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PlaceNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Academic Academy2158
Academic Libraries2178
Academic Research2168
Academic Scholarship2198
Affluent Suburb2148
All-Night Diner2138
All-Night Fun2118
America's Heartland2178
American Consulate2178
American Embassy2158
Athletic Track2138
Attached House2138
Babbling Brook2138
Baccarat Pit2118
Bachelor Pad2118
Backyard Garden2148
Barbecue Joint2138
Baseball Diamond2158
Baseball Field2138
Baseball Park2128
Baseball Stadium2158
Baseball Stadiums2168
Billiard Parlor2148
Boarding School2148
Boroughs & Neighborhoods2218
Boutique Bistro2148
Boutique Galleries2178
Boutique Hotel2138
Boutique Hotels2148
Boutique Restaurant2188
Boutique Shop2128
Boutique Shops2138
Boutique Spa2118
Brand-New Hotel2138
Buddhist Temple2148
Bulk-Food Aisle2138
Business Center2148
Business District2168
Business Hotel2138
Business Park2128
Business Pubs2128
Business School2148
Bustling Boatyard2168
Bustling City2128
Bustling Metropolis2188
Bustling Restaurants2198
Campaign Headquarters2208
Campaign Room2128
Canadian Border2148
Captain's Quarters2168
Carefree Oasis2138
Carnival Midway2148
Cashier's Desk2128
Changing Habitats2168
Changing Rooms2138
Charming Cities2148
Charming Cottages2168
Charming Dwelling2168
Charming Houses2148
Charming Neighborhoods2218
Cheering Section2158
Churches & Cathedrals2188
Churches & Catherals2178
Churches & Synagogues2188
Civilian Hospital2168
Clifftop Lighthouses2198
Cliff-Top Restaurant2188
Climbing Center2148
Climbing Gym2118
Clothing Boutique2168
Clothing Boutiques2178
Clothing Stores2148
Cocktail Lounge2148
Colleges & Universities2208
Colonial Cities2148
Colonial Houses2148
Colonial Housing2158
Colorful Boutiques2178
Colorful Pavilions2178
Columbia Heights2158
Comeback Route2138
Communal Toilets2158
Computer Malls2138
Computer Room2128
Concrete Jungle2148
Concrete Path2128
Concrete Ramp2128
Creative Environment2198
Culinary School2148
Cultural Center2148
Cultural Destinations2208
Cultural Institution2198
Cultural Park2128
Cultural Sites2138
Customer Favorite2168
Dayclubs & Nightclubs2188
Dazzling Tearooms2168
Deep-Blue Sea2118
Delivery Room2128
Dentist's Office2148
Deserted Beaches2158
Designer Boutique2168
Designer Boutiques2178
Designer Hotels2148
Designer Shops2138
Desolate Streets2158
Detached House2138
Dimly-Lit Room2128
Discount Store2138
Doughnut Shop2128
Downhill Slope2138
Downhill Slopes2148
Downtown Businesses2188
Downtown District2168
Downtown Hotels2148
Downtown Skyscraper2188
Downtown Warehouse2178
Dramatic Canyons2158
Dramatic Coastline2178
Dressing Area2128
Dressing Room2128
Dusty-Old Attic2138
Eclectic Boutique2168
Eclectic Boutiques2178
Eclectic Coffeehouse2198
Eclectic Towns2138
Enclosed Walkway2158
Enticing Enclaves2168
European City2128
European Countries2178
European Country2158
European Hotels2148
Everwood Colorado2168
Exciting City2128
Exciting Destinations2208
Exciting Nightlife2178
Fabulous Casinos2158
Fabulous Coastline2178
Fabulous Museums2158
Fabulous Nightclubs2188
Fabulous Spa2118
Facebook Page2128
Fast-Food Restaurant2188
Fast-Food Restaurants2198
Favorite Destinations2208
Favorite Hangouts2168
Favorite Haunt2138
Favorite Neighborhood2208
Finished Basement2168
Five-Star Hotel2138
Five-Star Resorts2158
Five-Star Restaurant2188
Flagship Station2158
Flagship Store2138
Flamingo Sanctuary2178
Floating Farms2138
Floating Village2158
Football Field2138
Football Stadium2158
Forensic Lab2118
Forested Acres2138
Forested Bluffs2148
Forested Hills2138
Four-Lane Highway2158
Four-Room Guesthouse2188
Friendly Neighborhood2208
Friendly Town2128
Friendly Towns2138
Friendly Villages2168
Full-Time Residence2178
Gigantic Skyscrapers2198
Glorious Nature2148
Goldfish Market2148
Gorgeous Atrium2148
Gorgeous Coastline2178
Gorgeous Gallery2158
Gorgeous Museums2158
Gorgeous Shores2148
Gorgeous Suite2138
Graduate Library2158
Graduate School2148
Grandmas House2138
Handball Court2138
Hardware Store2138
Hardwood Forests2158
Heritage Gardens2158
Heritage Lighthouse2188
Highland Valleys2158
High-Rise Condo2138
High-Rise Condominium2198
Historic Bars2128
Historic Brownstone2188
Historic Building2168
Historic City2128
Historic Courthouse2188
Historic District2168
Historic Downtown2168
Historic Estate2148
Historic Home2128
Historic Hotel2138
Historic Hotels2148
Historic Houses2148
Historic Inn2118
Historic Landmark2168
Historic Landmarks2178
Historic Mines2138
Historic Monument2168
Historic Neighborhoods2218
Historic Pagodas2158
Historic Plaza2138
Historic Pubs2128
Historic Streets2158
Historic Theater2158
Historic Townships2178
Homeless Shelter2158
Homeless Shelters2168
Hometown Haunts2148
Honolulu Hawaii2148
Hospital Cafeteria2178
Ice-Cream Factory2158
Ice-Cream Parlor2148
Ice-Cream Stand2138
In-Demand Destinations2208
Internet Cafe2128
Intimate Hideaway2168
Intimate Setting2158
Ironwork Balcony2158
Isolated Farmsteads2188
Japanese Garden2148
Japanese Pagoda2148
Japanese Quail2138
Japanese Teahouse2168
Kabbalah Center2148
Lakeland Florida2158
Lakeside Cottage2158
Landmark Hotels2148
Lavender Farm2128
Lemonade Stand2138
Lobbying Firms2138
Low-Lying Marshes2158
Luminous Glow2128
Mainland China2138
Majestic Country2158
Majestic Homes2138
Majestic Landscapes2188
Mangrove Forest2148
Mangrove Forests2158
Marriage Chapel2148
Medieval Buildings2178
Medieval Castle2148
Medieval Fortresses2188
Medieval Kingdom2158
Medieval Kingdoms2168
Medieval Manor2138
Medieval Quarters2168
Midnight Buffets2158
Military Bunker2148
Military Installation2208
Mixology School2148
Modeling Agency2148
Monorail Station2158
Moroccan Kasbah2148
Moroccan Restaurant2188
Mountain Cabin2138
Mountain Camp2128
Mountain Chalet2148
Mountain Cottage2158
Mountain Destination2198
Mountain Farm2128
Mountain Hideaway2168
Mountain Hut2118
Mountain Region2148
Mountain Regions2158
Mountain Resort2148
Mountain Resorts2158
Mountain Retreat2158
Mountain Summit2148
Mountain Town2128
Mountain Towns2138
Mountain Trail2138
Mountain Trails2148
Mountain Village2158
Mountain Wilderness2188
Mystical Island2148
Mystical Islands2158
Mystical Worlds2148
National Booksellers2198
National Forest2148
National Forests2158
National Gardens2158
National Headquarters2208
National Park2128
National Parks2138
National Seashore2168
No-Frills Restaurant2188
No-Frills Restaurants2198
Northern Hemisphere2188
Northern Metropolis2188
Northern Quarter2158
Numerous Campgrounds2198
Oriental Garden2148
Outlying Areas2138
Overlook Hotel2138
Pachinko Parlor2148
Palatial Estates2158
Palatine Hill2128
Pal-Laden Gardens2158
Parallel Parking2158
Peaceful Sanctuary2178
Peaceful Seashore2168
Peaceful Setting2158
Peaceful Stream2148
Peaceful Temples2158
Pharmacy Counter2158
Pitcher's Mound2138
Plateaus & Basins2148
Platypus Exhibit2158
Pleasant River2138
Poolside Cabana2148
Poolside Lounge2148
Poolside Suite2138
Populous City2128
Postcard Entry2138
Powerful Nations2158
Precious Ecosystems2188
Premiere Spas2128
Pressure Room2128
Pristine Beaches2158
Pristine Coastline2178
Pristine Rainforest2188
Pristine Seas2128
Pristine Waterways2178
Pristine Wilderness2188
Railroad Crossing2168
Rare-Book Section2158
Red-Brick Schoolhouse2198
Regional Airport2158
Regional Airports2168
Regional Office2148
Relaxing Spot2128
Research Laboratory2188
Research Library2158
Research University2188
Restored Farmhouses2188
Roadside Motel2138
Roadside Motels2148
Roadside Stand2138
Romantic Hideaway2168
Romantic Inn2118
Romantic Islands2158
Romantic Parks2138
Romantic Restaurant2188
Romantic Spot2128
Sandwich Shop2128
Seagrass Bed2118
Seasonal Forest2148
Secluded Beach2138
Secluded Property2168
Secluded Villa2138
Security Area2128
Security Checkpoint2188
Sherwood Forest2148
Shooting Gallery2158
Shopping Arcade2148
Shopping Area2128
Shopping Bag2118
Shopping Destinations2208
Shopping District2168
Shopping Mall2128
Shopping Malls2138
Shopping Outlet2148
Sidewalk Cafe2128
Sidewalk Cafes2138
Sleeping Soundly2158
Slippery Sidewalk2168
Southern Hemisphere2188
Souvenir Shop2128
Souvenir Shops2138
Souvenir Stand2138
Souvenir Store2138
Spacious Apartment2178
Spacious Den2118
Spacious Home2128
Spacious Townhouse2178
Spotless Home2128
Staffing Agency2148
Starting Line2128
State-Run Restaurants2198
Stunning Beaches2158
Stunning Coastlines2188
Stunning Eco-Resort2178
Stunning Landscapes2188
Stunning Trail2138
Suburban Community2178
Suburban Street2148
Swimming Area2128
Swimming Beach2138
Swimming Hole2128
Swimming Pool2128
Teachers College2158
Teachers' Lounge2148
Terraced Gardens2158
Theaters & Cinemas2158
Three-Car Garage2148
Throwing Area2128
Throwing Circle2148
Top-Notch Beaches2158
Top-Notch Restaurants2198
Touristy Shops2138
Towering Fortresses2188
Towering Peaks2138
Training Camp2128
Tranquil Hillsides2178
Treasury Museum2148
Trenches & Ditches2158
Tropical Archipelago2198
Tropical Forests2158
Tropical Jungle2148
Tropical Jungles2158
Tropical Oasis2138
Tropical Paradise2168
Tropical Playground2188
Tropical Rainforest2188
Tropical Retreats2168
Tropical Savanna2158
Tropical Wilderness2188
Turnpike Exit2128
Uncommon Destinations2208
Unspoilt Beaches2158
Upheaval Dome2128
Upmarket Shops2138
Upstairs Loft2128
Upstairs Patio2138
Vacation Cottage2158
Vacation Destinations2208
Vacation House2138
Vacation Rental2148
Vertical Shaft2138
Victoria Peak2128
Visitor's Center2148
Visitors' Area2128
Visitors' Center2148
Volcanic Caldera2158
Volcanic Islands2158
Volcanic Peaks2138
Westeros & Essos2138
Wetlands & Swamps2148
Wide-Open Pastures2168
Wide-Open Plains2148
Wide-Open Seas2128
Wide-Open Spaces2148
Wildfire Refuge2148
Wildlife Habitat2158
Wildlife Habitats2168
Wildlife Havens2148
Wildlife Observatory2198
Wildlife Park2128
Wildlife Parks2138
Wildlife Preserve2168
Wildlife Refuge2148
Wildlife Refuges2158
Wildlife Reserve2158
Wildlife Sanctuary2178
Wild-West Saloon2148
Wisteria Lane2128
Woodland Parks2138
Woodland Trail2138

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