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On The MapNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Abajo Mountains2145
Akron Ohio295
Andes Mountains2145
Aosta Valley2115
Aspen Colorado2135
Baton Rouge2105
Boise Idaho2105
Butte Montana2125
Cairo Egypt2105
Canal Street2115
Capri Italy2105
Cedar Rapids2115
Civic District2135
Costa Rica295
Costa Verde2105
Czech Republic2135
Delta Junction2135
Dover Delaware2135
Eagle Mountains2145
Eagle River2105
Evere & Forest2115
Fifth Avenue2115
Fifty States2115
Genoa Italy2105
Giant Mountains2145
Goose River2105
Grand Junction2135
Great Britain2125
Happy Valley2115
Henry Mountains2145
Idaho Springs2125
Ivory Coast2105
Kenya Africa2115
Kenya Highlands2145
Kitty Hawk295
Kuala Lumpur2115
Lagos Portugal2135
Lamma Island2115
Latin America2125
Loust Land295
Luzon Island2115
Macau China2105
Macon Georgia2125
Mason City295
Mayan Riviera2125
Miami Florida2125
Milan Italy2105
Morro Bay285
Mount Davis2105
Mount Eolus2105
Mount Kilimanjaro2165
Mount Pleasant2135
Mount Roberts2125
Mount Vernon2115
Murro Bay285
Nepal India2105
North Africa2115
North America2125
North Carolina2135
North Dakota2115
North India2105
North Pole295
Okemo Valley2115
Omaha Nebraska2135
Organ Mountains2145
Padre Island2115
Paria River2105
Paris France2115
Pearl River2105
Pismo Beach2105
Ponca City295
Porto Portugal2135
Provo Utah295
Puget Sound2105
Rapid River2105
Rhode Island2115
River Almond2115
Rocky Mountains2145
Rogue River2105
Route Sixty-Six2135
Sabie River2105
Saint Andrews2125
Saint Lucia2105
Salem Massachusetts2185
Salem Oregon2115
Santa Cruz295
Santa Maria2105
Santa Monica2115
Santa Rosa295
Santo Domingo2125
Seine River2105
Small Town295
Snake River2105
South Africa2115
South America2125
South Carolina2135
South Dakota2115
South Korea2105
South Pole295
Sumba Island2115
Swiss Alps295
Tampa Florida2125
Tempe Arizona2125
Teton Range2105
Tiber River2105
Tokyo Japan2105
Tulsa Oklahoma2135
Yazoo River2105
Yukon Territory2145

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