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Show BizNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
A Movie The Entire Family Can See7271
Adam Sandler Stars In The Longest Yard7324
Al Pacino Stars In Dog Day Afternoon7302
Amy Schumer Stars In I Feel Pretty7283
Audrey Hepburn Stars In My Fair Lady7306
Bruce Lee Stars In Enter The Dragon7295
Bruce Willis Stars In The Fifth Element7335
Cary Grant Stars In North By Northwest7324
Christopher Walken Stars In The Deer Hunter73711
Daniel Day-Lewis Stars In My Left Foot7316
Diane Lane Stars In Must Love Dogs7285
Don Knotts Stars In The Love God7263
Don Knotts Stars In The Love God?7263
Drew Carey Hosts The Price Is Right7294
Emily Blunt Stars In Mary Poppins Returns7355
Emma Stone Stars In La La Land7244
Evita Cats & The Phantom Of The Opera7295
Gene Hackman Stars In The French Connection7374
Geoffrey Rush Stars In The King's Speech7338
George Clooney Stars In The Perfect Storm7356
Hans & Franz Here To Pump You Up7244
Henry Cavill Stars In Man Of Steel7285
Hugh Grant Stars In About A Boy7254
Humphrey Bogart Stars In The Maltese Falcon7378
Jack Lemmon Stars In The Front Page7294
James Dean Stars In East Of Eden7265
Jennifer Aniston Stars In Rumor Has It7328
Jennifer Aniston Stars In The Break Up7328
Jennifer Lopez Stars In The Wedding Planner7378
Jessica Chastain Stars In Zero Dark Thirty7367
Jim Carrey Stars In The Truman Show7293
Julia Roberts Stars In Eat Pray Love7305
Katey Sagal Stars In Sons Of Anarchy7305
Kevin Costner Stars In Dances With Wolves7355
Kevin Costner Stars In Field Of Dreams7325
Leonardo Dicaprio Stars In Body Of Lies7338
Matt Damon Stars In Good Will Hunting7314
Mel Blanc Voices Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck7323
Michael Caine Stars In The Ipcress File7337
Nicole Kidman Stars In Big Little Lies7326
Norman Reedus Stars In The Walking Dead7336
Now Playing At A Theater Near You7273
Orson Welles Stars In The Third Man7295
Patrick Duffy Stars In Step By Step7297
Paul Wesley Stars In The Vampire Diaries7344
Peter O'toole Stars In Lawrence Of Arabia7345
Peter O'toole Stars In My Favorite Year7325
Peter O'toole Stars In My Favourite Year7335
Ralph Macchio Stars In The Karate Kid7315
Robert De Niro Stars In Raging Bull7296
Robert De Niro Stars In Taxi Driver7296
Robert Downey Jr. Stars In Iron Man7286
Ryan Gosling Stars In La La Land7264
Sam Shepard Stars In The Right Stuff7303
Sandra Bullock Stars In The Blind Side7326
Sean Astin Stars In The Final Season7304
Seth Green Stars In Mars Needs Moms7294
Sitting On The Edge Of My Seat7247
Steve Martin Stars In My Blue Heaven7305
Steven Seagal Stars In Above The Law7306
Steven Seagal Stars On Above The Law7306
Taye Diggs Stars In The Best Man7264
The Beatles On The Ed Sullivan Show7293
The Final Season Of Game Of Thrones7293
The Final Seasons Of Game Of Thrones7303
Tim Allen Stars In The Santa Clause7293
Tina Fey Stars In Whiskey Tango Foxtrot7334
Tom Hanks Stars In The Polar Express7303
Toni Collette Stars In The Sixth Sense7324
Tonight's Show Was Brought To You By7298
Tye Sheridan Stars In Ready Player One7323
Warren Beatty Stars In Bonnie And Clyde7336
Will Smith Stars In Men In Black7264

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