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On The MapNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Adirondac Mountains2189
Allegheny Mountains2189
Allegheny River2149
Amsterdam Netherlands2209
Anchorage Alaska2159
Annapolis Maryland2179
Antarctic Peninsula2189
Argentine Patagonia2189
Arkabutla Lake2139
Arlington Texas2149
Arlington Virginia2179
Baltimore Maryland2179
Barcelona Spain2149
Barracuda Point2149
Beartooth Mountains2189
Beautiful Skyline2169
Bethesda, Maryland2169
Brunswick Maine2149
Cambridge England2169
Caribbean Island2159
Caribbean Sea2129
Champlain Valley2159
Chatuchak District2179
Cleveland Ohio2139
Colombian Andes2149
Cupertino California2199
Dalmatian Islands2169
Dubrovnik Croatia2169
Eastport, Maine2139
Fairbanks Alaska2159
Fairfield County2159
Flagstaff Arizona2169
Four-O-Five Freeway2169
Frankfurt Germany2169
Frenchmen Street2159
Galapagos Islands2169
Greenland & Iceland2169
Henderson Nevada2159
Hiroshima Japan2149
Hollywood California2199
Johnstown Pennsylvania2219
Kalamazoo Michigan2179
Lafayette Louisiana2189
Leadville Colorado2179
Leningrad Russia2159
Lexington Kentucky2179
Liverpool England2169
Macdonell Ranges2159
Mainland, China2139
Melbourne Florida2169
Melbourne Victoria2179
Miami-Dade County2159
Milwaukee Wisconsin2189
Moosehead Lake2139
Nantucket Island2159
Nantucket Sound2149
Nashville Tennessee2189
Northwest Passage2169
Pensacola Florida2169
Pocatello Idaho2149
Portofino Italy2149
Rochester Minnesota2189
Sheffield England2169
Singapore River2149
Steamboat Springs2169
Stockholm Sweden2159
Sunflower County2159
Sunflower River2149
Talladega Alabama2169
Telluride Colorado2179
Tombstone Arizona2169
Vancouver Canada2159
Waterford Connecticut2209
Webhannet River2149
Wimbledon England2169
Worcester Massachusetts2229

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