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EventNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Baby's First Birthday Party4235
Beach Adventure In Tasmania4245
Brief Interlude Of Music4215
Daily Guided Walking Tours4235
Drive In The Country4175
Elton John In Concert4185
First Day At Camp4145
First Day Of Camp4145
First Day Of Preschool4195
First Day Of School4165
First Day Of Spring4165
First Day Of Summer4165
First Day Of Winter4165
First Heart Transplant Surgery4275
First Human Lung Transplant4245
First Ken Doll Introduced4225
First Televised Presidential Debate4325
First Time On Stage4165
Grand Slam Home Run4165
Grand Slams & Home Runs4185
Great Blue Heron Sighting4225
Great Rock Climbing Expeditions4285
Happy Hour With Friends4205
Horse Drawn Carriage Ride4225
Jaime Lannister Gets Captured4265
Jelly Belly Factory Tour4215
Joint Session Of Congress4225
Local Evening News Broadcast4255
Lunch At The Spa4135
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade4265
Major League Baseball Draft4245
Music In The Parks4155
Night At The Movies4165
Night Full Of Fun4145
Night On The Town4145
Order In The Court4155
Quiet Dinner For Two4175
Raves And Electronic Festivals4275
Saint Patrick's Day Celebration4275
Shows With Spectacular Stunts4265
Start Of Daylight-Saving Time4255
Sunny Hot Summer Afternoon4235
Super Bowl Halftime Show4215
Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party4255
Today Tomorrow And Yesterday4255
Track And Field Events4195
Trips To Exotic Locations4225
Trips To Imposing Castles4225
Water Festival In Thailand4235
Water Music & Light Show4195
White Elephant Gift Exchange4255
White House Press Briefing4235
World Cup Trophy Tour4185
World Famous Film Festival4235
World Press Photo Contest4225
World Professional Darts Championship4345
World Series Of Baseball4215
World Series Of Poker4185

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