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EventNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
A Big Family Gathering4191
A Big Night Out4121
A Brief Cold Snap4141
A Clear & Snowy Night4161
A Game Of Scrimmage4161
A Long Hot Shower4141
A New Dinosaur Adventure4211
A New King's Coronation4191
A Nice Hot Shower4141
A Night Of Club-Hopping4191
A Night To Remember4161
A Relaxing Family Visit4201
A Romantic Valentine's Day4221
A Search For Fossils4171
A Teenager In Love4151
A Tour Of Prague4131
A Trip Out West4121
A Trip To Antarctica4171
A Trip To Bali4111
A Trip To Banff4121
A Trip To Bath4111
A Trip To Bermuda4141
A Trip To Botswana4151
A Trip To Calgary4141
A Trip To Cambridge4161
A Trip To Dublin4131
A Trip To England4141
A Trip To Europe4131
A Trip To Greece4131
A Trip To Guadalajara4181
A Trip To Hersheypark4181
A Trip To India4121
A Trip To Nepal4121
A Trip To Quebec4131
A Trip To Transylvania4191
A Trip To Wyoming4141
A Vacation In Ireland4181
A Wedding In Paradise4181
A Weekend In Maui4141
Academy Awards Pre- Show4207
Action Packed Night Out4206
Affirmative Action Is Implemented43011
Afternoon Cocktails & A Matinee4269
All-Day Private Bike Tour4216
All-Day Sumo Wrestling Tournaments4306
An Afternoon Of Ice-Fishing4232
An Afternoon Of Pottery-Painting4282
An Afternoon Of Sightseeing4242
An Annual Family Vacation4222
An Evening At Home4152
An Exciting Nba Series4192
An Exciting Seven-Game Series4252
Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade4306
Annual St.Patrick's Day Parade4256
Attending A Broadway Show4229
Attending A Grand Event4209
Attending A Popular Event4229
Attending A Puppet Show4209
Attending An Outdoor Event4239
Attending My Family Reunion4249
Auditioning For American Idol42611
Austin Historic Walking Tours4266
Austin Under The Stars4196
Baby's First Birthday Party4235
Backyard Barbecue & Sunday Football4308
Backyard Barbeque & Sunday Football4308
Barbecue On The Beach4188
Beach Adventure In Tasmania4245
Beautiful Sunny Summer Afternoon4299
Beverly Hills Chocolate Tour4257
Beyonce Performs At Coachella4267
Big Production Dance Show4223
Biking Across The Country4226
Biking Tour Around Shanghai4246
Birthday Of All Dogs4178
Boston Early Music Festival4246
Bowling A Perfect Game4197
Brief Interlude Of Music4215
Buying A New Car4136
Buying My First Car4166
Camping In Our Backyard4207
Candlelight Dinner For Two42311
Candlelit Dinner For Two4219
Celebrating The New Year42111
Changing Of The Seasons4208
Chinese Dragon Boat Festival4257
Chinese New Year's Day4187
Climbing Out A Window4188
Coldest Temperatures On Record4277
Concert In The Park4167
Concerts In The Park4178
Cool Crisp Fall Evening4204
Country Fried Steak & Eggs4217
Creation Of Medicare & Medicaid4268
Crested Butte Music Festival4257
Cultivation Of Barley & Wheat42411
Cutting The Wedding Cake4217
Daenerys Sails For Westeros4248
Daily Guided Walking Tours4235
Dancing To The Beat4167
Day Of St. Nicholas4153
Daylight Savings Time Ends4238
Declaration Of Texas Republic42611
Deep Sea Diving Trip4174
Dinner And A Movie4156
Dinner With A Friend4176
Do-It Yourself Room Makeover4244
Double And Triple Plays4206
Double Plays & Triple Plays4226
Double Plays Triple Plays4226
Drawing Attention To Myself4247
Drive In The Country4175
Dry And Rainy Seasons4183
Eating At The Bar4146
Elton John In Concert4185
Entering A Dance Contest4218
Entering Through The Backdoor4268
European Tour For Two4188
Exotic Vacation In Tahiti4226
Expert – Led Excursions4196
Family Friendly Variety Show4256
Fear Of Flying Squirrels4214
Feasts With Dancing & Music4226
Festival Of The Year4178
Festive Mardi Gras Celebrations4287
Finishing In First Place4219
Fireworks Over Lake Austin4239
Fireworks Over Sydney Harbor4259
Fireworks Over Sydney Harbour4269
First Day At Camp4145
First Day Of Camp4145
First Day Of Preschool4195
First Day Of School4165
First Day Of Spring4165
First Day Of Summer4165
First Day Of Winter4165
First Heart Transplant Surgery4275
First Human Lung Transplant4245
First Ken Doll Introduced4225
First Televised Presidential Debate4325
First Time On Stage4165
Fit As A Fiddle4123
Five Minute Warm Up4164
Flying Over The Equator4206
Fourth Of July Barbecue4206
Fourth Of July Celebration4236
Fourth Of July Fireworks4216
Fourth Of July Parade4186
Fourth Of July Party4176
Fourth Of July Picnic4186
Franklin Roosevelt's Fireside Chats4318
Free Classical Music Concerts4264
Frozen Comes To Broadway4216
Fun Entertaining Variety Show4263
Fun Entertaining Variety Shows4273
Gargling With Salt Water4218
Getting Your Passport Stamped4267
Grand Slam Home Run4165
Grand Slams & Home Runs4185
Great Blue Heron Sighting4225
Great Rock Climbing Expeditions4285
Guided Historical & City Tour4246
Guided Tour Of Glaciers4206
Happy Hour With Friends4205
Hidden Eco Treasures Tour4226
High Intensity Interval Training4294
Highly Publicized Boxing Match4276
Hip Hop Yoga Class4153
Hong Kong Salsa Festival4214
Horse Drawn Carriage Ride4225
Hot Dog Eating Contest4193
Housemates Form An Alliance42410
Introduction Of The Miniskirt42612
Invention Of The Wheel4199
Jaime Lannister Gets Captured4265
Jelly Belly Factory Tour4215
Joint Session Of Congress4225
Joyful Time Of Year4166
Kicking A Soccer Ball4187
Landing On The Moon4167
Late Night Photo Shoot4194
Late Night Snow Storm4184
Lightly Tapping The Brakes4237
Live Televised Playoff Game4244
Lively Mardi Gras Parade4216
Lively Mardi Gras Parades4226
Local Evening News Broadcast4255
Louvre Museum In Paris4196
Lowering Of A Drawbridge4218
Lunch At The Spa4135
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade4265
Major League Baseball Draft4245
Meeting My Girlfriends Parents4277
Meeting Your Soul Mate4197
Men's A Cappella Chorus4194
Miss Christmas Beauty Pageant4264
Mountain Horse-Back Riding Tour4278
Music In The Parks4155
Musical Theater Summer Camp4247
My Best Friend's Wedding4202
My First Time Surfing4182
My First Trip Overseas4192
My Turn At Bat4112
National Fire Prevention Week4268
National Muesum Of Korea4218
National Workplace Napping Day4278
New Year's Eve Celebration4223
New Year's Eve Celebrations4233
New York City Marathon4193
New York Fashion Week4183
Night At The Movies4165
Night Full Of Fun4145
Night On The Town4145
Official Start Of Summer4218
Oh I Am On472
Oktoberfest In Munich Germany42611
Olympic Games Closing Ceremony4277
Olympic Games Opening Ceremony4277
One Day Fishing Trip4173
One Hundred Meter Backstroke4253
One Hundred Meter Butterfly4243
Opening A New Account4187
Order In The Court4155
Organized Labor Of Love4209
Our First Dance Together4213
Out Of Body Experience4193
Out Of Town Trip4133
Parade Of Chuck Wagons4196
Park Ranger Guided Tour4204
Pasadena Tournament Of Roses4258
Perfect Trip For Two4177
Picnic In Hyde Park4166
Picnic In The Park4156
Picnic On The Beach4166
Playing Doubles In Squash4227
Playing Outdoors All Day4217
Playing With My Grandkids4227
Pleased To Meet You4167
Pool Parties And Barbecues4234
Post-Season College Football Game42910
Presidential Swearing In Ceremony43012
Privately Funded Space Expedition4309
Prolonged Period Of Time4219
Quiet Dinner For Two4175
Random Act Of Kindness4196
Ratification Of The Constitution42912
Raves And Electronic Festivals4275
Receiving The Vip Treatment4249
Recess At Work Day4156
Rekindling An Old Flame42010
Relaxing By The Pool4178
Renewing Our Wedding Vows4228
Ride To Work Day4134
Ringing My Neighbors Doorbell4267
Rise Of An Empire4144
Road Trip Across Canada4204
Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting42911
Romantic Date For Two4188
Romantic Dinner For Two4208
Romantic Vacation For Two4228
Running My First Marathon4227
Running Out Of Gas4157
Sailing Around The World4217
Sailing The Pacific Ocean4227
Sailing The Seven Seas4197
Saint Patrick's Day Celebration4275
Sale Of The Century4164
Saturday Evening Barn Dance4248
Saturday Night Double Feature4268
Saturday Night Family Outing4258
Scrambled Eggs With Kale4219
Secret Santa Gift Exchange4236
Secret Santa Gift Exchanged4246
Settling Out Of Court4188
Shakespeare In The Park42011
She Accepted The Rose!4183
Shows With Spectacular Stunts4265
Singles Matches & Doubles Matches4287
Ski Resort Day Trip4163
Smooth Water Rafting Trip4226
Some Bunny Loves You4174
Spa Day For Two4123
St Patrick's Day Party4182
St Patrick's Day Potluck4202
St. Patrick's Day Party4182
St. Patrick's Day Potluck4202
St. Patrick's Day Parade4192
Start Of Daylight-Saving Time4255
Stormy Night At Sea4166
Street Fair & Chili Cook-Off4226
Sudden Unexpected Winter Storm4276
Summer Festivals Every Weekend4276
Summer In The City4156
Sunday Afternoon Catfish Fry4256
Sunny Hot Summer Afternoon4235
Super Bowl Halftime Show4215
Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party4255
Taking A Bike Trip4156
Taking A Final Bow4156
Tcm Classic Film Festival4223
Thames River Boat Cruise4216
Thames River Boat Cruises4226
The Arrival Of Spring4183
The Boston Tea Party4173
The California Gold Rush4213
The Carnival Of Brazil4193
The Countdown To Christmas4233
The Double Ninth Festival4223
The Festival Of Consualia4223
The Festival Of Lights4193
The Festival Of Saturnalia4233
The Final Season Premiere4223
The Final- Season Premiere4223
The First Winter Olympics4223
The Fourth Of July4153
The Great Wildebeest Migration4273
The Mexican American War4213
The Most Beautiful Sunsets4233
The Natural Day Parade4193
The Night Before Halloween4233
The Perfect Island Escapes4233
The Perfect Romantic Getaway4253
The Royal Variety Performance4263
The Season Of Joy4143
The Series Is Tied4153
The Series Is Tied!4153
The Seventeenth Of March4213
The Start Of Summer4163
The Summer Olympic Games4213
The Taiwan Lantern Festival4243
The Winter Olympic Games4213
The Women's Liberation Movement4273
Throwing A Temper Tantrum4228
Thunder And Lightening Storm4257
Thunder And Lightning Storms4257
Time To Be Happy4134
Today Tomorrow And Yesterday4255
Top Of The Hour4123
Top Of The Ninth4133
Touring The White House4207
Track And Field Events4195
Traveling At Warp Speed4209
Trip Of A Lifetime4154
Trips To Exotic Locations4225
Trips To Imposing Castles4225
Turning Thirty Years Old4217
Ugly Christmas Sweater Party4254
United States Purchases Alaska4276
Vacation To The Bahamas4208
Vacuuming Out Your Car4199
Variety Of Cultural Performances4297
Veterans Day National Ceremony4278
Virgin Galactic Space Trip4236
Walking In The Woods4177
War Of The Roses4133
Watching The Super Bowl4208
Water Festival In Thailand4235
Water Music & Light Show4195
Wedding Of The Year4167
Wedding On The Beach4177
Wee Hours Of Morning4173
Weekend At The Lake4167
Weekend In Las Vegas4177
White Elephant Gift Exchange4255
White House Press Briefing4235
Window-Shopping In The City42314
Winning A Gold Medal4177
Winning The Immunity Necklace4267
Winter Vacation In Paradise4246
Women's Singles Tennis Match4246
Working Towards My Goals4217
World Cup Trophy Tour4185
World Famous Film Festival4235
World Press Photo Contest4225
World Professional Darts Championship4345
World Series Of Baseball4215
World Series Of Poker4185
Year Of The Dog4124
Year Of The Dragon4154
Year Of The Goat4134
Year Of The Horse4144
Year Of The Monkey4154
Year Of The Ox4114
Year Of The Pig4124
Year Of The Rabbit4154
Year Of The Rat4124
Year Of The Rooster4164
Year Of The Snake4144
Year Of The Tiger4144
Yesterday Today And Tomorrow4259

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