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EventNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Action Packed Night Out4206
All-Day Private Bike Tour4216
All-Day Sumo Wrestling Tournaments4306
Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade4306
Annual St.Patrick's Day Parade4256
Austin Historic Walking Tours4266
Austin Under The Stars4196
Biking Across The Country4226
Biking Tour Around Shanghai4246
Boston Early Music Festival4246
Buying A New Car4136
Buying My First Car4166
Dinner And A Movie4156
Dinner With A Friend4176
Double And Triple Plays4206
Double Plays & Triple Plays4226
Double Plays Triple Plays4226
Eating At The Bar4146
Exotic Vacation In Tahiti4226
Expert – Led Excursions4196
Family Friendly Variety Show4256
Feasts With Dancing & Music4226
Flying Over The Equator4206
Fourth Of July Barbecue4206
Fourth Of July Celebration4236
Fourth Of July Fireworks4216
Fourth Of July Parade4186
Fourth Of July Party4176
Fourth Of July Picnic4186
Frozen Comes To Broadway4216
Guided Historical & City Tour4246
Guided Tour Of Glaciers4206
Hidden Eco Treasures Tour4226
Highly Publicized Boxing Match4276
Joyful Time Of Year4166
Lively Mardi Gras Parade4216
Lively Mardi Gras Parades4226
Louvre Museum In Paris4196
Parade Of Chuck Wagons4196
Picnic In Hyde Park4166
Picnic In The Park4156
Picnic On The Beach4166
Random Act Of Kindness4196
Recess At Work Day4156
Secret Santa Gift Exchange4236
Secret Santa Gift Exchanged4246
Smooth Water Rafting Trip4226
Stormy Night At Sea4166
Street Fair & Chili Cook-Off4226
Sudden Unexpected Winter Storm4276
Summer Festivals Every Weekend4276
Summer In The City4156
Sunday Afternoon Catfish Fry4256
Taking A Bike Trip4156
Taking A Final Bow4156
Thames River Boat Cruise4216
Thames River Boat Cruises4226
United States Purchases Alaska4276
Virgin Galactic Space Trip4236
Winter Vacation In Paradise4246
Women's Singles Tennis Match4246

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