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LandmarkNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Ambassador Theater21710
Ballygally Castle21610
Blackstone Glacier21710
Buckingham Fountain21810
Buckingham Palace21610
Capitoline Hill21410
Cattleman's Steakhouse22010
Cumberland Park21410
Georgetown University22010
Gettysburg Battlefield22110
Gladstone's Land21410
Government House21510
Kensington Gardens21710
Liberation Square21610
Luxembourg Gardens21710
Luxembourg Palace21610
Metropolis Building21810
Millennium Bridge21610
Millennium Wheel21510
Ngorongoro Crater21610
Parliament Hill21410
Piccadilly Circus21610
Rockingham Dragway21710
Southworth Planetarium22110
St.Michael's Tower21510
Stonehenge Wiltshire21910
Vanderbilt University22010
Versailles Palace21610
Washington Monument21810
Winchester Cathedral21910

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