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Show BizNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Academy Award Winner Gary Oldman5287
Adam Sandler Stars In Pixels5244
Aisha Tyler Stars In Archer5235
Al Pacino Stars In Scarface5232
Amy Poehler Stars In Sisters5243
Amy Schumer Stars In Trainwreck5273
And The Award Goes To5173
Anthony Hopkins Stars In Westworld5307
Auditioning For A Movie Part52411
Available On Vhs And Dvd5209
Ben Affleck Stars In Armageddon5273
Best Movie Of The Year5184
Best Revival Of A Play5184
Bill Murray Stars In Stripes5244
Bill Murray Stars In Tootsie5244
Black Panther Opens In Theaters5275
Brad Pitt Stars In Fury5194
Brad Pitt Stars In Moneyball5244
Bruce Dern Stars In Nebraska5245
Bruce Willis Stars In Looper5245
Carla Hall Co-Hosts The Chew5235
Charlton Heston Stars In Ben-Hur5278
Chevy Chase Stars In Caddyshack5275
Chris Harrison Hosts The Bachelor5295
Clint Eastwood Stars In Tightrope5295
Daniel Craig Stars In Skyfall5256
Daniel Craig Stars In Spectre5256
Daniel Radcliffe As Harry Potter5286
Denzel Washington Stars In Glory5286
Diahann Carroll Stars In Julia5267
Dingo Starr Stars In Caveman5245
Donald Pleasance Stars In Halloween5316
Donald Pleasence Stars In Halloween5316
Dustin Hoffman Stars In Tootsie5276
Ed Harris Stars In Westworld5242
Elijah Wood Stars In Flipper5246
Elizabeth Taylor Stars In Cleopatra5319
Elvis Presley And Ann Margret5255
Emma Watson As Hermione Granger5274
Ethan Hawke Stars In Boyhood5245
Ethan Hawke Stars In Gattaca5245
Ethan Hawks Stars In Gattaca5245
Faye Dunaway Stars In Chinatown5274
Final Episode Of The Series5235
Final Episode Of The Series's5245
Geena Davis Stars In Beetlejuice5285
Gemma Chan Stars In Humans5225
Gene Hackman Stars In Unforgiven5284
Guy Pearce Stars In Memento5233
Halle Berry Stars In Extant5235
Harrison Ford Stars In Witness5268
Helen Hunt Stars In Twister5235
Helen Mirren Stars In Winchester5285
Horror Film Director Wes Craven5276
Horror Film Legend Boris Karloff5286
Humphrey Bogart Stars In Casablanca5318
Jack Nicholson Stars In Chinatown5294
James Cameron Directs The Terminator5325
James Dean Stars In Giant5215
Janet Leigh Stars In Psycho5235
Jason Isaacs As Lucius Malfoy5255
Jason Schwartzman Stars In Rushmore5315
Jennifer Aniston Stars In Friends5298
Joan Collins Stars In Dynasty5254
Joe Rogan Hosts Fear Factor5233
Joe Rohan Hosts Fear Factor5233
John Cusack Stars In Serendipity5284
Jon Favreau Stars In Chef5213
Julia Roberts In Erin Brackovich5285
Julie Chen Hosts Big Brother5245
Kathy Bates Stars In Misery5235
Keanu Reeve Stars In Hardball5255
Keanu Reeves Stars In Hardball5265
Kelsey Grammer Stars In Boss5246
Keri Russell Stars In Austenland5284
Kevin Costner Stars In Criminal5275
Kevin Costner Stars In Waterworld5295
Kim Novak Stars In Vertigo5223
Kirk Douglas Stars In Spartacus5274
Larry David As Bernie Sanders5255
Lea Michele Stars In Glee5213
Lea Michelle Stars In Glee5223
Leonardo Dicaprio Stars In Titanic5308
Les Miserables Opens On Broadway5283
Liza Minnelli Stars In Cabaret5264
Looney Tunes And Merrie Melodies5286
Lucille Ball Stars In Mame5227
Lucille Ball Stars In Mane5227
Mark Wahlberg Stars In Invincible5294
Mark Wahlberg Stars In Ted5224
Marlin Perkins Host Wild Kingdom5286
Matt Groening Creates The Simpsons5304
Mel Brooks Directs Blazing Saddles5303
Melissa Benoist Stars As Supergirl5307
Melissa Mccarthy Stars In Ghostbusters5347
Melissa Mccarthy Stats In Ghostbusters5347
Mellissa Mccarthy Stars In Blockbusters5358
Michael Keaton Stars In Batman5267
Oliva Newton-John Stars In Grease5285
Olivia Newton-John Stars In Grease5296
Opening Act In Las Vegas5207
Oprah Winfrey As Mrs. Which5225
Paul Newman Stars In Exodus5234
Peter Finch Stars In Network5245
Phoebe Cates Stars In Gremlins5266
Prince Stars In Purple Rain5236
Ready For The Red Carpet5205
Richard Dreyfuss Stars In Jaws5267
Robert Pattinson Stars In Twilight5306
Roll Out The Red Carpet5194
Running Time Of The Movie5217
Rupert Grint As Ron Weasley5236
Russell Crowe Stars In Gladiator5287
Sam Rockwell Stars In Moon5223
Sandra Bullock Stars In Gravity5276
Sandra Bullock Stars In Speed5256
Saturday Night Live Comedy Sketch5298
Saturday Night Live Comedy Sketches5318
Sci-Fi Movies With Cult Followings5295
Sharon Stone Stars In Sphere5246
Sheldon And Amy Get Married5237
Shirley Mcclain In Steel Magnolias5307
Sigourney Weaver Stars In Alien5279
Sissy Spacek Stars In Carrie5245
Star Of Stage And Screen5204
Star Of Stage Screen & Television5274
Stars Is The Love God?5175
Steve Mcqueen Stars In Bullitt5265
Talia Shire Stars In Rocky5225
Ted Knight Stars In Caddyshack5263
Television Networks Broadcast In Color53410
The Bright Lights Of Broadway5253
The Cast Of The Movie5173
The Golden Age Of Movies5203
The Handmaid's Tale Wins Emmy5243
The Ladies Of The View5183
The Music Of Donna Summer5213
The New Hit Show Glow5173
The New Season Of Television5243
The New Season Of Westworld5233
The Premiere Of The Crown5213
The Show Must Go On5153
The Shower Scene From Psycho5243
The Shower Scene In Psycho5223
Toby Maguire Stars In Seabiscuit5284
Tom Felton As Draco Malfoy5223
Tom Hardy Stars In Venom5203
Tom Hardy Starts In Venom5213
Tony Award For Best Musical5234
Tony Danza Stars In Taxi5204
Vera Miles Stars In Psycho5224
Vin Diesel Stars In Xxx5193
Will Ferrell Stars In Elf5214
Will Smith Stars In Focus5214
Will Smith Stars In Hitch5214
William Conrad Stars In Cannon5267
William Riker As Number One5237
Woody Allen Direct Annie Hall5255
Woody Allen Directs Annie Hall5265

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