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Show BizNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
A Sight Gag391
Abbott & Costello Movies3206
Academy Award Nomination3227
Academy Award Nominee3197
Action- Packed Drama3176
Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho3226
Alpine New Wave3136
Amazing Sound Effects3197
American Idol Judges3188
American Zoetrope Studios3238
Animation & Special Effects3239
Audience Participation Show3258
Award Winning Movie3175
Awesome Movie Trailer3197
Bamboo Coffee Table3176
Beloved Game Show3157
Best Picture Oscar3164
Best- Selling Album3164
Best-Actor Acceptance Speech3259
Best-Actress Acceptance Speech32711
Bette Davis Movies3165
Big Theater Production3203
Big Theatre Production3203
Blockbuster Studio Album32211
Blockbuster Studio Albums32311
Box-Office Smash Hit3179
Break A Leg395
Catchy Calypso Beat3176
Celebrity Photo Shoot3199
Cheesy Sci-Fi Flick3166
Children's Puppet Show3199
Classic Adventure Movies3227
Classic Comedy Routines3217
Classic Horror Movies3197
Classic Situation Comedies3247
Comedy Knock Out3146
Comedy Of Manners3156
Comic Car-Chase Scene3185
Country Music Artist3187
Country Music Idol3167
Critically Acclaimed Shows32410
Current Tv Season3157
Debut Solo Album3145
Directing A Play3149
Director Martin Scorsese3228
Director Of Photography3218
Dramas Comedies & Musicals3226
Dvd Bonus Features3163
Elvis Presley & Ann-Margret3225
Emmy Acceptance Speech3204
Emmy-Winning Actors & Actresses32611
Epic Fantasy Saga3154
Eye-Popping Movie Preview32210
Fall Television Schedule3224
Family Friendly Films3196
Family- Friendly Films3196
Famous Matinee Idol3176
Famous Musical Stars3186
Fantasy Television Series3237
Feel-Good Romantic Comedy3228
Final Destination Sequels3235
Funny Opening Line3165
Glamorous Hollywood Party3239
Golden Globe Winners3186
Great Jazz Composer3175
Great Jazz Composers3185
Harry Potter Movies3175
High Definition Broadcast3234
Hit Follow-Up Album3163
Hit Television Show3173
Holiday Movie Marathon3207
Hollywood Power Agent3199
Hollywood's Golden Age31910
Iconic Bond Girls3156
International Music Tour32213
Jazz & Ragtime Music3164
John & Lionel Barrymore3194
John Wayne Movies3154
Laurel & Hardy Movies3176
Leading Actors & Actresses3227
Legendary Musical Artists3239
Lights Camera Action3186
Live-Action Disney Movies32210
Local Ska-Punk Music3175
Local Theater Scene3175
Long Running Musical3184
Long-Running Daytime Show32211
Loud Live Music3134
Lovely Bond Girls3156
Magical Comedy Show3177
Magician Criss Angel3188
Marilyn Monroe Doctrine3217
Memorable Television Specials3279
Memorable Variety Series3229
Movie's Early Release3186
Much Anticipated Trailer3224
Mystery Dinner Theater3207
National Public Radio3198
Never-Before Seen Footage32211
Old Black-And-White Movies3223
One Direction Concert3193
Open Casting Call3154
Opening Night Jitters3197
Original Scripted Series3228
Oscar Winning Documentary3235
Oscar Winning Movie3175
Oscar-Winning Musical Score32412
Outtakes And Bloopers3198
Penny & Leonard's Wedding3205
Penny & Leonards Wedding3205
Performing Arts Theater32110
Performing Arts Theatre32110
Playing An Encore3157
Pop & Soft Rock3113
Pop Music Superstar3173
Pop Music Videos3143
Popular Boy Bands3157
Popular Cooking Shows3197
Post Production Executive3234
Prestigious Film Festival32311
Producers Directors & Actors3249
Rembrant Square Dance3198
Reunion Concert Tour3187
Revealing Cast Interviews3239
Rhythm And Blues3146
Saturday Morning Cartoons3238
Science Fiction Movie3197
Science-Fiction Television Series33014
Series' Final Season3176
Sesame Street Premieres3216
Shooting On Location3188
Singing A Duet3127
Special Guest Appearance3227
Spectacular Mgm Musicals32211
Spencer Tracy Movies3187
Star-Studded Guest List32011
Star-Studded Movie Premiere32411
Sting & Trudie Styler3175
Successful Debut Album32010
Summer Movie Preview3186
Sundance Film Festival3208
Taking Center Stage3176
Talented Cast Members3198
Talented Cover Band3178
Talented Cover Bands3188
Television Sitcom Writers32310
Tell-All Actor Memoirs3197
Tell-All Actor's Memoirs3207
Telluride Film Festival3219
That's A Wrap3105
The Band's Bus3113
The Final Curtain3153
The Godzilla Franchise3203
The Grammy Awards3153
The Musical Chicago3173
The Rat Pack3103
The Simpsons Premier3183
The Simpsons Premiere3193
The Tony Award3123
The Tony Awards3133
Theater Opera & Dance3177
Thriller & Horror Movies3208
Thrillers & Horror Movies3219
Top Box-Office Movie3173
Top New Artist3123
Top-Rated Game Show3168
Top-Rated Syndicated Series3248
Touring Broadway Shows3207
Traditional Country Music32311
Tv Leading Lady3132
Tv Talk Show3102
Unexpected Plot Twist31910
Up-And-Coming Reggae Singer32311
Venice Film Festival3186
Voice Over Artist3155
Wacky Sitcoms Neighbors3215
Walt Disney Cartoons3184
Web-Based Television Series3248
Well-Known Music Composer3229
What To Watch3114
Wholesome Family Entertainment3289
Woody Allen Movies3165
World Broadcast Premiere3225
World-Famous Celebrity Couple32611
Worldwide Smash-Hit Musical3249
Writer Producer & Actress3216
Written & Directed By3177

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