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LandmarkNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Admiral Theater2147
Admiral Theatre2147
Alameda Central2147
Almudena Cathedral2178
Amazing Surroundings2197
Amazon River2116
Ambassador Theater21710
Antelope Canyon2148
Antioch University2177
Archaeological Monument22214
Areios Pagos2116
Areopagus Hill2139
Arrowhead Stadium2169
Arthur's Seat2117
Athens Planetarium2176
Audience Hall2128
Ayers Rock295
Bali Bridge2104
Ballygally Castle21610
Battle Abbey2116
Beacon Rock2106
Beaver Stadium2136
Belasco Theater2147
Belasco Theatre2147
Belcourt Theatre2158
Belvedere Vienna2159
Benaki Museum2126
Big Ben263
Bighorn Canyon2137
Bighorn Mountains2167
Blackstone Glacier21710
Boat Quay284
Bohemian Paradise2168
Bok Tower283
Booth Theatre2125
Boston Common2126
Boston Harbor2126
Boston University2166
Brandenburg Gate21511
Brazilian Academy2169
Bridgestone Arena21611
Broadway Theater2158
Broadway Theatre2158
Bronx Zoo285
Brooklyn Bridge2148
Bryce Canyon2115
Buckingham Fountain21810
Buckingham Palace21610
Bunratty Castle2148
Burg Square2104
Cairo University2155
Calton Hill2106
Camelback Mountain2179
Candlestick Park21511
Cape Canaveral2134
Capitol Hill2117
Capitoline Hill21410
Carlsbad Caverns2158
Carnegie Hall2128
Cathedral Rock2139
Cattleman's Steakhouse22010
Celebrity Square2159
Central Library2147
Central Park2117
Cervantes Institute2189
Chapultepec Forest21711
Charles Bridge2137
Chavuma Falls2127
Chrysler Building2168
Church Steeple2136
Circular Quay2128
Circus Maximus2136
Club Habana2104
Coit Tower294
Coliseum Theater2158
Colonial Hotel2138
Coney Island2115
Congress Hall2128
Cooter's Garage2137
Copley Square2126
Copper Mountain2146
Cornell College2147
Croagh Patrick2136
Cumberland Park21410
Customs House2127
Dancing House2127
Delicate Arch2128
Diamond Bridge2137
Dighton Rock2117
Dingle Peninsula2156
Dockery Farms2127
Dodger Stadium2136
Dolby Theater2125
Dolby Theatre2125
Donner & Blitzen2136
Drake University2155
Dublin Castle2126
Durdle Door2106
Edinburgh Castle2159
Egyptian Pyramids2168
Eiffel Tower2116
Elizabeth Tower2149
Ellis Island2115
Emerald Buddha2137
Emory Peak295
Emperor's Canal2138
Ethnological Museum21812
Fairfield University2199
Fenway Park2106
Fisk University2144
Flanders Battlefield2198
Flavian Amphitheater2197
Florence's Duomo2149
Florida Reef2117
Flower Dome2106
Folsom Street2126
Ford's Theatre2125
Fort Bragg294
Fort Denison2114
Fort Funston2114
Fort Nashborough2154
Fort Sill284
Franklin Square2148
Freedom Square2137
Freedom Trail2127
Fremont Street2137
Galleria Borghese2168
Gateway Bridge2137
Gellert Baths2127
Georgetown University22010
Gershwin Theater2158
Gershwin Theatre2158
Gettysburg Battlefield22110
Ghirardelli Square21711
Gilcrease Museum2159
Gillette Castle2148
Gladstone's Land21410
Golden Nugget2126
Government House21510
Grand Canal2105
Grandfather Mountain21911
Grandpa Rock2117
Granny Rock2106
Grants Pass2106
Green Monster2125
Green Mountains2145
Grey Glacier2114
Greystone Manor2149
Griffith Observatory2198
Guadalupe Peak2139
Hamilton Pool2128
Hancock Overlook2157
Hant Arena294
Hardwood Tree2128
Harvard Bridge2137
Harvard Yard2117
Hattiesburg Zoo21411
Haystack Rock2128
Hearest Castle2137
Hearst Castle2126
Hermitage Museum2159
Hershey Gardens2147
Het Schip283
Historic Home2128
Holliwell Bridge2159
Hollywood Palladium2189
Hollywood Road2139
Hollywood Sign2139
Hoover Dam296
Horseshoe Bend2139
Hot-Towel Wrap2128
Houseboat Museum2159
Hsbc Building2124
Huajia Gate2106
Huntly House2116
Iceland Hotspot2147
Independence Hall21612
Independence Rock21612
Iskcon Temple2126
Jackson Square2137
Jestai Temple2126
Jing'An Temple2126
Jingshan Park2128
Karlstejn Castle2159
Kensington Gardens21710
Korea University2155
Kotzia Square2126
Lafayette Square2159
Laguardia Airport2169
Lake Constance2134
Lake Hollywood2134
Lake Mead284
Lake Travis2104
Leclaire Park2128
Legoland California2188
Lehman Caves2116
Liberation Square21610
Liberty Bridge2137
Liberty Statue2137
Liechtenstein Castle21913
Lincoln Bedroom2147
Lincoln Memorial2157
Lisbon Oceanarium2166
Littlefield House21611
Lombard Street2137
Longhorn Cavern2148
Longwood Gardens2158
Lotus Temple2115
Lowell Observatory2176
Lp Field272
Luxembourg Gardens21710
Luxembourg Palace21610
Machu Picchu2115
Macquarie Street2159
Magere Brug2106
Magic Castle2115
Majestic Theatre2158
Manhattan Bridge2159
Marathon Village2158
Marina Reservoir2156
Marine Barracks2146
Mauna Loa285
Mayfield Park2128
Mercedes-Benz Superdome22112
Meteor Crater2126
Metlife Stadium2147
Metropolis Building21810
Metropolitan Cathedral22112
Midnight Canyon2148
Millennium Bridge21610
Millennium Wheel21510
Mission Trail2127
Mit Museum293
Mont Blanc294
Montmorency Falls21611
Mont-Saint Michel2159
Monument Valley2148
Moulin Rouge2116
Mount Abraham2125
Mount Athos2105
Mount Egaleo2115
Mount Equinox2125
Mount Etna295
Mount Evans2105
Mount Everest2125
Mount Fuji295
Mount Fumaiolo2135
Mount Goddard2125
Mount Humphreys2145
Mount Hymettus2135
Mount Kilimanjaro2165
Mount Lemmon2115
Mount Mckinley2135
Mount Olympus2125
Mount Parnitha2135
Mount Pentelicus2155
Mount Roberts2125
Mount Rushmore2135
Mount Scott2105
Mount Shasta2115
Mount Vesuvius2135
Mount Wellington2155
Mount Wilson2115
Mount Zion295
Municipal House2149
Municipal Palace2159
Municipal Pier2139
Muscle Beach2116
Museum Siam2106
Music Row285
National Archives2168
National Library2158
National Monument2168
National Museum2148
National Palace2148
National Park2128
Navajo Sandstone2156
Naval Observatory2165
Nelson Monument2146
Neon Museum2104
New Ballpark2113
Ngorongoro Crater21610
Niagara Falls2127
Notre-Dame Cathedral2189
O.K. Corral282
O'Hare Airport2125
Old Faithful2113
Osorno Volcano2136
Paddy's Market2126
Painted Desert2137
Painted Hills2127
Palmer Plaza2116
Palmers Plaza2127
Panama Canal2116
Paramount Theatre2169
Parliament Hill21410
Pasadena Playhouse2178
Pavlovsk Palace2148
Penn Station2114
Pennsylvania Avenue21812
Pentagon Building2168
People's Park2117
People's Square2137
Piazza Navona2126
Piazzale Michelangelo2208
Piccadilly Circus21610
Pikes Peak295
Pioneer Farms2127
Pizzale Michelangelo2197
Prague Castle2126
Price Tower2105
Principal Riverwalk2189
Public Square2126
Putman Museum2126
Pyrmont Bridge2137
Red Square293
Republic Plaza2138
River Shannon2125
Riverbank View2139
Rockingham Dragway21710
Royal Castle2115
Royal Mile295
Royal Observatory2165
Ruth Amphitheater2164
Ryman Auditorium2155
Scott Monument2135
Sevier River2116
Sewer Museum2115
Shanghai Tower2138
Shea Stadium2114
Shwedagon Pagoda2159
Singiya Reserve2147
Sistine Chapel2137
Snake Alley2105
Sosa Gallery2114
Southworth Planetarium22110
Spreckels Lake2139
Springwater Corridor21911
St.Michael's Tower21510
Stadio Flaminio2146
Stamford House2138
Staples Center2137
Statue Square2126
Stone Mountain2135
Stonehenge Wiltshire21910
Stratton Mountain2168
Suez Canal294
Sugarloaf Mountain2179
Sundial Bridge2137
Sutro Baths2105
Sutro Tower2105
Sydney Tower2116
Symphony Park2128
Taj Mahal283
Tarkuni Villa2127
Taton Dunes2105
Teatro Real2106
Temple Mount2116
Templo Mayor2116
Terrace Hill2117
The Acropolis2123
The Citadel2103
The Colosseum2123
The Duomo283
The Embarcadero2143
The Erechtheion2143
The Everglades2133
The Grandstand2133
The Hermitage2123
The Louvre293
The Matterhorn2133
The Mound283
The Parthenon2123
The Pentagon2113
The Pinnacle2113
The Sphinx293
The Zocalo293
Theater Royal2127
Theatre Royal2127
Thor's Hammer2115
Tiananmen Square2159
Tidal Basin2105
Times Square2115
Tower Bridge2115
Townhouse Gallery2169
Trafalgar Square2159
Trainland U.S.A.2129
Transamerica Pyramid21912
Travelers Tower2149
Traverse Theatre2158
Trevi Fountain2135
Trident Glacier2147
Trim Castle2104
Trinity College2147
Tuft University2144
Tufts University2155
Tuileres Palace2148
Tumbalong Park2139
Turquoise Bay2129
Turtle Fountain2146
Twin Falls294
Upheaval Dome2128
Valley Forge2116
Vanderbilt University22010
Versailles Palace21610
Via Veneto293
Via Vento283
Victoria Falls2138
Victoria Harbour2158
Victoria Peak2128
Victory Park2117
Volcan Tolhuaca2146
Wallace Fountain2157
Washington Monument21810
Watts Tower2105
Wesleyan University2188
Westminster Abbey21611
White Mountains2145
Wilshire Boulevard2178
Winchester Cathedral21910
Windsor Castle2137
Winter Palace2126
Wizard Island2126
Woodall Mountain2157
Wrigley Field2127
Yankee Stadium2136
Yosemite Falls2138
Zappeion Mansion2158

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