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Show BizNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
A Live Performance Of The Nutcracker6311
A New Season Of Arrested Development6311
Al Pacino Stars In The Godfather6272
Al Pacino Stars In The Recruit6252
Albert Brooks Stars In The Scout6276
Amy Adams Stars In Sharp Objects6273
Anna Kendrick Stars In Pitch Perfect6314
Anne Bancroft Stars In The Graduate6304
Audrey Hepburn Stars In Funny Face6296
Audrey Hepburn Stars In Roman Holiday6326
Audrey Hepburn Stars In Romance Holiday6346
Back To Manhattan By Norah Jones6274
Ben Affleck Stars In Gone Girl6253
Ben Affleck Stars In Reindeer Games6303
Ben Affleck Stars In Triple Frontier6313
Bob Hope & Bing Crosby Road Pictures6293
Brad Pitt Stars In Spy Game6224
Brittany Snow Stars In Pitch Perfect6318
Bruce Dern Stars In The Driver6255
Bruce Willis Stars In Die Hard6255
Bruce Wills Stars In Die Hard6245
Buddy Ebsen Stars In Barnaby Jones6295
Buster Keaton Stars In The General6296
Cate Blanchett Stars In Blue Jasmine6314
Charlie Chaplin Stars In Modern Times6327
Charlie Chaplin Stars In The Kid6277
Chi Mcbride Stars In Boston Public6293
Chris Pine Stars In Bottle Shock6275
Cillian Murphy Stars In Peaky Blinders6337
Classic Comedy Routine Who's On First?6317
Classic Comedy Routines Who's On First?6327
Clive Owen Stars In The International6325
Colin Farrell Stars In Miami Vice6285
Daniel Wu Stars In Europa Report6276
Dennis Hopper Stars In Easy Rider6286
Dennis Quaid Stars In The Rookie6276
Denzel Washington Stars In Deja Vu6296
Dominic West Stars In The Wire6257
Don Knotts Stars In Love God?6233
Dustin Hoffman Stars In Rain Man6276
Dwayne Johnson Stars In Tooth Fairy6306
Elvis Presley Stars In Jailhouse Rock6325
Eva Longoria Stars In Desperate Housewives6373
Final Season Of Game Of Thrones6265
Geoffrey Stars In The King's Speech6298
George C. Scott Stars In Patton6256
George Clooney Stars In The Descendants6346
Gregory Peck Stars In The Omen6257
Gwen Verdon Stars In Sweet Charity6294
Halle Berry Stars In Perfect Stranger6325
Harrison Ford Stars In Blade Runner6308
Holly Hunter Stars In Broadcast News6315
Holly Hunter Stars In Saving Grace6295
Hugh Grant Stars In Notting Hill6274
Hugh Jackman Stars In The Wolverine6304
Jack Lemmon Stars In The Apartment6294
Jack Nicholson Stars In The Shining6304
Jake Gyllenhaal Stars In Donnie Darko6324
Jamie Lee Curtis Stars In Halloween6305
Jane Fonda Stars In Grace & Frankie6284
January Jones Stars In Mad Men6257
Jason Bateman Stars In Arrested Development6385
Jason Statham Stars In Death Race6285
Jeff Goldblum Stars In The Fly6254
Jennifer Aniston Stars In Mother's Day6328
Jennifer Aniston Stars In The Break-Up6328
Jennifer Anniston Stars In The Break-Up6338
Jessica Biel Stars In Valentine's Day6317
Jessica Lange Stars In Blue Sky6267
Jim Carrey Stars In The Mask6233
Jim Fallon Stars In Fever Pitch6263
Jimmy Fallon Stars In Fever Pitch6285
Jimmy Fallon Starts In Fever Pitch6295
Jodie Foster Stars In Taxi Driver6285
John Belushi Stars In Animal House6294
John Cusack Stars In High Fidelity6294
John Stamos Stars In Full House6264
John Wayne Stars In True Grit6244
Johnny Carson Hosts The Tonight Show6316
Johnny Depp As Captain Jack Sparrow6306
Johnny Depp Stars In Edward Scissorhands6356
Josh Brolin Stars In The Goonies6274
Judd Hirschfeld Stars In Dear John6294
Julia Roberts Stars In Erin Brockovich6335
Julia Roberts Stars In Pretty Woman6305
Julia Roberts Stars In Runaway Bride6315
Kate Hudson Stars In Almost Famous6294
Kate Winslet Stars In The Holiday6284
Katie Holmes Stars In Batman Begins6305
Keri Russell Stars In The Americans6304
Kevin Bacon Stars In The Following6295
Kevin Costner Stars In Bull Durham6295
Kevin Costner Stars In The Highwaymen6325
Kickoff To The Summer Movie Season6297
Lady Gaga Sings The National Anthem6304
Landing A Job In Big Apple6217
Lauren Bacall Stars In Key Largo6276
Let's Take It From The Top6204
Linda Blair Stars In The Exorcist6285
Mark Wahlberg Stars In The Fighter6294
Martha Plimpton Stars In Raising Hope6326
Memorable Episodes Of The Twilight Zone6349
Meryl Streep Stars In Mamma Mia!6265
Meryl Streep Stars In Momma Mia6265
Molly Ringwald Stars In Sixteen Candles6345
Movie Version Of A Broadway Musical6305
Nicolas Cage Stars In Drive Angry6287
Orson Welles Stars In Citizen Kane6295
Patrick Swayze Stars In Red Dawn6277
Peter Fonda Stars In Easy Rider6265
Phil Keoghan Hosts The Amazing Race6304
Robert De Niro Stars In Casino6256
Robert De Niro Stars In Goodfellas6296
Robert De Niro Stars In Heat6236
Robert De Niro Stars In Ronin6246
Robert Redford Stars In The Natural6306
Rock Hudson And Doris Day Movies6274
Ron Howard Stars In American Graffiti6323
Ryan Reynolds Stars In Just Friends6304
Sally Field Stars In Norma Rae6255
Sam Neill Stars In Jurassic Park6273
Sandra Bullock Stars In Bird Box6276
Shirley Maclaine Stars In Steel Magnolias6367
Shirley Maclaine Stars In The Apartment6347
Simon Baker Stars In The Mentalist6295
Sophia Loren Stars As Two Women6266
Sophia Loren Stars In Two Women6266
Steve Carell Stars In Date Night6275
Steve Martin Stars In The Jerk6255
Sylvester Stallone Stars In First Blood6349
The Final Season Of Mad Men6223
The New Season Of Stranger Things6283
The Premiere Of The Hunger Games6273
The Tenth Anniversary Of Breaking Bad6323
Tim Allen Stars In Galaxy Quest6263
Tina Fey Stars In Date Night6234
Toby Jones As Dobby, The House-Elf6274
Tom Cruise Stars In Jerry Maguire6283
Tom Cruise Stars In Minority Report6303
Tom Cruise Stars In Rain Man6233
Tom Cruise Stars In The Firm6233
Tom Cruise Stars In Top Gun6223
Top Ten Songs Of The Year6203
Val Kilmer Stars In Red Planet6253
Val Kilmer Stars In The Doors6243
Val Kilmer Stars In The Saint6243
Will Smith Stars In Independence Day6314
William H. Macy Stars In Fargo6247
Winona Ryder Stars In Stranger Things6326
Zoe Saldana Stars In Guess Who6253
Zooey Deschanel Stars In New Girl6285

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