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Show BizNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Bill Murray In Stripes4194
Black And White Series4195
Bucket Of Candy Corn4176
Bud Abbott & Lou Costello4203
Celebrating Our Anniversary S42611
Cher Stars In Mask4154
Cher Stars In Moonstruck4214
Chicken Scratch My Back4207
Classic Looney Tunes Cartoons4267
Comic Car Chase Scene4185
Coming- Of- Age- Film4156
Country Music Awards Show4227
Country Rock & Blues Music4217
Critically Acclaimed Stage Play42810
Effective Movie Background Music4299
Fan-Favorite Television Series Episodes43511
First James Bond Movie4195
Friday The Thirteenth Sequels4266
Golden Age Of Hollywood4206
Hit Television Series Glee4233
Horror-Film Legend Boris Karloff42810
Jeopardy Debuts On Nbc4198
Jeopardy! Debuts On Nbc4198
John Cusack In Serendipity4234
John Paul Ringo & George4194
Landing The Lead Role4187
Las Vegas Stage Show4173
Lead Actor And Actress4194
Legendary Director James Burrows4299
Long Running Daytime Show4224
Long-Running Successful Television Series43711
Mtv Video Music Awards4193
My Best Role Yet4132
My Favorite Romantic Comedy4242
My Favorite Youtube Channel4242
Netflix Revives Gilmore Girls4267
New Year's Celebration Film4233
New Year's Celebration Films4243
Outstanding Makeup & Special Effects43111
Performing In A Play41710
Playing The Romantic Lead4227
Prime Time Emmy Awards4195
Producers Directors And Actors4279
Quiet On The Set4135
Recording A Live Album4199
Richard Donner Directs Superman4287
Robert Altman Directs Mash4236
Rock On: Piano Rock4154
Rocking The Red Carpet4197
Role Of A Lifetime4154
Romantic Comedies & Love Stories4278
Screwball Madcap Chase Scene4259
Sheldon & Amy Get Married!4207
Soap Operas& Game Shows4194
Star-Studded Grammy Awards Show42711
Straight To – Dvd4138
Successful & Syndicated Game Show42810
Ted Allen Hosts Chopped4203
Television Show Theme Song42310
The American Music Awards4223
The Daytime Emmy Awards4203
The Future Of Entertainment4243
The Hit Series Homeland4203
The Hot Series Homeland4203
The King And I4113
The Pink Panther Movies4203
Tommy By The Who4135
Up-And Coming Reggae Singer4235
Walking The Red Carpet4197
Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle4205
Who Wore It Best?4133
William Wyler Directs Ben-Hur4257
World Famous Celebrity Couple4265

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