2127
Libras & Virgos2126
Licensed Pilots2148
Lifelong Fans2128
Lifelong Friends2158
Lifelong Viewers2158
Line Dancers2114
Linebackers & Halfbacks22011
Lion-Dance Troupe2159
Little Baby2106
Little Buddy2116
Little Kids2106
Little League2126
Little Tikes2116
Live Band284
Live Studio Audience3184
Lively Calypso Band3176
Lively Musical Acts3176
Lively Personalities2196
Living Legends2136
Lobbying Firms2138
Local Artist2115
Local Artists2125
Local Chocolatiers2175
Local Community2145
Local Craftsmen2145
Local Customers2145
Local Experts2125
Local Family Members3185
Local Farmers2125
Local Fishermen2145
Local Guides2115
Local League2115
Local Mechanic2135
Local News Anchors3165
Local Radio Celebrities3215
Local Radio Listeners3195
Local Residents2145
Local Sponsers2135
Local Staff2105
Locals & Tourists2146
Longtime Customers2178
Longtime Enthusiasts2198
Longtime Pals2128
Longtime Subscribers2198
Lords & Serfs2105
Loud And Obnoxious Neighbors4254
Loud Snorers2114
Loved Ones295
Lovely Bride2116
Lovely Child2116
Lovely Couple2126
Lovely Girls2116
Lovely Woman2116
Loving Family2126
Loving Grandparents2186
Loving Mother & Father3186
Loyal Army295
Loyal Baseball Fans3175
Loyal Clientele2145
Loyal Customer2135
Loyal Customers2145
Loyal Employees2145
Loyal Fans295
Loyal Followers2145
Loyal Friends2125
Loyal Radio Listeners3195
Loyal Subjects2135
Loyal Viewers2125
Lyricists & Composers2189
Magazine Readers2158
Main Antagonist2144
Main Squeeze2114
Make-A-Wish Donors2159
Makeup Artist2126
Male Friend2104
Males & Females2125
Mama & Papa284
Managers & Directors2178
Many Local Authors3164
Marching Band2128
Mariachi Band2128
Marine Band2106
Mark Harmon2104
Mark Wahlberg2124
Marketing Department2199
Married Couple2137
Married Couples2147
Married Men2107
Maternal Grandparents2208
Math Geeks294
Matrons Of Honor3147
Mature Adults2126
Mature Audiences2156
Mature Women2116
Mediator & Motivator2178
Megabucks Millionaires2219
Melt-In-Your-Mouth Chocolates22515
Members Of Congress3177
Members Of Society3167
Members Of The All-Star Team5237
Members Of The Family4187
Members Of The Wheel Watchers Club6297
Memorable Character Actors3249
Memorable Characters2199
Memorable Contestants2209
Memorable Philosophers2219
Men And Women3113
Men Women & Children3163
Men's A Capella Chorus4184
Men's A Cappella Chorus4194
Mentors & Friends2147
Merchant Marines2158
Merchant Sailors2158
Merry Caroler2125
Merry Carolers2135
Metropolitan Hotel21712
Michelin Starred Chef3198
Michelin-Starred Chefs22015
Military Leaders2158
Military Personnel2178
Millionaires & Billionaires22412
Millions Of Americans3198
Millions Of Die-Hard Fans4218
Millions Of People Per Year5238
Millions Of Twitter Followers4268
Millions Of Visitors Per Year5258
Miners & Prospectors2176
Miners And Cowboys3166
Minor League Players3185
Mobile Army Unit3146
Mom & Dad263
Mom & Pop263
Mommy & Daddy2105
Moms & Dads284
Moms And Dads3114
Moral Majority2135
Morning News Show Hosts4207
Moscow State Philharmonic Orchestra4326
Most-Popular Guy In Class42111
Most-Trusted Advisors21911
Mother & Father2126
Mother & Son296
Mother Father Sister & Brother4256
Mothers & Daughters2167
Mothers & Fathers2147
Mothers & Sons2117
Mothers And Fathers3177
Motivated Staff2149
Motivational Speaker21912
Motivational Speakers22012
Mountain Bikers2148
Mountain Climbers2168
Mountain Men2118
Mountaineers & Climbers22012
Movers And Shakers3166
Movie & Film Geeks3145
Movie Madness2125
Movie Producers2145
Moving Men296
Mud Wrestlers2123
Multicultural Society22013
Multiple Emmy Winners3198
Multiple Lottery Winners3228
Multiple-Emmy Winners21912
Music Lovers2115
Musical Acts2117
Musical Geniuses2157
Mutual Friends2136
My Ancestors2112
My Best Friend3122
My Boyfriend2112
My Family282
My Favorite Baseball Team4222
My Favorite Nba Team4172
My Favorite Sports Team4202
My Fellow Vacationers3192
My Stylish Dad3122
Mystery Writers2147
Mystics & Fortunetellers2217
Mystics Fortunetellers2217
National Board Member3198
National Board Members3208
National Booksellers2198
National Champions2178
National Committee2178
National Heroes2148
Native American Artists3216
Native Americans2156
Native Indians2136
Native Islanders2156
Native New Yorker3156
Native New Yorkers3166
Native Russians2146
Natural Blondes2147
Natural Redheads2157
Nature Aficionados2176
Nature Lovers2126
Navy Reserve2114
Navy Seals294
Nearby Residents2156
Neighborhood Babysitter22212
Nerdy Girls2105
Nerdy Hipsters2135
Network Of Friends3167
New Administration2173
New Employees2123
New Fathers2103
New Friends2103
New Homebuyers2133
New Homeowner2123
New Homeowners2133
New Members2103
New Neighbors2123
New Patients2113
New Recruits2113
New Sitcom Stars3143
New Students2113
New Tenants2103
New Yorkers2103
Newborn Babies2137
Newly Married Couple3185
Newly Sworn In Senators4205
Newly Sworn-In Senators3205
Newlywed Couple2148
News Crew284
News Crews294
News Pundit2104
Nfl Draft Picks3133
Nieces & Nephews2136
Nieces And Nephews3166
Night Owls295
Nine Supreme Court Justices4244
Nobel Prize Nominees3185
Nobel Prize Recipients3205
Noble Families2135
Noble Spectators2155
Non-Comissioned Officers22214
Nonprofit Group2149
Normal Crowd2116
Nosy Neighbors2134
Notable Authors2147
Noted Author2115
Notre Dame Fighting Irish4225
Notre Dames Fighting Irish4235
Nurses & Doctors2136
Offensive & Defensive Players3259
Offensive Line2139
Offensive Lineman2169
Official Fan Club3158
Official Sponsor2158
Officials Calling A Penalty4249
Old Chums283
Old Friends2103
Old High School Friends4203
Old High-School Friends3203
Old Roommates2123
Older Siblings2135
Olive Oil Producers3175
Olive-Oil Producers2178
Olympic Athletes2157
Olympic Fencer2137
Olympic Gold Medalists3207
Olympic Gymnasts2157
Olympic Medal Winners3197
Olympic Medalists2167
Olympic Sprinters2167
Olympic Wrestlers2167
One Big Happy Family4173
One-Term U.S. Presidents3197
Online Publishing Group3216
Online Purchasing Group3216
Opera Singers2125
Opposing Team2128
Optimists & Pessimists2199
Orchestra's Percussion Section32710
Organic Chemists2157
Organic Farmers2147
Organic-Minded Shoppers22113
Original Broadway Cast3208
Orthodox Jews2128
Oscar Nominees2135
Oscar Winners2125
Our Country's Forefathers3223
Outdoor Enthusiasts2187
Outfielders & Infielders22111
Out-Of-State Visitors21810
Out-Of-Town Guests2159
Out-Of-Town Visitors2179
Overbearing Mother21711
Overseas Visitors2168
Oyster Farmers2136
Pacific Islanders2167
Pagan Cults2105
Palace Guards2126
Panel Of Experts3145
Panel Of Judges3135
Paranormal Investigation Team32710
Parental Figure2148
Parents & Kids2117
Parents & Teachers2157
Parents And Toddlers3187
Park Hoppers2114
Park Patrons2114
Participating Merchants22213
Participating Retailers22213
Partners For Life3158
Partners In Crime3158
Passionate Fan Base31710
Past Presidents2144
Past Presidents Of The United States'6314
Pasta Lovers2115
Paternal Grandparents2208
Patriotic Citizens2179
Patrons Of The Arts4167
Paying Customers2156
Payroll Department2177
Peaceful Community2178
Peanut Gallery2136
Peer Group294
Pennsylvania Dutch21712
Penny Pincher2125
Pep Squad283
Percussion Ensemble21810
Perfect Couple2137
Performance Artists21811
Performance Troupe21711
Performing Artists21710
Person Hockey Legend3186
Personal Advisers2168
Personal Advisors2168
Personal Entourage2178
Persuasive Individuals22110
Pessimists And Optimists32210
Pet Lovers293
Pet Owners293
Pet Parents2103
Philharmonic Orchestra22112
Philosopher Kings21611
Photogenic Folks21510
Piano Player2115
Picky Eaters2115
Pilgrims & Indians2158
Pillars Of Society3167
Pinch Hitters & Pinch Runners4245
Pioneer Family2137
Pioneer Women2127
Pioneers & Artists2158
Pioneers Of Fashion3178
Pit Crew273
Pitcher & Catcher2147
Pitcher & Umpire2137
Pitchers & Catchers2168
Plainclothes Officers22012
Plaintiff & Defendant2189
Planetary Scientist2189
Planetary Scientists2199
Plant Lovers2115
Platoon Leader2137
Players Of The Week4167
Playful Children2157
Playful Performers2177
Playing Children2157
Poet & Writer2104
Point Guard John Wall4185
Point Guards & Power Forwards4245
Poker Buddies2125
Police Escort2126
Police Squad2116
Polite Children2146
Political Consultants2209
Political Pundits2169
Political Staffers2179
Political Theorists2189
Polka Band295
Pool Of Workers3134
Pop Music's Biggest Stars4213
Pop-Music Superstar2178
Pop-Music Superstars2188
Pop-Music's Biggest Stars3219
Popular New Artists3177
Popular Performances2197
Popular Performers2177
Popular Tv Hosts3147
Potential Buyers2159
Power Brokers2125
Power Plant Employees3195
Powerful Barons2148
Powerful Families2168
Power-Plant Employees21910
Practical Joker2149
Practical Jokers2159
Preferred Customers2189
Prehistoric Ancestors22011
Prehistoric Men & Women31911
Preppy Fashion2136
Preservation Committee22112
President & First Lady3189
Presidential Cabinet21912
Presidential Hopeful21912
Presidential Hopefuls22012
Principled Voters21610
Private Donors2137
Private Investors2167
Privileged Class21510
Pro Bowl Candidates3173
Pro Golfer293
Production Crew21410
Professional Analysts22012
Professional Baseball Players32712
Professional Caregivers22212
Professional Circus Performers32812
Professional Community22112
Professional Dancers21912
Professional Dog Walkers32212
Professional Football Club32412
Professional Golfers21912
Professional Movers21812
Professional Photographers22512
Professional Singers21912
Professional Skiers21812
Professional Soccer Players32512
Professional Storytellers22412
Professional Surfers21912
Professional Tennis Players32512
Prominent Collectors2199
Prominent Intellectuals2229
Protective Mother21610
Proud Family2115
Proud Fathers2125
Proud Grandparents2175
Proud Parents2125
Pushcart Vendor2148
Qualified Applicants2199
Qualifying Members21710
Quarterbacks & Offensive Lineman32812
Quarterbacks & Offensive Linemen32812
Quarterbacks & Wide Receivers32512
Quick-Draw Artist2159
Quick-Draw Artists2169
Quirky Classmates2166
Racing Fans2106
Radicals & Beatnicks2178
Radicals & Beatniks2168
Radio City Rockettes3185
Radio Show Callers3165
Railroad Workers2158
Ranch Hands Rustling Up A Tasty Dinner7325
Ranchers & Farmers2158
Ranchers & Trappers2168
Ranchers & Wranglers2178
Random Participants2186
Rap Group283
Rat Pack273
Real Estate Investors3194
Reality- Tv Stars3147
Reality-Tv Stars2149
Reckless Drivers2158
Record Label2116
Recording Artist2159
Recording Artists2169
Recreational Swimmers22012
Red-Blooded Americans21910
Referees & Umpires2158
Refreshments Committee22112
Registered Voters21610
Regular Attendees2167
Regular Customers2167
Regular Moviegoers2177
Regular Players2147
Regular Subscribers2187
Reigning World Champions3228
Reindeer Herders2158
Reliable Employees2178
Reliable Eyewitnesses2208
Reliable Witnesses2178
Remodeling Experts21710
Renowned Chefs2138
Renowned Opera Singers3208
Repeat Customers2156
Repeat Patients2146
Republicans And Democrats32311
Republicans Democrats & Independents33211
Rescue Divers2126
Respected Authors2169
Respected Elders2159
Respected Journalists2209
Respected Leaders2169
Respected Poets2149
Respected Scholars2179
Respected Scientists2199
Respected Town Elders3199
Responsible Young Adults32211
Restaurant Patrons21710
Restless Commuters2178
Retired Athletes2157
Retired Employees2167
Retired Judges2137
Retired Military Personnel3247
Retired Police Officers3217
Retired Teachers2157
Rhythm Section2136
Rich Farmland2124
Richest Celebrities2187
Right Fielder2125
Right-Wing Candidates2199
Ring Bearer2104
Riot Police2104
Rising New Stars3146
Risk Takers2104
Rival Teams2105
Robb Stark294
Robert De Niro And Al Pacino6236
Rock Around The Clock4184
Rock Band284
Rock Driller2114
Rock Drummer2114
Roller Coaster Enthusiasts3246
Roman Emperor2125
Roman Gladiators2155
Romantic Couple2148
Rooting Section2147
Rowdy Crowd2105
Rowdy Football Fans3175
Royal Palace Guard3165
Royal Socialites2155
Royals & Celebrities2176
Rude Hecklers2124
Rugby Football Club3175
Rugby Players2125
Rugby Team295
Rugby Union Club3145
Rugged Cowboys2136
Rulers Of The Kingdom4186
Ruling Class2116
Runners & Fitness Walkers3217
Runners- Up297
Runway Models2126
Rural Villagers2145
Rush Takers2104
Russian Chefs2127
Sabine Kings2116
Safari Enthusiasts2176
Sagittarians & Capricorns22212
Sailing Club2117
Sailors & Seafaring Folks3217
Sailors And Seafaring Folks4247
Sailors In The Navy4167
Sailors On A Weekend Leave5227
Saints & Sinners2136
Salaried Employees2178
Sales Team295
Santa's Helpers2136
Sassy Children2135
Satisfied Customers2189
Savvy Buyers2115
Savvy Consumers2145
Savvy Financiers2155
Savvy Travelers2145
Savvy Visitors2135
Scary Clowns2115
Scholarship Recipients22111
School Board2116
Science Fiction Fans3187
Science Fiction Writers3217
Science Geeks2127
Science-Fiction Fans21814
Scientific Pioneers21810
Scientific World21510
Screaming Children2179
Screaming Fans2139
Screen Legends2136
Scuba Divers & Snorkelers3215
Search Party2116
Search-And-Rescue Team21915
Season Ticket Holders3196
Seasoned Professionals2218
Seasoned Prosecutor2188
Seasoned Stitchers2178
Seasoned Travelers2178
Season-Pass Holder21610
Season-Pass Holders21710
Second Baseman2136
Second Continental Congress3256
Second Cousins2136
Second Cousins Once Removed4246
Secret Service2136
Self-Help Group2138
Self-Made Men2118
Self-Sufficient Rancher22114
Self-Taught Artists21710
Senate Committee2156
Senate Subcommittee2186
Senators & Congressmen2198
Senior Officials2156
Senior Staff Member3176
Seniors Menu2117
Sequestered Jury21511
Server & Receiver2146
Set The Record Straight4203
Shakespearean Actors21913
Ship's Captain2125
Shipyard Workers2158
Show Business Family3184
Shrewd Investors2156
Sideshow Performers2188
Sidewalk Vendors2158
Significant Others21711
Silent Majority2146
Singer And Songwriter3196
Singing Cowboys2147
Single Opponent2146
Single-Parent Family21812
Sisters & Brothers2157
Ski Patrol293
Skier & Snowboarders2175
Skiers & Snowboarders2186
Skilled Craftsmen2167
Skilled Technicians2187
Skipper & First Mate3167
Sloppy Eaters2126
Small Business Owners3195
Small Circle Of Friends4205
Small Kid285
Small Kids295
Small-Business Experts22013
Small-Town Mayor2149
Smart Folks2105
Smart Kids295
Smart Students2135
Smart Travelers2145
Smiling Children2157
Smiling Cowgirls2157
Snooki & The Situation3186
Snorkelers And Scuba Divers42410
Snow Bunnies2114
Snow Bunnies & Sun Seekers4214
Snow Patrol2104
Snow-Rugby Players2169
Soccer Clubs2116
Soccer Fans2106
Soccer League2126
Soccer Players2136
Soccer Stars2116
Soccer Superstar2156
Soccer Team2106
Social Climbers2146
Social Golfer2126
Social Historians2166
Sock Knitters2124
Softball League2148
Softball Team2128
Soft-Spoken Leader21610
Soldier & Sailor2137
Soldiers & Sailors2158
Soldiers In Uniform3178
Some Of The Best Chefs In The World8284
Someone With A Good Heart5217
Sons & Daughters2134
Soothsayers & Mind Readers32211
Sophisticated Scholars22113
Sophisticated Shoppers22113
Sorority Sisters2158
South Of France3135
Souvenir Sellers2158
Soybean Farmer2137
Spa Members2103
Special Interest Group3207
Special Operatives2177
Speed Skaters2125
Spending The Night At A Bed And Breakfast8348
Spin Doctor2104
Spirited Bunch2138
Spirited Individuals2198
Spoiled Children2157
Spoiled-Rotten Children22113
Spoken-Word Slammers21810
Sports Fanatics2146
Sports Junkies2136
Square Dancers2136
Staff & Faculty2125
Staff Writers2125
Stagecoach Passengers22010
Standing-Room-Only Crowd22116
Standing-Room-Only Crowds22216
Star Wars Fans3124
Starry-Eyed Lovers21610
Stars & Starlets2135
Star-Studded Cast21511
Starting Lineup2148
State Champions2145
Staunch Democrats2167
Staunch Republicans2187
Stay-At-Home Dads21410
Stay-At-Home Moms21410
Stellar Supporting Cast3217
Stock-Car Driver2148
Stoppers & Wingers2158
Store Employees2145
Storm Chasers2125
Straight Shooters2168
Street Acrobats2146
Street Artists2136
Street Merchants2156
Street Musicians2156
Street Performers2166
Street Vendors2136
Strict Parents2136
Strike Team2106
Strikers & Forwards2168
String Quartet2136
Strolling Mariachi Band3219
Strong Local Communities3226
Strong Weightlifters2196
Student Activities Committee3267
Student Body2117
Student Government2177
Student Population2177
Student Tutors2137
Studio Audience2146
Studio Musicians2156
Study Group2105
Stunning Acrobats2168
Stunt Double2115
Style Hounds2115
Stylish Women2127
Subway Passengers2166
Subway Riders2126
Successful Salsa Dancers32210
Successful Screenwriter22210
Suicide Squad2127
Summer Olympians2156
Summer Residents2156
Summer Tourists2146
Sumo Wrestlers2134
Sun Worshipers2133
Super Bowl Champions3185
Super Bowl Champs3155
Super Bowl Winning Teams4215
Supreme Court2127
Supreme Court Justices3207
Surf Lifeguards2144
Surfing Champ2127
Surveillance Team21612
Suspicious Character21910
Swanky Dresser2136
Swanky Dressers2146
Swat Team284
Sweepstakes Winners21811
Sweet Family2115
Swiss Guard2105
Switch Hitter2126
Symphony Orchestra2178
Synchronized Swimmers22012
Talented Acrobats2168
Talented Alchemists2188
Talented Baseball Players3238
Talented Cartoonist2188
Talented Guides & Outfitters3248
Talented Mixologist2188
Talented Musician2168
Talented New Discoveries3228
Talented Performers2188
Talented Players2158
Talented Street Musicians3238
Talented Swimmers2168
Talented Teacher2158
Talented Techie2148
Talented Young Artists3208
Talk-Show Hosts2138
Tall Basketball Players3214
Tall Cowboys2114
Target Audience2146
Task Force294
Taste Testers2125
Taurus & Leo296
Tauruses & Geminis2158
Tauruses And Geminis3188
Taurus's & Geminis2147
Teachers & Students2168
Teaching Staff2138
Team Members2114
Team Of Volunteers3164
Team Officials2134
Team Players2114
Team U.S.A274
Tech Investors2134
Tech Support2114
Technical Climbers2179
Technology Pioneers21810
Teen Driver2104
Teenage Boys2117
Teenage Girls2127
Teens & Tweens2115
Television Crew21410
Television Pioneers21810
Temporary Hires2149
Tennis Champions2156
Tenured Professors2177
The Achaeans2113
The Army273
The Best Football Players Of All Time7313
The Biggest Stars In Hollywood5263
The Brat Pack3113
The Captain & Crew3143
The Constitutional Council3243
The Emperor & Empress3173
The Entire Family Together Again5283
The Famed Boston Pops4183
The First Family3143
The Greatest Musicians Of All Time6293
The Greatest Singer Of All-Time5263
The Greatest Singers Of All Time6273
The Greatest Singers Of All-Time5273
The Happy Couple3143
The In-Crowd2103
The Investors Of Shark Tank5233
The Judges Of The Voice5193
The Judges Of The X Factor6213
The Judges On American Idol5233
The Judges On Dancing With The Stars7303
The Legendary Rockettes3213
The Man Of My Dreams5163
The Movers And The Shakers5223
The Muppets2103
The Myth Of Perseus & Medusa5223
The Original Cast Of Hair5213
The President & Congress3203
The Queen's Watermen3173
The Righteous Brothers3203
The Royal Family3143
The Russian Ballet3163
The Second City Improv Actors5253
The Supreme Court3153
The Swiss Parliament3183
The Townspeople Of Mayberry4243
The Wedding Party3153
The Whole Family3143
The Whole Gang3123
The Winning Team3143
The Woman Of My Dreams5183
The Younger Generation3203
Theatre Repertory Company3237
Third Cousins2125
Third-Place Winners21710
Thoughtful Children21810
Thousands Of Cheering Fans4239
Thousands Of Screaming Fans4249
Three Contestants2165
Three Two-Player Teams3195
Thrill Seekers2136
Thrilled Spectators2188
Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers2208
Toddlers & Teenagers2178
Tons Of Shoppers3144
Tons Of Tourists3144
Tony Award Winners3164
Top Athletes2113
Top Brass283
Top Chefs283
Top Executives2133
Top Management2133
Top Managers2113
Top Officials2123
Top Players2103
Top Winners2103
Top-Selling Country Music Artist42810
Total Strangers2145
Tots & Teens294
Tour Guides2104
Touring Rock Group3167
Town Council2114
Track-And-Field Star21713
Train Commuters2145
Trained Athletes2157
Trained Paramedics2177
Trained Professionals2207
Trained Soldier2147
Trained Technicians2187
Trapeze Artists2147
Travel Buddies2136
Travel Soccer Team3166
Travelers & Adventurers2209
Traveling Nomads2159
Traveling Puppet Group3209
Traveling South For The Winter Months6329
Treasure Hunters2158
Trendy Tastemakers2176
Tribal Groups2126
Tribal Warrior2136
Tuck Jumps294
Tween Girls2105
Twelve Jurors2126
Twin Babies2104
Twin Boys284
Twin Daughters2134
Twin Girls294
Twin Sisters2114
Twin Sons284
Twins & Triplets2135
Twins & Tweens2115
Two Peas In A Pod5133
Two-Term Presidents2177
U.S. Men's National Basketball Team5282
U.S. Olympic Hockey Team4192
U.S. Senators2102
U.S. Ski Team392
Ukulele Player2137
Ukulele Players2147
Undefeated Champions21910
Undercover Agents21610
Undercover Operatives22010
Unexpected Company21710
Unicycle Riders2148
Uninvited Guests2159
Union Executives2155
Union Members2125
Union Workers2125
United Citizens2146
United Nations2136
United States Cavalry3196
United States Senators3206
University Professor21910
University Students21810
Unlikely Bedfellows2188
Unlikely Friends2158
Unsung Heroes2126
Up-And Coming Musical Acts4225
Up-And-Coming Artists21811
Up-And-Coming Comics21711
Up-And-Coming Musical Acts32211
Up-And-Coming Standup Comedians32711
Urban Area295
Urban Explorers2145
Urban Foodies2125
Usual Suspects2135
Valued Customers2156
Various Artists2147
Varsity Basketball Team3217
Varsity Football Team3197
Varsity Squad2127
Varsity Team2117
Vehicle Occupants2167
Versatile Musician2179
Victorious Players21710
Video-Game Fans2139
Viking Explorers2156
Visiting Team2128
Visitors From All Over The World6278
Vocal Advocate2135
Vocal Artists2125
Vocal Duo285
Vocal Group2105
Voice-Over Actor2149
Volleyball Team21410
Volunteer Firefighters2219
Volunteer Firemen2169
Volunteer Note-Takers2199
Volunteer Servers2169
Volunteer Staff2149
Volunteer Workers2169
Voting Public2126
Wandering Minstrels2189
War Heroes293
Warm & Hospitable Locals3204
Warm Hearted Folks3164
Warm-Hearted Folks21611
Washington D.C. Insiders32010
Washington Lawmakers21910
Washington Lobbyists21910
Washroom Attendee2168
Washroom Attendees2178
Watchdog Organization2208
Water Taxi295
Wayne Brady2105
Wealthy Alumni2137
Wealthy Art Lovers3167
Wealthy Business Owners3217
Wealthy Donors2137
Wealthy Elite2127
Wealthy Family2137
Wealthy Friends2147
Wealthy Inhabitants2187
Wealthy Landowners2177
Wealthy Publisher2167
Wealthy Stockholders2197
Wedding Crashers2157
Wedding Party2127
Weekend Warriors2157
Welcoming Committee2189
Well Known Djs3124
Well-Behaved Children21911
Well-Coiffed Women21611
Well-Dressed Patrons21811
Well-Heeled Women21510
Well-Known Djs2129
Western Pioneers2157
Wheel Watchers Club3175
Whirling Dervish2158
White Glove Test3145
White House Staff3155
White House Staffers3185
White Sox Fans3125
White-Collar Workers21811
Whiz Kids284
Why Must I Be A Teenager In Love8253
Wide Receivers & Tight Ends4224
Wife And Kids3114
Willing Participants2197
Winners Circle2137
Winning A Gold Medal In The Olympics7307
Winning Singers2147
Winning Soccer Team3177
Winning Team2117
Winsome Team2117
Winter Athletes2146
Winter Olympians2156
Wise Folks294
Women Of The Wild West5185
Women Voters2115
Women's Softball Team3186
Women's Basketball Team3206
Women's Soccer Team3166
Wonder Woman2116
Woodwind Section2158
Wool Cap274
Woolly Mammoth Theater Company4276
Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company4276
Words The Orginal Cast Of Hair6255
Work Force294
Working Class Americans3217
Working Moms2117
Working Stiffs2137
Working-Class Americans22112
Workout Buddies2147
Workout Partners2157
World Class Performers3205
World Leaders2125
World Series Favorites3205
World's Best Djs3136
World's Leading Chefs3186
World-Class Athletes21810
World-Class Orchestra21910
World-Class Performers22010
World-Famous Art Collectors32411
World-Famous Dress Designer32411
World-Famous Inventors22011
Wrecking Crew2128
Writer & Producer2146
Writing Partners2157
Yacht Club295
Yale University Graduates3234
Yankees Fans2117
Yearbook Committee2178
Yoga Guru284
You And Me383
Young & Trendy Crowds3175
Young Adults2115
Young Athletes2135
Young Authors2125
Young Boxers2115
Young Comic2105
Young Couple2115
Young Couples2125
Young Debutantes2155
Young Deputy2115
Young Entrepreneurs2185
Young Farmers2125
Young Filmmakers2155
Young Folks2105
Young Generation2155
Young Hipsters2135
Young Hopefuls2135
Young Innovators2155
Young Kid285
Young Knights Fighting Piggyback4295
Young Ladies2115
Young Men285
Young Minds2105
Young Navy Pilots3155
Young Newly Married Couples4245
Young Photographers2185
Young Politicians2165
Young Readers2125
Young Senators2135
Young Single Women3165
Young Students2135
Young Voters2115
Younger Brother2147
Younger Cousins2147
Younger Generation2177
Younger Siblings2157
Youth Bowling League3185
Youth Group2105
Youth Of Today3125
Youth Troupe2115

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